Protection of the constitution:  Sufficient  realizations for NPD prohibition 

Frankfurt/Main (dpa) - the protection of the constitution in Germany won sufficient realizations according to data of the director of the hessian national office, Lutz erring course, in order to make a success for promising request possible at the Federal Constitutional Court for a NPD prohibition.

Erring course, which would be sufficient from the security authorities collected material according to its opinion at least to open such a procedure, said to the " Frankfurt general Sunday newspaper ".  It appeared optimistically that " one also comes through with it ".  The NPD understands itself meanwhile as movement, which accepts other neo-Nazis and skinheads and to them their organization possibilities offers.

However the hessian protection of the constitution head appeared sceptically that a prohibition of the NPD in the fight against right-wing extremists would help scene.  The neo-Nazis would have already organized themselves in the past years in view of the numerous prohibitions of groupings more loosely, their danger had remained however.

05,08,00 17:02 MESZ    

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