In Lübeck visitors can choose between a variety of museums. The citymap shows you where to find the most interesting ones.

{short description of image} 1. HOLSTENTOR: THE HISTORY OF THE TOWN

The Holstentor was built between 1464 and 1478 in the course of the modernization of the fortifications near the river Trave. In former times the Holstentor was situated in front of the town like a bridgehead. It symbolizes the freedom of the town.

The most interesting part of the exhibition is a large model of the Hansetown, showing Lübeck in the year 1650. A special attraction of the museum is the torture-chamber. Small models show the famous trading ships, called Koggen, which caused the wealth of the Hanse since they were larger and saver than any other kind of ship.

Address: Holstentorplatz, Tel.: 0451-122 4129

Open: April - September 10 - 17 oclock and October - March 10 - 16 Oclock


Built as an Augustin-monastery between 1502 ans 1515, the museum offers a unique survey of medieval and religious art. The main attraction is the collection of carved altars from the 15th and 16th century, for example the altar of the Lukasbrotherhood built by Herman Rode (1484) (see picture) and the famous altar of Hans Memling.

Address: St.-Annen-Straße 15, Tel.: 0451-122 4137

Open: April - September 10-17 oclock and October - March 10-16 oclock (closed on mondays)


When the blast furnace of Lübeck had dedicated its bankrupt in 1981, an important period of Lübecks history of industry had come to its end. For 74 years the three blast furnace dominated the silhouette of the bank of the river Trave - a silhouette you presume to find in Germanys famous industrial region-the Ruhrgebiet. An exhibition in the former store of the fabric shows the work in the blast furnace and the life of the workers.

Address: Kokerstraße 1-3, Tel.: 0451 - 301 152

Open: Friday 14-17 oclock, Saturday 10-17 oclock, Sunday 10-17 oclock

{short description of image} 4. MUSEUMCHURCH ST. KATHARINEN:

Built from 1300 to 1370 as church of the Franciscan monastery. St Katharinen combines the purity and severity of an order of mendicant friars on the one sides and on the other side the roomy gothic architecture which resembles the Marienchurch.

Apart from the rich wall-paintings noteworthy works of art are the niches of the high west-facade. There could be found the figure-cycle called the Community of Saints (see picture), created by Ernst Barlach and Gerhard Marcks and finished in 1932.

Address: Corner Königstraße / Glockengießerstraße

Open: only April - September 10-13 oclock, 14-17 oclock (closed on mondays)

{short description of image} 5. BEHNHAUS: ART

The Behnhouse, built from 1780 to 1810, gives evidence of the way of living of the middles class about 1800. Its entrance - hall is the most beautiful one in Lübeck. Since 1923 the Behnhouse is a museum.

In the Behnhouse visitors wil find a collection of paintings and sculptures from romantic up to modern times, for example paintings from Friedrich Overbeck, Casper David Friedrich, Max Liebermann and Max Beckmann. The most interesting painting is a portrait of the children of Dr. Max Linde from Lübeck made by the norwegian painter Edvard Munch (1863-1944).

Address: Königstraße 9-11, Tel.: 0451- 122 4148

Open: April - September 10 - 17 oclock and October - March 10 - 16 oclock (closed on mondays)

{short description of image} 6. DRÄGERHAUS: THE TIME OF THE   BUDDENBROOKS

The unique sequence of banquesting-rooms shows in a very vivid way how the middle class lived in the 18th century.

The exhibition rooms on the first floor are dedicated to Lübecks history of art and culture of the 19th and early 20th century up to World War II. The centre of objects displayed informs about Heinrich and Thomas Mann and their lifes. A more detailled exhibition can be seen in the Buddenbrookhaus. The picture shows the painting Sulmamith and Maria (1811) by F. Overbeck, one of the most important german painters of the 19th century.

Address: Königstraße 9-11, Tel.: 0451 - 122 4148

Open: April - September 10 -17 oclock and October - March 10 - 16 oclock (closed on mondays)


Die Brüder Mann

Since May 1993 you can find the Heinrich-andThomas-Mann-Centre in the Buddenbrookhouse. A permanent exhibition on the groud floor shows the life and work of Heinrich and Thomas Mann.

In the upper storey and in the cellar-vaults changing exhibitions,film-presentations and readings take place.

Address: Mengstraße 4, Tel.: 0451 - 12 241 90

Open: every day 10-16 oclock, on thursdays 10-19 oclock


Since 1985 the ethnology-museum can be found in the former arsenal. Changing exhibitions about special topics.

Address: Großer Bauhof 14, Tel.: 0451 - 122 4342

Open: April - September: Tuesday - Friday 10 - 17 oclock, Saturday and Sunday 10 - 13 oclock and 13.30 - 17 oclock, October - March: Tuesday - Friday 10 - 16 oclock, Saturday and Sunday 10 - 13 Uhr and 13.30 - 17 oclock, Monday closed


The museum houses a large exhibition about mammals and birds living in Schleswig-Holstein. Animal-voives could be heard, some of them even seen alive. A single room is dedicated to insects, living bees could be seen in a special room. In a glass beehive you can see the bees doing their daily work.

The early history of the land between the North and the Baltic Sea is reflected through an interesting collection of fossiles, minerals, models and maps.

Address: Mühlendamm 1-3 (entrance for visitors: Musterbahn 8), Tel.: 0451 - 122 4122 ,

Museums pedagogy: Tel.: 0451 -122 4127

Open: April - September: Tuesday - Friday 9 - 17 , Saturday and Sunday 10 - 17, October - March: Tuesday - Friday 9 - 16, Saturday and Sunday 10 - 16 (Monday closed)


The museum is situated in Lübecks historical town between Petrichurch and Holstentor. Visitors enter the museum via the St.-Jürgen-Gang (16th century) which is one of the most famous sights in Lübeck. Going along the narrow passage you nearly cannot imagine the preciousness behind the walls of the three historical houses of the museum.

In this picturesque surrounding one of the largest collections of marionettes, puppets, stages, requisites, posters, handbills, hand-organs and other things illustrate the work of puppet-show-men.

Next to the museum you can visit the unique theatre of marionettes with its daily changing program (Kolk 20, Tel.: 9451 - 70060).

Address: Kleine Petersgrube 4-6, Tel.: 0451 - 78436 and 78626.

Open: every day 10 - 22 oclock


Near one of the eldest merchant houses of Lübeck (early 13th century, Untertrave / Corner Alfstraße), under the Holstenbridge, you will find a very unusual museum: the museum-ship MS Mississippi with its exhibition of more than 5000 objects from nature and ethnology.

Address: Holstenhafen / An der Untertrave, Tel.: 9451 - 78622

Open: every day 9 - 18 oclock

A price-reduced ticket for all museums is availabel in every museum.



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    Open: Di 14.00-16.00
  • Museums pedagogy: guided tours for schools and groups (only with preadvice): Tel.: (0451) 122 41 37