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The Navajo and the Hopi: No Villains, Only Victims" - May
Reviving Hopi Law
1986 Continental Indigenous Council Tanana Valley Fairgrounds
A Hopi Message for These Times
Aaron Yava - Hopi Kachina Maker & Artist
About The Hopi Indians
ABQjournal: Non-Indian Ceases to Tell Hopi Prophecies
Angelink: A Hopi Speaks
Animal Communications:Messages from Mayan and Hopi Shamans
Aquarius Rising - Hopi Himalayan Community
Arizona Tribal Collectors, Pueblo Pottery, Hopi Kachina Dolls
Baha'i Faith and Native American Hopi prophecies for prophets
Book of a Hopi
Changing Physical Environment of the Hopi by JT Hack
CNN.com - Nature - Hopi eagle hunt raises hackles
Coliseum Maar, Hopi Buttes, Arizona
Computer Recycling * Hopi Network * Charles DiBella
Don't Worry Be Hopi
Encyclopedia.com - Results for Hopi
Female Hopi baby names
Free the Hopi!
FWDP -- Navajo-Hopi Land Commission Papers
Geoff Panek Thoughts - Hopi Prophecy
GORP - Native Roads: Guide to the Hopi and Navajo Nations
GORPtravel - Package: Hopi Pottery & Culture, Colorado
Grand Canyon Travel: Hopi & Navajo Lands
Hopi  Hopi  Hopi  Hopi 
Hopi - Survey of an Uto-Aztecan Language
Hopi Ancestors
Hopi Basketry Presentation
Hopi Declaration of Peace
Hopi eagle hunt raises hackles - 11/7/2000 - ENN.com
Hopi Elders; Earth Changes upon us
Hopi Indian Reservation Indians in Arizona
Hopi Indian Tribe
Hopi Indians
Hopi Information Network
Hopi Language Software and Hopi Language Products
Hopi Mesas and Navajo Culture - Crossing Worlds
Hopi Message of Peace to Humanity
Hopi Reports
Hopi Resources
Hopi Restoration bridging Anglo-Hopi relationships with
Hopi Tribal Council-ITCA
Hopi Tribe
HOPI. The Columbia Encyclopedia: Sixth Edition. 2000
Hopi/Dineh Grandmothers Cry out for Help!
Hopi: The Wind God
Hopitutuwutsi / Hopi tales : a bilingual collection of Hopi
Hopi-Volume 12
Native American Authors: Hopi Tribe
NATIVE-L (July-August 1991): Navajo/Hopi
NativeNet: Navajo-Hopi "land dispute" articles from NATIVE-L
Navajo Hopi Land Dispute
NAVAJO - HOPI Land Dispute, history, maps, links
Navajo & Hopi Nations Map
Navajo and Hopi Genealogy
Navajo-Hopi Observer
New Day Films - Hopi: Songs of the Fourth World
Page 1 part 1 - Hopi Baskets
Pages From Hopi History. Excerpt. University of Arizona Press
People of the Colorado Plateau - Hopi
Southwest Indian People : Northern Tribes : Hopi
SpiritWeb: Hopi Keys
Techqua Ikachi Index
tekayr's Home Page
Text of 1995 US-Hopi Settlement Agreement
The Anasazi and their Hopi Descendents
The Hopi - Gift to us All
The Hopi Message - Thomas Banyacya(1)
The Official Hopi Cultural Preservation Office
Thomas Banyacya Hopi Traditional Elder
University of Arizona Press - Hopi Dictionary/Hopìikwa
Wupatki - City of the Hopi
Yahooligans! - School Bell:Social Studies:Cultures:Native

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Hopi Prophecy com
Books in Brief - Hopi: The Purpose of Prophecy
the People's Paths! ! - Hopi-Haudenosaunee
1986 Continental Indigenous Council Tanana Valley Fairgrounds, ...
1998 AISESnet Discussion: Wotanging Ikche--nanews06.040
A Literary History of the American West
A message from the Hopi Tribes
ABQjournal: Non-Indian Ceases to Tell Hopi Prophecies
Academy #SP9
Academy Sidepost #116
Alex Collier Lecture at the Star Family Conference
Amarillo Globe-News: Hopis ask man to stop ...
Book of the Hopi
ClearWisdom 11/20/00
ClearWisdom 11/21/00
Deb's Prophecy Page-Hopi Prophecy
Earth Changes TV - Hopi Phophecy, The Great Purification
EARTH Prophecy -- Hopi Message to the UN
EARTH Prophecy -- Star Knowledge Conference
Four Corners Clamor Seven
fUSION Anomaly. Hopi
Fwd: Hopi-Haudenosaunee: Sharing Prophetic Traditions
Geoff Panek Thoughts - Hopi Prophecy
Global Peace Walk 2000 / History
Global Peace Walk in NM - from GlobalCircle.net
Greenpeace Canada Kids Page
Hale-Bopp Comet Natural Essence
Hatching the Mystery Egg
HD 177565
Healing the African Wound
Hopi - The mission of the two brothers
Hopi Ceremonies
Hopi Elders - Visited by Prashant Trivedi
Hopi essay - Prophecies today
Hopi Information Network
Hopi Life and Prophecy: a view of the future
Hopi Literature Menu
Hopi Message to the United Nations - 12/10/92
Hopi Prophecies
Hopi Prophecies
Hopi Prophecies
Hopi Prophecies 2
HOPI Prophecies of the Future
Hopi Prophecy
Hopi Prophecy
Hopi Prophecy
Hopi Prophecy
Hopi Prophecy - Part 1
Hopi prophecy page
Hopi Way - Cloud Dancing
Hopi Way - Cloud Dancing
Hopis Want Man To Stop Telling Sacred Prophecies
IMDiversity.com - Diversity Job Bank - Where Careers
JULES- The Hopi Prophecy
LightShift 2000 - THE HOPI DECLARATION OF PEACE by Thomas ...
Links to Information on the Hopi Indian Tribe
Message from Hopi Spiritual Leaders
Middle Way Designs- THE HOPI MESSAGE
Millennium Concentrate III: A Third Quick Guide to Web Sites
Native Americans - page3
NATIVE_NEWS: Fwd: Banyacya 1910-1999
NATIVE-L (January 1993): The Hopi Message to the UN General
NATIVE-L (June 1992): Hopi Elders Knock for Peace
OIQ - Vol 1-3 - Interview with Hopi Elders
Other Mystics, Prophets & Psychics
Powersource Native American Guide - ARIZONA
Prophecies Not in the Bible
Hopi Prophecies
Hopi Prophecies
HOPI Prophecies of the Future
Hopi Prophecy
Hopi Prophecy
Hopi Prophecy
Hopi prophecy page
Prophecy Rock -- Prophecies from Dan Katchongva
Prophets and Prophecies
Pueblo Indians
Quantum Futures of the Hopi
Re: Hopi Prophecy
Re: Hopi Prophecy
Red Rock Elementary- Hopi Links
San Graal Newsletter 7/14/00
SEAC-ANNOUNCE Archives::890] Global Peace Walk 2
SEAC-ANNOUNCE Archives::891] Global Peace Walk 2
Seeds in the Sky, Seeds in the Heart
Social Science Catalog
Spirit Of Truth Page
Spiritwheel, An Interesting Hopi Prophesy
Survival Wisdom
Techqua Ikachi Index
Techqua Ikachi: Land and Life - the Hopi Traditional Point
The Global Peace Walk
The Hopi Prophecy (I)
The Hopi Prophecy (II)
The Hopi Prophesy Stone//Viewzone
The Mystery of the True White Brother: An Examination of
The Pyramid Mesa
Thomas Banyacya and the Hopi Message to the UN
Thomas Banyacya, Hopi Interpreter
Troubled Times: Hopi Prophecy
UFOs in the Skies of Prescott, Arizona
Wotanging Ikche -- Current Issu