The Schabbelhaus


The Hanseatic city Luebeck offers a whole set of restaurants, which promise a special experience not only by their kitchen, but also by their historical premises to the visitor. The " Schabbelhaus " in the mixing race 48/50 is such a restaurant. Its name it owes to the wealthy baker master and Konditor Heinrich Schabbel, which bequeathed with its death in the year 1904 at that time the total of 125,000 goldmark, stately for conditions, to the city. Its condition: It should a house bought and the museum for luebeckische Altertuemer made become.
Schabbels cash became related, in order to acquire and equip with valuable furniture a merchants' house in the mixing race 36. The chief shank of the donation thought however at the same time of a practical use. Thus, " around the distinguished character of the house to true ", a wine Schenke was created, which enjoyed soon of large popularity. The house became a victim of the bomb attack on Luebeck at the night the Palmsonntag 1942.
A reconstruction was not possible after the war, but the thought to the old " Schabbelhaus " remained alive in Luebeck. The city acquired the two merchants' houses mixing race 48 and 50 in the fifties, and the kaufmannschaft to Luebeck placed an amount of 400,000 Marks to the renovation to the order. The new " Schabbelhaus " developed, equipped with furnishings from old luebischen merchants' houses and loans of the Luebecker of St. Annen museum. Over the large hall the Luebecker made kaufmannschaft available the brother shank of the Artushofes to Danzig space for a collection of erinnerungsstuecken from the old hansischen sister city.