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A guide devoted to hiding an IP address on the Web.

Online Security Update
This is Online Security Update, your guide to understanding the latest and greatest ways in which you can protect your computer.
We'll bring you recent news covering the world of computer security, from technology to economic developments.

The Storage SourceWe bring you up-to-date news coverage on the latest developments in storage technology so you can get the know-how necessary to
adopt the best storage solution for your computer and media devices. 

Go to to use their Server like a Proxie.
Follow All the Instructions there and you can Surf anonymously on Internet!
Anonymous E-Mails and Usenet Postings
  • Anonymous Remailer FAQ
    Frequently asked questions about anonymous Email remailers (free and otherwise) and lots of other useful info.
  • BCWipe
    BCWipe will securely delete files from your hard disk. BCWipe is free for non-commercial and non-govermental use.
  • ChatBUDDY
    ChatBUDDY is a freeware encryption tool that will secure your communications, using Blowfish (a powerful, free encryption algorithm).
  • CodedDrag
    This program encrypts your personal data using strong encryption algorithms like Triple DES and Blowfish.
  • Cookie Cruncher
    Cookie Cruncher is a helpful freeware tool that gives you the power to select which cookies to keep or delete at boot-up.
  • Crypto Kong
    Will allow you to encrypt your communications. It's simpler and easier to use than any competing digital signature and encryption product.
  • Cryptext
    Just install Cryptext and whenever you right-click on a file, you'll get a pop-up menu that lets you easily encrypt or decrypt it with one click.
  • Ghost Mail
    This freeware utility allows you to send anonymous messages, with or without a remailer, to any Email address or to Usenet newsgroups.
    There's a vast number of topics to select from: tax law, intellectual property, labor law, estate planning, bankruptcy law and much more
  • Eudora Lite with PGP
    Eudora Light is now bundled with "Pretty Good Privacy for Personal Privacy," the strongest encryption program available for individual users.
  • Eraser
    Eraser, an excellent free program, offers an advanced security tool, which allows you to completely remove private data from your hard drive.
  • Enonymous Advisor
    Enonymous Advisor resides in your Windows system tray and gives you details about Web sites' privacy policies.
  • Encrypt
    Encrypt scrambles text files so no one can read them without the password (e.g., to send them as the attachment of an Email message).
  • Ebuse
    A free anonymous Email service that is simple to use and convenient and lets you send messages, even if you don't have an Email address. 
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