LOIS- The Swedish Haarp System

Sweden have the largest Radio Telescope in the World , over the whole Southsweden.(LOIS)
Ten thousand of handlage Antennes looking in the Sky. 


LOIS - the LOFAR Outrigger In Scandinavia; A System for Earth and Space Observations

Hörby (Teracom Broadcast Station)
Teracom build also the 3G Mobilesystem(UMTS) and the Digetal TV in Sweden.

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Log-periodic Antenna at the Teracom Broadcast Station at Hörby (55.49 deg N, 13.44 deg E) to be used in the LOIS/LOFAR Deep Space Radar Tests. The Hörby Transmitter can deliver up to 500 kW of RF power in the 3-30 MHz Frequency range to the Antenna.
Bild av den logperiodiska antennen vid Teracom AB:s radiostation i Hörby (55.49 grader nord, 13.44 grader öst), som kommer att användas i de kommande LOIS/LOFAR rymdradartesterna. Höbysändaren kan leverera upp till 500 kW högfrekvent radioeeffekt i frekvensbandet 3-30 MHz till antennen.