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ris Saltzman, Founder of the International Para-Psychology School (I.P.P.S.) offers over twenty years of astrological expertise combined with her noted psychic ability toward expanding the field of Para-Psychology. Para - meaning above or beyond, Psychology - the science that treats mental and emotional processes and states. Para-Psychology deals with mental abilities that are beyond the ordinary. It is a term adapted from the Germans by the famous Duke University Scientist J.B. Rhine, to describe extra-ordinary phenomena. Iris Saltzman has astounded thousands with her miracles of prognostication. She is called upon by police departments to help solve crimes, locate missing persons and lost or stolen objects. Executives and officials from all over the world consult Iris for proper decisions, where projected sight is necessary. The science of astrology reveals hidden causes at work in our lives. It counsels the adult in regards to vocation, the parent in child guidence, the teacher in student management, the physician in diagnosis of diseasees, and lends aid to all respective situations. Astrology considers the actual scematics of our solar system as related to the individual, enterprise, or environment. Professional Astrological Employee Screening Services have proven an invaluable aid to busuness men interrested in increasing the efficiency of their operations. The success or failure of a business, marriage, even an idea often rests upon compatability, location, and most certainly the element of timing. Iris Saltzman is available for Lectures and Special Presentations to Clubs, Organizations, and Conventions. Private Groups and Parties enjoy her stimulating and informative demonstrations. ---------------------------------------------------------------- IRIS SALTZMAN - PARA-PSYCHOLOGIST / ASTROLOGER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Written about in "Many Lives, Many Masters," by Brian L.Weiss, M.D., former chairman of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami Bch. Florida * Listed in "Esquire" Magazine as one of the TOP 15 Astrologers in the country. * Conducts group psychic demonstrations open to the public every Tuesday and Friday at 8:00 PM * Teaches classes in E.S.P. Development and Self-Healing; Psychic Interpretation of Astrology; Metaphisical "Just Talk" Rap sessions and presents special para-psychology seminars * Offers unique presentations for various Medical groups * Participated in: "Psychiatry vs E.S.P." at Broward State Hospital for Medical group * Past consultant to Delaware State Hospital patients at Levittown, Pennsylvania * Volunteered therapy and self-healing for Hebrew Home for the Aged * Adoption, Drug Rehabilitation and Generational Research _______________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - University of Miami - Barry College psychology students - Theosophical Society - Round Table - Schocoff Addiction Center - Norland Senior High School - Mensa - Storer Broadcasting Exec. Luncheon - Hyatt House - Eden-Roc - Jockey Club - Harbor Island Spa - Palm Springs Mall - Diplomat Mall - Burdines (Tuesday at 12 Program) -------------------------------------------------------------- FUNDRAISING: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Founder's Club Luncheon, Mt. Sinai Hospital - University of Miami: Project Newborn & Infantry - Sunflower Society, Williams Island - National Children's Cardiac - Cancer Research - Optimist Club - Suniland Retardation Center - City of Hope - Cedars of Lebanon - Osteopathic Hospital - Chez Vendome - Events for Jewish Community Centers - Miami and Palm Beach - W.I.Z.O. Women's International Zionist Organization ------------------------------------------------------------- PUBLICATIONS: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Esquire Magazine - The Florida Arts Gazette - Seasons Magazine - Regular Monthly Column (Iris Sez) - North Dade Journal - Miami Herald Neighbors - Passport - Directions - Lake Worth Herald ------------------------------------------------------------ TELEVISION: ~~~~~~~~~~~ - [WCIX - Channel 6] The Mary Dunitz Show The Alan Burke Show - [WPLG - Channel 10] The Sally Jesse Morning Show News - [WKID - channel 51] It's About Time, Para-Psychology talk show Starring Iris Saltzman - [WCKT - channel 7] Community Report Perspective Outside Chance - [WLRN - channel 17] Something On 17, with Donn Webb and Meridith Port - [NEWS] Palm Beach Clearwater Channel 7 Channel 10 ----------------------------------------------------------- RADIO: ~~~~~~ - [WKAT] The Craig Worthing Show The Neil Rogers Show - [WIOD] The Larry King Show WSBN - 1490 - [WLRN] Dimentions (Educational) - [WPBR] (West Palm Beach) Bea Wain and Andre Baruch ----------------------------------------------------------- THE INTERNATIONAL PARA-PSYCHOLOGY SCHOOL (I.P.P.S.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For More Information Contact I.P.P.S. At: 1893 N.E. 161 STREET N. MIAMI BEACH FLORIDA (305)949-8289 ----------------------------------------------------------- * Or you can -----------------------------------------------------------