Alchemy Alchemy is the science of transformation and transmutation, especially involving the infusion of greater degrees of Light into matter and consciousness.

Allopathic Medicine This form of medicine, most commonly practised throughout Western civilisations, treats disease according to their symptoms, usually via medication or surgery.

Alternative Healing This refers to any method of healing that treats the whole person and tries to establish the root causes of disease, rather than just the symptoms. Hence the phrase 'Holistic Natural Health Practitioners (Holistic - Holos, the Greek word for whole!).

This term includes all natural health therapies from crystal healing, massage to osteopathy and homoeopathy.

Amulet Amulets are quartz crystals 'programmed' for protection and personal power. People who are moving strongly on their spiritual path are drawn to using amulets.

The Crystal Mandala Power Amulet creates a powerful protective force field around you which can be dowsed at over 100 feet. It neutralises negative thoughtforms sent by others. It enables you to be in rooms where strong negative emotions have been embedded (such as hospitals).It stimulates the immune system and reduces emotional stress. It increases spiritual and psychic powers and attunes you to the natural forces of the universe.

Amulets also serve as a powerful protection against the emotional attacks from people around you.

Anisotrophy Having properties that vary according to the direction in which they are measured.

Ankh A cross having a loop for its upper vertical arm and serving in ancient Egypt as a hand mirror; a symbol of knowledge of, and the ability to control, energies.

Apas Water principle.

Astral Travelling Travel undertaken by the etheric body of a person to realms outside of the physical reality, usually during the sleep state.

Astrology An ancient system of divination and life knowledge based on the positions of the planets. A person's original astrological make-up is determined by the time of birth, but this changes or progresses as time passes and the planets move through the solar system.

Astrophysics A branch of astronomy dealing with the chemical and physical constitution of celestial bodies.

Atlantis Atlantis is an ancient continent that formerly existed in the Atlantic ocean and was believed to have been situated from the east coast of America to where Greece is to be found today.

Although Atlantis is considered by scientists to be purely legendary, there are many indications that Atlantis really did exist and was once a thriving continent, whose technology was greatly superior to that of the twentieth century.

Aura A combination of the etheric and spiritual bodies results in what is known as the human aura.

One dictionary defines the aura as "an air, a subtle influence or quality emanating from or surrounding a person or object".

Kirlian photography is said to demonstrate this electromagnetic field surrounding humans, plants, animals and other matter with a coronal image.

It is believed that the human soul is contained within the aura. It is both an ancient and universal belief that the aura survives man beyond physical death.

The soul radiates the colour vibrations of the three bodies. For those with clairvoyant vision, the clarity of the colours emitted indicates the health and well-being of both the spiritual and physical bodies.

Besides determining health, it is believed that information may also be obtained with regard to a person's past incarnations, future events and spiritual guides.

Automatic Writing Automatic writing is writing done by a ' sensitive', or medium, who is given information to communicate by a spirit guide.

In some instances the 'sensitive' is completely unaware of what he or she is writing until they have the opportunity of reading it later.

Ayurvedic Medicine An ancient form of alternative healing originating in India. In Sanskrit the word ayurveda means ' the science of life'.

Balancing Bringing the dualistic or discordant aspects of an energy field into harmony with each other, thus producing an equilibrium that encourages and enhances health and strength.

Bio-Energy Bio-energy is a pulsating energy that permeates and penetrates all living beings. This same force is also called 'chi', 'prana', 'sacred energy' and 'orgone energy'.

Biomolecular Chemical activity in the subatomic cellular structure.

Blue Quartz This rare form of quartz is mostly to be found in Brazil.

Blue Quartz was used in Lemuria to open the heart chakra and to increase longetivity. It is associated with karmic patterns concerning the affairs of the heart and throat such as self-expression.

General healing and the removal of toxins from the body are amplified with the use of blue quartz.

The heart and throat chakras and all subtle bodies are aligned. Depressed people and individuals showing unnatural fear of growing old will often receive great benefit from treatment involving blue quartz.

Blue quartz opens one to a true expression of one's spiritual qualities, with self-expression abilities and creativity increasing.

Cabochon A bead or gem cut in convex form and highly polished, but not faceted.

Centering A process of bringing a person's energy field into balance through the use of various methods like smudging, breathing and meditation.

Often used synonymously with balancing.

Channelling Channelling is done by a 'sensitive' who receives information and ideas from beings not of this physical world. These beings are often called 'interdimensional beings', 'spirit forces' or 'entities'.

Chi A chinese word meaning 'life energy'.

Clairsentience The power or faculty to physically sense people's physical and psychic states.

Clairvoyance The ability to perceive things beyond the range of the ordinary senses. The word literally means 'clear seeing'.

Clairvoyants use their 'gifts' and abilities to communicate with discarnate entities and to convey messages from these spirits directly to the people for whom they are intended.

Corundum A very hard mineral consisting of aluminium oxide occurring as massive and as various coloured crystals including ruby and sapphire that can be synthesized and used as abrasives.

Coven A group of people who believe in reincarnation, the Mother God, natural magic and the control of the elements to better themselves.

Crystal Balls A crystal ball is a sphere shaped out of natural quartz crystal. It may also refer to a glass ball which is most commonly used by fortune-tellers or gypsies to help them 'see' into the future.

Crystal Clusters A crystal cluster is a formation of many single-terminated quartz crystals that share a common base. The energy that emanates from this formation is amplified because there are multiple crystals involved.

Crystal clusters generate beautiful energy if placed in any room. They help to raise the vibrations and 'lighten' the atmosphere.

Other quartz crystals and gemstones may be 'cleansed' and 're-charged' by placing them on any crystal cluster.

Crystal Dreaming Herkimer Diamonds and amethyst clusters are great for dreamwork. Remember to keep a pad and pen by your bed each night, so that whenever you awaken in the morning you will be able to recall your dreams and write them down before you forget them!

With continual practice you will become more and more proficient at recalling your nightly dreams the very moment you open your eyes in the morning.

Try and keep a cassette tape recorder handy. Haven't you ever had a dream so fantastic that you thought that even Hollywood could make a movie out of it? Dream memories fade very quickly but with a little bit of forethought you can capture your dreamy experiences for ever!

Many 'messages' come to us in our dream-state. Any quartz crystal will enhance the quality of your dreams and both Herkimer Diamonds and amethyst clusters are excellent for that purpose. It helps if you first programme your stone for 'dream recall'. Every single night thereafter you must continue to affirm to yourself that you will remember your dreams.

You can make - or even purchase - a bag to hold your stone at night whilst you are asleep. The bag can be a small one for wearing (with a neck string) around your neck, or a larger one that fits inside your pillow case. Either way, as long as your stone is within your energy field it will continue to affect you.

Crystal Hypnosis Certain quartz crystals may be 'programmed' so that when the single-terminated end of the crystal is directed towards the patient's third eye chakra they will find it very difficult to keep their eyes open and will gradually fall into a deep and peaceful 'trance' (sleep).

Under crystal hypnosis many past-life regression experiences may occur.

Crystallography The science of the classification of crystals according to form,structure and aggregation.

Crystal Skulls These are skulls carved from large pieces of quartz crystal that are said to originate from various ancient cultures, predominantly South American or Atlantis. They are considered to be objects containing great energy and power.

The most famous crystal skull - and the one which is generally believed to be the oldest - is the Mitchell-Hedges Skull from Canada.

There is also a crystal skull to be found in the Museum of Mankind, Burlington Gardens, London.

Crystal Tuning A technique used to create harmonic resonance between human beings and crystals.

Crystal Water Drop a one inch or larger quartz crystal into a gallon of water. Overnight the energy field of this gallon of water will have increased from one foot to ten feet!

Anyone who drinks crystal water will transfer this energy to their own body.....

Deva A nature spirit associated with one or more beings in nature that exist on the physical plane.

Divination A process of predicting events that could happen upon the physical plane using methods outside the ordinary senses.

Dodecahedral A twelve-sided figure with diamond-shaped faces.

Double-Terminated Quartz Crystals Double-terminated quartz crystals are crystals have a termination point at both ends. Such crystals complete a circuit of energy. Energy enters and exits in and out at both ends.

They are extremely powerful when used in crystal configurations.

Dream Crystal A quartz crystal which is used in dreaming or to bring about altered states of awareness.

Drusy Covered with a layer of crystals (usually quartz).

Earthkeeper Crystals Earthkeeper crystals are very large - and heavy - quartz crystals which contain infinite knowledge, understanding and energy. They are very special crystals and, so far, only a very few have been discovered in the twentieth century.

Electromagnetism This is the force that keeps the atoms in matter from repulsing one another, except when they the same electrical charge; then it causes them to repulse each other.

Elementals The elementals are considered by native people to be earth, air, fire, water and the things composed of these elements such as stones, crystals and magma.

The elemental kingdom is considered to be the first kingdom on the earth; the building blocks from which all other life stems. It is considered the most independent of the four kingdoms because it can exist alone.

Elements An element is a substance composed of atoms having an identical number of protons in each nucleus. There are currently more than one hundred elements recognised by science.

Energies Energies are the formless, subatomic, primordial essences that permeates all of the creation. From this original energy comes all of the secondary ones such as gravity, electricity and magnetism. This energy eventually creates as well as fills all subsequent forms.

Energy Balancing A process of harmonising the various subtle and gross energies within a system, individual or structure to produce optimum health on all levels of being.

Entity A defined being, whether corporeal or disembodied.

Etheric Body Our skin is surrounded with a cocoon of energy radiating approximately four inches away from our physical body.

Clairvoyants or 'sensitives' can 'see' this body appearing as a violet-grey mist. This casing, or webbing (as it is sometimes referred to), contains the energies of our physical body.

It has the capacity to draw in and hold the vital energies from the sun and earth which are in turn fed into our physical structures.

The condition of one's physical body can be determined by examining this webbing. When a person is in perfect physical and spiritual health there are no breaks or imperfections in the etheric surface.

However, should any disharmony of either a physical or spiritual nature occur, tears or holes will appear. If these defects go undetected, disease or pain can become noticeable in the physical body.

Ethers A subtle, all-pervading, massless elastic medium close to but not defined by the physical plane.

Fire Crystals Used by ancient priests/scientists to divide, augment or multiply energies for therapeutic treatments of body and mind; as well as affecting the earth's etheric grid or ley line system.

Flower Essence Healing A system of healing using floral essences in homoeopathic proportions that act on the root causes of the disease. This system was established by Dr.Edward Bach who believed that all diseases stemmed from disturbances in a person's emotional or etheric body.

Gem A jewel, precious or semi-precious stones cut and polished for ornamentation.

Gemology The science of gems.

Generator Quartz Crystals These are large single-terminated quartz crystal points. They usually average about five to six inches in length, four inches in diameter and weigh about one and a half to two and a half pounds.

They may also be considerably larger. These quartz crystals are wonderful for using in group meditations.

Giza Place in Egypt; home of three major pyramids as well as the Sphinx.

Glass A non-crystalline, amorphous substance of sand,soda and lime, often transparent, and created by fusion under intense heat.

Grounding A process by which a person or object is reconnected with the energy of the earth and the physical plane.

Hand Scanning The use of one's hands to determine the shape and quality of an energy field radiating from a person or object.

Hatha Yoga An ancient system of physical and breathing exercises originating in India.

Hertz Scale A scale to measure units of frequency equal to one cycle per second.

Holistic Healing Any method of healing that treats the whole person and the root cause of the disease. Used synonymously with alternative healing.

Homoeopathy A system of natural health and healing in which minute amounts of natural substances are used to treat a person by activating their body's natural defences against any disease.

Inclusions Quartz crystals, like most other minerals, grow beneath the surface of the earth in beds of igneous (volcanic) rock.

The crystals will often contain impurities from minerals such as copper, tourmaline, beryl and other semi-precious stones due to a 'sharing' of the growing space.

These 'inclusions' lead to an altering of the vibrational energy of the stone when used for work involving the higher consciousness.

Interdimensional Beings Disembodied beings who dwell on other planes of existence but teach on earth by using a person or people as their channel.

Kabbalah A medieval and modern system of Jewish theosophy, mysticism and thaumaturgy marked by a belief in creation through emanation and a cipher method of interpreting scripture.

Kinesiology The study of human motion as it relates to mechanical as well as anatomical principles. Often refers to a method of diagnosis in which the effect of substances or treatments on a person is measured by their relative muscle strength when exposed to the substance or treatment.

Kingdoms These refer to various sections of the circle of life. The usual reference by Native people is to the four kingdoms, which consists of the elementals, plants, animals and humans.

Kirlian Photography This process was originated by Nikola Tesla but pioneered by Semyon Kirlian, a Czechoslovakian.

This is a method of photographing with a high-voltage, low amperage field of 50,000 volts or more.

The life force or bio-energy field can be photographed and portrayed. One of the leading researchers on the subject of kirlian photography is Harry Oldfield from London, who is also the Principal of the School of Electro-Crystal Therapy.

In kirlian photographs a visible picture can be made showing any increase in the energy field of the subject by taking photographs both before and after crystal healing techniques have been used.

Any object may be photographed and the resultant changes thus observed.

Kundalini Kundalini is a yoga term for a very powerful concentration of life energy said to coil in the root chakra, like a serpent of fire. As we achieve spiritual awareness, this force moves up our spine, opening and enlivening each chakra in turn.

Lapidary A cutter, polisher, or engraver of precious stones.

Laser Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. A device that generates and projects highly coherent, ordered frequencies of light.

Lead Crystal Lead crystal is created by melting sand and lead and mixing them together. The molecular alignment of this mixture is random and does not have any of the therapeutic healing properties of quartz crystals.

Ley Lines Planetary magnetic lines equivalent to the acupuncture meridian system of the human body.

Life Energy The vital force of all living things. Liquid Crystal A liquid solution that converts to crystal with a slight change of energy. Some common uses of liquid crystal are in computer displays and watches.

Machu Picchu An ancient and legendary isolated temple situated in the high Andes of Peru.

Magic The use of ceremony and ritual to affect energy is the major function of magic. Crystals do interact with energy and therefore can and are used in magical ceremonies. Magic is a charged word with many unearned and emotional attachments.

Magician One who is able to perceive ordinary and nonordinary realities and to effect changes in either or both according to his wishes. One who conjures using extraordinary abilities.

Magma The molten matter beneath the crust of the earth, which, when cooled, becomes igneous rock.

Magnetism Magnetism is a force that either pulls living things together or pushes them apart. It derives its power from the electrical property of all atoms. There are three types of magnetism affecting minerals:

1) Diamagnetic: minerals that have the characteristic of repelling rather than attracting both north and south pole magnetism.

2) Ferromagnetic: minerals or rocks having a strong ability to attract other minerals (iron is ferromagnetic; north pole magnetism attracts south pole magnetism).

3) Paramagnetic: having the same character as ferromagnetic minerals but to a lesser degree (e.g. wood).

Mantra A repetitive sound or chant usually to aid in a meditation process.

Massage Crystals These are single-terminated crystals that have been polished. The flat base has been rounded off so that it can be held in the hand with more comfort.

The single-terminated end still contains the six facets but, in most cases, the point has been 'smoothed' down.

Massage crystals are often used in crystal massage, shiatsu, acupressure, polarity therapy and reflexology.

The crystal point is held over an imbalanced area and gentle pressure is then applied. Some healers are able to perform 'psychic surgery' with their massage crystals.

Massive An irregular form without distinct characteristics and with no external crystal form.

Matrix The natural material in which a crystal, gem, metal, or fossil, originates, is developed, or contained.

Medicine A European word for a wide variety of Native systems of philosophy, healing, religion, working with the elements, divination, psychology and magic.

Medicine Man or Medicine Woman The spiritual leader of a tribe or clan who fulfils the functions performed today by doctors, clergy, psychologists, magicians, clairvoyants, visionaries and ceremonialists.

Medicine Wheel A medicine wheel, on the physical level, is a circle, usually of stones, that was the ceremonial centre for many Native peoples. On the spiritual level, the Medicine Wheel encompasses the circle of life and all the sacred energy that flows through it.

Medium A medium is a person who is able to communicate with discarnate entities from the spirit world. These spirit beings - or guides - may be the relatives or friends of the person seeking to communicate or a higher evolved soul who wishes to impart words of wisdom, understanding and esoteric knowledge.

Mediums may be conscious whilst transmitting spirit messages or they may be in a semi-conscious state called trance.

Meridian A subtle line on which energy flows, likened to a wire or conduit, carrying and circulating the life force into and within the physical body.

Metallurgy The system of principles or method of investigation of the transcendant and of the ultimate reality. This is the study of questions and answers which go beyond physics and the physical plane of existence.

Metaphysics The system of principles relating to the transcendent or supersensible, 'beyond' physics or the physical plane.

Mineralogy A science dealing with minerals, their classifications, their distinguishing characteristics, their crystallography and properties in terms of both chemistry and physics.

Minerals A naturally occurring, inorganic, homogenuous substance that has a definite chemical composition and a charteristic crystalline structure, colour and hardness. There are over three thousand on our planet Earth.

Mohs' Scale A scale for measuring the hardness of minerals. Soft minerals, like talc, having a rating of one, whilst hard minerals, like diamonds, having a rating of ten.

Nadi Subtle nerve centres.

Native A philosophy deriving from the traditional ways of the tribal, earth-oriented people of our planet Earth, from whichever continent. Native may also refer to a person who traces his ancestry to such tribal peoples.

Needle Crystal A long, narrow, perfectly formed, clear, single-terminated crystal which may be used to strongly move energy or to remove blockages from the body. A needle crystal will be approximately four times as long as it is wide.

Orgone The primordial, mass-free, preatomic energy that was first discovered and scientifically demonstrated by Dr.Wilhelm Reich.

Path A metaphor for the direction of a seeker's life.

Pendants Wearing a quartz crystal pendant over the heart chakra stimulates the thymus gland and thus the immune system.

The heart chakra band extends from the hollow of the throat to the juncture of the breastbone.

The pendant chain should be made from conductive metal, such as gold or silver, or other natural materials like silk, leather, cotton or wool. A crystal worn over the heart chakra will show an increase in energy fields from three to five times the normal energy level when measured by both Kirlian Photography and dowsing.

Phantom Crystals A phantom crystal is a crystal in which another fully formed crystal has grown and is totally contained.

Piezoelectricity The characteristic of a crystal or other material of emitting an electrical charge when stressed. When under stress in one plane the material will discharge electricity in a plane perpendicular to the plane of stress. This characteristic shows that the forces holding the crystal lattice together are electric as well as molecular and ionic.

Placebo An innocuous medication prescribed more for mental relief than actual effect on a patient's disorder. Also used in controlled experiments.

Polarity The quality or condition inherent in a human body exhibiting opposite or contrasting properties or powers in opposite or contrasting directions or parts.

Polished Quartz Many crystal healers disagree as to whether or not polished quartz (ie cut and facetted by a machine) contains more energy and power than a natural quartz crystal.

Natural quartz crystals do possess the very obvious advantage that their vibrations have remained undisturbed by human touch.

Many crystal healers believe that the quartz crystal in its most natural - or purest - form is the only way in which such crystals should ever be used!

Natural quartz crystals are also less expensive to purchase, can be mined personally, and are far more accessible than polished quartz crystals.

Polished quartz crystals do have some benefits, though. They are aesthetically pleasing as all their facets and points are intact and unchipped. The milkiness found in natural quartz is missing, the base is smooth and they can be shaped into forms with more than six facets.

The late Marcel Vogel, the famous American crystal healer who, before he retired, was the Chief Scientist for IBM, discovered that by cutting and facetting,the crystal's storage capacity was increased. This made it a more directed crystal 'tool' for performing extensive etheric healings and mind thought projections.

Prana The sanskrit/Hindu word meaning 'life energy'.

Psychometry A method of receiving subtle impressions about a person or place by holding something that comes from that person or location.

Pyramid Facet Crystals These are usually clear quartz crystals. A facet may have one or more triangle formations on the surface. These crystals are used for meditation and dream work. There is a tremendous amount of information stored within these crystals. As one sits in meditation with a Pyramid Facet Crystal, the knowledge from within gradually begins to unfold.

Pyramidology The science of pyramidal energy dynamics.

Radionics An early name given to psionics when applied to the electronic-type black box machines invented in the 1940s and 1950s.

Rainbow Crystal A crystal with inclusions that cause one or more light spectrums to be seen within the crystal when held under a certain light.

Rosicrucian Fifteenth century philosophical order devoted to esoteric wisdom with an emphasis on spiritual enlightenment.

Sacred Energy The vital force that is within and around everything.

Scrying An ancient method of divining or perceiving things beyond the range of the normal senses through the use of a tool such as a crystal, a crystal ball, water, fire or coals.

Sex and Crystals After survival our sex drive is the strongest drive which we possess. The desire for procreation is inherent within each one of us!

Our sex drive is an integral - and a very important - part of our emotional, physical and mental energies.

To lead a satisfactory and healthy sex life requires a balanced, harmonised mind, body and spirit.

Your quartz crystal will be able to assist you at all levels. If you are able to balance all your energy centres correctly then sex will fall into its rightful place as a perfectly natural function of being human.

If your sex drive is weak, your quartz crystal will strengthen. If it is to strong, then your quartz crystal will help you to achieve a proper balance.

Rose quartz is the gemstone found most effective for emotional balance in heart problems. Citrine quartz is used very successfully in balancing the lower energy centres, including the sexual chakra.