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I have edited the following 46 reports of ET encounters to make them as short as possible. Nevertheless, the number of encounters and details of UFO's involved, as can be seen, are many, making this a rather long piece. It is, however, set up in 4-page chunks, PART ONE thru SIX for easier digestion. The descriptions are gleaned from 960-odd reports in my possession, received in the form of the A.P.R.G. (Aerial Phenomena Research Group) Newsletter out of Seattle, Wa. during the 1960's. All names of participants, except those of well-known personages have been changed. One would think from the following accounts that the Earth is the hub f crossing its vastness. The impression is also given that there has to be many civilizations more advanced than our own. Advanced enough, at least, to send expeditions to our little planet in the remote backwaters and eddies, as it were, of one of our home galaxy's spiral arms. T The most striking thing about many of the reports is the visitor's dimmunitive stature. Only a few are over five feet, and some of those are described as "monsters." Most act fearful of being captured; some are friendly, some are hostile and some are indifferent. All seem to have an inordinate interest in the world we live on, our animals and us. None have indicated any systematic plan to conquer us or to take up residence among us. Their main trait seems to be ... curiosity. IA. In Sao Sabastio, Brazil in 1956, a wealthy, respected professor of Roman Law at Santos' Catholic University, Joao de Freitas Guimareaes said that he had experienced contact with beings from another world: "One warm night in the summer of 1956, the professor was out for a walk on the beach at Sao Sabastio when a huge disc-shaped craft - about 60 feet in diameter - landed on the beach. The disc was about 18 feet high and rested on a pawnshop-type landing gear of three balls. Two 6-foot-tall men got out of the disc, and Guimaraes tried to communicate in English, French, Spanish and Italian without success. Then the two visitors communicated with him through telepathy and invited him aboard. The two men had blond hair, green eyes and were wearing yellow shoes. The professor entered the disc, which immediately took off. An hour later the disc landed back on the beach and the professor departed from the spacecraft. Six years later, on May 26, 1962: "A woman living in La Pampa province was taken to a mental hospital suffering from shock. She had seen a robot-like apparition come out of a disc. When he discovered he was being watched, the robot returned to the machine, set it in motion, and disappeared at tremendous speed. This was the latest of a number of similar reports which had emanated from different parts of Argentina. In this instance the woman's story is corroborated by her husband who was able to glimpse the disc as it vanished in space." On July 26, 1962, near Parana, Argentina: "On a lonely road, a 17-year- old youth was riding his motorcycle when the headlight fell upon a weird- looking person standing on the left side of the road. According to the young man, named Ricardo Limeres, his motorcycle refused to obey him, and went against his wishes to within a few inches of the creature. He described the creature as being over six feet tall, with a head 'in the shape of a melon' and three eyes, which looked at him with a fixed stare. The monster stood motionless, then suddenly reached out with its right hand and grabbed Limeres' scarf. It then turned around in a manner 'scarcely human,' and began to walk away in a robot-like manner, leaving deep tracks in the dirt as it did so. An unidentified white light was seen low in the sky in the direction toward which the creature was moving." On August 21, 1962 again near Parana, Argentina: "A medical doctor named Caczue was driving to the city of Parana with his wife, when he saw an object with all the characteristics of a flying disc. It was surrounded by the classic luminous halo which has been described by many people previously. But, to his surprise and amazement, he saw, at that same moment, two strange persons walking along the road. They were over six feet tall, with light hair and huge eyes. The carried luminous objects on their foreheads, and with these they made signals for the car to halt. Dr. Caczue did not want to stop, as he was convinced that he was looking at extraterrestrial beings; so he floored it instead." On December 12, 1962, from overseas: "From Milan, Italy came this report: A peace officer, Francesco Piania, saw last night, in the very heart of Milan, two Martians alight from an UFO. 'I was doing my rounds of inspection when suddenly I heard a whistling behind me. At first I thought it was my ears, but the noise grew louder. As I was going to leave the courtyard I saw a silver-aluminum disc, shining under the moon's rays, landing. I turned abruptly and stood paralyzed with emotion. I saw a strange being about one meter (3'3") tall coming out of the disc. His space suit looked silver- flourescent and emitted a bluish light. He was wearing a black helmet and made a gesture toward the dome or turret rising above the disc. Another person appeared at a porthole. The first man looked at me and then signaled for me to come toward him. At that moment the other being signalled him, and he reboarded the disc and the engine flew off.'" Back to South America on October 19, 1963: "Between Isla Verde and Monte Maiz, Argentina, truck driver Ernesto Donles told police the following story: 'I was driving my truck to Isla Verde when a luminous object - apparently a space ship - surrounded by light of blinding brilliance, came down near me. Three very tall beings, dressed in strange clothes and carrying unknown kinds of weapons, came down out of it towards me. I lost control of my vehicle and drove into a ditch, but I finally got back onto the road and kept on driving at high speed. The three creatures kept coming after me. A blinding red light came out of their craft. The creatures followed me for about a mile and a half. When I finally arrived in the outskirts of the town of Monte Maiz, they suddenly stopped the persecution. They then got back into their craft, which disappeared into the distance.' The incident was confirmed by other witnesses, who, at the moment were at a burial and claim to have seen a flying object which let off a bright light that dazzled them." April 28, 1964 brought a report which was picked up by all the major news services: "Lonnie Zamora, a Socorro, New Mexico policeman, was the main wit- ness and he got to within a few yards of the UFO before it took off. He is described as a 'highly reliable source.' The story began with his sighting of a four-legged, egg-shaped object, and two persons in a gully a mile south of the courthouse shortly before six p.m., Friday. Zamora was patroling Park Street ... when he heard what he described as a blast or a roar. His first thought was that an aluminum building used to store explosives had blown up. The policeman ... headed up a very rocky, dirt road towards the build- ing. On the third try, driving very slowly, he managed to get up the road which leads to the top of the mesa where the UFO had landed. He said he first saw the object at an estimated distance of 150 yards, and thought it was an overturned car. Zamora was looking out of his car window as he drove towards the top of the mesa. He said one of two persons at the UFO, whose back was to him, turned his head and looked straight at him. The two persons standing by the object appeared to be dressed in white coveralls, and at the distance Zamora saw them, they appeared to be 'child-like,' that is, small. He did not notice what sort of headgear, if any, the two persons, presumably men, wore. Zamora continued driving up the hill to get a closer look at the object and the persons. When he stopped his car at the top of the mesa and directly opposite the place in the gully where the UFO had landed, he saw it again, but the persons were not outside the object on which the sun gleamed brightly. He got out of his car and started toward the UFO. Then he again heard the roar or blast that had brought him to the scene and saw flames. Dust was flying around the object. The policeman believed the object was about to explode. He was about 50 feet from the UFO, and for protection he dropped to the ground and covered his face with an arm. No explosion occurred, and Zamora also realized the object was not headed in his direction. He raised his head slightly. He saw the UFO ... head due west in a straight line for about two miles to the prelite mill. On the other side of the mill the UFO gained altitude very rapidly, passed over Six Mile Canyon, became a speck in the sky, and disappeared." Zamora said he saw lettering on the side of the UFO, and he sketched the lettering on a paper sack after the craft had taken off. He did not believe the lettering was in English and he observed no numerals as there are on known aircraft. He said he was not at liberty to further describe the lettering." The above report was probably the most widely reported, if not invest- igated, of all UFO reports. No less a personage than J. Allen Hynek made a trip to Socorro to conduct his own investigation. Other Air Force personnel conducted their own tests, and, as it is with all such investigations, that was the last anyone ever heard about it. The follow ups were written by newpaper reporters. In any case, the report remains a classic. IA. In a report dated May 1, 1964: "Paul Padilla said he has seen UFO's five times in those years. And once, he said, he returned from his encounter with a roll of film. If Padilla is the victim of fantasy, it's fantasy in Koda- color. Last June 16, he said, he spent from 2:30 to 4 in the afternoon with the people - men and women - borne by the space machine. The UFO's occupants, said Padilla, were not superhuman. But they were superior to our species in physical qualities, and in quality of knowledge. UFO crew members, he said, expect a large-scale renewal of volcanic activity along the volcanic rim just west of Albuquerque. Padilla said his first UFO sighting came on the west coast, when he conversed with the occupant of a small UFO. Once Padilla sighted an UFO near Landrith. This was the largest - about 900 feet in diameter. The object he viewed near Peralta was about 160 feet across, he said. From it stepped a number of people from the far distant galaxy of Coma Bernices, unimaginably far distant from here. Clothed in tightfitting, one-piece uniforms, the star- men made an attractive crew. And what did they think of us? 'Their opinion is not that we're bad or good,' Padilla said. Nor will they attempt to save the human race from itself. 'They know there is a super intelligence that governs the universe and everything in it,' he said." On May 8, 1964, a report appeared about a Newark Valley, Pennsylvania farmer who encountered two beings from a landed UFO the morning of April 24th: "It was kept quiet because the FBI had been notified. Gary Cox, as described by a supervising principal of the Newark Valley Consolidated Schools, 'is a good substantial farmer of fine reputation.' According to Cox's story, he was spreading manure in an open field on his 300-acre farm just northeast of Newark Valley. Shortly before 10 a.m., he decided to check another part of the farm which is almost rounded by woods, to see whether that piece of ground was ready for plowing. As he stepped through the woods toward this spot - which is about a mile from his home - he saw a shiny object which he thought at first was a discarded refrigerator. As he approached closer he saw it was not a refrig- erator and he thought possibly it was a wing tank dropped from an airplane. Cox said it was 20 feet long, 10 feet wide and was shaped like an egg. It looked like aluminum but more durable and seemed to have different metallic characteristics. He touched it and felt no heat. There was no visible door or hatch. Suddenly, two beings appeared. They seemed about four feet tall and had clothing with no seams and a headress with a dull-faced hood. He could not distinguish facial features. The beings appeared to have arms and legs but he couldn't tell whether or not they had fingers and toes because their extremities were covered. The one stood by the craft and the other came within about five feet of Cox, saying 'Do not be alarmed. We have spoken to earth people before. We come from what you folks call Mars.' Cox said he thought it was a joke someone was pulling on him and tried to laugh it off, but the men appeared dead serious, and he didn't know what to make of it. The men said they were interested in fertilizers and soils and asked why Cox was spreading manure. They said they grew food in the atmosphere but changes in it were creating problems and they were visiting earth to learn about organic materials. Cox explained what wonderful fertil- izer manure is, but that when it was not available, commercial fertilizer does a good job. Cox said both men had trays in which they scooped up soil samples. The Martians asked for some commercial fertilizer to take back with them and he said he would get them a bag from his barn. All the while they were talking the 'space craft' sounded like an auto idling. As he turned to go for the fertilizer he heard a slight sound and looked around. In a matter of seconds the craft was out of sight. There was no exhaust or fire raising the dust, he said. Since he had promised the fertilizer he went and got the bag and left it in the field. The next day it was gone." In Conklin, New York on July 16, 1964: "Five young boys from the Woodside Avenue area, said they saw what appeared to be a spaceman and his vehicle in a field about two miles from their homes. The boys said they were walking in the field, ... and saw the spaceman 50 to 75 yards away. The mother of two of the boys, Mrs. Traveras, said she first learned of the experience when three of the boys came running into her house shortly after 12:30 p.m. seeking a jar of water. 'They said they were taking water over to the space- man,' she said. 'They said they couldn't understand what he said but that it sounded like he needed water.' Two of the youngsters at first denied they had seen a spaceman, but later said they had, Mrs. Traveras said. They explained they said they hadn't seen the creature at first because they were afraid their grandfather ,who had picked them up, would not believe them and would 'give them a licking, for fibbing.' she said. The children were then separated and required to tell about what they had seen. Each gave the same story, she said. They said the creature was about the size of a little boy, had a human- looking face and wore a black suit and black helmet. The helmet bore antenna- like wires on its top and had white lettering across its front, Mrs. Traveras said. The creature was wearing a plastic or glass lens over his eyes and was making a peculiar noise that the boys described as sounding as if it came out of a pipe. They also described it as the kind of noise a child's kazoo makes. The spaceman walked toward a vehicle, part of which was obscured by foliage, that was 'shiny like a car bumper,' the children told Mrs. Traveras. The creature stepped up on top of the vehicle, the children said, whereupon they asked him if he needed help or water. Then the creature seemed to fall backwards from the top of the vehicle, the children told Mrs. Traveras. The children then left the field and ran toward home, she said. An observer who visited the field later noticed matted foliage where the boys said the vehicle was. There were also three depressions around the matted area, as though whatever had crushed the foliage was supported by columns or legs. Later that day the newspaper reporter came up and took the boys over where they had seen it to take pictures. He discovered the ground where this object was. The spot is round and quite large, like a circle. All the moss in the circle was like it was sucked up from the earth and was scattered all over. The moss was so dry the color of it was white, where outside of this circle the moss is like it should be - green and packed into the earth." Near Hamilton Montana on August 11, 1964: "Another UFO sighting was reported in the valley, along with a delayed report about a hairy creature seen in the Girds area. It was the latest in a siege of mysterious objects which have plagued the Bitter Root for the past three weeks. The description of the flying object, given by Mr. and Mrs. Ron Ballew and Helen Ballew of Darby, tallied with earlier reports of a shiny object which emits a strong light. But the most hair-raising report came from Darby logger Lou Smalley, who last week sighted a strange creature on the Girds Creek saddle southeast of Hamilton. Smalley was driving his logging truck into the area for a load of logs. As he came out of a dip in the road, he sighted the creature on a rugged point of rocks above the road. 'I got a good look at it for several seconds, and it wasn't human,' Smalley commented. He said the creature was possibly five feet tall; had a hairy or shaggy appearance and was not wearing clothing. 'It stood upright like a man, but it wasn't human,' Smalley stressed, adding that he'd hunted everything from bears to cougars in the area and that the creature didn't resemble anything normal." Then on January 23, 1965: "A Waynesboro, Virginia man reported he was con- fronted by beings apparently from outer space. The witness, a local indus- trial worker who asked not to be named, said he was at the Augusta Archer's archery range at Brand's Flats on Tuesday, chopping wood for a group of archers who were to practice that day. He said he saw two noiseless, unlight- ed flying craft, one about 20 yards across, one about 80. He did not see the crafts land and does not know if the smaller one came from within the larger; when he looked up they were both at rest on the ground some distance from him. According to the report, three beings debarked from the smaller ship and approached to within 12 yards of him. He said he froze, a double-edged axe in his hand. The beings were from 35 to 37 inches tall, in his estima- tion. They were shaped very much like humans, except that one had very long fingers. In addition, the witness remarked about the being's eyes. 'They seemed to look right through you,' he said. He said they uttered sounds which were unintelligible to him, then turned around and walked back to the craft from which they had emerged. A door opened, according to the report, and the three entered. The door closed and the opening 'seemed to mold itself to the ship' - there was no evidence of a door after it had closed. The witness said the beings carried no weapons and did not appear host- ile. He described them as dark in color and wearing clothes the same color as the 'vaguely' disc-shaped vehicle. The vehicle he described as 'shiny looking,' of highly polished metal or glass. He said there were no exterior lights, but as the craft's took off, there seemed to be a glow from within them. The witness said he was not 'a brave man' - he simply froze when he was approached. He estimated the duration of the confrontation as about 35 minutes, beginning at about 5:40 p.m." >From Staunton, Virginia came the following report on January 28, 1965: "A Staunton teenager told police that he and six friends saw 'three little spacemen' near here Tuesday night, and that a companion may have succeeded in getting a photograph - as well as a swat on the head - to prove it. The youth, Steven Houghton, said he and his six friends were driving in the Brands Flats, east of here on U.S. 250, when he saw 'what looked like a man walking' toward the road from a field, but thought nothing of it until the man sat down near the road 'and seemed to be studying the cars passing by.' Houghton said it suddenly occurred to him that the man might be from one of the flying objects reported in this area. They stopped the car, got out and ran toward the the man who dashed over a hill, Houghton said. Then two other little men appeared and also ran away. 'They left us way behind,' the boy said. The figures, Houghton exp- lained, were about three and a half feet tall, and were wearing a one-piece, skin-tight garment that was silver in color. They couldn't find any foot- prints in the muddy field where the figures were seen, he said. Their report to the Staunton pollice brought 10 reserve policemen to the scene, and a photographer, Charles Wilson. A police search at 9 p.m., an hour after the reported incident, failed to turn up anything and the officers left. But Houghton and Wilson stayed to search further. The two came upon a 'glowing' aluminum barn that looked odd and decided to investigate it, Houghton said. Wilson entered the barn, he said, and apparently was hit by something. Houghton said he and the photographer start- ed to run away but that Wilson turned to take a picture of the barn as they left. As the camera's flash bulb went off, Houghton said its light showed one of the little men standing by the barn." On January 30, 1965: "A Watsonville, California television repairman told today of a two-hour visit, and a brief ride, aboard a spacecraft that came from a world 'a long ways, a terrific distance away.' Sid Roderick, 45, said he was invited aboard with assurances that the nine-man crew was 'absolutely not hostile' and that the craft spent most of the time perched on a hillside not more than 10 minutes' ride from his beachside home. He brought back little in the way of specific information about the other world or the means by which the spaceship operated. 'But I asked if any other person, with more scientific or technical background, could have gained more knowledge,' he reported. 'The answer was: 'absolutely no.' Roderick said his strange adventure occurred about 2 a.m. on January 30, 1965, when he was taking a customary night-time walk on Manresa Beach, about 1,500 feet from the house where his wife and three sons lay sleeping. He heard a 'humming' sound, he related, and then became aware of the ship some distance above him. A voice assured him, before and after it landed, that the craft was friendly. At the invi- tation of a person whom he assumed to be the commander - a Mr. 'Ziena,' as best he could spell the name he heard only once - he entered from ground level through a large, square door. Inside, he said, the ship consisted of at least two levels, and pos- sibly a third which he didn't see. There were 14 rooms or compartments. 'The crew was dressed pretty much alike, in two-piece suits of bluish-white,' Roderick related. 'The color was almost that of the light inside the ship, which was indirect and seemed to come from the walls. The crewmen appeared to be normal humans, of average size, wearing short dark hair that seemed never to have been cut - 'as though that was its normal length.' 'Ziena spoke English,' Roderick said. 'He told me they could speak any language among them, but he was the only one who could speak mine. They seemed to communicate between themselves with hand-gestures and perhaps facial ges- tures. He told me where they were from in terms I did not understand. I don't know much about space. I wouldn't be sure their world is in the solar system. He said they had been here before, but not how many times, or when their most recent visit was. He did say they would come again. Roderick said the commander told him the visit was for 'exploratory reasons only. But I think it was more than that, truthfully,' he added. 'There was a religious facet which I was un- able to decipher.'" The following was alleged to have occurred March 4, 1965 near Brooksville, Florida, but has been pooh-poohed by the Air Force due to controversial "evidence" in the form of two pieces of paper on which was markings the Air Force had no difficulty deciphering. However, two other persons, a fisherman and a Hernando housewife, saw a strange object in the sky about the same time the witness reported the encounter: "A fantastic tale of a flying object with a robot-like pilot was told here yesterday by John Raney, res- ident of a trailer park three and a half miles east of Weeki Wachee Spring and three-quarter miles northwest of Highway 50. Raney said he saw the UFO with four-legged landing gear and its five foot tall robot figure with human- like features Tuesday afternoon while on a routine walk through the woods. Yesterday afternoon intelligence officers from Mac Dill AFB were called to investigate the weird tale after Raney came into downtown Brooksville and showed residents two pieces of paper he said was left by the spacemen. The report was forwarded to Project Blue Book at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio. Raney, a retired longshoreman from Brooklyn, gave this account of events he said occurred about 1:55 p.m. Tuesday: 'I often walk through these woods,' Raney said, 'to hunt snakes for my son in the Navy. He studies them and I've supplied quite a few. As I walked through some bushes, I saw a flying ob- ject about 700 yards away. It was bluish-green and reddish-purple in color, about 20 to 30 feet in diameter with two windows on top which were about two feet in diameter. It stood on a four-legged landing gear about four feet high with a top about six feet thick. I went around the bushes, walking back for a hundred yards so I could come in undetected. Then I walked to within a hundred feet of the object. I crawled into some bushes to watch it. Then I saw something like a robot walk from the bushes about 200 to 300 feet away. He came over to the spaceship. Then the robot-like thing saw me in the bushes. He walked to within 15 feet of me and looked right at me. I stared back at his glass dome.' Raney described the robot thusly: About five feet tall with a human-like figure, wearing a canvas-like suit of a gray-silver color with a glass dome helmet. He said the robot's eyes were further apart than a normal human's and its chin was more pointed, but added this could have been caused by glass distortion. 'He looked at me for about a minute and a half. I couldn't even blink an eye, I was so scared,' Raney said. 'Then he pulled something from his left side, lifted it to chin level and it flashed. (Raney said he thought this was a camera. He described it as being six to seven inches in diameter and black in color.) 'He flashed again and I took off from the bushes. As I ran out the bushes knocked my hat off and I fell to the ground. My glasses fell off and I just lay there. I was in kind of a sitting position and looked back at the robot. He flashed the thing again and walked back to the object. There was some kind of opening under the UFO and he got inside. (Raney said the open- ing had round, cylindrical steps leading up into it. He described the cham- ber opening as being about 18 inches in diameter.) After he was inside some blades on the rim of the object started to move like venetian blinds. They opened and closed. Then the rim started to go around - counterclockwise. It made a whooshing and rumbling sound and then started to go around faster. I've heard all the sounds aircraft make and this was unlike any I'd ever heard before. Then the gear retracted into the UFO and the object went straight up. I watched it and it was out of sight in less than ten seconds..." The rest of the above report mentions two pieces of paper with "writing" on them, which was turned over to investigators from MacDill AFB. They made little of the writing, concluding it was fake. IA. Frenchmen also see aliens. On July 3, 1965, in Valensole, France: "Gen- darmes said they were investigating a report by a farmer who said he saw a mysterious aircraft take off from his field. Dozens of people came to see tracks left behind by the 'flying object.' Maurice Masson, told the gendarmes he spotted the craft Thursday morning at dawn. He said it looked like a big rugby ball and had four metal legs. With the craft, he reported, was a small human form, about the size of an 8-year-old child. A door slid aside, and a human form appeared, about 3 feet high, fat, and dressed in what could have been a spacesuit, while at least one other person was discernible inside. As he approached, the figure on the ground scuttled back to the object which took off obliquely with a whistling sound. Masson said he went back to the spot and found tracks left by the metal legs and that the ground was packed hard as concrete." Some more of our South American neighbors report aliens: "Lima, Peru, July 24, 1965 - Peruvians are now seeing flying objects. One scientist asserted that the objects were piloted by beings three and a half feet tall. Reports have been coming in to government authorities and newspapers from people who say they have seen flying objects around Lima. People in Chile, Portugal, Argentina, Australia and Uruguay also have recently reported seeing UFO's. Because the Peruvian government hasn't investigated the reports, it has fallen to the newspapers to do most of the sleuthing. The best eyewitness account the press got came from a chemist and his wife. They said they saw a bright flashing object land on a hill near their ranchhabout 30 miles outside of Lima. They said it stayed on the ground for 45 minutes and then zoomed off. They rushed to the spot where it landed and found singed plants, overturned rocks and a blacked area. A group of farmers supported the couple's report." UFO-seekers got an ally and the people got a bigger scare when a group of Peruvian scientists issued a statement saying that flying objects did exist and that observatories had been on a 24 hour alert for a week trying to track them down. "A member of the Peruvian Institute of Interplanetary Relations even went so far as to give a description of the spacemen. Gustayo Villar Dongo said the beings that occupied the objects were about three and a half feet tall and had physical characteristics similar to ours. He did not say how he had arrived at this description. 'We are being watched but shouldn't be afraid,' he said. 'If they had wanted to conquer us, they would have done it long ago.'" Reported on August 6, 1965: "In an British newspaper was the following report from Caracas, Venezuela - Three strange beings from outer space landed on a farm labourer's corn patch at Caracas, but took off hurriedly when approached, according to the latest stream of 'flying object' spottings reported by South American newspapers. The farm worker who lives on the outskirts of Caracas, told reporters of a 'mysterious round object' that whipped the three beings back into space and left a 40-yard circular scorch mark on his corn plot. Chilean newspapers reported that three Air Force pilots were among dozens of witnesses who reported what appeared to be an 'invasion' of UFO's in the skies above Santiago on Thursday night." According to the Argentine magazine Atlantida: "A shopkeeper Felipe Bettan- court said a 39-inch tall flying object pilot told him that his people would make 'full contact with mankind on December 3, 1965 - which was reported on August 8, 1965. This was the latest of a series of flying object stories reported through the southern countries of South America in the past five weeks. To each report, the Argentine National Observatory at La Plata replied: 'There are no such things as flying objects.' According to Atlantida, Senor Bettancourt said he has talked twice to the flying object man. He said that at their second meeting, arranged after the first, the space visitor told him - presumably in Spanish - that his people were friendly to earthbound mortals and would prove it when they landed on December 3." Obviously, there was a change of plans in regards this "full contact with mankind." No such event ever occurred. If it had, there would be no reason for these reports and the UFO would no longer be a mystery. IA. Then up north to North Dakota: "On August 10, 1965, an article appeared that said, among other things, that an UFO on a golf course disappeared when approached. Three young Grand Forks girls pulled their car over along Belmont Road about 11:30 p.m. Sunday to admire what they said at first looked like a 'gorgeous' harvest moon nestled down for the night in the Lincoln Park golf course. They were stunned a moment later when they noticed the moon in the western sky behind them. Sylvia Hoffman said the object, which she described as circular and transparent, was about a block and a half into the golf course from the pumping station near 15th Ave. South. 'It blinked black and white,' she said, and 'you could see little figures inside.' The figures, she added, could not be distinguished clearly. Becky Swanson said the object looked to her 'just like the moon when it's huge and yellow - a clear yellow kind of. Something was moving inside like a sil- houette.' Becky said three men, none of whom the girls could identify, had also stopped their car when the girls drove up and were also watching the object. 'We said what is it?' Miss Hoffman said. 'They said we saw this light in the sky. I don't know if they saw it come down. They talked as though they thought it came from the sky.' The girls also talked with a boy and a girl on a motorcycle who also saw the object. The cyclist shined his light on the object as the other youth ran toward , and the youth's silhouette could be seen. The cyclist told the girls they saw a little red light on the object and that when the light pointed in one direction 'it looked like the object would bounce and roll in that direction.' The three men, who had also been watching, told the girls when ran it 'seemed like he never got any closer to it. All of a sudden he heard a bang, then a noise,' Miss Hoffman said, and 'it just blew up kind of.'" The "bang and noise" the men heard is unlikely to be the results of a self- destruct mechanism. It seemed too puny - and there was apparantly no flash or concussion. The possibilty exists that the UFO warped out of the immediate area at high speed, leaving only a sonic blast in its wake. IA. Back in the U.S. on Friday, August 13, 1965: "Near Kent, Washington, an exceptionally good description was given of aliens by two teenage girls. Yas Narita's bean field, near Kent at 7 a.m. that day reported to Kent police and the Washington State Patrol an experience that left them shaken - and you can take the report written by police any way you wish: 'Victim: Earth People. Complainants, Ellen Ryan, 16, and Laura Ryan, 13, said that at 7 a.m. Friday, they arrived at Yas Narita's bean field on the Russell Road, alighted from their car, and observed three strange persons, not of human breed. The girls got out of the car and started to walk into the bean field when approached by three individuals. Their attention was drawn by the strange dress and white-domed heads and protruding eyes of the individuals. The girls ran about 50-feet past the three and looked back and found them gone. They described the individuals as between 5-foot 2-inches and 5-foot 5- inches tall, and their heads had white tops where humans have hair, with very large pores and a large protrusion on back of the head. The eyes were large and protruding and the face had no expression.' In one report the girls said the lower face appeared to be very tanned. In a report to the Washing- ton State Police they said the faces were grey like stone. The individuals wore purple armless v-necked jerseys with white shirts underneath, they told police." Back down to South America - to Brazil this time: "Dated August 14, 1965, Joao Do Rios was fishing near Sao Paulo, Brazil, when he saw a small being about 28 inches tall wihh large luminous eyes. In perfect Portuguese, he told Joao he was from another world, a crewman from a flying object. As proof of his visit he handed Joao a piece of 'unearthly' metal. The metal is now in the hands of the National Railway wagon factory at Cuzeiro where Joao is employed." In the Green River Gorge on September 4, 1965: An eerie occurance prompted a man to tape-record his experience. This is part of a tape recording made by A.F. Salsbury, (now deceased) Renton, Washington, dated September 4, 1965. "'Then a voice came from out of the craft which sounded like it came from a loud speaker and said in a distinct, but loudly amplified tone, 'Don't be afraid little Earthman, we are not going to hurt you - put down that gun and we will come out and see you.' I did exactly what I was told, otherwise I didn't know what might happen or what they might do with me - and, by the way, I must have looked that way to them inside the craft. Probably in a lapse of a couple of minutes an oval-shaped door opened under the lower part of the tube next to this saucer-shaped disc and a man came out and walked slowly towards me. I would estimate he was about 6-feet tall and probably 185 pounds in weight - age, 30 or so in years. He was dressed in a one-piece tight-fitting suit made of some sort of metallic coating resembling aluminum or chrome - sort of a dull reflection to it. He also had a helmet that fit close to his skull like a rubber bathing cap. On his side he carried an odd-looking sidearm pistol with a barrel about the size of a regular flashlight, but instead of a hole in it, it had some sort of an oval lens of a purple-bluish color. He was about two feet away from me when he spoke in a very refined but soft voice, saying 'Don't be alarmed, I am not here to cause you any injury or to hurt your small animal (a Mexican chihuahua).' Looking by me he said, 'Your food is burning, don't you think it best to turn your fire off?' In all the excitement and all that had happened I had forgotten about the bacon and beans I was preparing for supper. As we stood there, my fear began to diminish and I felt confident, so I observed the spaceman from another planet more closely. His eyes were a steel grayish color that studied you - seemed to be looking right through you. His face skin was smooth, but not tanned - sort of pale - but with a tinge of pink like a store window manikin. He was the captain of the craft.'" Much more followed concerning the inside of the craft and other crewmen therein. This part is omitted for brevity. IA. California has its share of alien encounters, too: "A fantastic experience was reported on October 4, 1965 from Rio Vista, California by Mrs. Betty Valdone. Betty was outside at night with her 12-year-old son when they observed a large UFO, complete with a crew of three. According to Mrs. Valdone, the object was round, like a plate and had a dome on top. She said she could see three people at its windows. Robbie was the first to see the object over Rio Vista. It was in the glare of a searchlight and was in view a short time. Mrs. Valdone said that when she first sighted the object 'it looked as if it were moving toward earth, but I don't know about the speed. It looked pretty close to me.'" And from Long Prairie, Minnesota on October 23, 1965, came the following weird report: "'I was going to knock one over and try to grab it, but that's when I got scared.' That's why James Towsley, 19, radio announcer for sta- tion KEYL in Long Prairie didn't bring back one of the 'things' he said he encountered on a highway near the town. Towsley said the creatures resembled tin cans, stood on tripod legs and had two 'arms' about the size of match- sticks projecting from their sides. Three of the 'things' were standing under a 'rocket ship' when he first spotted them. 'It was about 7:15 p.m. and I was coming back from Little Falls on Highway 27 when I rounded a bend. All of a sudden my engine stopped, my lights went out and my radio stopped playing. I let the car coast and then I put on the brakes because I saw this thing in the center of the highway. It was like a rocket ship. It was about 30-feet tall and about 10 feet in diameter. It was sitting on fins. Then I saw them. They were standing in a big circle of light under the ship. I jumped out of my car and was going to knock one over but then they came at me. They came right up to the car. There were three of them. They had no eyes or anything. Just those tripod legs and the matchstick arms. They were like tin cans. The size of a beer can. I was going to grab one but then I figured that if they could stop my car and put out my lights they could do something awful to me. So we just stood there looking at each other and then they turned around and scooted back under the ship. The light was so bright I didn't see where they went. Then there was a high-pitched humming sound and the ship took off straight up. It went up about a quarter of a mile, stopped for a moment and then disappeared. When the lights on the bottom went out after it was up in the air, my car radio and lights came on - and my engine started without having to touch the starter. I drove 90 miles an hour back to Long Prairie to report what I saw, but I wondered if people would believe me. I was sure of two things - the rocket (it towered above the trees along the road) was a spaceship of some kind and the three objects that came out of it were creatures like nothing else in the animal world I've ever seen. They definitely were not people as I know them.' The landing site was investigated by Long Prairie Police Officer Laverne Luwitz. 'The only thing we found were three strips of an oil-like substance on the road. They were about a yard long and four inches apart, all parallel with the road. I don't know what they were but I've looked at a lot of roads and never saw anything like them before.' Three youths who had been hunting coons in the same area reported seeing 'a light in the sky' at the same time James said the object took off." Next, we go to Herman, Minnesota on December 20, 1965: "15-year-old Edward Burns was driving his dad's pickup truck toward home about 11:45 p.m. When he was about a quarter mile from the turn into the neighbor's farm, his headlights picked up a dark, oval-shaped object hovering about six feet over the road ahead of him. This was five miles west and two miles south of Herman. He said the UFO covered the entire road and looked like a huge light, a mixture of red and white. He came within about a telephone pole distance of the object before he saw it, and then immediately the engine and lights on his pickup went out. He felt his truck moving and wound up in a ditch. As Edward looked at the UFO, he claims he saw 'something' inside moving about. That 'something,' he said, was shaped like a man - but was all green." Reported in Seattle, Washington Times on March 21, 1966, was the following story: "A local mechanicsaid he had been a skeptic about flying objects for years, that he regards 'little green men from Mars as purest fiction,' that he thinks telepathy and such are hogwash. Yet, he believes? 'Sure, because I know a man from outer space. And, because I got to go aboard that spacecraft.' The mechanic's super-UFO saga began several years ago. He was working in a garage when a fellow mechanicc tossed him a lid and shouted, 'Hey, here comes a flying object!' The mechanic laughed. A man standing nearby did not. When the other mechanic had gone, the man in the shop told the Ballard man how he had lost his teaching job and his wife and had undergone a sanity hearing. All because he saw four men emerge from an odd aircraft and had publicly spoken of convers- ing with them with diagrams and in pantomime. They had come to this planet, they informed him, in search of a mineral needed on their planet. The story moves to Oregon. Last fall, the mechanic said, a spacecraft crashed near a group of hunters in the Oregon wilds. One spaceman was killed, another injured. Four were not hurt. These non-earthlings spent a week with the hunters until their 'leader' came with another spacecraft and picked up the debris and flew away. The leader - 'a man you could meet on the street' - conversed with the hunters for maybe 20 minutes. This man is now known to the Ballard mechanic as 'M', the one who sent him two letters, nicely typewritten. 'One day about a month ago,' the mechanic said, I received a communication to help a man deliver several barrels of oil in a pickup truck. We drove out on a dark and snowy night. The man with me placed a homing device in a field and pretty soon this round object - about 30 feet in diameter - settled down on it, putting out three metal legs to balance it.' The mechanic said the space visitors resembled us, but were only a little over five feet tall and had 'wrestlers' necks.' Then came the letters from 'M.' They were dog-eared, because the mechanic's wife reads and re- reads them. One was postmarked in Seattle, the other in New Orleans. Among the contents: The first spacecraft from 'M's' planet visited here about 1745. His people have examined Mars and found it to have only lowly spore moss. Venus, also examined from a distance, has no life at all - only a sea of boiling gases. These space visitors, 'M'continues, had 28 small craft here. Three have been lost in accidents. There are about 300 spacemen on this planet. They operate a plant in a secret place to get magnesium from seawater. The spacemen, 'M' says, have no cure for sickness, no secrets of eternal life. They have not conquered war. They do have problems with overpopulation and food shortages. They cannot reproduce with members of our earth family. That's about it. 'M' said he had visited several times in the Pacific Northwest, incognito, of course. He said he will probably die on this planet, even as thee and me.'" The city of San Francisco, California was the scene of the following, dated March 31, 1966: "A large UFO sat itself down in the city of San Francisco. On that particular day, staffers at the National JACI office came to work at 6 a.m. Mrs. Helen Fugyama was the first to notice something unusual parked in the area being dug for construction of the Japanese Cultural and Trade Cen- ter across the street from National JACL. It was foggy and visibility was poor. Mrs. Fugyama, who works near the window, held her attention to this something that was pulsating with bluish light on top and orange at bottom. There were several antennas sticking out of the body. When the fog lifted somewhat around 6:30 a.m., Mrs. Fugyama saw the thing. She called Mrs. Chiz Yuki, secretary to her husband, Executive Director Mas Yuki. Later, Mrs. Yuki said: 'Yes, I saw it. It was about 60-feet long and 30-feet from top to bottom. It was pulsating with blue and orange light. There were three win- dows on the side. I saw creatures moving inside. I can't say they looked like humans. Anyway, when it took off I saw one of them near one of the windows. It looked like it was waving. So I waved too and said Sayonara... Mrs. Yuki was too excited to make herself coherent. Both Mrs. Fugyama and Mrs. Yuki, however were very definite that this UFO zoomed off the ground and disappeared over Twin Peaks in a split second. It was then 6:41 a.m., they said." >From Mansfield, Ohio, dated April 7, 1966, comes the following close encoun- ter which occured a week earlier: "A man who asked that his identity not be disclosed reported parking his car near the new Mansfield -OSU campus be- tween 10 p.m. and midnight and sighting a round object with two lights which landed near the new campus building. The informant said a door in the UFO opened and that he was able to see a child-sized figure, 'very thin.' He said the object moved toward his car and then rose rapidly and disappeared." Far more chilling was the tale reported on July 31, 1966, from the Erie, Pennsylvania Peninsula. "The story began shortly after dusk. A Jamestown, New York girl, described by Peninsula police as being almost hysterical, near shock, said a craft suddenly appeared in the night sky from the north and landed about 300 yards from the car she was sitting in. She was ident- ified as Betty Cline, Jamestown, New York. She gave the following account: 'We were sitting in the car waiting for help. Our car was stuck in the sand. We saw a star move. It got brighter. It would move fast, then dim. You could see it come down. It was metallic; sort of silvery. It landed between two trees. The car vibrated. We could see the lights on the back. (She later described the craft as being mushroom-shaped with a narrow base rising up to an oval structure)' She said that as she and her boy friend Douglas Tbot, Greenhurst, New York watched from the front seat of his car, a beam of light came out of the craft and moved along the ground in a straight line. 'It lit up the whole woods along its path. It wasn't like a searchlight. There was this light along the ground, along its whole path.' Shortly after the light went into the woods, there occurred the most horrible part of her ordeal, according to the girl. A peninsula police car approached from behind and pulled up near their stuck vehicle; the beam of light from the UFO went out. Her boy friend jumped from the car and told officers: 'There's something weird going on here.' The officer accompanied the youth down the road about 300 yards to a point near where the craft had landed. Just as they approached the area the horn sounded in the boy friend's car and they ran back. The girl said there was a 'thing right by the car. I don't know what it was. It was bigger than you,' she told a newsman. 'It was about six feet tall. You would have to look up to see it.' In a brief sketch, that the girl drew of the 'Thing' it appeared to have the general shape of an upright, large creature such as a gorilla, although she maintained it was not any kind of animal she had ever seen before. She described it as a dark, apparently featureless creature. Not human, maybe animal, which moved sluggishly back into the brush after she had leaned on the horn. Patrolmen next day found strange markings in the sand where the girl said the UFO had landed. These impressions, they reported, were triangularly shaped about eight inches deep at the apex, and then sloping upward to an area that was rounded and smooth. Going from there, moving towards where the car was stuck in the sand, patrolmen found three other imprints. Theser appeared to be of the same shape as the first imprints found, but were less distinct. From where the first two imprints were found, leading to within 1 feet of where the car was stuck, a pattern of conically shaped imprints were found by the patrolmen. These imprints, also very sharply made, were about nine inches in diameter and six inches deep, leading to the bottom of the cone-shaped impressions. They were staggered as if made by a walking crea- ture." On August 17, 1966: "The so-called monster seen on the Erie Pennsylvania Peninsula has been reportedly seen at Edinboro, Pennsylvania, just a few miles south of Erie. Brett Butler of Edinboro and six other witnesses saw 'a creature' near Edinboro Lake. Butler claimed the figure resembled the drawing made by a Jamestown, New York girl who said creature of indefinite shape approached the car she was sitting in after seeing an UFO land nearby. The six-foot-tall 'person or thing' was seen by the seven on a peninsula jutting into a swampy area at the north end of the lake. The witnesses fired at the figure on two occassions with the weapons they had taken along, Butler said." August 22, 1966, brought reports of another "creature" from Malvern, Arkansas by five persons: "Additional confirmation of the reports came from Fabar Niles, a Malvern merchant. Sightings were reported from between 20 and 500 feet. 'There is something very different from our form of life roaming around Malvern,' Niles said. Reports came in first on August 22 of seeing a strange 'thing' about eight-feet-tall and changing in color from red to orange to yellow. This was six days after UFO's were seen in the area. Observation of the 'thing' was made simultaneously by two reliable persons. Mr. Niles said he was able to snap a picture of the 'thing' from his window. The local newspaper said they would release the photo as soon as it was cleared by authorities." Those "authorities" apparently never cleared the photo for release, since there is no record of the photo ever appearing in a newspaper. IA. On Pioneer Mountain, Oregon, from March through August: "A series of exceed- ingly weird events drove a family from the mountain. According to the wit- nesses, the unexplained phenomena ranged from two types of spaceship-like craft to doughnut-shaped pulsating lights that 'crawl' along the walls of a house. Five persons, apparently rational and sober insisted they saw moving stump-like creatures in two locations east of Toledo, Oregon. Lincoln County Sheriff's Deputy Thomas Prince said 'I saw a flying object myself. I don't know what it was, but it was orange and it was bigger than a star. I know it wasn't a meteor or a satellite because it was maneuvering. There was a noise like a giant spinning top. It made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.' Prince said he saw the orange UFO in connection with an investigation of mysterious moving lights that for months plagued a family on Pioneer Mount- ain near Toledo. The Evelyn Raines family no longer lives on the mountain. Behind the family's decision to move is a strange - and to some people incredible - story. It involves strange lights and noises...and reports of a 'spaceship' that landed. It is a continuing story of events that started last March 30. 'It was Kathy who first started talking about the little lights,' said Mrs. Raines. 'Of course, we didn't pay much attention to first.' But after the family had to tack up sheets in an effort to keep out the lights and get some sleep, they listened to the 16-year-old girl's story. She and a girl friend were walking up Pioneer Road when they saw some- thing which they believed to be a neighbor's field on fire, Kathy related. There was a ruddy glow in the distance behind the trees. 'It was dome-shaped, and it looked like it was burning,' Kathy said. 'It was like smoke boiling up all around, making a dome shape as high as a room.' There was no fire in the field. The sight perplexed the girls but they started home and then they saw what appeared to be a flashlight with a cover over the end so there was no beam. 'I thought it was somebody playing a trick, so I threw a rock at the light,' Kathy said. 'A lot of big ones went on all around it and we ran home. 'Thereafter, according to Kathy and Mrs. Raines, the home was increasingly visited by pulsating 'wall doughnuts' and strange noises including the high- pitched whine reportedly heard by Deputy Prince. At one time, a member of the family went for a gun after he thought he 'saw something' outside a living room window. When he pointed the gun, the thing appeared to back away...and then the inside of the house suddenly sparkled with a multitude of the craw- ling lights, Mrs. Raines said. 'One morning about 2 a.m., I woke up and my whole bedroom was a rosy glow so bright you could read a newspaper by it,' Mrs. Raines said. 'I was scared to make a noise...I happened to turn toward the door leading into the living room and I saw this red thing - like a cloud - just hanging there. It was watermelon colored and you could see through it. It was just a kind of a hazy mass there for a couple of seconds, and then it disappeared, like that!'" In Albuquerque, New Mexico on October 14, 1966: "It was a bad night. While some city residents were having problems with 'monsters' in the back yard, others were seeing strange objects in the sky. State Patrolman James Chelsea saw a plane trailing a massive cloud of black smoke. The plane disappeared in the smoke cloud and then two large black objects flew off into the sky. He saw the objects about 7:45 p.m. 'Hair raising' was the way 19-year-old C.D. McClure described a 'mon- ster' that he said 'looked like a man and cries like a baby.' The 'monster' had been appearing almost nightly at the McClure residence. The 'monster,' described as having a black body and white face without features, stands about five feet tall. It has scratched along the wall calling the family's attention to its presence, and it gave a hair raising wail something like a baby McClure said. On the night of the UFO sightings, the 'monster' appeared again. But this time, more than the McClure family reported seeing it. A sheriff's deputy said that at least ten other persons reported seeing it. On a prior visit, the 'monster hit McClure in the chest, knocking him out, he said. Everytime it has appeared since then, 'crying like a baby,' McClure's chest has started hurting. Another strange circumstance is that the McClure radio stops playing every time the creature appears, McClure said." A West Virginia man reported, on November 3, 1966, his contact with beings in a landed UFO. With police and an Air Force representative listening, Woodrow Duesenberg told of his meeting with a 'spaceman' who did everything short of asking him to 'Take me to your leader.' Duesenberg, a salesman and father of two children, held a news conference to relate the experience he said occurred about 7:30 pm. while he was driving home from Marietta, Ohio on Interstate 77 to Parkersburg, West Virginia. Duesenberg said the episodde began when a 'dark long object' traveling about the same speed as his panel truck, 'cut in in front of my vehicle and continued to travel at some dis- tance sideways.' The object was charcoal gray in color, he said, 'apparently made of some kind of metal and shaped something like an old kerosene lamp globe, having a flat bottom and a dome-like top.' With no visible lights, it moved along 'eight to ten inches above the pavement, blocked the highway and finally stopped,' he said. Duesenberg said the side of the UFO then opened and a 'man' stepped out, approached his truck and told him to roll down the window. In a 'five to ten minutes conversation,' he said, the man communi- cated through 'thought waves or mental telepathy.' Duesenberg said his (the alien's) lips were closed in a fixed smile. He described the 'spaceman' as about six feet tall, 35 to 40-years-old 'by our standards' and about 185 pounds. He said the man had dark hair, a dark complexion and clothing des- cribed as 'blue and quite shiny, having a glistening effect.' Duesenberg said the UFO had been hovering 50 to 75 feet above the highway then dropped down and another occupant reached to help his companion on board. When asked about a possible return visit, he said, 'I think they will, but I hope they don't.'" On the night of November 22, 1966: "Steve Mallory and Robert Scarbough made the following shocking report to police: 'Tuesday night, about 12 o'clock while riding in the TNT area, we came upon this thing. It was in the shape of a man with wings. When we came up over a rise in the road in front of the power house, Steve saw those large red eyes. He pointed out the eyes to me and when we all looked it was going around the corner of the building. This thing runs awkward with its wings out from its sides. After we stopped and looked at each other, I took off out the road toward the highway. Then we came to the traffic circle and turned south on Route 62, and saw it again. It was on the bank on the left side of the road. This is where I could see it best but when the car lights shined on it, it moved its wings out to its sides and went straight up in the air. We didn't see it again until we were on the straight road in front of the experimental farm when it came over the car again. I speeded up to 100 mph and it glided over the car till we came to the curve at the armory, then it was gone. We were going to tell the police but decided to go back to see for sure that it was still there. 'When we were going through town, we decided we didn't want to go back up, so I turned around at the gate at the C.C. Lewis Farm. When I turned, we saw a dead dog laying in the road. As I turned and started back down the road, this thing came out from behind a tree where the dog was laying and went over the back of the car and out through the field on the other side of the road. We then went to Tony's Drive Inn and told Gary North what we had seen. We asked him to call the police. When the police got there, we went back up. The dog was gone. About a mile up the road, we saw this thing again. It was on the left side of the road in a field. From there we went to the TNT but didn't see it again. The next day, Wednesday, we went back to the power plant and looked around, and Steve saw it again in the boiler inside the plant. That night it was seen again at the Ralph Thomas home in the TNT area. We found tracks there. Thursday we went up to the plant with reporters and went through it. While we were inside, Steve shut the boiler door. Outside again, we heard a big clanging noise inside. We went back in with the reporters and the boiler door was open. 'What this thing looked looked like: It was about six feet tall with large wings on its back. It has the figure of a man. It has two red eyes about two inches in diameter, six to eight inches apart. It has a wing spread of about ten feet and is light gray in color. This thing, whatever it is, is definitely not a crane or goose or balloon or any of the things it's been called. This thing has affected my life very much. I can't sleep at night or eat. I dread to see night come and am a little afraid of seeing it in day- time. Once you see it, you'll know it's nothing to laugh about.' The report was signed: Roger Scarbough." A weird creature was seen in Costa Mesa, California on February 19, 1967, too: "A creature, described by one scared witness as seven to ten feet tall, with long pointed ears, and completely covered with hair, was reported roam- ing in the area of 15th Street and Santa Ana Avenue in Costa Mesa. Police there said they received several telephone calls on the incident just before midnight and that one man was so frightened 'he was afraid to go home' from the police station. The man hurried to the station about 11:45 p.m. and related a tale that sounded like a 'Twilight Zone' script and became irate when police suggested the 'monster' might be a prank. Several other persons reported seeing the creature. One man told police the monster appeared to lunge at his car as he was driving to his home in Newport Beach. 'It looked like an ape stooped over with arms waving about,' he said. The incident came on the heels of an UFO report in the same area." Then a man said he talked with an occupant of an UFO. The encounter was recounted by Dewitt Baxter of Buffalo, New York, which took place on March 1, 1967: "The incident occured about 1 a.m. while he was racoon hunting near Eden, New York. 'I was alone. My dog was with me but in a nearby woods. I heard a funny noise. It was not too loud. I flashed my flashlight on it. It was a flying object and had landed close by.' Interviewed at his home, Mr. Baxter got a kitchen saucer and inverted it to show the configuration of the vehicle he saw. 'I was scared. I didn't know what to do. While I was watching it, a door opened - like a sliding elevator door and a man walked out and down the incline of the machine. He was dressed in a sort of black, tight- fitting suit like a flier and had on some sort of helmet and goggles. He asked me what I was doing and I told him I was hunting. He asked me if I was born here and I said no, that I had been born in Georgia. He took my gun, looked at it and handed it back to me. Mr. Baxter said that the spaceman broke the muzzle of his shotgun while examining it. 'He wasn't white and he wasn't negro. He talked very plainly and with no accent. He had black curly hair. He told me he would be back, walked up to the disc, got in and seconds later zipped out of sight.' Mr. Baxter said the disc 'looked kind of gold in color,' had no lights, no illumination and no windows that he could see. He said the snow which had been beneath it looked undisturbed when he examined it after it had departed. 'There were no footprints of the man, either,' said Mr. Baxter, 'after he left.' Asked about his reaction, he replied: 'I was scared to death. But I'm going back out there with some fellows.'" In an undated article originating in Clay County, Arkansas, reports of land- ings and occupants continued to come out of the northeast portion of the state: "One of the stories to 'leak' out concerns the confrontation of two 'aliens' and two local citizens. Reportedly, the two men were motoring in a remote area near Piggott the first week of March when their truck's engine failed. Before they could get out of the vehicle to investigate, they saw what they described as a 50-foot-wide saucer-shaped UFO descend to the ground in front of them. Two 'aliens' got out of the conveyance and walked over to the truck. The citizens reported they felt like they were being bombarded with vibrations and had the uncanny feeling the aliens knew what they were thinking. Rolling the truck windows down, the citizens spoke to one of the aliens, who reportedly told him that they meant no harm and they could con- tinue their journey if they promised to keep the meeting a secret." An orange-red glow on the other side of a hill started a strange encounter on March 28, 1967. "David Moran was on his way home to Munroe Falls, Ohio from work when he noticed the glow off to the left and on the other side of a hill. As the car topped the hillcrest between 2:20 and 2:30 a.m., he saw a glowing 'wedge or cone-shaped' object 25 to 30 yards off to the left in a wheat field. It appeared to be about 25 feet tall and about 12 feet wide at the base, he said. On the top, where the cone or triangular shape came to a point, was what appeared to be a ball-shaped object. Curiosity turned to horror, however, when Moran glanced back at the highway and saw, some 45 to 50 feet in front of him four or possibly five 'figures' running quickly back and forth across the road. Automatically, he slammed on his brakes. In spite of his head-light beams, the 'figures,' glowing orange-red like the object in the field which had held his attention seconds before, gave no indication that they were aware of his approaching car. Moran could not stop in time. He heard a 'thump' as the right front of the auto, he said, struck one of the figures as it was crossing the road. Stopping, Moran put his hand on the door handle to open it. But he didn't. Moran said he had no fear that he might have struck down an 'ordinary human being.' Instead, he recalled, the thought flashed through his mind, 'If I killed one of them, they'll kill me. The figures, which, when he first saw them, appeared to be hurrying back and forth across the road 'purposefully,' now appeared to be running 'err- atically.' In his rear view mirror, he said, he saw the figures now standing in a group. But he couldn't tell if one of their number was lying in the road or not. That afternoon, accompanied by a friend, he went back to check the spot. They found nothing except the skid marks on the road. But that was all. No footprints, no indication whatsoever that anything had been hit by an auto in that spot." The following contact, which took place on March 31, 1967, near Wellington, Texas, was verbal only, since at no time were the aliens visible. "Mr. Car- roll Volts, a Wellington, Texas farmer was returning home when he saw a light at about where an abandoned house stands. He turned off the road and headed toward the light. He said he drove to within about 20 feet of an object which 'appeared to be about 100 feet long and eight or ten feet high. I walked around the side of it, and about 20 feet down the side I found a port or door. I knocked on it three or four times and it opened mechanic- ally,' he said. 'A voice began speaking to me - it was an unemotional voice - neither masculine nor feminine. It asked me if I would be willing to sub- mit to a rigorous physical examination. I asked them why I would want to take a physical, and they told me that if I passed it, I would be able to take a flight with them. They said that any man who passed the physical could make a flight, but no women or children would be taken.'" Another undated report discloses unseen aliens who engaged the witness in conversation in March 1967: "Glen Muller, of Alexandria, Minnesota claims that he had a chance conversation with the occupants of an alien spacecraft last March. Muller relates, 'I was fishing for crappie on Mud Lake. I was fishing alone so I have no one to back me up on this. I hadn't been having good luck, so was standing looking up at the sky. Then it happened. Just over the top of the hill to the south of the lake appeared a large object in the air, not too high, I guess perhaps a 100 feet or less. The object - which I will call it - was shaped like a shallow bowl, a soup bowl I'd say would be the closest. The object approached at a very slow rate of speed and was noiseless. It stopped directly over me and I could hear a slight hum, and felt a very queer feeling come over me. I waved and a strange light beamed down over me. The fish started to bite like their lives depended upon the small minnow on my hook. I caught crappies until my fingers were tired and sore from taking them off the hook. I was so busy catching them I nearly forgot the object hovering over me. Then the strange light turned off and you know I never caught another fish. Well, then a small door opened near the center of the object and I heard a voice greeting me. I returned the greeting. The voice asked what I was doing and I told them. I was asked if they could have the fish. I said yes, hoping one would emerge from the object so I could see what they looked like. But instead a tube was lowered from the object, and the craft maneu- vered over the fish lying on the ice, and all at once, woosh! The crappies were sucked up through the tube, which was of a clear, plastic like material. I could see the fish moving upward toward the object, head to tail. Well, after they got all the fish aboard, they asked if I lived here all my days, and I told them I had not. They asked me where else I'd lived and I told them I'd lived in Iowa before I moved here. They asked, 'where is here?' and I told them about Minnesota. Then they asked 'where is Iowa you speak of?' I told them the general direction and they said that from my des- cription of the land and soil they'd like to see it. Before I knew what was going on, they said goodby, and were away out of sight so fast one couldn't realize an object had been hovering over me.'" In mid-June a man visited Mrs. Charles Bunker at her home in Chimney Rock, Colorado and said: "'I am not from your universe, I cannot read, but men- tion any book in the library and I will be able to tell you its contents.' He asked to see her painting of an UFO that appeared in the Valley Courier in Alamosa, May 18, 1967. Mrs. Bunker said she painted a picture from her sighting of a strange crescent-shaped light seen over the Great Sand Dunes last spring. A professional artist, her pictures are sold at Pine Cove Inn and at her home at the Sand Dunes, where her husband is a forest ranger. Mrs. Bunker said the man knew about the painting of the UFO and when she questioned him about where he had read about it, he reminded her that he could not read. He also told her that we humans were wasting much energy in all our pursuits of food and the other pursuits in the daily struggle of life, when it could all be had so easily from the atmosphere! The man was not intoxicated, Mrs. Bunker said, but went on to add that he may have been on dope or not in his right mind, although he gave no ind- ication of either and conducted himself in a gentlemanly manner. 'I told him the UFO picture was not for sale but when I saw he really wanted it, I named a high price. He said he had no money with him but would be back some time in October to get the picture.' Mrs. Bunker said also that his language was that of an educated person and he talked of the UFO in scientific terms. How did he know where Mrs. Bunker was living? Why did he say he could not read but spoke in scientific terms to her? Why did he look ill?" Back in New York at Churchville Park on July 31, 1967, a guard had a close encounter: "While making rounds at 10:15 p.m., Sidney Kipzin came across a mysterious alien craft in the main parking lot off North Main Street. It was about 50 feet long, round in the center with extended sides that gave it the shape of a fat cigar. Darkness prevented Kipzin from distinguishing the color, but he saw green lights underneath. He stopped his truck about 100 feet away, training the headlights on the craft. As he gaped in disbelief, two midget-like men, dressed in shiny black uniforms, ran past the truck and boarded the craft. Within minutes in ascended vertically until the green lights disappeared in the black Churchville night. Kipzin then drove to park headquarters, from where he called the Sher- iff's Dept. Four hours after Kipzin's experience, the sighting of another alien craft traversing the sky over the same area was confirmed by over 30 witnesses." Up in the north country near Joyceville, Ontario, Canada, on August 23, 1967, more aliens were seen: "An alien craft, resting on the ground, was spotted from Highway 15 near Joyceville by a Toronto, Canada man. Stanley Maxim was on his way to Montreal when he saw a green light in a field to his right between Joyceville and Glen Cove Road, 40 miles southwest of Smith Falls. He turned off his lights and drove down a side road. A few minutes later, he turned on his lights and 'they shone on a huge disc-shaped craft. Two beings, about four feet in height and wearing white suits and helmets were startled by the lights and appeared to fly back into the disc.' The craft, according to Mr. Maxim, immediately left the ground without any noise at a tremendous speed. Mr. Maxim, when making his report, assured police he was not tired and had not been seeing things." Back in the U.S. in Northwestern Connecticut on September 15, 1967: "Oddly- shaped beings cowered in the glowing light of an elliptical-shaped object. They were spotted near a Winstead barn, but scattered like the wind when car headlights approached. Strangely too, the weird light on a nearby bluff went out as the car approached the rural barn and the dark figures took to fields as though running on earthly legs. The latest in a series of UFO sightings got under way about 9 p.m. when two 14-year-old girls looked out a second story bedroom window of a country home. 'We saw a bright light over that tall tree in the distance,' said one, 'it was bright, it looked as big as a Volkswagon.' The light was several hundred yards away and 'went from white to red and back to red, dancing up and down and about.' In the house alone, the girls watched in awe as the light bobbed in a weird dance. Then, they heard noises in a barn about 50 feet from the house and a sound like a lawn mower trying to start. 'Then it looked like they came out of the barn,' said the girl. There were three figures, about five feet tall, but the girls only saw two at first, 'standing beside a mail box.' The strange light still shim- mered and glowed on the distant hill. The figures beside the mail box were dark and 'looked like the same shape all over.' There were no distinguishing lines between top and bottom but they seemed to be straight from toes, if any, to head. What the beings were about to do by the mail box may never be known, because at that time a car approached around a nearby curve and the things made a wild dash for cover. 'They went real quick,' said a girl, 'that's when we saw the third one. As they ran, the light on the hill went out.' The trio hot-footed it through a field between the house and barn, then into thick brush behind the barn and into oblivion." Also in New York on December 12, 1967, aliens could be heard and not seen: "An Tompkins County woman who did not want to be identified, claimed to have had her car 'operated and stopped' by an alien craft and says she received a message from voices apparently from within the craft. In describing her ex- perience, the woman said she was driving towards her home about 7:15 p.m. with her five-year-old son in the back seat of the car. She said she noticed through the plastic rear window of her convertible, flashing lights. Her first thought was that police were stopping her. Before she had time to act, the flashing lights appeared to become 'suddenly airborne,' she said. Then she noticed an unusual craft pacing her car. She said she could see both red and green flashing lights, could tell the craft was elliptical and flying. The car motor begain to reduce in RPM's until it was 'less than idling,' the lights dimmed, and neither the power brakes nor power steering was working. The woman said that the car seemed to be in 'someone else's control.' It stopped on the shoulder of the road, 120 feet from the first point of con- tact. Jamming the accelerator to the floor brought no response. The craft tilted its bottom upwards in the direction of the car and its red and green lights continued to circle the rim and flash, although the craft remained stationary. A diffused white light beamed from the center of the bottom to the ground. The woman said her car radio was not on, but that she began to hear 'static' which sounded like a choral group, 'speaking simultaneously and in the same tone, but in another language.' A single voice then seemed to be speaking in English but with an accent and in a stilted manner as though reading from a news tape. She was told not to be afraid and that her son would remember nothing except the stopping and starting of the car. After receiving her message, the craft righted itself. The car and alien craft moved along together at what seemed to be the same speed and with no control on the part of the auto's driver 'for about two miles.' When four cars appeared from the opposite direction, the craft elevated itself and soared away and the woman found herself again in control of her convertible." So, there you have it. Except for general remarks, I have refrained from commenting on any of the reports, concerning contents. I do feel, however, that references concerning Mars as an abode of ET's, or of them conducting farming operations there, are in error, considering what we now know about the planet. Possibly, the contactee made up the whole thing, or he or she misunderstood where the ET said he was from, or the ET was being devious or intended to mislead whomever would later hear the report. IA. knowledge builds on knowledge - IA Ira Adams - disclaimer: The views expressed above are my own, and are not to be construed as reflecting the views or opinions of the Harris Corp. On third thought, corporations don't have opinions, just policies.