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Chemtrails Data Page
Chemtrails DataPage; ... UK Govt Denies Skies Are Full Of Chemtrails! ... Chemtrails - Secret Agenda Of Weather Manipulation...

Chemtrails, an Introduction
Mar 1, 2002.. If you are just beginning to learn about Chemtrails, the following Introductory article below will give you

Chemtrail Central
Watch: As Israel Slides Toward Fascism, Citizens and Supporters Swear Their Loyalty; Swearing a loyalty oath to Israel as an ethnic state is gaining legitimacy; a video produced by the authors shows the willingness of Israeli residents

Chemtrails 911 - Exposing aerial crimes and aerosol ...
CHEMTRAILS-911, A CALL FOR HELP! Documented evidence of chemtrails: US legislation & patents, military reports, videos, photos, news articles, government studies and more - 91%

An extensive website proving that chemtrails are a secret government conspiracy. CIA and military coverup.

Debunking Chemtrails
Presents evidence that the so-called chemtrails are nothing more than normal contrails.

Chemtrail conspiracy theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The chemtrail conspiracy theory holds that some contrails are actually chemical or biological agents deliberately

chemtrails - contrails - The Skeptic's Dictionary -
From Abracadabra to Zombies | View All. a; b; c; d; e; f; g; h; i; j; k; l; m; n; o; p; q; r; s; t; u; v; w; x; y; z; chemtrails

Chemtrails - Frequently Asked Questions
Chemtrails - Frequently Asked Questions By Toni Thayer - <> Executive Director, Blue

Chemtrails Hall of Shame - Documenting a global non-event
Today, chemtrails are still being sprayed into the atmosphere world wide. The media and scientific poobahs continue

Anomalies Unlimited Chemtrail photos and research
Chemtrails 101 - a short lesson -what they are and the lies behind them ... Wide chemtrails being pretty obvious ...

Chemtrails environmental modification chemtrail spraying earthquake
Barium is a major component of the aerosol spraying operation called chemtrails. Our atmosphere has become a

What are chemtrails?
Chemtrails 101 ... What are chemtrails? Bets are if you watch the sky for a few weeks you will see them. They resemble jet contrails in that they start out as a white line of 'trail' from an aircraft. Unlike contrails, they can be very

Chemtrails - The Black Vault Encyclopedia Project
The Chemtrail conspiracy theory claims that some trails left behind jet aircraft are different in appearance and quality

An extensive website proving that chemtrails are a secret government conspiracy. CIA and military coverup.

Beck – Chemtrails – Video, listening & stats at
Watch the video & listen to Beck – Chemtrails for free. Chemtrails appears on the album Modern Guilt. According to

ChemTrails - 80% population reduction of earth ????? This page takes 3 minutes to fully load - lots of info

Photo gallery offers images of the sky over the Mid-Hudson New York State region. Also offers related links.

Chemtrails - SkepticWiki
Chemtrails are a name in some circles for what are commonly known as contrails, white linear cloud-like formations

Chemtrails - Xiando
warning: be very aware when reading about chemtrails on the internet (and any other place): a huge number of

Chemtrails (song) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Chemtrails" is a 2008 single by American musician Beck. The song, taken from his eighth studio album Modern Guilt,

Contrails, Chemtrails
Vanilla Sky: Chemtrails, Global Dimming, Climate Change; AUDIO: ... Again this week we have more even lower chemtrails right over my house. See in the one picture where the trail stops and starts again. Can you see the very close

CHEMTRAILS. compiled by Dee Finney. updated 3-25-10. Please give photos time to load

The Labyrinth
Extensive articles and links about the chemtrail hoaxes. - 85%

Chemtrails A Field Guide to Chemtrails. C hemtrails are a new phenomena which has struck all over the world. It seems that the government are using planes to ... - 84%

Purple Haze
Questions if chemtrails over Oklahoma are a hazard to public health. - 84%

Chemtrail FAQs
Searching for Answers in the Chemtrail Issue ... Reports of Chemtrails began slowly gaining momentum in 1999, and are increasing rapidly in 2000. There are reports and photographic evidence to suggest that some spraying was occuring as early as 1990. - 83%

Chemtrails |
In 1946, future pharmaceutical czar George Merck reported to the US Secretary of War, that he'd managed to weaponise the toxin extracted from the Brucella bacterium ... - 83%

Chemtrails, Vaccines - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Parkinson's ...
Chemtrails and vaccines are silent deadly killers. Daily detox is more important than ever to combat resulting diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Chronic ... - 83%

Chem Trail Tracking USA
Yahoo! group dedicated to discussion and to providing information about the effects of toxins in the atmosphere. - 82%

Chemtrail conspiracy theory - Wikipedia on
The chemtrail conspiracy theory holds that some contrails are actually chemicals or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for a purpose undisclosed to the general public. Versions... View article on Wikipedia » - 82%

Chemtrails 911 - Chemtrails Overview
chemtrails-911, a call for help! we are being sprayed with chemicals on a daily basis! current photos & articles of chemtrail spraying in santa cruz, ca & the usa! - 82%

Chemtrails/Chemtrail Facts/Chemtrail Books/Contrails/Chemtrails
Chemtrails, Chemtrail Contrail Solutions, About Chemtrails, International Chemtrail Awareness. How to stop chemtrails in your state or country. What are Chemtrails. In this section world renowned Chemtrail Contrail authority

Chemtrails: What They Are And What We Know About Them
Chemtrails are long and line-shaped cloud formations artificially created by flying aircrafts which are NOT formed by s

Megasprayer News
Chemtrail reports and sightings. Forum, photo gallery, tools, and archive related to research and activism on covert

Mar 1, 2007 ... The sky is under aerial assault!! Someone is spraying something on a regular basis in the skies above


The "HOLMESTEAD" - Chemtrails: points to ponder - insider stories?
Chemtrails: some possible answers - The Shield Project. ... 4. What is the connection between ELF, EMF, VLF and Chemtrails spraying? Or is there one? To understand the use of radio waves in the shield, one first understands how

Offers information on links between illness and toxins released during the Gulf War and after the 911 tragedy. Features

YouTube - Danger In The Sky - The Chemtrail Phenomenon
Jun 17, 2008 ... Includes original footage now featured on "What In The World Are They Spraying". Chemtrails Are: Persistent lines of chemical-infused ... - 81%

About Chemtrails/Chemtrails or Contrails/Chemtrail FAQ's/Answers
About Chemtrails, Frequently asked questions about Chemtrails and Contrails. Chemtrail Facts about Contrails by journalist William Thomas. ... Chemtrails or Contrails | Facts 13 Frequently Aired

Chemtrails in the World
CHEMTRAILS-POISON FROM THE SKIES ... Chemtrails explained ... Chemtrails - Barium, Aluminum, Titanium; Confirmed In Rainwater...

Contrail Science
Investigation of the science and history behind "chemtrails", showing that they are really contrails. Includes many

Mysterious New Zealand
NZ based discussion and reporting of chemtrails, UFOs and government surveillance technologies.

Chemtrails |
Printer-friendly version Send to friend . We are interested in just the opposite — in the diminution, the killing out of the

Flickr: Chemtrails
About Chemtrails ... A short introduction to "Chemtrails": In August 1996 the US Air Force produced a strategy document called "Owning the Weather". A small citation out of Chapter 2 called Why Would We Want to Mess with

Wo sind die Lügen dieser Welt?
Von Mahatma Gandhis gewaltlosem Widerstand, den Fallstricken vieler Philosophien und Hintergründen zum

You'll never think the same way again. . . The Revelation
Anyone who has the book, "The gods of Eden," by William Bramley should dig it out and read or reread Chapter 18, "The Black Death," starting on page 179. This book was published in 1989, years before the

ChemTrails (Report Chemtrails) | MySpace
Myspace profile for Report Chemtrails. Find friends, share photos, keep in touch with classmates, and meet new

Chem-trails REPORTER. Global Resource Center. Since 1993 (Courtesy A llison ~ W olf R eport Western News E

[2010 Feb. Letter] Chemtrails and Bee Decline Three days later, there were no wasps or bees to be seen anywhere in the area. It took several more days before we saw a wasp or a bee again. Their numbers did recover, but only to a

Chemtrails - a set on Flickr
Lorri37 · Sets: Slideshow. Chemtrails Thumbnails Detail Comments. Chemtrails My House COMO More information: Flickr Chemtrails Group:

Chemtrails - Fact, or Fiction?
Last Updated 092505. Chemtrails - Fact, or Fiction? Visit: Chemtrail II for photo of hurricane manipulation! Chemtrail

Chemtrails: Culling the useless eater population ... The Keys to the Chemtrails ... The Mind Altering Abilities of Chemtrails... - 76%

Shasta County - Chemtrails ... 'Chemtrails' conspiracy: Shasta board to talk about jets' metal dumping; By Ryan

New Beck - "Chemtrails" - Stereogum
You look to the finger or the heaven, stupids! Listen to the lyrics! There are chemtrails in heaven. Music is only the vehicule to comunicate. Wake up!! ... You should all be researching Chemtrails right now, and then going outside to

YouTube - Chemtrails Over Salem ...
''Laboratory examination of those chemicals found that they were manufacturing wastes from military industry and biowarfare substances. In several laboratory... - 76%

One of the primary methods the NWO is using to enslave and kill off the population is the continual use of chemtrails. This is a very serious and very real issue and we encourage you to do your own research on this.

Chemtrails over America - Let US Spray!!
Chemtrails over Los Angeles ....May 25, 2002. ... However, during the past 3 years, all over the U.S., a new phenomenon has appeared. It is called CHEMTRAILS. The following expose will explain who is behind it and why it

Conspiracy Planet - Chemtrails - Chemtrail Conspiracy: KC10 ...
Chemtrail Conspiracy: KC10 Spraying Death by Air by TANKER ENEMY (YOU TUBE) (July 17, 2010)

Asheville Magazine: Chem-Trails
The Pentagon [and possibly other federal government entities] is testing anti-biological warfare agents, which produce the mysterious "chemtrails" that are appearing on an irregular basis in the skies over many American cities, towns and

Chemtrails: Suppression of Human Evolution ... Three Faulty Theories Seeking to Explain Chemtrails; Chemtrails are unusually persistent airplane contrails with impacts upon weather and the health of those exposed to chemtrail fallout. Informationen ?ber ChemTrails
Chemtrails sind von beh?rdlichen Autorit?ten best?tigte Aktionen: Chemische Verbindungen, die nicht dem Antrieb von Flugzeugen dienen. ... Ich beobachte Chemtrails nun seit ca. 1 Jahr mit besonderer Aufmerksamkeit. Die heutige

Directory of Chemtrail Information websites which research what Chemtrails are any why they exist - 73%

A NEW LOOK AT THE MYSTERY OF CHEMTRAILS ... Chemtrails are the chemicals that are being released into our skies by the military jets that we see flying above us. They are not to be confused with 'contrails', which is the

Kucinich, Chemtrails and HR 2977 - Contrail Science
One of the more pervasive myths regarding “chemtrails” is that current presidential candidate Dennis Kuchinich tried to have them banned by an act of congress ... - 73%

Air Traffic Controllers Concerned Over Chemtrails By William Thomas ... CHEMTRAILS SCIENTIST BREAKS SILENC ... The scientist claims that the two most common substances being sprayed into chemtrails are aluminum
Investigating the covert aerosol dispersal program known as chemtrails - 72%

Chemtrails: Information from
Genre: Culture & Society Movie Type: Unexplained Phenomena, Social Issues Release Year: 2005 Country: US Run Time: 120 minutes Plot Could those mysterious jets that ... - 72%

New Mexicans for Science and Reason presents "A Pilot's View (on Chemtrails)" by Ian Wickson. Chemtrails?? I have recently become interested in the “chemtrail controversy ... - 71%

Chemtrails 911 - Because it's an emergency!!
chemtrails-911, a call for help! we are being sprayed with chemicals on a daily basis! current photos & articles of chemtrail spraying in santa cruz, ca & the usa! - 71%

Chemical chemtrails are being sprayed across our country and in many other nations, containing poisons, human blood, infective agents and more ... Chemtrails, on the other hand, linger for hours and will spread out to form large areas of

Powell River Unknown Biological Virus Alerts ... Chemtrail Aerosol Polymers You Are Breathing ... Chemtrail Questions for Doubters; Chemtrail Death Message; Military Used Nerve Gas in '60s Tests; U.S. Dought Monitor;

Surfing The Apocalypse

Will Thomas, below, middle has investigated chemtrails for five years. His video includes a comment by Libby Davies, Vancouver East MLA. ... Chemtrails over my gardens ... Chemtrails Are Over Las

The Case of the Strange Cold Everybody Has Been Getting and Chemtrails, etc. ... The Case Of The Strange Cold Everybody Has Been Getting and Chemtrails, and the Black Arts Nation.... ... Horowitz: I don't relate it to the chemtrails. I don't believe that t - 69%

Chemtrails in the Sky Are Evidence of Nefarious Activities ...
Cultural panic over pollution in the sky and changing weather patterns has given rise to a peculiar conspiracy theory about jet plane

Of Chemtrails and Conspiracy Theories
The Abilene Reporter-News just ran a special feature on chemtrails - in conspiracy lore, a malevolent form of contrail (jet airplane condensation trail) consisting - 69%

Chemtrails over the UK ... Recent photos of chemtrails over the UK by Andy Davidson of ... documents on chemtrails and HAARP... - 68%

Chemtrails Petition
Chemtrails Petition, hosted at ... To: U.S. Congress. WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America, pursuant to the Bill of Rights, Amendment One - 68%

CHEMTRAILS: THE PROBLEM AND THE SOLUTIO ... For many, 'Chemtrails' is an old term. For years, we have heard reports from every part of the United States, Canada and other countries regarding high flying aircraft dumping chemicals, bacteria, virus and other - 67%

On Atmospheric Disturbances, "Chemtrails" and the "Croft ...
A Clear View From the Mountain-Top... Orgone Biophysical Research Lab. Ashland, Oregon, USA. On Atmospheric Disturbances, "Chemtrails" and the "Croft Chembuster" - 67%
Chemtrails: The Real Reason for Chemtrails? My husband Michael and I have been trying to work out the cause for chemtrails ever since we first heard of them on the - 67%

Chemtrail Definition
The official definition of chemtrails is contained in H.R. 2977, introduced in Congress on October 2, 2977.htm - 66%

Try a search at for chemtrails or comtrails. - 66%

Chemtrails :
Chief Golden Light Eagle Condems Chemtrails and New World Order - MUST WATCH ... Chemtrails and Morgellons its Worse Than You Thought ... August 8, 2010 by NotForSale2NWO ; Filed under Chemtrails, Featured, Health & Environment, Intel Hub Featured Articles

Chemtrails on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures ...
MySpace Music profile for Chemtrails. Download Chemtrails Rock / Rock / Rock music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Chemtrails's - 66%

The Chemtrail Smoking Gun - Geoengineering
If one searches GoogleNews for articles on chemtrails in (with 4500 periodicals represented) not one article will be found. There is simply no coverage on this topic in the mainstream media - 66%

Additional Info on Chemtrails ... If you desire more Chemtrails information, after reviewing this page, please click here for more links. ... Jan. 26, 2002. If you are just beginning to learn about Chemtrails, the following Introductory article below will - 65%

A selection of articles related to Chemtrails ... A Wisdom Archive on Chemtrails ... Chemtrails: Encyclopedia - Contrail... - 65%

CHEMTRAILS / HAARP / ... Sylphs Transmute Chemtrails ... Germany the First Country to admit Clandestine Chemtrails Operations. They want to know what is behind it. - 65%

Chemtrails | ...
Most Views. WTC Collapse Under Fresh Scrutiny After Explosive Dust Samples Found ; Gerald Celente on The Jeff Rense Show - October 14th, 2010; Willow Smith: Next - 65%

He claimed that the program for Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-engineering (SAG), AKA chemtrails, has been well under way around the world. As a matter of fact, Oliveira stated that witnesses from around the globe claim that heavy aerosol spraying is occurring - 64%

I tell you of our personal experience to open up my presentation of evidence of the presence of chemtrails in our skies all over the globe. - 64%

Chemtrails Secret Military space warfare VTRPE HAARP Main Page : Chemtrails. A Massive Top-Secret Military Research and Development Project by Mike Blair . Source: The Spotlight Printed Edition October 9 - 64%

May 7th, 2004 ... a first! Chemtrails caught on Bureau of Meteorology RADAR! ... (Chemtrails have become such a permanent feature of the skies here now that I don't even bother to publish the photos I make of them anymore. You know what they look like.) - 63%

Your Life as a Human Test Subject ... YOU ARE NOW ELECTRO-SENSITIVE ... The spraying of powdered materials throughout the skies of the world is happening on a daily basis everywhere. This has been going on with increasing frequency since the so-called "Ele - 63%

Chemtrails - Shows - Coast to Coast AM
Coast to Coast AM - UFOs, strange occurrences, life after death and other unexplained phenomena. Overnight talk radio with daytime - 63%

Chemtrails Excised From Kucinich Bill
Author Whitley Strieber's presents the credible edge in science, religion, and culture, offering news the general media - 63%

Chemtrails, Essiac & Detoxification
How to survive chemtrails, Dr. Marijah McCain attacked for exposing Essiac.htm - 63%

The Canadian Ottawa Citizen reported a "fervor over chemtrails" on May 16: "What one sees here reflects sightings across North America." The Citizen noted, "West Quebec Post publisher Fred Ryan reports that his readers have been photographing and comparing - 62%

Chemtrails Links ... CHEMTRAILS - CONTRAILS ... 2002 CHEMTRAILS OVER AMERICA... - 62%

Chemtrails the NWO plan to Destroy You by Poisoning the Air ...
They are trying to kill you. Look Up! The chemtrails in the sky are NOT contrails, they are CHEMTRAILS and there is a hideous agenda in place to destroy you!chemtrailagenda.com - 62%

Chemtrails Come Out
[Chemtrails Confirmed by William Thomas]; DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THE WEATHER; Whatever fresh environmental disaster Bill S517 accomplishes, this bill will ease the way for admission of a project suspected by many and confirmed by air traffic controllers at - 61%

Sunset Chemtrails. There are many detractors who say that these chemtrails are a completely normal occurrence and are due two a reaction between the exhaust gas - 61%

STOP Chemtrails
How to STOP Chemtrails: Tell EVERYONE you know. When enough people know, the Chemtrails will - 61%

Chemtrails & HAARP
HAARP/Chemtrails & Freeman - 1:00:39 ; Electromagnetic frequencies unite with clouds of death. Is there a nefarious plan of genocide? Freeman combines HAARP technology with magic and sub-terranian worlds in his award-winning documentary. - 60%

Chemtrails | ...
Most Views. Beware The Second Real Estate Collapse is Coming ; Jeff Rense with Gregg Hall - Latest Oil Disaster Report From Pensacola FL; Family Farm Ordered to - 60%

Chemtrails Over US
An indepth look at chemtrails with several photos. No one is - 60%

portland imc - 2004.10.22 - The true purpose of Chemtrails!!!!!
found this at David Icke's website...seems to finally answer the question as to what Chemtrails are all about. I figured this all along, but this - 60%

In 2000 and 2001 the Zetas explained that chemtrails were an experiement by the wealthy to determine how well poisoning a migrating populace from the air might - 59%

Chemtrails and Black Triangles: Commonalities
Chemtrails and Black Triangles: Commonalities. Commonalities: It might seem odd at first to compare chemtrails and black tirangle UFOs. While they are not the same - 59%

Chemtrails DVD
DVD about Chemtrails ... Clifford Carnicom explains it all in his new (updated) documentary DVD "Aerosol Crimes": A one and a half hour presentation about chemtrails, their effects on human and other natural life, and their possible devastating military ap - 59%

Chemtrails Video
Watch over 990 of the best Chemtrails Videos, hand selected by the Vodpod community. ... Tag / Chemtrails ... Chemtrails Weltweit... - 59%

Muskoka Chemtrails
Muskoka Chemtrails - Sound The Alarm! Awake in Muskoka! ... What we do ... Wear a Mask or Shirt whenever you go out that says Stop Chemtrails! Wake up Your Community! If we say nothing we are consenting! All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for goo - 59%

Contrails - Crystalinks
No mention of chemtrails appeared in the text of any of the three subsequent failed attempts by Kucinich to enact a Space Preservation Act. Contrails and - 58%

Aerosols and Chemtrails United Kingdom Node
Skywards Black Operation... Move along now, nothing to see here... Weather Modification may be a diversionary tale. These pages provide adequate evidence of ...chemtrailsuk.net - 57%

Chemtrails over Green Valley, Nevada. Studies have proven beyond a doubt the correlation between the amount of particulates in the air and the death rate. ANY increase in airbourne particulates will dependably cause a corresponding increase in the death ra - 57%

Crank Dot Net | chemtrails
Crank Dot Net: chemtrails ... 2005 May 04 ... chemtrails... "This group is for citizens of the world to provide evidence of the chemtrail phenomena currently plaguing ... - 57%

Chemtrails were first seen 1984 and started extensively around 1987 (The year after the discovery of Nibiru by NASA's IRIS sat) - Chemtrails have been full ... - 56%

Chemtrails - Video
what better way for the new world order to killl us off than chemtrails packed with goo that contains nano machines that causes morgellons, poison our air water and ... - 56%

Chemtrails | PuppetGov
There is no doubt chemtrails and HAARP are real... this video contains a small portion of the visual evidence uploaded by skywatchers. it may come as a surprise to some of you that your own video or photo is in this video montage. - 56%

Chemtrails Wiki
Chemtrails Wiki is a community site that anyone can contribute to. Discover, share and add your knowledge! ... Welcome to Chemtrails Wiki - It's way over our heads!. - 56%

Michigan Chemtrails
Michigan Chemtrails. On January 15 and 18 of 2008, four white unmarked 747s repeatedly laid down criss-cross pattern chemtrails over the city of Battle Creek, Michigan for nearly 5 hours. This was my and my roommate's first direct encounter with this stran - 56%

California Chemtrails
Known as chemtrails, these aerosol trails are a mystery which remains to be publicly addressed by the State of California. Chemicals or biological agents are deliberately sprayed in the skies over California at taxpayer expense. Unfortunately, most of what - 55%

flamesong: chemtrails
Chemtrails can be seen to suddenly start or end - which a conventional trail would not do unless the engine either failed or was stopped. ... For photographs of examples of chemtrails check the links below: - 55%

chemtrails analisys
Millennium Development Goals Md... ... From: Robert Macdonald... - 54%

Chemtrails Conspiracy
Chemtrails Conspiracy Look up. The trails of cloud or chemtrails left by planes could be poisoning you! Really! It's all on the Internet! The ... 4 responses to Chemtrails Conspiracy... - 54%

Chemtrails & Morgellons
CHEMTRAILS AND MORGELLONS - IT'S WORSE THAN YOU THOUGHT! ... can be seen in the "Gallery"Arizona Skywatch go to their gallery for many more photos of chemtrails and Morgellons specimens. ... Knowing now what's in the chemtrails makes me cringe when I see t - 53%

What are Chemtrails? Watch G. Edward Griffin video and more. ... The fact is that there is a vast difference between "contrails" - the vapor trail left behind by a high flying jet in certain atmospheric conditions - and the "chemtrails" of recent years. - 53%

NWV Exclusive - Chemtrails - Conspiracy Theories or ...
December 19, 2004. Posted 1:02 AM Eastern. This reporter has observed what many others have been complaining about for several ... - 53%

Chemtrails - Metaspherical
Featured: Asseline; nonsensicular wrintings; torus animation; nerd's guide on using the bathroom; word fun; my pet peeves; ... I'll be putting up pictures here of chemtrails that I've taken in the area that I live. - 52%

Chemtrails - Predictions
I think it is reasonable now to predict that chemtrails will end soon. ... Reviewing the writing I did on chemtrails in 1999, it is easy to see that while we focused intently on understanding what was happening above our heads, our perspective and our thin - 52%

Chemtrails 101
Categorized in: Chemtrails ... They major problem with Chemtrails is that they are making people very sick, and once you start ... What are chemtrails? Bets are if you watch the sky for a few weeks you will see them. They resemble jet contrails in that the - 52%

Illuminati News: Chemtrails
T he strange-looking streaks in the sky aren't your imagination. They are anti-bacteriological warfare chemicals being tested by the federal government.. - 52%

Chemtrails (song) - Wikipedia on
" Chemtrails " is a 2008 single by American musician Beck. The song, taken from his eighth studio album Modern Guilt , was released digitally on June 22, 2008. The artwork for the single uses a de... View article on Wikipedia » - 51%

chemtrails | KeyInsight
Healing Codes For The Biological Apocalypse ... Chemtrails: Toxic Poison In The Sky ... Chemtrails are REAL! Here is the Proof! - 51% Chemtrails Confirmed (9781893157101): William ...
Chemtrails are reported all around the planet and this is the first research record to verify what Airline Pilots, Police Officers, U.S. Marines, Air Traffic ... - 50%

Chemtrails - Xiando
The only good thing about Chemtrails is that the only target people 16 years old and above. ... WARNING: BE VERY AWARE WHEN READING ABOUT CHEMTRAILS ON THE INTERNET (and any other place): A HUGE NUMBER OF CHEMTRAIL SITES ARE ACTUALLY RUN BY GOVERNMENT AGEN.. - 50%

Chemtrails Menu
Crisscrossing lines of persistent aircraft effluent are dubbed "chemtrails" because they are very obviously NOT normal jet condensation contrails comprised of engine exhaust and water vapor....... - 50%

Cover-up: Chemtrails
Government Cover-ups: Chemtrails ... The chemtrail phenomenon has been observed for many years in different parts of the US as well as in other allied nations.  These chemtrails are primarily characterized by thick trails of white vapor, which persist for - 50%

Chemtrails confirmed
Chemtrails - FAA Official Confirms Ongoing 'Military Operation' ; April 4, 2001 07:37 CDT ... On November 20, 1999, Brendt was admitted to the hospital with a gushing nosebleed and pains in her chest after she inadvertently photographed dozens of chemtrail - 49%

Chemtrails Destroyed
How to Build A Cloudbuster to disperse Chemtrails and Improve the Weather; ... Definition of a chemtrail: The term "chemtrail" is a relatively new word, which appeared in the last few years along with the appearance of chemtrails. A chemtrail is very diffe - 49%

German Chemtrails
With regard to Chemtrails in general, it is important to realise that no air force in the world has supersonic transports. Heavy lift jet aircraft (such as the US Galaxy C-5) are rare and expensive machines dedicated to world-wide US military supply. - 49%

Mayan Majix - Investigating Chemtrails - by Aajonus ...
Mayan Majix - Learn about the Maya , Mayan Calendar products, Mayan Astrology, Jewelry, Ceremonial items, Clothing, Tattoos, Videos, Books, Mayan Photo Gallery ... - 49%

Sylphs Transmute Chemtrails by Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
June 6, 2004. Joshua took this photograph in 2001 and it was placed on images and titled "Death Angel". On May 29 2004 Joshua sent the URL (http://www.rense ... - 49%

Chemtrails - Metaspherical
A psychedelic journey through time and space where I share truth and news, and metaphysics along with my art, electronic music, and writings. ... These were taken around the beginning of October 2004. ... Featured:; Neoglyphi; open letter to the eye of the - 48%

Chemtrails « DIG THE HEAVY
"The seal of the pyramid was created by the Rothschild family and brought to North America by Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton before 1776.. - 48%

Chemtrails Tanker Enemy (english)
We publish an important article about diseases caused in soldiers and veterans by depleted uranium (D.U.). We thank Dr Hildegarde Staninger for noticing this research. - 48%

Beck - Chemtrails Lyrics
Chemtrails Lyrics - I can't believe what we've seen outside You and me watching the jets go by Oh, ooh, oh Oh, ooh, oh Down by the sea So many... ... You and me watching a sky full of chemtrails; That's where we belong; All I can take from these scars is h - 47%

What are Chemtrails?
What are chemtrails? Why are they there and what do they do? Are they harmful and if so, is there anything we can do to protect our selves? ... Designed to appear as normal contrails, chemtrails are formed between 12,000 and 20,000 feet altitude and come f - 47%

Chemtrails in Norfolk?
Discussion about Chemtrails in Norfolk? at the GodlikeProductions Conspiracy Forum. Our topics include Conspiracy Theory, Secret Societies, UFOs and more! - 46%

CHEMTRAILS OVER AMERICA;; Issue #1 March 9, 1999; Dear Friends and concerned sky-watchers, Let's start off with a quick review of what we know. ... In some cases, commercial jetliners flying across these persistent grid-patterns lay normal contrails that d - 46%

SARS and Chemtrails
Disease outbreaks used as tests for a future engineered epidemic, the metaphysical principles of immunity, and how this connects to chemtrails. ... In 2000 I wrote Chemtrails: Suppressing Human Evolution which hypothesized that chemtrails contained viral v - 46%

Chemtrails :: Chemtrail Documentaries Clouds of Death vs ...
Clifford Carnicom, one of the slicker CIA disinformants on the Internet, has been promoting a fake documentary on chemtrails in the past year or so and many ... - 45%

Omega-News: Chemtrails
Petition to explain and investigate as to the content of the mysterious white chemtrails (contrails) ... SMARTDUST IN CHEMTRAILS ... CHEMTRAILS are NOT Contrails... - 45%

Chemtrails over Belgium
I was checking out my new Nikon D70 when I noticed, what is known as Chemtrails. Then suddenly over a span of 15 minutes, multiple planes flew over at high altitude, forming a criss-cross-pattern of these trails. - 44%

Comox Valley Chemtrails
Anyone who takes the time to properly research the origins of the "population control" movement will come to understand that the Rockefeller-Turner-Gates agenda for drastic population reduction, which is now clearly manifesting itself through real environm - 44%

Chemtrails lyrics - I can't believe what we've seen outside You and me watching the jets go by Oh, oooh, oh Oh,... ... Chemtrails lyrics was added to the site 21 May, 2008 and since that time has 0 hits and voted 3 times. Other popular Beck lyrics are: The - 43%

Beck Chemtrails lyrics in the Modern Guilt Album. These Chemtrails lyrics are performed by Beck Get the music video and song lyrics here. I can't believe What we've Seen outside You and me Watching the jets Go by Oh, ooh, oh Oh, ooh, oh Do ... Send "Chemtr - 43%

chemtrails edited out of mainstream tv...
Discussion about chemtrails edited out of mainstream tv... at the GodlikeProductions Conspiracy Forum. Our topics include Conspiracy Theory, Secret Societies, UFOs and ... - 43%

Beck Chemtrails lyrics : I can't believe what we've seen outside You and me watching the jets go by Down by the sea So many people They've already drowne... ... You can enlarge chemtrails lyrics for easy viewing, send chemtrails lyrics to your friends or r - 43%

Concerns About Chemtrails Given Fresh Impetus
Paul Joseph Watson | Obama administration’s announcement to explore “geo-engineering” spurs questions about programs already underway. - 43%

The "HOLMESTEAD" - Chemtrails: points to ponder.
Chemtrails - comments, sources and related information. ... "Everyone talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it." - 43%

Chemtrails Wiki
Chemtrails Wiki is a community site that anyone can contribute to. Discover, share and add your knowledge! - 42%

REBFILE .COM - UPDATE: JANUARY 11, 2002 - CONTINUING REPORT - EXCLUSIVE; CONGRESSMAN ACKNOWLEDGES CHEMTRAILS ... Chemtrails are long, white vapor-like trails released from high altitude aircraft. Unlike normal jet emissions which disappear within a few min..... - 42%

The Utah UFO Hunters - CHEMTRAILS
Utah Chemtrails page via the Utah UFO Hunters, Chemtrail links, Utah Chemtrail Photos, Chemtrail Articles, Dugway, Deadly Skies, - 42%

Chemtrails - Aerosol Crimes
Aerosol Crimes (a.k.a. Chemtrails); A Documentary by Clifford E Carnicom; (DVD - First Edition January 2005) ... An excellent investigation into aerosol activities, documenting the related environmental and health concerns associated with the observed acti - 41%

Contrails: The Real Reason
Viewzone Magazine offers a look at life and humanity from different angles. Chemtrails, contrails, conspiracies, lost history, religion and mysteries as well as humor ... - 41%

New Beck: "Chemtrails" «
It's not the end of the world, Caribou is one of my favorite contemporary musicians, so to hear his influence on another one is welcome if anything. It's just that I can't help but recall back to a moment at a Coachella a few years ... Posted in 1 | Tagged - 41%

Scientists Admit Chemtrails Are Creating Artificial Clouds
Scientists now admit that emissions from aircraft are forming artificial clouds that block out the sun, precisely what geoengineering advocates like top eugenicist ... - 41%

Chemtrails - Beck Video
Chemtrails - Beck trackback from post: ... Geisterwolken Chemtrails Contrails Düppel traumspinner; Sep 22, 2010 ... Andrew Johnson: Chemtrails, Weather Modification & Climate Change! SOCIOECOHISTORY; Sep 16, 2010... - 40%

Chemtrails | Aftermath News
Jet contrails above Britain can block sunshine over 20,000 square miles. Vapour trails caused by jet aircraft over Britain can cause clouds covering 20,000 square ... - 40%

Chemtrails Timeline 3
Part Three of this extensive Chemtrials Timeline is compiled by William Thomas from his book CHEMTRAILS CONFIRMED 2007 and subsequent research, and spans the years 2005 to 2008. ... Both lab technicians were aware of - and angry about - chemtrails. They ga - 40%

Weather Modification/ Chemtrails ...
I'm surprised a thread on this hasn't been posted yet, well I decided to go ahead with this topic because I believe there is this type of testing occurring in my midwest ... - 40%

Dr Boylan speaks: Chemtrails and impairment of higher consciousness! Back to main document. Fri, 9 Apr 2004 14:20:54 -0700 Dr. Boylan, Though this may be a ... - 39%

CHEMTRAILS - Conscious Ape
At Conscious Ape you can watch videos, add videos, tell us about your paranormal experiences and discuss the latest conspiracies and alternative topics............ - 39%

Chemtrails (Operation Cloverleaf) . . . - Democratic Underground NASA image shows intricate web of chemtrails over the US Chemical incapacitants have been developed that affect the mental ... - 39%

Chemtrails 911 - Links
CHEMTRAILS-911, A CALL FOR HELP! WE ARE BEING SPRAYED WITH CHEMICALS ON A DAILY BASIS! CURRENT PHOTOS & ARTICLES OF CHEMTRAIL SPRAYING IN SANTA CRUZ, CA & THE USA! ... Rense Chemtrails Data Page; More great info and photos of Chemtrails from all over the c. - 39%

Chemtrails 911 - Links

Chemtrails | Grand Distraction
Chemtrails are a long disputed phenomenon amongst scientists and so-called conspiracy theorists. Many theories are associated with the cloud-like trails left behind to be accepted as jet exhaust., - 38%

Chemtrails « Dandelion Salad
Chemtrails and Chembows, our skies are changing ... Dandelion Salad jamessanger Our sky is changing, do you see it ? chemtrails and chembows, multi-coloured clouds and strange effects, things you've never seen before are common, you'll get used to them... - 38%

Global Skywatch - Chemtrails
What Are Chemtrails? ... The name that has been coined for these plumes is "chemtrails". ... Home Community What Are Chemtrails? Chemtrail Illnesses What You Can Do Links Newsletter Help Contact Us... - 38%

Global Skywatch Chemtrails
Featured Links. Community Area. What You Can Do! Real Chemtrail Symptoms. My Chemtrail Story. Stop Spraying Maine. Detailed Geoengineering Info. Mailing List.... - 38%

Chemtrails Are Back-in the Mainstream Press
Author Whitley Strieber's presents the credible edge in science, religion, and culture, offering news the general media ignores... - 37%

Beck Modern Guilt Chemtrails I can't believe What we've Seen outside You and me Watching the jets Go by Oh, ooh, oh Oh, ooh, oh Just what I've seen So many people Falling in?? You and me ... Beck; Modern Guilt; Chemtrails - 37%

Author William Thomas reveals the truth about Chemtrails in his latest book CHEMTRAILS CONFIRMED. - 37%

The Freeman Perspective: Flu Symptoms
I wish I had told one lady in particular, about how I came to know of chemtrails. So, here is that lost thought. I started noticing the trails in the sky in the early 90's... - 37%

Chemtrail Photos in the USA
Chemtrail photos and information. Chemtrails over the USA. About chemtrails... More chemtrail photos. Chemtrails cover the sky and block out the sunlight....... - 36%

Chemtrails Alternate Theories ... A little tip: Hello! You don't seem to be logged in so your ability to participate in this thread is limited. - 36%

Chemtrails and UFOs
Some years ago, when chemtrails had hardly been noticed or commented upon, I was watching three such trails develop in the sky when I saw three quite distinct white spheres come out of the trails and after lazing about for a few seconds, they re-entered th - 36%

Chemtrails Australia & The New World Order
Time - 7:15am Temperature 15.7°C Dew Point 7.9°C Feels Like 15.7°C Relative Humidity 60% Wind ENE 9km/h Wind Gusts 13km/h Pressure 1031.7hPa Fire Danger 3.3 Low...... - 36%

Pictures of Chemical Spray planes and Aircraft. Low level chemical spraying devices fitted to white unmarked aircraft... - 36%

new Mid East map Biden & Iraqi partition Iraq - oil & religion Iran - oil & ethnicity Saudi Arabia - oil areas War on Iraq Peak Oil motive method to their madness-.............. - 35%
William Bradley, in his book The Gods of Eden, even links chemtrails back to UFO's and the Black Plague (specifically the variant called pneumonic plague):.... - 35%

Satellite |
Chemtrails from space ... More satellite and space station photos of chemtrails.  Gives you an idea of the immense scope of the problem. ... NASA IR Satellite Chemtrails... - 35%

Chemtrails — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress
Coast To Coast AM With George Noory On Chemtrails With Filmmakers Michael Murphy & G Edward Griffin. At the link is a radio show from October the 11th, 2010 on ... - 34%

chemtrails dangerous compounds
KSLA's Jeff Ferrell noted that these chemtrails "do not fade away like a normal contrail." ... Still another report in Los Angeles by NBC 4 reported on a "sticky yellow slime" left behind from chemtrails in parts of California, which is possibly connected - 34%

CHEMTRAILS. CHEMTRAILS Are Killing US December 2004 Chemical analyses of chemtrail emissions. The chemical/biological/viral content of chemtrails changes....... - 34%

WinterSteel.Com - Chemtrails
At a public meeting on chemtrails, the Ontario Minister of Environment refused to release air quality findings for Espanola. Unlike our island neighbors to the south, no government has interceded to protect North Americans from the US military aerosol camp - 34%

Chemtrails over Vegas
Chemtrails Are Over Las Vegas ... It has been reported that the "chemtrails" contain ethylene dibromide - a substance that has been an additive to gasoline and airplane fuels as well as a banned pesticide. Ethylene dibromide has been linked to kidney and - 33%

Chemtrails- What Are They For?
This website hopes to help educate people on stories that the government and mainstream media have mis-represented to the American people. Take your pick in Framed's ... - 33%

Cowichan Valley Business Directory - Chemtrails Canada
The Cowichan Valley Business Directory information about chemtrails, vaccinations, swine flu, new world order for Cowichan Valley & Duncan on Vancouver Island, BC Canada - 33%

Mycoplasma from Chemtrails
Chemtrails? Mycoplasma? What are they? ... Chemtrails are thick and wide and do not disperse and linger around for long a period of time in all areas of the world. These chemtrails are different from contrails in that contrails are thin and wispy and dissi - 33%

OpEdNews - Article: Chemtrails
Chemtrails are real. I have seen them and I have talked to people that have admitted to me that they are real. ... As far-fetched as Chemtrails seem, they are real. I discounted them for years. I have however, watched the sky and I have seen them almost ev - 33%

Awaken Video » Chemtrails
Chemtrails Over Rochester Indiana ... A closer look at chemtrails. This video shows ... ... Taiwan Chemtrails... - 32%

flamesong: chemtrails: wyre
Wyre Chemtrails; These images show chemtrails over the Wyre Estuary. The first image shows the usual chemtrail pattern. ... Educate Yourself - Chemtrails ... Chemtrails Hall of Shame... - 32%

For information on how Chemtrails affect your health, read on.
Its a Fact! Chemtrails cause Chronic Health Problems. And the problem is growing. Your symptoms and health problems are not in your head! - 32%

Looking BEYOND the Sonoma Chemtrails
Harmful geoengineering aerosol spray floods our skies more often than not. What to do? Seek the LORD while He may be found. - 32%

chemtrails - Contrail Science
chemtrails, contrails none ... Barium Chemtrails on KSLA ... The reporter now admits he was mistaken, and that he found no evidence for chemtrails... - 31%

Chemtrails - Page 1
Sylphs vs Chemtrails ... I received my Chembuster unit only 7 days ago (the first 5 days cloudy) and I had no idea that I would witness a battle between Sylphs and Chemtrails on the first day with a visible sky!  Very impressive, speechless, flabbergasted - 31%

Chemtrails to get rid of "useless eaters."
What are chemtrails, some questions and some answers. - 31%

Prince Talks About Chemtrails
YouTube | The artist formerly known as Prince talks about chemtrails and the lies we are told. - 31%

Chemtrails | Outlaw News
Chemtrails Data Page. What are those mystery lines in the sky? ... Your Life As A Human Test Subject - Chemtrails ... Luminous UFOs In Chemtrails... - 30%

Chemtrails in Vegas
Every so often something hits the papers that should be picked up by every cable news company in the country. Instead we get the unending rehash about ... - 30%

Chemtrails Over America - Page 3 Page 1 sur 8 CHEMTRAILS OVER AMERICA PAGE #3 PAGE 1 | PAGE 2 | PAGE 3 | PAGE 4 | The Researchers Interesting Reading TOP SECRET CLASSIFIED PROJECT This paper addresses the two main projects ongoing in the atmosphere. - 30%

ellis c taylor CHEMTRAILS
CHEMTRAILS ~ Time you looked up Peeps! Photo Gallery ... A mass of chemtrails over west Oxford, England 27th September 2001. The skies were littered with chemtrails ... - 30%

Sylphs and Chemtrails . Sylphs and Chemtrails. This doesn't sound so far off if you've read the Book of Enoch. However these Sylphs are fallen angels that ... - 30%

UFO(tm): Global Chemtrails
CHEMTRAILS AUGUST 2010 EUROPE ... CHEMTRAILS COMING FROM WINGS ... Weatherman Confirms US Military Sprays Chemtrails... - 30%

Abilene man wants to warn you about the dangers of 'chemtrails'
Darrin McBreen wants people to look up in the sky - and contemplate what might be happening up there that might be affecting us down here. - 29%

Chemtrails Chords by Beck @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
Chemtrails chords by Beck at Ultimate-Guitar.Com, tabbed by Raku - 29%

Chemtrails - DuPage County, Illinois
Chemtrails in DuPage County, Illinois Photos taken by Deanna Spingola, October 29, 2008 between 12 Noon and 1 PM. Barium does not show up in normal blood testing at ... - 28%

Chemtrails « Grand Delusion
Pilot Films Jet Spraying Chemtrails ... A pilot shoots a chemical plane from his cockpit: the video shows an aircraft that spread chemtrails over Canada from the nozzles. The footage is the irrefutable proof of a chemical and clandestine

Chemtrails? - Airline Pilot Central Forums
So, maybe I have been living under a rock all this time, but I have only recently heard of this things called chemtrails.

Conclusions on Chemtrails
July/August 2000 Alternative Health; Conclusions on Chemtrails ... I believe that Erminia Cassani is on the right track when she calls chemtrails a solar shield. In recent weeks I have independently arrived at a similar conclusion. Based on

Chemtrails Roundtable - Shows - Coast to Coast AM
Coast to Coast AM - UFOs, strange occurrences, life after death and other unexplained phenomena. Overnight talk

chemtrails: fantasy or fiction? -
over the centuries, there have existed many slow-witted observers of the sky. in stark contrast to the brilliance of

Conclusions on Chemtrails
I believe that Erminia Cassani is on the right track when she calls chemtrails a solar shield. In recent weeks I have independently arrived at a similar conclusion. Based on all available evidence, including:

Urban Dictionary: chemtrails
I was plurpity after the drive home from the conference due to the rain and chemtrails. ... chemtrails rain clouds gas driving petroleum by Ferugualatin Apr 10, 2008 share this ... Some one who chooses not to acknowledge the obvious

CHEMTRAILS Contrails are the 'lines' of exhaust left across the sky as jet airplanes travel.CHEMtrails are the (on

Chemtrails « The Labyrinth
A Google search of [chemtrails] yields 937,000 hits; [powder contrails] yields 22,800 hits, most of which probably refer to the 1975 U.S. Navy patent referenced above; a GoogleVideo search of [chemtrails] yields 4,387 hits ranging | Chem Trails
Related Searches: - 26%

Clifford Carnicom's newest research shows that the airborne chemtrails fibers and the fibers found in the tissues of a patient with advanced Morgellons Disease match. ... How would this pathogen get into the chemtrails in the first

Chemtrails – The Chemicals Being Sprayed in Our Skies and ...
PUBLIC LAW 95-79 [P.L. 95-79] TITLE 50, CHAPTER 32, SECTION 1520 “CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL WARFARE PROGRAM” “ The use of human subjects will be allowed for the ...

They can also query and manipulate the entities. The Joint Chief of Staff recognizes the Department of Defense for new capabilities in the visualization arena and has recently approved a visualization mission needs statement based on the

How many people believe in chemtrails? - Contrail Science
How many people are interested in chemtrails? Not very many I suspect. But how to measure them? One way is to

Atmospheric Geoengineering: Weather Manipulation, Contrails ...
Chemtrails are no hoax; I spent time going to as many original sources as I could find. The record is replete with

ChemTrails - 80% population reduction
ChemTrails - 80% population reduction of earth !!! THIS IS WORTH YOUR TIME TO READ ! ! It's long! This page is comprised of a collection Chemtrails look like contrails, but are much thicker. Instead of quickly dissipating,

Chemtrails...The Dark Secrets
His latest book is Probing the Chemtrails Conundrum. BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS TIED TO GULF WAR

German Scientist Exposes Chemtrails As Military Operations
German Scientist Exposes Chemtrails As Military Operations Friday, March 14, 2008 by: Rami Nagel, citizen

Chemtrails Meetup Groups - Chemtrails Meetups
Helps groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the

Chemtrails of the World
Kriminelle Experimente: Chemtrails ... Chemtrails: William Thomas ... Chemtrails: Infos über Hughes Aircraft

Chemtrails: The Consequences of Toxic Metals and Chemical ...
For decades, we have known that heavy metals and chemicals can cause grave physical harm. Going back to Rachel - chemtrails
This is the story of the chemtrails. ... There are people who fell ill after having watched chemtrails above their heads,

Houston Chemtrails
On January 17th, we had a heavy duty spray day. Remember the following: 1. This area of air space seldom has high

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The Kick Them All Out Project - Chemtrails
Welcome to the Kick Them All Out Project and Fire Congress Campaign. This project provides a way for us all to hold Congress accountable by making them pay the price

Chemtrails Over America - IFF - International Freedom ...
All of US Finally the kettle is beginning to simmer! Chemtrails have been over the skies in the USA for several years now! It has been nearly impossible to get anyone ..

Stop Spraying Maine - Chemtrails
Mailing List. Please add your name to our mailing list to keep up with the latest news concerning chemtrails in Maine. - 21%

Chemtrails « Blowing Our Tax Dollars
Call them Chemtrails or Geo-engineering, your choice. Regardless of the terminology used, one indisputable fact remains. Someone is spraying us

Chemtrails: Delivery System For Dept. of Defense's Toxic ...
For years, the US Military has secretly used unknowing citizens as test subjects for various types of bio-warfare. These subjects have suffered severe illness, cancer