Of Luebeck partner and friends

The Hanseatic city Luebeck maintains a partnership between cities since 1969 with Kotka, the most important port of exportation of Finland. From business talks a friendship developed. The connection is maintained among other things by cultural and sporty meetings. Already in the Middle Ages trade relations are to have existed between the two cities.
At the end of of 1987 closed Luebeck with the throwing and port Wismar in the DDR - now in the Land of the Federal Republic Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania - a contract over a German-German partnership between cities. Wismar, formerly member of the Hans federation, and the Hanseatic city Luebeck are located only about 60 kilometers from each other far away at the Baltic Sea and indicate due to its historical development also in the townscape numerous thing in common. Were agreed upon the opinion and exchange of experience as well as after the union of the two German States of the support with the structure of the Wismarer city administration. 
Since 1980 a friendship treaty with La Rochelle was converted 1988 into a partnership between cities. Connections between the French and the German port existed already since 1977. They began with a schueleraustausch. Today there are active contacts particularly in the area of the sport and youth exchange.

A partnership between cities with the litauischen port Klaipeda (Memel) locked the Hanseatic city Luebeck in the spring 1990. The two cities want to exchange themselves in all areas of the municipal administration and - politics. In the long run they strive a connection by a ferry boat line on.

By friendship treaties the Hanseatic city Luebeck is connected since 1979 with Venedig, since 1980 with the American city Spokane (Washington) and since 1992 with the Japanese port Kawasaki. The relations with Venice was taken up 1972. The contacts developed, when the lagoon city in connection with a meeting of the German television fernsehlotterie organized a Galeonenregatta in Luebeck.

The friendship with Spokane (Washington) developed after attendance mayors at that time David of the Rogers 1977 in the Hanseatic city and the Luebecker of mayor Dr. Robert club 1978 in that American city, in which about 30 per cent ethnic German citizen lives. The exchange of pupils and mutual attendance of economic delegations followed. The friendship documents were exchanged in May 1980.
Luebeck closed a friendship treaty with mountain/Norway in the year 1996. With this old Hanseatic city one wants to come in the next years to a close partnership, exactly as with
Visby on the island Gotland into Sweden, with Luebeck a long common history connects.
Luebeck maintains friendly relations with more than 100 European cities, which participate regularly in the Hans floors of the modern times.

In September 1991 Luebeck in Danzig took part in the establishment of the Union of the Baltic Cities, which has a global co-operation of the cities approximately around the Baltic Sea as a goal. In the region CROSS-BEAM operates Luebeck since 1992 together with the sets Gadebusch, Grevesmuehlen, duchy Lauenburg, east Holstein, Schwerin, Segeberg, Stormarn and Wismar as well as the cities Schwerin and Wismar and the Chambers of Commerce and industrie to Luebeck, Rostock and Schwerin.