My Awards





  Hi Peter!
  Congratulations, you have that

  "Jup2000 - Award " won.

  It made much fun for me your page 

  to regard, particularly me those has

  Color design and the structure of yours

  Page please, Mach further in such a way.

  Greeting Silvio



  Hello Peter!


  On a point evaluation becomes from

  me omitted, one knows homepage in

  Scores divide? I believe no.


  Their homepage pleased me well

  and get thereby also that 


  Top PAGE Award of the TOGiPAGE.


  Yes, you have him, 


  the Futurelight silver Award!

  Best the start page pleased me!

  Over Luebeck one experiences there

  genuinly everything!

  Marzipan is naturally very best!

 Information without end, over and

 approximately over



 Oh, oh Peter - a thematically so madly made HP  -

 nevertheless then such a graessliche entrance

 page much multicolored, much at Geblinke...)

 Really harm.  

 Further deficiency: Continuous pages - there one

 gets correct fears of depth. But again: A super

 edited topic with an enormous amount on          

 Information. Therefore also at least that

 " sow well " in silver.


 I have myself today - to 07.11.1999- yours

 Homepage looked at and lends to you hereby

 " Steffi's poetry Award " in gold.

 For the evaluation were decisive

 Loading time, navigation, outline, optical Design,

 the topic selection and my personal favour.

 In addition it comes that the high north mine

 And Luebeck counts favorites really very much 

 is beautiful


 Hello Peter,

 After thorough examination your PAGE am I

 come to the resolution you Award mean  

 in gold to rental businesses. Your PAGE is very

 beautiful and has determines ne mixes work 

 made, madly further so.

 cu Reinhold :-))

 Congratulations, Peter.


The all first page is already very meaningfully which by the following link page is still underlined. The text link guidance became outdated already somewhat, but in an essay navigation appropriately. 


There are also no right writing and comma errors, no broken images and also the on the left of within the PAGE is correct.


The loading times were quite quick, which is to due however to relatively few diagram.


Love of greetings - Reinhold

Forgive through A.Vesen Internet Services
Hallo Peter,

Gratulation zum Silber-Award.

cu M@x

Wir freuen uns dir mitteilen zu können das du unseren Delphin Award gewonnen hast.

Mfg.Mighty Duck&Miss Cabrio



Cordial congratulation.

This Homepage has a IGEL45 Silberaward


Attendance of the Homepage to 27.01.2001

Range:  Journey PAGE


Good clear organization

Good navigation

Good contents