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VulKoan Harp 2
ultra-compact commusication devices | Get one now!

Discovered on the Internet by SSEYO, VulKoan harps are powerful ultra-compact commusication devices from the planet VulKoan. To commusicate with these tiny instruments, just drag your mouse over the strings. Our scientists have shown that each of the knobs on the instrument seems to have some kind of function and at this moment they are working to fully elucidate its subtle but alien logic. All we know is they are from the future... Your website is your transmitter.

Link to the VulKoan Harp for free! Mail it to your friends for free! Distribute it for free! Get one for your website!

Requirements: Our scientists have identified that VulKoan harps require the following: SSEYO Koan plugin, Macromedia Flash plugin, 32-bit Windows plus 32-bit IE3+ / 32-bit NN3+ or Power Macintosh/iMac plus NN3+. Webservers need to support both Koan MIME type and Flash MIME type.     VulKoan Harp FAQ.

VulKoan - Planet of The Instruments
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