The Hidden Codes in the Bible by Roy A. Reinhold

Recently, THE BIBLE CODE, a book by Michael Drosnin burst on to the scene, proposing that there are hidden coded texts recording all of history in the Hebrew textus receptus (the Masoretic text) of the Torah. Already, THE BIBLE CODE has reached number 5 on the New York Times bestseller list. In view of the findings, the Bible can be viewed as a 3-D hologram with the surface text as the outside layer and the hidden texts found at equidistant letter spacing (ELS) on the inside layers. A computer program is available to search for words with up to 10,000 spaces between letters in the surface text.

Previously, Grant Jeffrey had touched on many of the same findings in THE BIBLE CODE in his book, THE SIGNATURE OF GOD (1996, chapters 10 & 11). Also, Yacov Rambsel had been finding (by hand) the name "Yeshua" embedded under the Messianic prophecies in the Old Testament (Tanakh), in his 1996 book, YESHUA, THE NAME OF JESUS REVEALED IN THE OLD TESTAMENT.

Yacov Rambsel is a Messianic Jewish pastor in San Antonio, Texas, who searched the Hebrew texts for a couple of decades by hand without the aid of a computer. He found the term "Yeshua is my name" under the text of Isaiah 53:10 using every 20th letter. Isaiah 53:10 is about the suffering Messiah, and for our Jewish friends, how fortunate that God our Father embedded the name of the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) there for all to find. Another example is Zechariah 11:12, where the surface text prophesies the price that Judas would eventually receive for his act of betrayal, 30 pieces of silver. Underneath the surface text at a spacing of 24 letters is the name hidden, "Yeshua". Many more examples are given throughout the book, YESHUA, THE NAME OF JESUS REVEALED IN THE OLD TESTAMENT.

While there are dedicated scholars like Yacov Rambsel, who would labor for decades to find a few of these hidden codes, the use of the computer speeds up the process immensely. For example, using the skip sequencing software, one could find all the examples where the name "Yeshua" is hidden under the surface text, in about 50 minutes. This is more than someone by hand could find in a lifetime of diligent searching. By the way, if you know Hebrew, you can purchase a commercial version of the skip sequencing software from an Israeli software company (Computronic Corp.) with the Hebrew Torah in the correct form included. Grant Jeffrey sells the software on his website for $99.95 (includes s&h), titled, TORAH CODES software (DOS, Windows & Mac versions available). Torah Educational Software sells the TORAH CODES software online for $79.95 (plus s&h). Davka Corp. in Chicago, sells the newest CD version for PCs for $69.95 (plus s&h).

Dr. Eliyahu Rips, a renowned Israeli mathematician, found the codes along with Dr. Doron Witzum and Dr. Yoav Rosenberg and published a peer reviewed paper in the Statistical Science Journal (1994, Volume 9, No. 3, pages 429-438), titled, EQUIDISTANT LETTER SEQUENCES IN THE BOOK OF GENESIS. The journal spent considerable time having the findings fully tested before they published the research article. Since then, they've found that the hidden codes are throughout all the books of the Tanakh, in the original Hebrew.

One test they ran was to pick out the names of the 66 Rabbis with the longest write-ups in the Jewish Encyclopedia. All 66 names were found embedded in the book of Genesis, along with either their birth date or date of death. In the review process for publication, Professor Harold Gans, a US cryptographic code-breaker expert, re-ran the experiment looking for the name of the city in which each of the 66 rabbis was known for, and found the name of the city hidden along with the name and date for each Rabbi. The odds against finding these hidden codes were over 10 million to one.

Another example given in the book, THE BIBLE CODE, is to look for the name Hitler. They found it, and close by to the term "Hitler" were the terms "evil man", "Nazi and enemy", and "slaughter". "In Germany" was found embedded near the terms, "Nazis" and "Berlin". The term "Eichmann" was found embedded with the terms, "the ovens" and "extermination". The term "Zyklon-B" the gas used to kill the Jews was found embedded near the term "Eichmann". I should tell you that the author of the book, THE BIBLE CODE, Michael Drosnin, is an agnostic, and is a former reporter for the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. Dr. Eliyahu Rips is a practicing Orthodox Jew in Israel. So none of the people working on THE BIBLE CODES is a believer in Jesus.

They found imbedded in the Bible codes, both assasinations of the Kennedys along with their assassins and other information. They found the assasination of Prime Minister Rabin of Israel with the date and the last name of his killer, Amir. Very amazing don't you think?

They did a test looking for the name "Shakespeare" and found it embedded with the terms "presented on stage", "Macbeth", and "Hamlet" nearby. They found the names "Beethoven" and "Johann Bach" and nearby both is the term "German composer". "Mozart" is found embedded near the terms "music" and "composer". "Wright Brothers" are encoded near the term "airplane". "Edison" is encoded near the terms "electricity" and "lightbulb". "Marconi" is embedded near the term "radio". I'm giving all of these examples to show you the immensity of this find, history pre-recorded in the Bible codes over 3000 years ago. This is no fluke or fake finding!

Now I'd like to discuss the possibilities in the Bible codes connected with prophecy and looking for future events. I don't believe anyone has endeavored to search the New Testament in the Greek looking for hidden codes within the text. It would not surprise me at all if the codes are there. I propose that if you are a Greek scholar, you investigate the hidden codes in the Greek. Perhaps a committee of knowledgeable prophecy scholars and writers could be set up to pose questions and terms to look for; that would have immense value.

One controversial term that would be nice to know, is, who is the restrainer in 2 Thessalonians 2? Countless arguments and papers have been written saying that the restrainer is the church, believers, human government, the Holy Spirit, or the Archangel Michael. If the Greek New Testament contains hidden codes, perhaps we could find out the correct answer. Another question that could be posed, is concerning the two witnesses of Revelation 11. Who are the two witnesses? Moses and Elijah? Enoch and Elijah? You get the picture, we could find out some important prophetic knowledge. One other possibility is the controversial texts, for example, Mark 16:9-20. Some manuscripts didn't have these verses and if there is a hidden code in the Greek, then these controversial texts should continue the codes. If they don't, there is less credence for accepting their authenticity. You all get the picture, we as the church could gain immensely from a systematic search for the hidden codes in the New Testament. Will some Theological Seminary pick up the ball and run with this one? The commercial software is available, and all you need is the Greek text stripped of punctuation marks and blank spaces, and you can begin the research project. (I don't know Greek, so don't ask, "why doesn't he just do it himself?")

One last cautionary note before we delve into the prophetic implications. All those involved in the ELS research caution that we don't know enough specific knowledge of how the Creator of the codes intended a nearness of terms at the same ELS, to apply and form a meaningful set of data. For example, if near terms are found at the same letter spacing, do they always apply to each other, or are there other nearby terms which are the intended correct association of terms? Without caution, we could mix up terms in close proximity and form a prediction of the future which was never intended by God our Father, the Creator of the codes and Author of the Bible. However, the evidence of past historical events recorded thousands of years ago in Bible prophecy and the Bible codes, means that future events are also there. We just need to exercise caution in our searching of the codes, as well as common sense. Also, the philosophical question arises, just how much free will do we have, if the historical record was written down beforehand in prophecy and the Bible codes? The answer is that we have free will, but the Author of the Bible and the codes is God, who stands outside the creation and is not the creation itself as so many new-agers would have you believe. Being outside of the creation, He is able to view all of history and each person's life and choices and see what they choose. Pre-knowledge does not negate free will.

Implications of THE BIBLE CODE in prophecy

In chapter 6, a couple of findings from the book, THE BIBLE CODE, hit me like a ton of bricks. The term "world war" was encoded with the term "in 5766" for the possible year. In another place, the term "atomic holocaust" was encoded with the term "in 5766". In another place the term "great earthquake" was encoded with the term "in 5766." In another place, the term "great earthquake" was encoded with "Japan" and "in 5766." And in another place the term "economic collapse" was encoded with the term "fire, earthquake struck Japan."

For those of you who don't know, the year 5766 runs from October 4, 2005 to September 22, 2006. These dates are from Rosh Hashanah in 2005 to the day before the next Rosh Hashanah in 2006. The dates are from the current Jewish calender. For example, June 26, 1997 is Sivan 21 of 5757, and the year 5758 begins on Rosh Hashanah, which is October 2, 1997. The implications of the year 5766 could be staggering. I'd like to make some preliminary proposals subject to revision and correction. Please, please, please, consider the following a "what if" type of scenario. If, if, if, if, if the hidden codes are correct in the above association of terms concerning the year 5766, then the following is possible.

You may or may not know that I've previously calculated a rolling table of dates for the end-times 7 year period through 2037 AD, which will not be narrowed down to a specific starting year as truth until the peace treaty of prophecy occurs. The explanations for the calculations of the table of dates is explained in my Prophecy Tape Album offered on this website. Central to the calculations of the table of dates is the fulfillment of the fall feast days of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Succoth. I offer the Prophecy Tape Album to teach what God has taught to me. (local link at the bottom of this page to get info about or order the tapes).

If, if, if, if and only if the Bible codes are correct in citing the year 5766 as the time when world war 3 occurs, then from my table of dates, World War 3 will start immediately after the abomination of desolation in the Temple on 31 January/1 February 2006. That means working backwards, the peace treaty of prophecy will occur on 19/20 September 2002. That also means that Jesus (Yeshua) will come to reign on the earth 1290 days after the abomination of desolation on 13/14 August 2009. The fulfillment of prophecy of Yom Kippur will occur on 27/28 September 2009, and the fulfillment of Succoth after the judgment of the peoples of the earth will occur on 2/3 October 2009 and run for 8 days.

The Bible states that there will be a great earthquake when Israel is invaded in World War 3, in Ezekiel 38:19, so the term "great earthquake" associated with "in 5766", and in another place "atomic holocaust" with "in 5766", meets one test of reasonableness with the prophetic scriptures. In modern contemporary prophecies, C. Alan Martin's vision of the presidents on his PROPHECY SUPERSITE website, also meets the test of reasonableness. His vision saw two presidents after Clinton before the millennium period (not the year 2000). That time frame seems about right. Other modern prophecies have stated that World War 3 will start after an economic collapse, which fits the terms from THE BIBLE CODE. (remote link to C. Alan Martin's vision of the presidents at the bottom of the page).

Another test of reasonableness may be applied to St. Malachy's prophetic vision of 112 popes before the judgment of the people of the earth at the end of the 7 year end-times period. I am not a Catholic and there are always doubts as to the authenticity of the list of popes, but it's worthy of discussion. Malachy saw a vision in 1139 AD of all the future popes until the end. The current pope, John Paul II, would be called "ab laboris solis" (from the labor of the sun) the 110th on Malachy's list, and would be the 3rd to the last pope. The next pope is called "gloria olivae" (glorious olive, and may be of Jewish descent?). The last pope on the list is "petrus romanus" (Peter the Roman), who it is said will lead the church through much tribulation and then the city of seven hills will be destroyed and the powerful , terrible Judge will come to judge the world. The list of popes seems to meet the test of reasonableness possible for the time frame above with the dates for the end-times 7 year period. (local link to short article on St. Malachy's prophecy at the bottom of the page).

Another modern prophecy through my brother in the faith, Thomas S. Gibson, given on December 7, 1995, prophesies a judgment on America in world war 3. In that prophecy, we are told that by 2005 the war will not yet have occurred, but by 2010 it will be in the past. My calculation of world war 3 beginning right after the abomination of desolation on 31 January/1 February 2006, meets the test of reasonableness with regards to that prophetic Word. (At the bottom of the page is a local link to five prophecies through Thomas S. Gibson relating to world war 3, read them and ponder the predicted events and the association to the conclusions in this article.) A new prophecy through Thomas on 9/27/97, concerning 3 distinct and easily recognizable events to presage or coincide with the start of the end-times 7 year period, has been recently added.

When you view the development of the European Union with its related consequences to the prophetic picture, and the proposed monetary union of the countries into a single currency, the Euro, in 1999, these future events seem to fit the bill. If the EU adopts a single currency in 1999, then a closer compact between 1999 and 2002 into a European superstate seems plausible. What I'm getting at, is that the contemporary picture appears to reasonably fit the time frame mentioned above.

This article raises quite a number of interesting possibilities. One, that the Bible codes are put there by God our Father for us to know in the last days or end-times period. And two, that He intends for us to search the scriptures and find out the prophetic scenario clues hidden in the codes, which will always confirm and augment the surface text of the Bible, if true. I firmly believe that these hidden Bible codes are a fulfillment of Daniel 12:9, where the Angel told Daniel that, "these words are concealed and sealed up until the end time." WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Please e-mail me to provide helpful analyses, or criticisms, I can take the heat. May God my Father bless you greatly in your understanding of the Word of God, the Bible. If you are angry that I would have the audacity to publish the dates of the end-times events (except the rapture), please read the following adjunct to this article, it will address your concerns.

 If and only if THE BIBLE CODE is correct where 5766 is the start of the world war, then:
 the peace treaty of prophecy, starting the end-times 7 year period, will occur on 19/20 September, 2002.
 the abomination of desolation will occur on 31 Jan/1 Feb 2006; World War 3 begins right after the abomination of desolation in the middle of the end-times 7 year period.
 Jesus (Yeshua) returns to reign on the earth as the Lion of Judah on 13/14 August 2009, 1290 days after the abomination of desolation.
 Yom Kippur fulfillment & judgment of the people of the earth starts 27/28 September 2009. This is 1335 days after the abomination of desolation.