The Vedas: Mantras

Mandalas, the Krell Helmet and John Keely

by Jerry W. Decker,

Director Vangard Sciences The Vedas contain many references to machines and devices which appear to use certain types of fire. This fire is said to consist of any of 49 different varieties which include sound, electricity, magnetism, heat and other types which modern man has yet to re-discover. For some mysterious reason, I have always been attracted to these Vedic stories, possibly due to a consuming interest in the work of John W. Keely stemming from the late 60's. Sounds, indeed all frequencies, have properties which formal science has yet to uncover. The Vedas speak of flying machines, referred to as Vimanas, which were purported to use the power of sound for the production of levitation and thrust. On a recent (May 89) visit to the local Hare Krisna temple here in Dallas with two visiting friends, one from England and the other from Maine, we met an interesting young devotee. This man was conversant in Sanskrit and was able to read the ancient Vedic documents. On discovering this, one of our party inquired what the young man knew of the ancient technologies of which the Vedas speak, including Vimanas. The young man proceeded to tell us of the Disc of Rama, known as the Sudarshan Disc. It seems that periodically the world becomes infested with men who have lost their direction towards unification with the Godhood. When this occurs, and the numbers of these men are such that they begin to drag down the rest of struggling humanity, Rama was said to release the Sudarshan Disc. The Disc went forth to seek out these "miscreants" who have forsaken the path, to bring about their destruction. On the successful destruction of such people, the Disc returned to Rama to await its next call to action. Apparently the Sudarshan Disc was capable of some type of signature analysis in that waveforms and/or frequencies associated with certain modes of thought or behavior would cause the weapon to seek out and destroy the offending target. There is a story which we have been unable to verify which says that Tesla had come up with some type of weapon or technology which would vaporize any item which might be picked up with the intent to harm another. Mr. Tesla was alleged to have presented this idea to Congress in an attempt to acquire funding for a weapon which would obviate all wars or hostile actions on the planet. This device also must have been capable of detecting certain "orders of vibration - Keely" which would be associated with such behavior. Of course, the offer was turned down. The devotee told us that modern man was wasteful and negligent in the dispensation of his weapons of war and destruction when compared to the abilities of the masters of Vedic technologies. Modern weapons are sent forth without regard for innocent people who have nothing to do with the anger which brought about the problem in the first place. As a result, many innocent people are needlessly destroyed. The Vedas speak of a technology which provided for specific and precise direction of those destructive energies towards a singular target. As an example, the young devotee spoke of the "Fire Arrow". This was a specific mandala (a two-dimensional representation of a three- dimensional form) which could be mentally projected in conjunction with the mantra/yantra (the vocalization of the pattern encoded in the two- dimensional mandala). The use of the Fire Arrow was to project an all-consuming fire toward the object of your anger. It was done by mentally imaging the pattern of the mandala which represented the Fire. When the pattern was fixed in the mind, the sender was to physically carry out the action of firing an arrow using an imaginary bow and arrow. As the string on the imaginary bow was released, the sender would WILL the Fire Arrow Mandala to be sent toward the target as if riding on an invisible arrow. He must then visualize the Mandala actually striking and consuming the target. At the same time, the vocalization of the Fire Arrow Mantra would also be directed at the target. This would effectively energize the mandala pattern, much like charging a capacitor or an inductor, to provide it with the energy required to unspin from a two-dimensional image into its time dependent three-dimensional image and thus consume the target. When this process was carried out with a directed WILL, the target would be completely consumed. Nothing which was not included in the original target would be damaged. Thus, due to its specificity, the Vedic system was much to be preferred. In one of the more exotic stories about Keely, he is said to have developed a belt which somehow allowed him to focus his WILL and direct it to achieve a decrease or an increase in gravity as desired. The text of this miraculous experiment can be found in Chapter 3 of Dan A. Davidson's book "A Breakthrough to New Free Energy Sources". Dan has graciously allowed Vangard to provide this chapter on the KeelyNet computer BBS at (214) 324-3501 and listed as DANART1.ZIP or DANART1.ASC. An interesting correlate to the Keely story is one from a friend who tells of an engineer acquaintance of his friend who, inspired by the movie "The Forbidden Planet" decided to build the Krell Helmet. The movie is based on the discovery of the Krell civilization, a race intellectually far in advance of mankind. The Krell Helmet was a device which was used to assist in the development of the powers of concentration and mentation in Krell children. It consisted of contacts which were touched to the head which somehow "pumped" the brain. This engineer decided that in reality, the brain could in fact somehow be "pumped" to allow the expansion of consciousness into the other 94% of the brain in stages proportionate to the power level used. Under the influence of this pumping field, the brain would be stimulated much like a tuning fork. Mental abilities including IQ and special "powers" involve the saturation of given areas of the brain with a profusion of synapses. Oxidation of the brain would also occur due to hydrolysis and an increased blood flow induced by the stimulation of the electrical potentials of the cells. This pumped energy field would bring about a concentration of synapses which would serve as multiple parallel conduits. These would then not only allow for enhanced pattern recognition but also serve to stimulate the development of sensory abilities normally associated with the synergistic manifestation of so-called "paranormal abilities." The engineer our friend spoke of is alleged to have the following abilities when under the influence of this Krell Helmet : 1) by concentrating on the face of anyone on the planet, he can mentally project his mind into the mind of his subject to read any thought or evoke any memory which the subject has stored 2) using a similar technique as above, the operator can project thoughts or patterns of action into the mind of the subject with the subject thinking them to be his own 3) "cerebellic fields - Keely" can be so extended that mass can be brought under control for practical manipulation. This manipulation can take the form of genetic transmutation, levitation or any of a host of other-at this time unknown possibilities. The technique involves the use of a radio transmitter with a frequency range into the high megahertz. According to the work of Bentov, the body has 5 distinct vibrational patterns. One of these vibrational patterns is that of the brain which has an electrical oscillation in the area of 488 MHZ. There is an account of a CIA device which takes advantage of this frequency phenomenon to kill a specific target through cancellation of the electrical field of the brain. The CIA device is simply inserted into the earpiece of a normal telephone. When the victim answers the phone and correctly identifies himself, the device samples his current brain frequency, runs the signal through a unity gain amplifier, re-transmits at the same frequency and amplitude but with the signal shifted by 180 degrees. This creates a standing wave which cancels the electrical field of the target brain to cause instantaneous death. Anyone "skilled in the art" can duplicate this effect if provided with the proper equipment and is very careful with the amplitudes used. It takes advantage of basic principles of frequency propagation and manipulation. The Krell Helmet and the Keely Belt both undoubtedly use the same phenomenon yet control the signal through phase locking. Therefore, to prevent phase shifting beyond a certain acceptable limit, the fundamental frequency must be tracked with an accuracy approaching something on the order of 0 to possibly 90 degrees of the fundamental. The degree of phase shifting determines whether the device stuns or kills while the amplitude determines the severity (or finality) of the effect. This opens up startling possibilities for weapons, anti-terrorist devices, stunners for policeman and citizens, anaesthesia devices, sleep inducing devices, etc. In a word, STAR TREK LIVES! Perhaps this is the technique used to carry out the "telepathic sleep jobs" as mentioned in the book ALTERNATIVE THREE! If the Russians are as advanced in PSI research as many believe, this is most certainly a technology they would not overlook as would any government interested in covert activities. For those of us with a metaphysical background, we find in the Krell Helmet many parallels with the Siddhis, which were the occult powers attained at certain levels of Yogic development. A Yogi who had mastered these occult powers could : 1) plunge into the Earth as if it were mere water 2) enter a stone if he wishes 3) so influence water as to not wet him 4) control fire so that it does not burn him 5) make himself invisible 6) have knowledge of the past, present and future 7) have knowledge of all sounds of all living beings 8) have knowledge of other's minds 9) have knowledge of the time of one's own death 10) have knowledge of terrestrial or extra-terrestrial systems or events 11) possess the ability to go through space without harm 12) master hunger, thirst and bodily functions 13) master the senses 14) master the elements 15) make himself infinitely small or large 16) make himself extremely dense or extremely light thereby controlling gravity and mass The full extent and nature of all the Siddhi powers are not made clear. One is warned again and again, that these powers are obstacles on the road to the highest state and should not be sought for their own sakes. They are incidental and may give the student of Yoga a false confidence which provides little assistance toward the student's goal. In regard to the viewpoint that Keely used EXCLUSIVELY MENTAL POWERS to operate his equipment, we of VANGARD do not share this view. In the very beginning, the original device which preceeded his compound sonic investigations was based on thermodynamic principles, i.e. it took advantage temperature differentials by using specific geometric arrangements of purely mechanical components. Only in Keely's later researches did he come to understand the mind flows and how they could be related and coupled to the principle of the trinity as manifest in Nature. Because of this somewhat limited view, we feel many will not succeed in duplicating Keelys' work. As can be seen, one must develop an extraordinary will with the ability to sustain a thought or desire for prolonged periods as shown by the years of dedication to which a student of Yoga commits himself. This is especially true when attempting to consciously manipulate the triple flows of force of which all matter and energy are comprised. By taking a mechanistic approach from the beginning we should eventually be able to duplicate the compound frequency researches which led to practical devices for Keely. VANGARD takes the approach that machines are simply tools that may also be used to assist in personal development through the use of biofeedback techniques. In order to learn to duplicate an effect such as Alpha/Theta control, you must first learn how to get to that level, what it feels like when there and how to successfully return. Once this has been accomplished and performed a number of times, rote memory will allow us to discard the equipment. As confirmation of this attitude, it just so happens that we were recently informed that the engineer in possession of the Krell Helmet can now perform SOME FUNCTIONS WITHOUT THE USE OF THE HELMET! Of course, this is after years of use which has allowed his "mental muscles" to develop beyond the ordinary. Is it possible Keely developed to this level? How about the story told by Dan Davidson regarding the appearance of Keely behind locked and guarded doors at the Pentagon? The story loosely says that military scientists were investigating sound waves and their effects on matter. On achieving a certain "order of vibration - Keely" the laboratory where the experiment was held was destroyed. A hurried super-secret conference was set up at the Pentagon to discuss the possibilities of this fantastic "new" weapon and was held behind closed and formidably guarded doors. As the brass were licking their chops over the devastation this new force could produce, a man mysteriously materialized in the center of the room. The startled generals were told : "WE WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO USE THESE PRINCIPLES TO DO HARM TO OTHERS. You are like children with nuclear toys and have no concept of what destruction you could produce. You could easily destroy your planet as well as your solar system." "If you think I know not of what I speak," as he drew a myriad of equations on a chalkboard, "take these formulations into your lab and test them. You will see the powers which might be unleashed if you are allowed to continue." "Be forewarned, WE ARE AWARE OF YOUR ACTIONS AND WILL PREVENT THE USE OF THIS FORCE FOR DESTRUCTION!" Finally, one of the generals meekly asked, "Who are YOU?" The mysterious man replied simply, "I AM JOHN ERNST WORRELL KEELY!", and vanished from their sight. Badly shaken, the generals adjourned the meeting. If there is even one grain of truth to this story, we might indeed be watched and our actions (with their future consequences) monitored by superior intellects. Perhaps Keely advanced to that stage and was invited to join such an august body. Who knows?? 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