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ELF/VLF Wave-injection and Magnetospheric Probing with HAARP
from Initial HAARP ELF/VLF Wave-injection Campaigns 8 B. Two-hop whistler-mode echoes and ...
HAARP Bibliography 2000-2007
HAARP Bibliography 2000-2007 Credit: PARS / GI Compiled by Keith B. Mather Library Geophysical Institute The
JUNE - JULY 2003 http://www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 1 Introduction: SR Frequencies and Biocommunication
Russian Journal: HAARP Could Capsize Planet
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The HAARP site
SUMMARY: The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is an investigation project jointly funded
HAARP Diesel Engine-Generator(s) Noise Study
Memorandum U.S. Department Of Transportation Research and Special Programs Administration _____ Subj ect:
HAARP: Vandalism in the Sky?
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The Militarys Pandoras Box
Angels Dont Play This HAARP further quotes Brzezinski: __"Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this
Ionospheric modification and ELF/VLF wave generation by HAARP
3 HAARP After upgrade in March 2006: É 180 crossed dipole antennas É 3.6 MW power É ~2 GW effective
24.4 haarp MH AY
I ts a Strangelovian scenario that only the Pentagon could dream up: North Korea, in the throes of a military coup, launches
HIV/AIDS Asia Regional Program
HIV/AIDS Asia Regional Program (HAARP) Law and Policy Review July 2009 This document is jointly published with,
Weather warfare
located either at or close to the HAARP site. But Rosalie Bertell, president of the International Institute of Concern for
description of the haarp gakona facility with some results from recent research description of the haarp gakona facility with
HIV/AIDS Asia Regional Program (HAARP)
HAARP PDD Final - 25 November 2006 Table of Contents List of Acronyms and Abbreviations..... iv Executive ...
Orientation of the HAARP ELF ionospheric dipole and the auroral ...
Orientation of the HAARP ELF ionospheric dipole and the auroral electrojet M. B. Cohen, 1 M. Go1 J kowski, 1 and U.
DEMETER observations of ELF waves injected with the HAARPHF ...
Observations: HAARP-Generated ELF Signals Observed at DEMETER and on the Ground [8]ELF/VLF waves generated by HAARP-modulated electrojet currents were observed on one fourth of the ...
Background on the HAARP Project
Background on the HAARP Project By Rosalie Bertell November 5, 1996 Project Argus (1958) Project Starfish (1962)
Multi-hop whistler-mode ELF//VLF signals and triggered emissions ...
Research Programs Agency (DARPA), and by the Office of Naval Research (ONR ...  
EISCAT Scientific Association
EISCAT Scientific Association Name Title Phone Mobile E-mail Sodankylä site Postal: Tähteläntie 54B FIN-99600
11th Biannual EISCAT Workshop/Radar School Agenda
11 th Biannual EISCAT Workshop/Radar School Agenda Radar School Friday, 22 August 2003, thru Sunday, 24 August
EISCAT_3D Deliverable 13.1
1. Introduction Work Package 13 addresses issues related to the preparations for the next phase of the EISCAT_3D
High-Latitude Artificial Aurora from EISCAT: An Unique Phenomenon?
Sodankyl¨ a Geophysical Observatory Publications (2003) 92:7-10 High-Latitude Artificial Aurora from EISCAT: An
A European Three-Dimensional Imaging Radar for Atmospheric and ...
EISCAT_3D A European Three-Dimensional Imaging Radar for Atmospheric and Geospace Research Application for
Polar cap convection patterns inferred from EISCAT observations
Polar cap convection patterns inferred from EISCAT observations C. Peymirat, D. Fontaine CETP-CNRS-UVSQ, 10-12
A doubling of the Suns coronal magnetic field
©1999 Macmillan Magazines Ltd NATURE | VOL 399 | 3 JUNE 1999 | http://www.nature.com 437 letters to natur e A
Observations of isolated polar cap patches by the European ...
Observations of isolated polar cap patches by the European Incoherent Scatter (EISCAT) Svalbardand Super Dual
EISCAT Space Debris 04-October-2007
E I S C A T EISCAT Space Debris 04-October-2007 Monitored altitude zones inipyware Zone 1: 149{489 km, Zone 2:
Sounding of the Cusp Ion Fountain Energization Region-2: SCIFER-2
We propose to investigate ion outflows between 200 and 1400 km altitude in the polar cusp with a sounding rocket
Observations of the April 2002 geomagnetic storm by the global ...
Relatively smooth variations in plasma parameters are accompanied Ti, K, EISCAT Svalbard ISR Alt, km 15 16 17 0 6 12
Spatial observations by the CUTLASS coherent scatter radar of ...
A schematic illustrating the relative beam geometry of the EISCAT heater and the CUTLASS radars Γ Γ Γ Γ Γ Γ
Damtie, B. and Lehtinen, MS., Estimating an incoherent scatter radar signal by using an adaptive filtering technique, 14th
EMI Thorn Company
Another point of interest is EMI involvement in the HAARP-sister project EISCAT . And, additionally, EMI THORN has
What Can We Learn About the Ionosphere Using the EISCAT Heating Facility? Michael T. Rietveld EISCAT Scientific
Ericsson Dialog 4422 IP Office/MD110/Mobile Enterprise ...
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SuperDARNand EISCAT observation of artificially induced field ...
B005-27 会場 : C 時間 : 9 月 29 æ—¥ 11:10-11:25 SuperDARN及びEISCATã
Upper Atmospheric and Ionospheric Physics
(4.3 Atmospheric Science) Dynamics and Energetics of the Lower Thermosphere in Aurora (DELTA) campaign Andøya
Interplanetary Scintillation Studies of the Large-Scale Structure ...
I am indebted to the sta ff of the EISCAT, ESR, and MERLIN research facilities for their help in keeping th e receiving
Multiradar observations of the polar tongue of ionization
EISCAT is an International Association supported by Finland (SA), France (CNRS), the Federal Republic of Germany (MPG), Japan (NIPR), Norway (NFR), Sweden (VR), and the United Kingdom ...
Turbulence for different background conditions using fuzzy logic ...
ESRAD isa VHF radar with an operating frequency of 52 MHzlocatedatESRANGE (6753 0 N, 2106 0 E) in northern
An investigation of scattering mechanisms and dynamics in PMSE ...
The ESRAD system operates at 52 MHz and has been routinely used to observe PMSE over Sweden (e.g.,
Gravity waves in the troposphere and stratosphere during the ...
The ALOMARVHF radar (AL WIN[Lattecketal. , 1999]) and the Esrange MST radar (ESRAD[Chilsonetal. , 1999])
ESA SP-647 November 2007
A Lunar Signal in Summer Nighttime Tropospheric Cloudiness 589 and in Noctilucent Clouds N. M. Pertsev Polar
Scientific Programme
Belov A.V., Gaidash S.P., Ivanov K.G., Kanonidi Kh.D. Poster C6 Polar Mesosphere Winter Echoes by ESRAD and
Curriculum vitae
Studierav tropopause folds i den arktiskaregionen medanvändningavozonsonderoch Esrange MST-radar, ESRAD.
From the Chairman 2 2. Julian Days 2 3. An Ionosphere Model for an IBM personal computer ...
Ionosonde Case Study
2 Document Version History Version: 1.1 Version Date: 31 March 2007 Version Filename: Ionosonde-case-study.doc
Statistical analysis of CTIPe results with respect to Ionosonde Data
Statistical analysis of CTIPe results with respect to Ionosonde Data Abstract: In todays society HF communications and
Introducing Hermanus
Introducing Hermanus HE13N (34.4°S, 19.2°E) A new Southern Hemisphere Ionosonde Station in South Africa The
Comparisons of GPS/MET retrieved ionospheric electron density and ...
Earth Planets Space , 53 , 193-205,2001 Comparisons of GPS/MET retrieved ionospheric electron density and ground
Ionosonde Data. The National Bureau of Standards (NBS)17 operated anionosondeat Maui, Hawaii; vertical-incidence
Auroral backscatter from the E and F regions
Data of the Sodankylä ionosonde and Finnish riometers were obtained from the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory.
More on Alaska to Europe on 6m
In that column we looked at data from the Qaanaaq (Greenland) ionosonde (near Thule) in the polar cap. That data, along
electron density (NmF2) for midlatitude ionosonde stations duringthe period April 13 ...
GPS-based ionospheric tomography reconstruction to the magnetic ...
4 8 12 16 20 24 250 300 350 400 4 8 12 16 20 24 Universe Time (hours) 250 300 350 400 hmF2 (km) Ionosonde
Solarradioastronomy with the LOFAR (LOw Frequency ARray) radio ...
Solarradioastronomy with the LOFAR (LOw Frequency ARray) radio telescope StephenM. White a, Namir E. Kassim b
LOFAR project explained.
LOFAR project explained... Astronomical Institute ASTRON in Dwingeloo, The Netherlands, has been building and
The LOFARTelescope: System Architecture and Signal Processing
By Marcode Vos, Andre W. Gunst, and Ronald Nijboer ABSTRACT | The Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) is a large
German LOFAR
German LOFAR White Paper Compiled by the German Long Wavelength Consortium (GLOW) Edited by: Marcus
LOFAR: Low Frequency Array
LOFAR Aims LOFAR Aims Innovative Science Innovative Science Epoch of Reionization Sky Surveys (Galactic and
Wideband LOFAR
Wideband LOFAR Wideband Omni-Directional Passive Sonobuoy Type SSQ 906G High performance passive
FAR LOFAR is the Low Frequency Array radio telescope currently under construction in the Netherlands
LOFAR Low-range and Mid-range Dipoles
1 LOFAR Low-range and Mid-range Dipoles Bill Erickson October 16, 2003 INTRODUCTION: I have carried out
LOFARDataFormatICD Dynamic Spectrum Data
Repository Revision: 5495 J.-M. Grießmeier, A. Alexov, K. Anderson, L. B¨ahren SVN Date: 2010 ... usg.lofar.org/wiki/lib/exe/fetch.php?id=documents%3Aicd%3Alofar-usg-icd-006&cache=...
Wireless sensor networks in precision agriculture
Wireless sensor networks in precision agriculture Aline Baggio Delft University of Technology-The Netherlands
LOFAR calibration and imaging results
First calibrated LOFAR image Calibrated, Full sky, CygA (center) CasA (top), Jan 2007 SBYMCCTSKADS-p. 3
LO FAR the ultimate test for SURFnet6 Best Practice
SURFnet bv Radboudkwartier 273 Hoog Catharijne PO Box 19035 NL - 3501 DA Utrecht T +31 302 305 305 F +31
LOFAR, E -LOFAR and Low-Frequency VLBI
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)024 1 LOFAR, E -LOFAR and Low-Frequency VLBI M.A. Garrett 1 abc, H. Rampadarath
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LOFAR Survey simulations
Radio source populations: lessons from the SDSS Philip Best IfA, Edinburgh Collaborators: Guinevere Kauffmann (MPA
Streaming Astronomical Signal Processing on Next Generation HPC ...
the LOFAR idea ● Science community: desire to look further into the past (higher red-shifts) ● ASTRON:
 Real-time Astronomical Events
 for You and your ...
skyalert.org What is VOEvent • XML document according to VO-standard • Who, Wherewhen, Why, Params •
The Low-Frequency Array
Main science goals of LOFAR - EoR observations  Determine Epoch (or Era) of Reionization  115 MHz  z = 11.4
Complex Signal Synthesis for Real-Time Simulations
Sonobuoys are available as omnidirectional (LOFAR), directional (DIFAR), and directional active (DICASS) versions.