Point of Meaning


Sun/Moon mid-point - externalization, practical realization, purpose and meaning of personal existence. Inverse - one's inner awareness, intuition, purpose and meaning of life. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Point of Identification/Adaptation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Moon/Saturn mid-point - interfunctional relationship of identification/adaptation released in most operative and concrete manner. Inverse - internalization and spiritual release of forces of identification/adaption ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Point of Associative Participation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mercury/Jupiter - externalization of individual powers of creative and associative participation within social sphere. Inverse- individuals manner of giving personal meaning to their social participation their ability to captivate the imaginations of others. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Point of Sex ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Venus/Mars mid-point - the point where duality is externalized and operates within the individual personality. Sensitivity to people and situations, a person's manner of approaching a situation. Inverse - manner of interpersonal relations and how ones own sexuality is manifested --------------------------------------------------------------------- Point of Creativity ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jupiter/Saturn - The world within/ world without of a person. The uniqueness of the individual. The specific point of view. How the creative process gives meaning to individual expression. The interplay between the macrocosm and the microcosm. The resp onsibility for individual consciousness. The type of experiences a person has. Inverse - source of inspiration which gives personal and spiritual meaning to the creative process. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Point of Transformation. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mars/Uranus mid-point - This point forces the most intense and focus toward external change. Inverse - The point most directed toward internal change. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Point of Reorientation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jupiter/Neptune mid-point - manner of reorientation operative in a person's life, the point of external release. Inverse - The point of release for internal/spiritual reorientation. Point of Self-Refocalization ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturn/Pluto mid-point - The point of the most operative concrete refocus of energies and consciousness in a person's life. Inverse - the awareness of the process of refocalization in ones consciousness.