HANSEATIC CITY LUEBECK                    


Luebeck and marzipan

Who thinks of Luebeck, thinks almost always also of marzipan. Because so is now once: The love goes through the stomach.

Around the origin of the marzipans most different stories climb. This is most popular: Around 1407 a hunger NOT raged in Luebeck. There was no more grain. There the senate laid on to the bakers to make of in memory the storing almond supplies bread.

This legend is by the way told in or other version everywhere, where one concerns oneself in larger yardstick with the productionproduction production. Many cities raise therefore the requirement, marzipan in their walls were invented.

Another legend follows the origin of the name: Marzipan is " marci panis " from Venice, bread of the Markus, whose prescription arrived by the old trade relations to Luebeck.

Language researchers believe to be able to derive the name marzipan from the Byzantine coin Mauthaban. The word is modified later to Marzapane - in the Mediterranean area as name for splinter box uses. So it must have changed over from the packing to (sweet) contents.

As safe it can probably only be considered that that originates marzipan from the front Orient. In the Luebecker guild roles " Martzapaen " is mentioned for the first time in the year 1530.

Of Luebeck call as " citycity city ", his primacy with productionproduction production, only after 1800 one justified. Nobody knows today still exactly whether it was particularly an art manufacturer and a idea-rich Konditor or whether a competition under the different, at that time much admitted Luebecker confectioneries the productionproduction production to this bloom brought.

The formerly particularly laborious production of the massmass mass - a hard work to Reibstein, which had particularly in the Weihnachtszeit boom - yielded in the meantime the industriellen manufacturing. The secret however remained: The quality determined by the special mixing proportion of the particulars added. Each manufacturer guards his secret of the production.

Today there are in the Hanseatic city Luebeck several large companies, the most well-known probably is:



the Luebecker marzipan manufacture and into the whole world export. Among them is of Europe producer leading the market of quality qualitaetsmarzipan. However this company employs coworkers, who per day manufacture and dispatch about 30 tons marzipan in the season up to 600.

By the way: The buyers of " Luebecker marzipan " can be safe everywhere in the Federal Republic that the product also actually originates from Luebeck. After long law case the designation was judicially protected. " Luebecker marzipan " does not only have to be manufactured in Luebeck, it corresponds also to the particularly high request, which imposed upon themselves the Luebecker manufacturer. The quality determinations determine among other things the almond quality and limit the sugar addition, which was kept particularly small already in Luebeck since age ago.