Military Over the Horizon Radar of Type "DUGA"

Only two of them existed in the whole USSR, the second near the city of Komsomolsk(or Nikolaevsk)-na-Amure.
It's height is 150 meters and about a kilometer width.
After the reactor explosion, the installation was switched off Some of the electronic equipment was transferred to the Nikolaevsk-na-Amure base, and others.

This is the receiver installation; the transmitting was 60 kilometers away in Lubech, Ukraine ("Rozsudiv"). The transmitting aerial was destroyed in the late 1990s, disassembled and sold as scrap metal.

Now year 2007, this antenna aerial is being prepared for disassembly and scrapping. It is not possible to visit this antenna.

Visitors to the area are allowed to take tours through Pripyat but there are still areas of the exclusion zone that are off limits. Over zealous photographers can get arrested if they stray to far from their group. Visitors should follow the rules at all times for their own safety, or a call to a Columbus criminal attorney back home may be necessary to get out of a Ukrainian jail.