Planetry Hours Chart


After spending several hours decoding the planetry hours charts I decided that I would release this information unto anyone that is capable of reading this ASCII text file. I hope that this file will be of use to you. If not to you then perhaps you can send it on to someone else. *Blessed Be* ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Freyr ----- Let me first try and convey the various symbols for the planets to you and be in hopes that I do not confuse you more. Sun : Circle with dot in the middle, Archangel is Michael ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Moon : A moon shaped object, Archangel is Gabriel ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mars : A circle with an arrow point to the right out of the top, Archangel Samael ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mercury : A circle with a cresent sitting on the top of it, with cross below it, supporting it, Archangel Raphael ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Venus : Looks like a four, archangel Sachiel ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturn : A cross supporting a circle, Archangel Anael ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jupiter : A t with a two connected to it, Archangel Cassiel ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Okay you now posses a limited knowledge of the shapes, since I do not have access to graphics to show them to you, I hope that I have provided you with enough infomation. (Please note: Jupiters symbols can also appear as an h) Hours of the day ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ------------------------------------------------------------------ Hour Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 |Sun |Moon |Mars |Mercury |Venus |Saturn |Jupiter 2 |Saturn |Jupiter |Sun |Moon |Mars |Mercury |Venus 3 |Mercury|Venus |Saturn |Jupiter |Sun |Moon |Mars 4 |Moon |Mars |Mercury|Venus |Saturn |Jupiter |Sun 5 |Jupiter|Sun |Moon |Mars |Mercury |Venus |Saturn 6 |Venus |Saturn |Jupiter|Sun |Moon |Mars |Mercury 7 |Mars |Mercury |Venus |Saturn |Jupiter |Sun |Moon 8 |Sun |Moon |Mars |Mercury |Venus |Saturn |Jupiter 9 |Saturn |Jupiter |Sun |Moon |Mars |Mercury |Venus 10 |Mercury|Venus |Saturn |Jupiter |Sun |Moon |Mars 11 |Moon |Mars |Mercury|Venus |Saturn |Jupiter |Sun 12 |Jupiter|Sun |Moon |Mars |Mercury |Venus |Saturn ------------------------------------------------------------------ Hours of the Night ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ------------------------------------------------------------------ Hour Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 |Venus |Saturn |Jupiter|Sun |Moon |Mars |Mercury 2 |Mars |Mercury |Venus |Saturn |Jupiter |Sun |Moon 3 |Sun |Moon |Mars |Mercury |Venus |Saturn |Jupiter 4 |Saturn |Jupiter |Sun |Moon |Mars |Mercury |Venus 5 |Mercury|Venus |Saturn |Jupiter |Sun |Moon |Mars 6 |Moon |Mars |Mercury|Venus |Saturn |Jupiter |Sun 7 |Jupiter|Sun |Moon |Mars |Mercury |Venus |Saturn 8 |Venus |Saturn |Jupiter|Sun |Moon |Mars |Mercury 9 |Mars |Mercury |Venus |Saturn |Jupiter |Sun |Moon 10 |Sun |Moon |Mars |Mercury |Venus |Saturn |Jupiter 11 |Saturn |Jupiter |Sun |Moon |Mars |Mercury |Venus 12 |Mercury|Venus |Saturn |Jupiter |Sun |Moon |Mars ------------------------------------------------------------------ Now let it be known that the following angels rule over the days. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sunday : Michael Monday : Gabriel Tuesday : Samael Wednessday : Raphael Thursday : Sachiel Friday : Anael Saturday : Cassiel ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now let it be known that the following planets have the following effects. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mercury, adaptability, and knowledge, Mercury is the chameleon. ----------------------------------------------------------- Venus, Love, romanace, beauty, harmony, wealth, fame, pleasure. Venus is a serious planet, do not invoke venus unless you intend to be serious (in other words, if you only want someone to like you, invoke the moon not venus) ----------------------------------------------------------- Mars, Bellicosity, warfare, strength, passion. Mars is hard to control once invoked, it will not stop until it vanquishes everything in it's path, it is also very powerful ------------------------------------------------------------ Jupiter, benevolence, generosity, judgement, good fortune, the relegious life. Jupiter represents expansion and growth. ------------------------------------------------------------ Saturn, old age, limitations, discipline. The key word for saturn is crystillisation, saturn has a tendance to slow things down. ------------------------------------------------------------ The Moon is it's 5 phases: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ New moon, new beginnings -------------------------- Waxing moon, Construction -------------------------- Full moon, Completion (Most powerful phase of the moon) -------------------------- Waning moon, Draw within -------------------------- Dark moon, low energy (lowest point of the moons cycle) -------------------------- The Sun, vitality, skillfulness, creativity, knowledge ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~