Tom H. Smith 1801 Milburt Drive Louisville, Kentucky 40223-1209 Telepathic Communications - to Tom H. Smith, Louisville, Ky. * The Altering of Humankind's DNA and Why - The Loss of Spiritual Focus: An Overview (The Blend of Loving Energies) * The Origin of Human Limitations, Including Religion, Materialism and Alteration of Its DNA (Abraham) * Humanity's Evolvement, The Extraterrestrial and DNA Influences, The Government's Recent Involvement, and Future Choices (Ashtar, of The Ashtar Command) * The Dark Forces In Government and The Coming Of The Reptilian's - Our Future Choices (Ashtar, of The Ashtar Command) * The Time Is Soon For Humans To Decide (The God Source) * Space Friends Are A Choice As The Earth Changes and The Importance of Discernment (Ashtar, of The Ashtar Command) * Your Soul Is Aware Christ Loves Regardless Of Your Human Experiences (Christ) As humanity has evolved on the planet Earth, we have chosen certain experiences for our unique selves. Have we progressed or regressed with our spirituality. While these experiences may not always be of love, they are ours by choice, or are they? Humankind has the love and assistance of our Space Friends, and the intervention of the negative ET's in the past and present. What does our government know? Are they involved in any way? Has the US government made its choices for us. There are current and future choices to make as the Earth moves into the 5th dimension. Copyright 1993 by Tom H. Smith _________________________________________________________________ The Altering of Humankind's DNA and Why - The Loss of Spiritual Focus: An Overview August 12, 1992 We want to take this opportunity to address certain universal truth concepts. Many may not consider this subject as relating to "truths", but we assure you this is the case. Tom has been reading [channelings of others], has had some channelings of his own, and heard from others that humankind has been placed under some spell or received a virus, that somehow altered the normal human perspective of "himself" and the universe. In fact, the term "himself" took on significant meaning at this time, as the alteration included a focus on male dominance. There seems to be contradictory information as to the virus as "beamed" here by some forces outside of the Earth, and those beings who tampered with humankind's DNA structure to make humans forget and feel guilty about everything. Some of this is referenced in the Dreamspell kit [by Jose Arguelles], while others' channelings reveal the remainder. You will hear some inaccuracies and you would do well to look out for these. But by and large you have heard the truth, with each being a somewhat different perspective of the same events. We wish to provide you with more insights into the true history of humankind. In your terms of time, a long time ago the Earth was inhabited by a humankind that lived very close to the Earth. This humankind was in constant contact with its own inner awarenesses, its own higher self. This was not a human who was advanced by today's scientific standards. But in fact this human was more advanced, as this human could communicate directly and at any time with those from other planets. Humankind was allowed to travel through space in the space friends crafts and see the universe. Humans communicated with the spirit realm in a way that was so instinctive that it was part of its daily life. Humans communicated with all things around it. There were no wheels for traveling or moving heavy objects and large loads. Yet this humankind could move the largest of objects without any physical effort. There was communications with all energies, including those in large stones, the trees, the flowers - everything. And this was a loving communication. And with love, the stones would move on their own. Humanity was advanced in many other ways as well. It communed with the Earth, and humans asked the Earth how it could help. The Earth in turn provided humans with all the food it needed. Humankind did not have to work for this. It was a gift. This species of humankind was overseen by many space friends. It was agreed that the space brothers would be there to help when they were asked to, but would not infringe upon their choices. This arrangement worked quite well as humankind knew that it was on this planet to develop its own gifts and to work in harmony with the Earth and all of nature to develop and grow in the physical and the spiritual sense. So the space friends did not intrude in any way and humankind did not make unreasonable requests either, such as certain technologies to make life easier. Humankind knew why it was on this planet and did not wish to avoid any of its pleasurable growth. There was a time during humankind's development that certain of those from other worlds decided that they [the non-humans] would better be served if the Earth's and humankind's energies were directed in a way as to not inhibit their own personal growth as a species. For they did not wish to share the energies of the Earth. They had their own reasons for wanting to control the energies of humankind. It is no secret to humankind that there is "good" and there is "evil" or "bad". Humanity's understanding of this, in general, is based on the teachings from the Bible or other similar sources. It should be no surprise to humankind, then, that the universe as a whole contains good and "bad", or as we say, positive and negative. We say this also with the understanding that humankind as a whole, may be able to accept some form of existence beyond the physical realm. There are many kinds of negative energies. Some of these have extraterrestrial existences, and many of these are very advanced by human standards. But they too are of the One Creator. They simply are on a path that is not pleasing to the God Source. Keep in mind we say this as a general statement. There are those extraterrestrials who feel, in fact believe, that to allow the Earth and humankind a freedom of choice, a free will to pursue their own path, is not in the best interests of these particular ET's or beings. For they wish to draw on the energies of humankind and the Earth, to the extent they can. These human energies can "feed" these ET's and even be a part of their livelihood. Also by controlling humans in certain ways, it allows other energies that humans would have utilized, to be accepted by these other beings. The negative ET's do not abide by all of the universal laws [at least from our perspective]. They may infringe on the will of another if it is to their own advantage. This they believe they can do. So they spent long periods of time trying to determine ways to control humankind. After many different attempts at various ways, they finally became successful at altering the DNA of humankind and other life forms on the planet. How this was done can be explained and is extremely "technical". We will do this for some who feel they need to know. But it [the technology] is not that important at this time. They were able to change the direction of humankind. They altered humankind's filtering processes so that it became difficult for humankind to be as "open" and connected to its higher self and the many available spiritual gifts. Humankind was filled with doubts. It was not so much a physical alteration as it was a screening of sorts, so that humankind began to loose sight of its Source and its own self power. To this was added certain new concepts, all of which were very specifically designed to cause humankind to lower its own self esteem as an equal in the universe. These ideas were designed to have humans place certain limitations on its own powers and abilities. The focused intent of all of these were to place certain controls on humankind by having it control itself. Also introduced were the ideas of materialism and the interest and desire to acquire materialistic goods and pleasures, with these being the main focus. Religion was the major new concept that was introduced. It was ingenious. It pretended to give humankind a direct link with the One God, while at the same time it said humanity was not worthy. Humankind was guilty of transgressing the love of God. And it was only through hard work and sacrifice that humans could even begin to approach being the least bit worthy of God. It is not our intent to show religion in a negative light. Instead, we only wish to give a brief explanation of how and why it began. In time there will be more information on religion, but, again only as a clarification for reference only. It was through these different mechanisms, these different tools, these different new concepts that those negative ET's were able to exert control over humankind. For when humankind did not believe in its own powers, then it did not grow in a spiritual sense. Humankind in fact regressed. Many ideas were introduced. Here we are referring to such things as industrialization, such things as competition, and such things as money, the power of money and the greed that came with that power. But humankind was a partner in this as well. Humanity cannot place the total blame on those extraterrestrials who chose to infringe on the will of a species. At the same time there were and have been many, many humans who came to full realization that they did have their own power, that they were worthy, and that they even recognized what the different institutions and different belief systems were doing to humankind as a whole. Many people from time to time have recognized and analyzed the affects of all these new ideas on humankind. And many of these tried to enlighten others. And many were enlightened. But by and large the words that these many people said were misunderstood. By and large the words and truths that these individuals taught were misdirected very intentionally. For the same less than positive sources seized these same opportunities to twist and turn the words of these knowledgeable and holy people. Most people are familiar with the Christ energy and his teachings. But there were many many others. It was not restricted to one civilization. Each country, each civilization had its own teachers of truths. There have been many enlightened individuals who have become aware of the truth, not only concerning the spiritual aspects of humans but also the controls that humankind has empowered itself with. Many have also understood the origin of these controls. Master Jesus made every effort to help humanity become aware of each person's own abilities and power. He understood that any bondage could be overcome with total self awareness and love. It was not even necessary to address certain issues of alien interferences, as "things" would take care of themself. Buddha, Elijah, Mohammed, Abraham - and the list is endless - all of these understood and taught this. The space friends understand this, except humankind has so much more programming to overcome than those of 2,000-plus years ago. So it is easy for humankind to gain control and responsibility of itself. Simply open up and listen to the quiet voice within. Get to know and trust that voice. Then move in the most comfortable direction, and each of you will be amazed at what you allow yourself to be and to see. You will be surprised at how comfortable you will become at listening to and knowing your true self and understanding the simple truths that surround your world. We leave in love for all and for the All. The Blend Of Loving Energies The Blend Of Loving Energies consist of the following energies, channeled simultaneously as One Energy: Abraham Moses St. Timothy Bath-Sheba Naomi The God Source Christ Nathaniel The Sun God Confucius Nicodemus White Bear Earth Nostradamus White Buffalo Elijah (1)Raphael White Eagle Ezechial Romaine (2)Alastar Isaac St. Benedict (2)Ashtar Jacob St. Francis of Assisi (2)Astara Jeremiah St. Germaine (2)Azhka (4)Joseph St. John (2)Bal-star Joshua St. John The Baptist (2)Bestra (4)Mary St. Mark (2)Ishtar Melchizedek St. Patrick (2)Palastar (1)Michael St. Paul (3)Voltair Mohammed St. Peter (1) The Archangel (2) Space friend, of the Ashtar Command (3) Star Being, Arcturian (4) Parents of Jesus The Origin of Human Limitations, Including Religion, Materialism and Alteration of Its DNA September 8, 1992 This evening I wish to talk about the controls, the viruses, the memory fading practices, and some of the events and circumstances that have directly led humankind to where it is today. As the Blend of Loving Energies, we touched on some of this in order to give a general direction to human evolvement. [See the Blend's channeling of August 12, 1992.] I will focus on some specifics at this time. In doing this I recognize the danger that some may say that I am degrading and even judging certain aspects of humankind. Neither of these is true. Even though humankind was subjected to certain events somewhat "beyond" its control, humans did agree to it and participated at a certain level. Humankind was a partner to this with some misgivings, but a partner nevertheless. Humanity wished to experience certain emotions as a species. We all recognize this and respect it. At the same time we are intimately aware of what this has done for humankind and the Earth. The human species was clearly a total partner with the Earth as both were evolving. There was very close to complete harmony between humankind and nature. It was very obvious to all the high level energies that this marriage was exactly what was needed for the human species and the Earth. The "time period" I am referring to here was after the Atlantian catastrophy. It was some 20,000 years ago. Humankind was aware of the spiritual "problems" that had led to the destruction of Atlantis and was determined to not repeat them. This was not a modern or high tech human. Most of the high technology went "down the tubes" with Atlantis. Besides, the human of this time did not need nor want such diversions. Humankind recognized in its own way the path that it and the Earth were taking, and was extraordinarily aware of when and how it was to go, even the approximate timeframe. How could this be so? Simple. Humankind was completely in touch with its total being - the current physical being and its higher self. There was open and accepted communications and knowing. There was open communications with the space brothers and sisters. There was no desire to follow a path similar to Atlantis or even Lemuria. There had been another planet on which many of these same people [souls] had lived. This particular planet's energies had made many of the same choices as the Atlantians had, which in fact led to that planets destruction. Here I refer to Maldek. As many are now aware, Maldek was destroyed with such force that all that remains are fragments of its mass. This is identified as an asteroid belt that orbits the Sun. Again, the Earth's inhabitants did not wish to repeat that process as well. So humankind and the Earth had much going for themselves, especially the recollections of what not to do. It was with renewed focus that humankind was setting out to "balance" the imbalances it had created. There were those energies on other planets who did not wish to share the Sun's total energies and who at the same time did not want the Earth to gain a status equal to or greater than their own planetary systems. They recognized that this could only be done by redirecting the focus of humanity, and by interfering with the growth, evolvement and energy fields of the Earth. Sounds like a Star Trek story doesn't it? This is really where our story begins. The lords of Jupiter, Saturn and planetary systems outside this Solar system converged on the Earth. But they knew that humankind was very aware of any "outside" interferences, for they recalled Atlantis, Maldek and Lemuria. Venus and Mars too had been through a similar process. These lords or other beings could not simply physically destroy the human species for there were other space beings of a loving nature who watched over the Earth out of love. These star beings were not only of a superior love level to the lords just mentioned, they also were vastly superior in technical means that prohibited any kind of physical harm from occurring. But, this was all they allowed themselves to do as they had total respect for humanity's free will. They could not infringe in any way, such as forcing their own beliefs upon humans. And humankind did not want this either. It was then a challenge for the "war lords", as I will call them, to learn how to defeat humankind and the planet as well. The war lords were very experienced at this as they have had millions of your years to perfect their styles of dominance - whether it is through direct conflict or through more subtle ways. But humankind was determined in its path. Over the next 10,000-15,000 years many different types of approaches were made to change the focus of those on the Earth. I will say there was considerable success with certain individuals and even certain groups, but these did not meet with the total affect the war lords had wanted. One thing was happening though. The human resolve was weakening somewhat as it was experimenting with certain emotional systems and even certain belief systems. Understand that this humankind knew full well the power of the mind and the spiritual connections to the universe and the Infinite Creator. Humans knew and practiced the creating of its own realities. But it was becoming more daring and began to experiment on its own. However this did not deter humankind from its ultimate objective. It was creating some diversion for humanity. The war lords were also aware of the DNA or basic structure of humankind as a physical being. There were experiments in this regard with some small scale success. Approximately 5,000 years ago the incessant experiments and probes by the war lords began to show certain progress. They found that a certain alteration in the DNA structure could create a very subtle filtering affect on humans as relates to its total being. It was like a very slight "memory loss". Now these war lords had also determined that they were more allowed to operate if they too could incarnate as humans. This they did, even though there was a risk that the incarnate agent would forget its ties to them. They took these risks without any regard to the human side of them. After working with their own incarnate agents over extended periods of time, they had those on the Earth who could teach their own truths. The loving space friends could not interfere in this process. Humankind was now faced with other humans who might full well convince them of a "better way". At the same time the DNA "virus" was taking hold. While it was not a complete filter and did not obstruct the total physical self from the spiritual self, it was becoming quite affective when used in conjunction with the teachings of certain high priests. Soon a battle ensued, a war of teachings. This also caused some physical fighting as well. Humankind was starting to doubt itself. Then a brilliant idea was introduced - religion - controlled worship. Soon the concepts of a "good God" and a "bad God" (hell) were introduced. Separatism was alive and well and flourishing. Humans, God and the spirit realm were separate and distinct and not part of the One. With these concepts came "guilt and need to repent" for your sins and evil ways, lest you be cast into the eternal flames of the evil gods. Religion in it itself was a virus, a self-perpetuating virus. The agents were gaining such a stronghold that they began to physically purge those who could not accept their ways. So the "die was cast", as there was a clear split between those who were able to go within and maintain their knowing, and those who turned that aspect of themselves over to the agents or high priests. It was not long before truly, sincere humans felt the call to the priesthood as well. These had lost complete sight of their total self. Unknowingly, they became puppets for the agents from the dark side. The creativity of the war lords did not end here. They introduced concepts that further enhanced their control over humankind. Commerce and industry were introduced with the ideas of reward, wealth and power. Materialism then became a focus for a species that previously knew there was no need to focus on those things that were not spiritually connected - things that did not enhance spiritual development. It was not that material things were not used. After all, it was a physical existence. Simply, materialism was secondary to living in harmony with each other and the Earth. Human needs were met when the harmony and balance were maintained. So it was that the war lords had gained almost total control over a species that now accepted the belief systems of religion and industrialization. Both were self-perpetuating. Both allowed humankind to extend its totality as a unique, spiritual being, into the controls of rigidity and materialism. Humanity was slowly turning responsibility for its own salvation over to others and to rules, decrees and COMMANDMENTS. Humankind began to guage its and its fellow human's worth by judging according to certain decreed do's and don't's, and by the wealth and power each attained. How do you think that different classes or castes of society originated? When you view each other and yourself as equal and truly part of the One, there can be no people differentiation. It was first religion that decreed some were sinners and guilty and some were not. It was religion that first allowed total power to the high priests. It was these religious leaders who misused this power to subvert the masses. Then material wealth was introduced. With this came power and another way to differentiate a poor person from a person of means. Certainly there is love and truth within the concepts of religion. This is why it began to be accepted. It seemed to embrace many of the spiritualistic beliefs, but made it "easier" as things were then set forth in an orderly, black or white, right or wrong fashion. There were many who recognized their own self worth and their own place in the universe. But these were becoming fewer and fewer. Each civilization had their own visionaries who attempted to keep the focus on the spiritual self, the harmony with the Earth. Names that you know, and some you may not, tried to teach the truths. There is a long list, so I will mention only a few - Buddha, Elijah, Mohammed, Confuscious, Christ, Abraham, Jacob, Moses - on and on. Some of these had very deliberately God-directed incarnations - Jesus and Buddha for instance. But the genius of the war lords, and the greed and gullibility of humankind allowed the teachings of these same individuals to be misinterpreted and even totally erroneously stated. In doing this the system self-perpetuated and little to no outside interference was needed. Humankind had learned to completely limit itself in practically all aspects of spiritual development and other ways as well. Humankind guaranteed a consistent and continuous harm to the Earth as its thirst for more and greater industry and technology occurred. This brings us to now [in a summarized fashion]. This has not intended to be an extensive explanation of religion, its good and its not so good aspects. There will be other channelings for this. Even with the perspective given here, you need only back off from this system [religion] and you can easily understand many of its shortcomings. What lies ahead? This too will be explained, although be aware that very little is absolute due to your free will. The human species is at a true crossroads in its evolvement as an inhabitant on the Earth and as a spiritual brother and sister and equal within the universe. Each and all of you have choices to make that will absolutely affect your continuation as a species, or discontinuation, depending on your decisions. Your development is separate from the Earth, yet it is one with it as well. The Earth has decided that it wishes to move into the 5th dimension and support a light-bodied human as her inhabitants. It is now up to humankind to make the journey in concert with the Mother Earth, or to continue the harm that manifests as both physical and vibrational. Regardless of the decisions of the human mass consciousness, you will experience certain events that you do not think possible. The degree of these experiences is a choice of each and everyone on the Earth. There is nothing to fear but extreme caution is advised. I and others have already mentioned that the DNA of the human species has been altered. But even more important has been the introduction and acceptance of such controls and limitations as religion, industrialization, separatism and many facets of these areas. This obviously has been the work of certain technologically superior forces. If you can believe what these have done for the human race and the Earth, then it is just as easy to realize these "superior" forces are not acting in the best interests of either humankind or the Earth. These forces are in fact of the "negative type" or from the dark side of the light. It should not take a mental giant to also realize their tasks are not finished as humankind and Earth are on the verge of escaping their grip and moving into a higher love level. There is now, and will continue to be, diligent efforts by these dark side agents to assure that their controls are permanent. I will say they have lost their hold on the Earth. It will graduate to the 5th dimension. But the way can be made more difficult or pleasant, depending on humanity's choices. So what can these agents of the dark do for or to humanity? First of all, there are many of these agents currently incarnate. Some of these are consciously aware of their path and their "history" and others are not. Many, many of these are part of your government as well as others [governments]. But your government is such an influencial body, that more are concentrated with it. Other governments also have these agents or "high priests", among them Russia, Japan, China, Germany, Peru, France, England, Iraq, Iran. Essentially all countries have these representatives in some form or another. But not all in government are the agents. Most in fact are not. These agents have been most influencial as they have learned to usurp the power given them by the mass consciousnesses. They are quite intent on their goals, as they have invited the disease known as "indifference" which allows them to move about and produce their desired results. Lest someone in government read this and fear they are guilty, I say keep this in mind. Most of you are not from the dark side. You have only allowed yourself to become puppets of them, just as the high priests 5,000 years ago did. You have allowed the greed and power interests of many to control and even own you. You have allowed the secret and covert actions of your government to create the "national security" myth so that it can function without the knowledge of the public. You have allowed public interest programs [welfare, etc] to be established that in effect have caused millions of people to be dependent on you and even addicted to your power. I can easily continue this, but you should begin to understand the point. Each time each one of you loses your self power and each time you turn your own responsibility over to another or another organization, you gradually are working into the hands of the agents from the dark side. They thrive on control. When they have almost complete control, then you can only move in the direction of their choice, not yours. So it is easy to digress into the human experience. But it is yours and you may continue with it as before. There is a significant difference at this juncture, though. Of course I refer to the Earth's movement or ascent into a higher vibration. This and other planetary factors are "forcing the issues", so to speak. Humankind's DNA has been altered, but this alteration is easily bypassed when each individual realizes and recognizes its own spiritual being. Here I speak of the human oneness with itself, the spirits of the Earth, the Earth, the God Source, the Space friends - all within the universe. It is not the spiritualism as depicited with the authority and even rigidity of religions as generally understood. So, when the spiritual being is recognized, the affects of the changes to the human DNA is countered. What is all this leading to? Why make such a big issue out of certain aspects of the human being? Simple. With information and knowing, each of you is better prepared to make your choices. What might you expect? I shall now tell you. The agents and "aliens" will not surrender their control without a fight. They will use every trick at their disposal. Brothers will turn against brothers, sons against fathers - do these words sound familiar? The coming times are what these words were referencing. But it need not be. It is not a time of fear, as fear attracts fear. It is a time for love and acceptance [of yourself and others]. Your government (and others), if allowed to, will begin to take more and greater control over you, its citizens. You will begin to hear of more laws giving the government more absolute control under "certain circumstances". There will be a movement towards centralized records of each - a big computer. This will be done in the name of efficiency. Its real purpose is centralized tracking to assure each person is accounted for and to assure total support for whatever the government does. The move towards a smaller but more sophisticated armed forces. Smaller because it will be easier to control, easier to to train. Some of the technologies being developed are not in the best interest of any citizen of the entire planet. This technology would not be possible without the direct assistance of the agents, in the form of those from space, other planets. Your government has been working with these "negative" ET's for some 35-40 years. This is another story, but they have assisted you in development of weapons systems and craft. In turn, they have been given free reign to carry out their own needs on the human race. Humankind has become very adept at creating its own diseases and illnesses. But there has been some help in this regard. Germ warfare has become a science with the help of the space agents. Diseases have been introduced by these same agents - AIDS is NOT one of them. This is of your own making. The affects of yours and other governments work with the dark side are more widespread than you could even imagine. This is not intended to be a complete explanation of where you are at this time and where you may be going. It is intended to acquaint each of you with certain activities, events and future possibilities in a general way. There will be channelings from many sources clarifying this in detail. Each of you will benefit from being able to discern the correct path for yourself. Self awareness will be so important as you begin to experience some of what I speak, and decide what is for you and what is not. Humankind, both individually and collectively, has made many "history making" choices since the dawn of its arrival on this planet. Not too many years ago, yours and other governments felt a need to fortify their militaries. The assumption was to build up your defenses as a deterent. Some deliberately did this as a form of provocation to others. Your country is one of this type. But over time this can lead to even more aggressive tactics, which in turn attracts similar actions by others, particularly when directed towards a country, an individual, or even an ideology. This entire process can easily get out of hand and soon you may find yourself in an arms race. Each country in such circumstances then becomes more daring and places more emphasis on new and better arms. By this time the priorities have changed to such a degree that individuals - the people - are of no consequence. They are expendible. To many this may sound like the Hitler and Stalin eras. But the USA government TODAY has this de facto posture. Along the way your government made certain alliances or treaties with some unexpected guests - UFO's, space beings, those from distant planets. But your government and the Soviet Union had the opportunity to move in a different direction than each took. Ambassadors from the Pleiades [planets] and other star systems arranged for and in fact visited with representatives of your respective governments - your heads of state - President Truman [and others] and Joseph Stalin. [These visits occurred before the visits of those from the dark side.] The Pleiades are a loving and peaceful planetary system. They have had civilizations similar in many respects to the Earth at present. They had many of the same types of problems and they overcame them in a most peaceful and loving way. That was long ago. They are even more advanced now. So they [the Pleiades] offered these two governments their help out of love for humankind and the Earth. But they came in peace and would assist only in peaceful and loving ways. The governments must give up the arms race and work towards completely peaceful and nonmilitaristic solutions to world problems. But both governments were suspicious of the other and therefore refused. Both governments spoke for their citizens and refused the help of loving and at peace star beings. Both countries spoke for their citizens and said you preferred their approach. So the Pleiades, as with all positive and loving beings from other dimensions, could not infringe and interfere and therefore "withdrew" from the planet. They had seen the destructive power of nuclear weapons both on Earth and in other planetary systems. But they recognized an even greater destructive power, that of negative thinking. These appearances by the benevolent star beings allowed for the eventual intervention by those space beings who had been working behind the scenes for so long. They too made offers to the respective governments, only they knew what was wanted. They knew that power and weapons were the key. So your government in particular has been working with these dark side space beings. Russia did not join in as much, as they had their own civil unrests to deal with, although they have benefited from the alliances. More detail will be forthcoming on these circumstances and activities. For now this gives you a general idea of how your government has come by certain technologies. Keep in mind, neither trusted the other - agents or government. This is always the case in an "unholy" alliance. Consequently, the space aliens were never willing to give total technology to the humans for fear of having it used against them. Likewise, the US government would hold back on some of its promises and certain freedoms for the same reasons. Yet there has been tremendous activity and interaction among the appropriate organizations. The space agents have not been completely truthful with your government. Most humans involved could not comprehend many future events, and why, anyway. The government is not aware of the future directions of the planet Earth. They are aware of certain levels of potential activity but this is all. So this brings us to now, again, but from a slightly different perspective. Many in your government are preparing to initiate certain activities to perserve themselves under certain circumstances. More will soon be available on this. But this will all be done in the name of "national security" and the preservation of certain leaders and power brokers. The government will acknowledge the existence of the space agents but will deny any wrongdoing. The space beings will be introduced as being here to help humankind. In your marketing terms, you will be sold a "package", and many will buy it as they do not believe the government would harm its citizens. But there are alternatives. I anticipate this occurring in the near future, probably within a year. Keep in mind, the ultimate aim of the agents from the dark side is to continue and even reinforce control over the people. They are well aware of parts of the Master Plan and know the future of this planet will be moving. They cannot stop this [Earth] as it has the blessing of the Sun God and the God Source. But they can continue their focus on humankind, if you allow them to do so. This [allowing] has been, is, and will be most important for each to know. Your collective consciousness can allow or disallow what you choose. To reinforce their position, the space beings will be making special physical appearances in the future. The lords, who have similar control over those beings who have been working directly on Earth, will visit. They are indeed powerful, as they use their thoughts to empower themselves. They too, are from the dark side and they are the ones responsible for altering your DNA and introducing the different control systems. They know the human race inside and out, so there is no fooling them. These lords will appear to come in peace and love. They will be coming to "save" humankind. They will even do some very beneficial things for humankind. This will include such things as teaching you new medical technologies as well as other technologies. They will cure certain diseases that they brought to humankind in the first place. But this will look good for them. It will endear humankind to them. They will speak of love and truths. This will create much confusion in the minds of many, as the benevolent and loving space beings will also be presenting themselves. To those who can discern, this will present no difficulties. To those who have developed their self awareness, this will not present difficulties. But to the masses who still cling to their old ways by endorsing their own limitations, to these there will be potential difficulties. These "negative" space beings will give humankind a very attractive alternative to your current situations. This is a complete illusion but those who accept it will not realize this until it is too late for them. There are choices that each can make and that the mass consciousness acting as one can make. Every human on this planet has been given the same opportunity, the same knowledge for their self determination. There is absolutely no one who can say they did not know. Each of you have incarnated with the same ability to self empowerment, to being aware of your oneness, to being able to discern what is love and what is illusion. You have chosen your own kinds of programming to conceal your knowledge of your self and the universe. You can reverse this as well. I have explained in some detail events of the past, present and future, as you call it. Yet there will be volumes of details on this same subject. There is no intent to critize religion, only to point out in a general way its real affect on humankind. Even here there can be and is love within this tradition. Love always pleases the Father. But it is limited as it is based on judgement and guilt. Nevertheless it is a choice for many and may continue to be so even as the Earth goes into the 5th dimension. I will say that the light bodied inhabitants of [future] Earth will have a vibration that does not include religion as humans know it. There is no intent to condemn governments, as these, too are a product of the collective consciousness of its citizens. This is a choice. Each of you must decide what you want out of your government. So far you have allowed the government to speak for you. Do you wish for this to continue? It is your choice. There is no intent to characterize those space beings from the dark side as other than belonging to the One Creator. For we are all part of the One. But the Father of us all is not pleased with those whose path is not that of love. The One Creator loves all for Its love is perfect. But the Creator also says that for every harmful act there must be an offsetting or balancing act of love. Eventually, in the realm of timelessness, those from the dark side must come to terms with the love that the God Source offers to all. They can only do this in a loving way that will balance all harm or non-love each has done. One final point concerning your government. Its actions, though seemingly in its best interests, are in direct support of the agents who have helped each of you master control and limitations over yourself. However the consequences may be perceived, they are an anticipation of the lords who have played this game with humankind for thousands of years. I step aside at this time. I love each of you and I love the One Creator of us all. Abraham Humanity's Evolvement, The ET and DNA Influences, The Government's Role, and The Future September 28, 1992 Abraham and the Blend of Loving Energies have given you considerable information on the recent [relatively speaking] evolvement of humankind. It is true that volumes of details could and will be channeled on this, but we will restrict our channelings to considerably less than that. Tom has already written about how the DNA of humankind has been altered and how controls have been introduced into your civilizations. We are going to keep our focus primarily on the extraterrestrial involvements. Humankind has been a partner to its own development, but the ET's have been the major factor in applying the direction to take. Planet Earth is inhabited by many races of people. Every race has had its origin from another planet. It was not Adam and Eve who started it all, but settlements of ET's came from time to time. At first the ET's came directly to Earth and had to learn to adapt to this environment. There were countless attempts at trying to find the correctly suited physical structure to live within the Earth's atmosphere. The best suited physical bodies were a result of births on the planet. The Pleiades were the primary inhabitants of the Earth at first. They were followed by other star systems. Over a period of time the physical being began to adapt very well to the Earth's environment. At a point, the ET's were no longer needed as direct inhabitants, so they stopped living on the planet. However, they kept a constant view of the human development and physically touched in from time to time. Additionally, there have been different periods of time in the Earth's development when the ET's would return in person. Atlantis was one of the more notable civilizations. Lemuria was another. There were reasons for these. Humankind needed a "boost" in its development. Additionally, energies from other planets needed a place to resume their growth after certain disasterous affects. We of course are speaking of those energies who left Maldek, Mars, Venus, as well as some planets outside this solar system. There are specific stories about each of these planets that will be covered in some detail at a point. This information has been channeled to others as well. The ET presence on the Earth has been here in some form or another since it has been inhabited. Indeed, it was the Earth herself who asked for these energies to assist with her own growth and development. ALL energies are created for the purpose of love, including the planets. ALL energies have the choice in how or even if they pursue love. It was the Earth's choice to serve a humanoid type species and to have these humans assist her in reaching her own path of love. Many on the Earth at this present time are star beings who have participated in the Earth's development, and are here to continue that growth and to assist others in that most beautiful endeavor. Many walk among you who are from other star systems who do not view the Earth and humankind in a loving way. These will be much of our focus at this time. Thus far it should be obvious that humanity has not been, and is not alone. It has been humanity's own perceptions that this is the case, but this has been part of those controls introduced. Not all those ET's who have taken up "residence" on the Earth have been here with loving intent. Think of certain elements of your society who feed off the others. The mafia is a good example. It is only one of many, but is a good study for our point. As most of you understand this group, they thrive on money, greed, power and control. They love to live for those things that can bring them total pleasure, even at the expense of others. They have no respect for anyone. They do not love anyone, including themself. They have certain codes of ethics but even these are followed only when it serves their purpose. At the individual level, these people may seem to be God fearing, law abiding citizens - people with loving families and community responsibilities. Some may in fact carry out these roles very well, as long as it does not interfere with their primary purpose - to live off the people and control all they can. The analogy of the crime syndicates can very aptly describe the presence of the ET's from the dark side. These beings have a single overall interest and that is to use the Earth and its inhabitants to better their own existences, in whatever way possible and for whatever purpose. There are many reasons for them to be here. But they fall under the common themes of control, use and power. Many in the mafia have all the money they could spend in several lifetimes. Control and power have become their obsessions. This is also true of many ET existences, then and now. Of course the mafia's own existence is an extension of those from the dark side. How is it that we positive and loving ET's would allow such negativity to exist on the planet? We can stop certain types of harm and intervention, but primarily Earth is known as a zone of free will. This has been so ordained by the God Source and the Sun God. As an area or zone of free will, many restrictions have been removed. All of the universal laws or truths apply to Earth and its inhabitants. But each has the choice to abide by these or not. This does not mean that the One Creator is pleased when Its laws are not followed. Of course the Creator is not. The Creator's laws apply to all including the law of balance, or karma as most think of it. Regardless, there are many diverse needs throughout the universe, on many levels of reality, in all dimensions, in all star systems. There are those beings [dark side] who have followed the birth and growth of the Earth who have wished to establish their energies on the planet. Their presence grew over time until it was sufficient in strength to attract and invite even more powerful energies than were originally here. We in the Light have been continuously aware of these presences. But we are love and therefore allow others to be. Essentially it has been the humans who have continued to ask for those energies from the dark side, otherwise they would not be here. It was only a few in the beginning, but as humankind has selected the kinds of experiences to learn as a distinct species, many have chosen the ways of those negative ET's. This is how you have become partners to your current situations. We have talked at length about the ET's from the dark side. This is necessary in order to put the various roles in perspective. None of the ET activities just suddenly started. You are us, we are you - both positive and negative. There has been lesser or greater awareness of our presence as the situations of universal circumstances have "dictated". As Abraham channeled, certain significant events occurred 5,000 years ago. After thousands of years of experimenting on humankind, the negative ET's were able to introduce a change in your basic structure, that is your DNA. Their experiments were not done en masse, as those who were aware of a negative presence often refused these energies. However, the DNA work was performed anyway [on others]. There were many undesirable affects, even for those from the dark side. There were many physical mutations of humans as well as mental mutations. Those doing the experimenting were not concerned with either of these, but they could not produce the desired results. For instance, those of a physical difference were not accepted by others even as they were able to physically control or force their way in certain situations. Their presence was easily overcome by the other people. Likewise, those with mental mutations were either too slow to grasp even the most fundamental issues, or so genius as to not function at the level required for physical existence. It was of no concern to those beings that they were toying and playing with the human, as many humans are now doing with animals for research purposes. Their interest was in defeating the human consciousness so humankind could no longer recognize that it was an equal to all in the universe and could do anything it chose to do. However, these were patient beings as they finally succeeded in creating as part of the human DNA a very subtle change in its connections to its own spiritual, instinctive self to its higher self. We often refer to this as a "memory loss" to keep it simple. Humanity didn't really forget certain things as you do occasionally or when you allow senility to overcome you. The change was realized at birth. Each new born still felt connected to his or her spirit surroundings, but this began to change more quickly than before. Remember, in those times the young were not subjected to the same level of spiritual debunking and belief system indoctrinations as is now evident throughout the planet. Humankind treated the spiritual part of its nature with equal importance. But the efforts of DNA changes caused a very subtle loss of its connectivity, so that over time it was believed by these beings that it would have a most significant affect on the human consciousness. It was so subtle that few on the Earth recognized it and therefore did not overcome it. What occurred almost in conjunction with the DNA change was another change of even more significance. Those from the dark side in the guise of high priests began to teach humans about their soul's growth and the ways to attain eternal happiness and contentment. The "memory loss" caused just enough doubt in the human mind to begin seriously considering the teachings of "religion". This "caught on" quite well. Many were split between their own inner awareness that told them of their own truths, and those teachings of laws and judgements that would lead to an everlasting place at the right hand of God. In an effort to counter these inner voices another concept was introduced - commerce, which led to wealth, which led to industrialization. These reinforced material "beingness" - materialism, power, and indeed control. Humankind was now faced with and in fact focused on those things that were a perfect compliment to its "memory loss" of its spiritual attachment. With new kingdoms to build and mountains to climb, it was easy for humankind to very quickly lose sight of its own limitless self. Note that even in the earlier days of industrialization only a few controlled the majority of the wealth. This in turn "gave" them power as the non-wealthy sought what they had. Even today, the majority of the human race are not wealthy in material terms. It is to the advantage of those in control that the majority be controlled by a few. Otherwise, humankind will begin to recognize its own self worth and that it is equal to anyone. Humankind need only look around to see you have yet to learn this lesson. Many civilizations have set out realizing this and have intended to overcome the power and control obstacles. Practically all the European countries were founded on these freedom principles. See what has happened. Your United States was established on the premise of equality to all. Look around and see how you are controlled - this is not equality. Even communism has the premise of equal status to all. It did not take long for the power brokers to seize these opportunities to subject its citizens to the will and control of the opportunist. So it is easy for a sound ideal to take on the will of its people. When the will of the people is materialism, then you have a wealthy nation such as the US or Japan. This becomes an obsession for the masses and soon the focus is away from the spiritual, limitless, equal, loving self. The ideas of those from the dark side have worked to perfection on most humans. We have seen this introduced on other planets, but yours has raised the controls of religion and materialism to new heights, to a science if you will. Two seemingly contradictory ideals working so extremely well together to manuever and manipulate the human consciousness into believing humanity is what it is not - alone and not worthy of its own all loving Creator. Humankind has fought for its "place in the Sun" for as long as there has been an Earth. Humankind was in complete harmony with itself and the Earth, including the elements of nature. The human life was not physically easy since a physical existence was chosen. But humanity had all its physical needs met - food, shelter and recreation. It was only natural that many of your civilizations set out to embody the freedoms and equality mentioned previously. Within the mindset of control, it was equally natural that these efforts were doomed for failure, as the ideas of materialism became more common. When you are constantly striving for more and better, it is easy to lose sight of who you really are. This is not something we believe most would accept as their truth, but this is exactly what has been happening. Humankind has simply become distracted from the strength of the universal values of love. There have been channelings concerning the role of the ET's and governments, but we wish to elaborate. The Pleiades presented themselves to your government representatives at what was considered to be a very appropriate time. Your WWII was over and the fears of the atomic bomb had been realized. The US and Russia were racing against each other, even before that war ended. We felt the need to discontinue immediately the atomic bomb threat and could see a high probability of nuclear arms development. Each time these arsenals are released there is tremendous harm to the Earth, regardless of where they are exploded. There had just been years of killing and mutilitations, so your government should have been sympathetic to ceasing the production of arms. They should have been interested in only peaceful solutions to international disagreements. But this was not to be. Your government was suspicious of our presence from the moment we landed. (I, Ashtar, was a member of that entourage.) It was not a sudden appearance, as we had managed to go through certain channels of communications well in advance of the meeting. There was considerable fear on the part of your military leaders, those who had close connections with President Truman. There is no purpose served in naming names, especially since most have made their transition at this time. We can say that the military excerted the most pressure and control over the affairs of your government at that time. This is even stronger today. Our meeting with your government lasted almost three hours. We had to explain our position and what we had to offer. None of the humans who attended could comprehend that our motivations were based on love and desire to help. They kept looking for our "angle", our interest in some physical terms. We offered all the assistance that we felt was appropriate, but there were conditions. The major conditions were to stop immediate production of atomic weapons (the nuclear age wasn't quite here), turn all atomic weapons over to us for a safe destruction and neurtalization, and to begin immediately dismantling your military complex. There were to be communications to all major countries so they would hopefully follow suite. We would have visited many of these as well. With these arms barriers gone, the international issues could more easily be resolved within a peaceful context. We did not expect all nations to immediately turn to loving each other. But there would be mutual respect and peaceful coexistence. This would gradually lead to total acceptance, then to a single mindedness as a world. We had certain technologies to share. We suggested solutions to your use of solar energy and to your internal combustion engines that power your vehicles. We were prepared to explore all avenues of peaceful growth and development. We would not have forced anything on anyone who did not wish to have what we had to offer. We were simply presenting much of what was available. Of course your government and the Russian government turned down our suggestions. It was our belief that Russia would have followed your lead had your government accepted our offers. Those in control wanted to keep that control. Arms, force and intimidation are ways to maintain that. When there is peace and love and respect for others, there is absolutely no need for the kinds of controls that governments and other organizations are empowered with. Instead of our peace offerings, your government was subsequently presented with "their kind of offer". Another "kind" of ET approached your government. This time they had promises of military and technological assistance. They demonstrated some of their power. Your officials were awed by what they saw and what they could do with such advanced systems. But there was a price to be extracted for these gifts. Your government must agree to allow these ET's to visit with certain people and conduct medical experiments on them without interference. Your leaders were both greedy and naive, as they could not comprehend the consequences of what they were allowing. Even at that, they were willing to sacrifice some pain and discomfort for the good of the "national security". There were other concessions, but those may be covered at another time. The experiments began almost immediately. The government was to essentially ignore any citizens complaints or fears. Of course your government established certain committees to review the evidence of sightings. These groups never intended to reveal anything. It was all for show. The experiments and abductions have continued unabated from that time to now. Other very significant factors are now to have an impact on your future. The Earth has decided to develop her own being into the 5th dimension. The Earth is preparing for this. There are many planetary energies focused on the Earth and your solar system that are going to have the most dramatic impact on your existence.The Earth is responding to these as part of her planned development. This will have a most significant affect on the human species. The specifics of this will be discussed at other times. The point here is humankind is at a crossroads in its own growth. Those in your government believe changes are to occur but do not really comprehend what, as they are not focused on the kinds of development that humans and the planet can make. The US government made clear choices for its people and that was to pursue the interests of those who saw weapons systems and technologies of control devices as the directions of growth. The public has not been aware of many secret groups and discussions. Yet each of you allows this as you accept the kinds of people who are elected as your representatives. Your mass consciousness condones the actions of your leaders. We have given considerable background so that those who choose can discern the roles of your government and those we refer to as negative ET's. There has been a very close relationship developed between the ET's and a relative few within your government. But many others are involved as they are part of the power brokers, and others who do not question their own loyalty. Then there are countless others who have been so programmed that they no longer can differentiate positive from negative influences. These simply accept their role and assume Uncle Sam would never do anything that is not in their best interests. So what is next? The Earth and humankind are changing. It is humankind's choice - if this will be done by the individual minority, or if the masses will join in. This is the most important aspect of what will happen from this point forward for humankind. En masse, you can change anything. Individually, you can only change circumstances for yourself. The US government is preparing to make part of its ET connections public. This is being done for two reasons, primarily. One, many of you are working at different levels to help force this information out of the secret meetings. We, too, are assisting by making our presence known to as many as are open to us. This in turn is creating awareness on your part. It is becoming more difficult for your government to deny the obvious. Second, the information may eventually be known, as the Earth changes are going to "force the hands" of the ET's from the dark side who have an interest in humanity. Your government is not divulging any information out of care and concern for you, its citizens. They will try to salvage their credibility through a media campaign, and at the same time conceal most of the truth and their real intentions. Your government WILL NOT TELL YOU THE TRUTH about what has occurred and what is happening. Many will think it is no big deal that what you are told is "the truth". These are the ones who are willing to accept whatever your national and local governments give them - these empower the governmental and business leaders with their control. Here is what you can expect. Your government will begin to advise its citizens of the existence of extraterrestrials. They will admit they have been doing some work behind the scenes with them to develop security systems. They will tell you that this was kept secret because of the risks involved and because they didn't feel the public was ready for such information. They feared mass panic. They will deny any knowledge of the abduction incidences many have been talking about. After much discussion of these issues, you will be introduced to the "loving" ET's who are here to help humankind. This may even be a TV affair. Once you have gotten used to the ideas of their existence, you will be informed of things in the future. Some of this will be true, some will not. All while this is happening the government will be preparing the public to accept even more controls, although these will be in disguise. You will continually be advised that everything is in your best interests. There will be many true examples that will "prove" the government is correct. At a point in the not too distant future, you will be advised of even more wonderful and loving beings who will appear to you. We think this will be within five years. When these ET's arrive, you will be asked to look beyond their physical appearances and feel their love for humankind. The ones referred to are those who are very powerful. They control those [ET's] who are now working with the US government, much the same as the mafia bosses control their lieutenants. These ET's will demonstrate their love for humankind, as they perform miracles and wonderous deeds. Their entire demeanor will be for the purpose of convincing those on the Earth that you would be wise to listen to what they tell you. Observe the medical cures they will perform. They will not be telling you that THEY are the ones who inflicted many of these same ailments on your species. They want credit for the cures so humankind will be endeared to them. Then at a point, you will be told of the real reason they have come. Planet Earth is changing and there will be even more devastation than what has already been witnessed. They will tell you it will be necessary to leave the Earth if you wish to survive. They will offer the solution for you. They will tell of planets prepared as havens from certain devastation and death. They will "take" many to their "golden cities" as witnesses to what they tell you. Their offers of assistance will be most attractive to those who cannot discern the dark side from the Light. Many of you have heard of holograms. These are duplications of places, people and events in the most detailed and realistic fashion. Those from the dark side are masters at the use of holograms. They will create cities of illusion for some to see and others to "visit". Those who choose to accept and go with these ET's will not be getting what they have seen and heard about. It is the choice of each of you as to what to do. Your government will encourage each to go. In fact they will exercise their controls to coerce you, since it will be "in your best interests" to do so. Once you have decided to accept their invitation and leave with them, it is too late for you. You will soon find out just what an illusion they presented to you. For those who choose the path of the negative ET's, you will be used for the benefit of those who have taken you. You will be ENSLAVED. This will take on various forms, but you will be under the direct control of your ET "caretakers". There is no physical way out of your situations. Many will be used in experiments, medical and otherwise. Many will literally be slave labor. Physical death will be your only escape. We are being open with you at this time, but we are not giving the colorful details of your [new] existence with the ET's. You will have the choice and it is your decision alone. You will be angry and say you were duped. This will be true, but you will have allowed this to happen. You have every opportunity to develop your own spiritual awareness so that you instinctively know what is best for you. There are no excuses. But there are alternatives. WE are an alternative and we will also present ourselves to you, but in a much different fashion. We will only say at this time [for brevity sake] that each will have opportunities to accept our love and our assistance. But this will not be forced on anyone, as this is not the way of the Light. The God Source asks that we love and do no harm. This we do in joy, for we are love. So those who can discern our vibrations from the others will have no difficulty in knowing who we are and who you are. These are some of the things that humanity and the Earth are preparing for. There will be an opportunity to move elsewhere as the Earth prepares herself for the light-bodied inhabitants that many humans will aspire to be. This is called the Great Harvest of Souls and you will be hearing much more about it. But we tell you that all is well for those who have inner awareness to know their own truths, and do not give that responsibility to governments, churches, organizations or even us or other individuals. For you this represents spiritual growth that you have been seeking for many lifetimes. I conclude at this time. There is much more for me to tell you. This we will do. But I ask that you learn to love yourself and the Earth. This is the best preparation you can make for what is to come. I leave in love for you and for the Infinite Creator of us all. Ashtar, Of The Ashtar Command The Dark Forces In Government and The Coming Of The Reptilian's October 12, 1992 It is not our intent now or ever to put down any individual or organization, including governments. We recognize organizations are generally a reflection of the individual members' beliefs. But this does not mean that we concur with the direction being taken. When the direction pursued is detrimental to the Earth, then we become even more concerned, as this beautiful energy has asked for our assistance. I have spoken some about your government's involvement with the forces of the dark side. Most in your government do not have any direct connections to these negative types. At the same time, most do support the actions of your government since they have agreed to be part of it - most but not all. There are several organizations (agencies) who are very directly involved in a way that may have an impact on your future as free citizens. Why do we tell you this? As with all the other things, so you can be aware and prepare yourself for the different choices you will have. Of course one of these is to utilize your mass consciousness to change whatever you deem appropriate. So each and all have decisions to make as to which direction to take. Many are, in fact, on the Earth to continue the present course of government dominance and interference. These people have made the big brother issues very attractive and almost necessary for your safety and even your existence. Others are here to grow and develop in an appropriate manner for themselves. Yet most of these have been influenced by those whose intent is to control. So your governments, national and local, can continue to grow and expand their responsibilities - if left unchecked by each of you citizens. Herein lies the real danger for you. If the government is not challenged and held accountable, then there can be no stopping it and no excuses for the consequences. I started to tell you of certain agencies and departments within your government whose positions are in concert with the dark forces we have mentioned in previous channelings. The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and NSA (National Security Agency) are the primary arms of the negative ET's. Any area of any government that works in secrecy for whatever reason, is not doing this in the best interest of its citizens. The entire idea of democracy has been undermined by the practices of the secret types of organizations. The FBI is another such agency, although there are many in this organization who are simply misguided. There are also several committeed-type units that have been commisioned by your presidents to perform certain special temporary assignment, only to have their legal lives extended indefinitely. It is through these kinds of secret organizations that your government is working with the dark forces in several capacities. They have been engaged in control exercises of foreign governments as well as against certain elements of your society. These all come under the general heading of "national security". Some have also been working with the "alien existences" to gain strong influence over the people of your country and others. They have not had to execute people to do this. They have been at work building voter apathy and encouraging people to place their total trust in the different arms of government. Most people have been more than willing to comply with the wishes of those who say your government is for and by the people. They focus on unyielding patriotism at times, which encourges its own brand of prejudice and hate. There is a considerable amount we could say about the government's role. It is not our intent to mention names at this time, for then they might become the focus of "counter measures". This would dilute the process and cause a deflection from the real issues. Regardless of all that is said, a positive, loving and caring mass consciousness is all you need. These energies can override any kind of negative or potentially negative situations that may occur. I cannot emphasize enough that your government is not all "bad". There are many beautiful souls working within its different branches. They are trying to be heard. Some are waiting for the right time to make their presence felt. Many others are just the "honest Joe" trying to make an honest living and being good public servants. However, most of these are being overshadowed by the types I have already mentioned. I am focusing on the negative energies, as these are your country's second greatest concern. The first is the disease already mentioned - complancey. It is through citizen complacency that the secret agencies of government have gained such strong hold on the entire system. The people have allowed this to happen. The people can and should demand accountability from all areas of government. Forget national security. This is a deliberate creation by the power brokers to conceal their own behavior. It is this attitude that the dark forces have had so much success at controlling. It is a perfect situation for them. As mentioned earlier, the CIA and NSA are the primary areas that have created the illusions of national security. These have worked very closely with high level military officials to experiment with certain weapons systems, and humans as well. We do not refer to those elements that give the military intelligence information. These are merely a cover for the real forces of these organizations - and some lesser ones - but very powerful ones. Each citizen has the right within the framwork of your form of government, to ask and receive total accountability from the system. When is the last time this was done? Longer than most can remember. The loss of accountability began prior to WWI, and quickly eroded as the vested interest groups and power brokers began to exert themselves. Anytime a large military establishment exists, the resources and focus of government are directed away from the good of the individual citizen. The dark forces have been most instrumental and most active in this regard. They have done this in many, many ways - by creating direct conflict (war), by encouraging such actions, by fanning the fires of patriotism which is nothing more than a disguised separatism, by encouraging industrialization and using the war efforts to impregnate the national thinking with the rewards of industry and jobs. You might even say that these forces have hit you from all sides - they have. But you have allowed this to happen for your unique human experiences. You call it progress, self preservation, and national security. These forces are at work in practically all governments. Another way of describing the situation is "lack of love". There must be a way out or an end to all of this, right? There is, BUT! It will take a monumental but simple effort to counter all the potential negative energies and activities that are there. Love yourself, allow others to be, learn to go within for your answers, and stand up to your different governments - these are the quick ways to affect change. These will all impact mass consciousness in a positive way. Otherwise, the following will most likely occur. Some of the most powerful people in your government are either part of the dark forces, or are directly under their control. The negative ET's have "agreements" with your government. This we have already told you. These so called agreements are not worth the paper they have been written on, if the negatives choose otherwise. Initially, the agreements were very specific. But over time they have been redrafted to allow more and more free intervention by the negative ET's. Of course the tradeoff was for weapons. But what has happened is the almost total control over those in your government by the negative ET's. It is so convincing, that the agreements mean very little as the dark forces could proceed as they wish, anytime they feel it appropriate. Only a positive, loving collective consciousness can stop their plan. I have already told of the Earth changes, at least in a general way. These are the major reasons for the relative immediacy of actions to be taken. Your government has agreed to allow certain Reptilian type beings the total freedom over the citizens of your nation, as well as all other nations they choose, without any real interference. These Reptilian ET's have control over certain ET's from the dark side of the Orion planets. Many refer to them as Grays. These are the primary beings doing the experiments on your species, as well as abductions. There are three other groups of extraterrestrials who are doing this as well, but the Orion Grays are the major group and have been for some time. Understand this - these negative ET's from Orion are in the minority as for as ET's from Orion. By and large these planets are occupied by benevolent, loving space friends who wish only to help the Earth and humankind. It is the negatives from the Orion group your government has bodies of as well as craft. Nothing is impossible, but we are far too advanced to crash our craft into the Earth. We do not wish harm to any energy, only love. The negative ET's craft do not compare in any favorable way to what we can manifest. From an evolutionary perspective, we are "light years" ahead. They are powerful, do not doubt this for an instant. But they have placed limitations on their love development. Consequently, their entire existence is limited. But we do not use force of anykind. We are love and therefore believe in the laws of balance as specified by the One Creator. I now return to the potential evolvement of certain circumstances. The Reptilian's, or Lizards as some may view them, are of a very high, but negative vibration. If you doubt their power, look around you and you will see how forceful and ingenious they are. Religion, materialism, control - all of these they have been very subtly introduced to this planet. These are what have allowed them to make such inroads with the human. There power is to be respected but NOT feared. This is most important. THEY THRIVE ON FEAR AND INTIMIDATION. They know all the angles, for they have probably created them as toys for humanity. The Lizards will not appear to be forcing themselves on you. They are masters of deception. They will seem to come to help you. We have mentioned this in an earlier channeling. They prefer to win you over. If they use force, at least initially, too many people will immediately see through their facade. They are seeking the same kind of mind control over each individual as they have over those in government, and even their subordinate ET's (the Gray's). It is up to each person to allow this to happen. Just going along with things is as much mind control as direct control. There is really no difference. Your government will be very visible at first, as they work for you, the citizens, to help head off the planetary crisis. Most people will prefer working with Uncle Sam anyway. How will all this happen? Many have already heard of ways. There are several options available. The most likely one is to declare a national emergency for several very "valid" reasons. There are various military units standing by to be called into action at the word of the "President". These are "elite" groups who have a fanatical view of patriotism. They are very controlled and will respond to certain commands. Most of these have been subjected to different mind control techniques, including direct contact with the negative ET's. Your government has used different mind altering chemicals on many in an effort to gain control over them. They have been very successful. These units are subject to hypnotic suggestions. Of course no physical system is perfect and there will be opportunities for failures of these systems, thereby allowing many to understand what is happening. Again, mass concsiousness can offset this. The power structure within your government will attempt to dictate to you, but they will have to act outside your constitution. They in effect will suspend it, if not officially, then de facto. As I have said, they will give very convincing details for such actions. They will be telling of citizen insurrections that are in the form of non-family values (sound familiar?). They will tell you that your Christian values and ethics are under seige and it is time to protect them. At the same time there will be certain "natural disasters" that create certain needs. These disasters will be caused by the powerful negative forces. Also there will be an ET alert. The focus will be on the "non loving" ones, us. Self awareness is so extremely important. Discernment will be your only guide in these situations. With each of these circumstances, the military will take on greater and greater roles to disarm the people and make them feel secure. There could be much bloodshed for those so inclined. As allegiance to the ET "saviors" is gained, your government leaders will become less and less involved, as the negatives begin to exert total control. At the same time they will continue to make you believe they are your friends and still working with your government leaders. The entire idea of the troop movements and dictatorship is force. A true democratic form of government would not consider these methods at all. If each of you will be able to set aside your own personal fears and other emotions, you can easily realize that whatever is happening through your government or the Lizard leaders, is not in your best interest, unless you are also from the dark side. After all the "dust settles", you will be advised as to the real reasons for the negative ET appearance. You will be told of certain pending and inevitable doomsday occurrences that will more than likely destroy your planet Earth and everything on it. The picture you will be painted will be one that leaves you no recourse. But their sales job will not be complete yet. You will be told how advanced they are and how you can be part of that process on distant planets. They will take some volunteers to view these beautiful planets and their golden cities. Whoever is witness to these places will be overcome by the beauty and peacefulness. Many others will also have views of these unbelievable cities and countrysides. This is all yours, you will be told, along with the advanced technology to support them. You will then be asked and expected to agree to leave at the appropriate time. All while they are communicating these things to you, you will be subjected to the most advanced form of mind control you could imagine. Once you have agreed to their offers, you will then be processed to prepare you for passage. The actual passage will be some time off for most, as you will need to prepare yourself mentally, physically and "spiritually". In fact what you will be doing is allowing the negatives to assert their control over you. For there are no golden cities to be transported to. What many will have witnessed are the masterful use of holograms to create illusions of truth for those seeking them. Each who agrees to the negative ET's offers will find themself taken through a process somewhat like meditation. Only you will be opening yourself up to the direct control techniques of those from the dark side. There will be some to recognize what is happening and they will resist. These will be isolated if caught so as to not alarm the others. Your government will be using its own intimidation to assure that each is a participant. Once you have completely submitted to their control, whether on the Earth before you leave, or somewhere in space, there is no turning back for you. Most will not even recognize the need to turn back, at least initially. For some it will not take long to recognize your predicament. Some will be subjected to physical experiments, ranging from organ transplanting to impregnation and child birthing. Many will actually transition from the experiments as they are traumatized so extensively. As gruesome as it may sound, many will become a form of human sacrifice. Many, many more will be forced into labor camps, both on the Earth and on distant planets. All who choose to be with the Reptilian's will be pressed into some type of service, or directly USED. You will no longer be a unique being, but will become a toy and slave of those you so trusted. There will be absolutely no escape for you in this lifetime, especially once you have been taken to the "golden cities". Only when you make your transition, will you be free. Many of the government leaders, particularly those of the dark focus, will be elevated within the ranks of the negative ET's. Others will become slaves themselves when they are no longer needed. There is no "code of honor" among the Reptilian's. They only recognize power and the ability to create fear in others. I have left out many more details. One very important truth to remember is that each has a choice, or choices, now and then. What you choose will contribute to your reality. WE are a choice for you. We come in love and offer love. We do not expect anything from you. We will help only if asked we are asked to. This [asked not forced] alone will be difficult for many to comprehend, as you have been taught so well to force your views and beliefs on others, especially when you know its for their own good. To those who follow these truths, true discernment will be most difficult. I will continue at another time to tell you more about your options for us. There are Light workers among you who will provide you with guidance, if you wish to listen to them. I will tell you other things concerning the negative ET's, but mostly I will tell you of our love. I leave in love for each of you and for the God Source of us all. Ashtar, Of The Ashtar Command The Time Is Soon For Humans To Decide October 19, 1992 I AM. I love you. You have been channeling information concerning the human experience for the past several weeks. I tell each who reads these to listen closely to the words. I love all things including those energies referred to as the dark forces. But these energies set themselves up as non-loving beings. For they do this as they do harm to others and to the Earth. I am not pleased with the actions of these dark forces. But I allow them to choose their own path, just as I allow the beautiful space friends who do not infringe on others to follow their path. Those from the dark side know that I AM, but they deny their love of themselves and others. Therefore they deny Me. I tell you the time is soon when what has been spoken will indeed present itself to those on the Earth. It is time for humans to decide which experiences you prefer in your own development and which you do not. I love all things and I AM LOVE FOR ALL THINGS. The God Source Space Friends Are A Choice As The Earth Changes and The Importance Of Discernment October 20, 1992 I will speak about the options or choices that each of you will have, with particular focus on what we "have to offer". I have given considerable information on what to expect from the dark forces and from your government. Of course there is much more I could say on this subject. I do not wish to dwell on the negative aspects of the choices anymore than I consider necessary for your general information. To do so gives the potential of drawing those energies closer to you. This does not mean I wish to avoid mention of them. To speak more of the dark side's involvement at this time would not be a good service to you. I always suggest you protect yourself from any form of negativity, particularly those powerful energies wI have previously mentioned. I have to maintain a certain balance with regards the information I may provide. I want you to know all that you wish to, yet much caution is in order when relating to the negative forces. I will continue to mention those from the dark side when it is appropriate. However, there is another side, that is the Light, us and countless other beings of light, who are willing to help when called upon. As you may recall [from previous channelings], the origination of humankind upon this planet came from the Pleiades. They have their own "history" from which they may draw many parallels to your present day Earth. Some people have suggested that they are from your future and say they have regressed to change or affect the outcome of certain events. This is only partially true. Indeed we are from your future in a certain sense. But all is now. We are all simultaneous. Therefore there is no real past or future, only now. But in a sense we are your future. I do not intend to make this complicated, as Tom has repeatedly requested that I keep it simple and in this I concur. But some things, no matter how simplified I see them, are very complex when viewed from your present perspective. So I often leave off certain aspects to keep it as understandable as possible. Others may in fact want the "uncut" version of what I say. This too I respect and often provide. However, if our truths are beyond your present comprehension, then it does little good to "impress" you with our expansive knowledge. I and your other space friends are of the Light and are the Light, the light of love. We have much love to offer you but we have learned through our own development that we can only offer it, not force it on you. There were times in our history, eons ago, that we too, were zealous with our belief systems. We evangelized and presented our heart felt position to those who wanted them as well as those who did not. We were missionaries in our own right. We knew what was best for anyone, even those with a view different than ours. So this is just one of the parallels we can call from our own experiences. We are now light beings or star beings if you prefer. We are pure love but not perfect love, as only the God Source can make this claim. But there are others who are "close" to perfect love. Here we speak of "perfect" as one of your limiting expressions. Actually you do not have a word that can properly describe our level of love. We are outside your comprehension. Yet we must relate to you as well as we can. From your limited understanding we are perfect love. The God Source is complete love which is perfect and total in every respect. As loving star beings, we offer our services to humankind and the Earth. We do this for no other reason than because we love you. And because we love you, we do not and cannot interfere with your spiritual growth and development. We have much to give you if you ask us, but it is a gift and does not have to be accepted. There is no good served, EVER, when the will of one is forced in any way upon another. Even if you see a person drowning and that person clearly defies any assistance, then to force your life saving techniques on this person does not serve any useful purpose. Many will object to this, but what I say is true. Of course in my example, you must completely understand that the drowning victim wishes no assistance. Each person's destiny is in their own hands. It is each person's responsibility to present only their own self, their own direction. Some gladly turn this over to others, for seldom do they understand the consequences of their own decisions. We do not and cannot accept the responsibility for any energy except our own. This is why we do not infringe on or force our beliefs on anyone. Many in time may be taken in by the Reptilians, as they will not only appear to be helping humankind in general ways, but they will also insist on acceptance of their ways. If nothing else serves as a warning to cause each to think, it should be the insistance or forcing of beliefs on the people, by these or ANY energy. Most in this country and others are firmly convinced that it is necessary to help those who cannot help themself, including those who do not even want the help. This attitude will fit well with the "help" to be offered by the Reptilians. On the other hand, this is not our way. It is not appropriate to interfere with your right to choose. It is your free will to experience whatever it is you set out to do, as long as it does not harm another. It is your free will to not expect another to impose any belief upon you. Humankind will be given a choice. The Earth has made her choice to move into a higher realm. But it cannot easily do this with the harm created by humankind. This includes physical and vibrational harm. Therefore the Earth must cleanse herself of the different levels of negativity. It will do this in a most natural way, by means of water, wind and indeed all the elements. Much of this is not necessary as humanity alone can change into a more loving vibration. There are many physical Earth changes that must occur, regardless of what humankind does. These are for the purpose of realigning the Earth's balance for its new orbit around the Sun. But there will also come a time when humankind must temporily leave the Earth so the final cleansing can take place. The Earth will return itself to its true and pure natural state. It will be a place of harmony and love, of lush green forests and clean waters. It is during this period of transformation that humankind must leave, for humans will not be able to withstand the cleansing powers as well as the 5th dimensional vibrational changes. There will be choices to make, this is for certain. We have already given some perspective of what will occur if the dark forces are your choices. We are the positive, loving choice for those who can discern us to be so. It will not be necessary for you to believe in our ways, or to change your beliefs in order to make us your choice. You merely need to acknowledge that we are your choice and sincerely defy what the dark side may have for you. There will be opportunities for each to continue developing at whatever belief level you may have. This will be done elsewhere, but it will be allowed to be so. At the same time, those wishing to remove their limitations can do so. This too can be done without our assistance. It will be done without our interference. It is not necessary that each citizen knows all the facts about what is to occur within your government. It is not necessary that each person knows all the details about the coming of the Reptilians. It is not necessary for these things to be known in order for each person to choose a path of love and project that as a part of mass consciousness. This would be most affective. At the same time it is obvious to us, your space friends, that there has been considerable programming of each of you in those areas that do not normally cause you to wonder about beings from space coming forth, or lack of trust in certain elements of your government. So this creates a slight dilemma for us. We are not ones to go around "preaching" to get our message across. At the same time, we are well aware of the many potential Earth changes and the relative short time period for great change to and upon the Earth. So we have been asked by your Mother Earth for some assistance. We have been asked by your Sun to help those who would seek our help, if they but knew of our existence. And we have been asked by the God Source, the Creator of all things, to help in the most loving of ways to make the Earth's transformation into the 5th dimensional being a most pleasant and swift one, and at the same time to offer the same loving assistance to each on the Earth who will accept us. We are of the Light and therefore we are love. In whatever way we offer our assistance to you, it must be known by all, that we give it to you without any requirements or conditions attached. We and our help need not be accepted. But this does not mean we will not be seen or even heard, outside of channelings such as this. There will be a time in the relatively near future that we will appear to the masses, just as we may on an individual level at this time. We tell you this so you do not believe we leave everything to your future imagination, as those from the dark side come forth when their time is right. We do not intend to come as sales people, selling our services. This we want you to know. We are here in love now, and this will be so when our physical manifestations are to be. We wish to influence only your own self awareness, your own self love. Master Jesus taught these same loving principles to those on the Earth. Some listened, most did not. There has been a focus on the man called Jesus and not on what he really had to say. He spoke of love, but look around you and search for love. Most on the Earth know of Jesus, the man, but most do not know of love, his message. We do not want you to focus on us as star beings, but as messengers and helpers. We want you to focus on the love, the Christ love, and not so much the Christ, and certainly not the different star beings who could visit you. This is one reason there are already many, many star beings among you. They are here to work WITH YOU and to help whoever will accept their help. They have come at great risk to themselves, for they are subject to the same physical laws, the same bombardment of non-love, and the same programming as all on the Earth are. These we tell you are your "walk-ins". These are those who are you and are us - we are all one. Many are now awakening to their origin. Many more will do so in the future. I must say that some will not choose the path they agreed to because of the strong influences of those things I have already mentioned. This possibility was recognized before the physical reality of their incarnation. Each is responsible for themselves, regardless. The dark forces are particularly adept at identifying those star vibrations and focusing their energies in various ways on these individuals so they may keep them from their agreed to path. I tell you of these things so you will know the physical influences are potentially very great on those who have accepted the human form as their way to help. These men and women and children are not "supermen", but merely like each of you. They are here to help, just as we are, just as others in the human body are. It is not wise that I give the names, as some people may look up to them when this is not the intent, or others may target them for negative actions. You may ask and those who know will tell you. But it is not important who they are, but who EACH IS. We do not present ourselves to most because most are not ready. We do not wish to infringe on or influence your free will to choose your own destiny. Over time many have closed off their spiritual awareness. In doing this you have lost your sense to recognize our non-physical presence among you. Many have lost that trust in themselves and their ability to discern the many energies that are now around you. For the Earth plane abounds with energies to help humankind, only most have accepted these as myths and not real. These spirit energies are in ALL things, on and around the Earth. Most have grown to believe that "spirit" is an untruth. The word "spirit" is simply a meaning for the non-physical. You are now in the 4th dimension, but most view your surroundings and your thoughts from the 3rd dimensional beliefs. As you can see, I can direct my words to so many facets of your human experience. This is easy for me to do when trying to inform you of what is happening around you. As I have said, knowledge of all things is not important in order to accept love, whether from us, the Christ, the Creator of us all or from all of our energies. But it is important for each to know discernment, that ability to recognize the energies of truth and love. It is not something you can get from these or any channelings. It is not available from your Bible or other holy books. It is not going to be automatic when you see our physical manifestations or the physical presence of the dark forces. Discernment is an ability each soul on the Earth has, but most have confused with judgement. It is your own, instinctive ability to feel or know a certain way. It is your own responsibility to develop, or not to do so. I leave at this time. I do so in love for humankind, the Earth and for the One Creator of us all. Ashtar, Of The Ashtar Command Your Soul Is Aware October 6, 1992 There are times in each soul's existence when that soul is aware of a major universal event to take place. This time is now for those on the Earth and those of us who observe. We know what is to occur. Those who are incarnate are instinctively aware that "something" is getting ready to happen. It is each soul's responsibility to develop their individual spiritual tools and abilities so as to love self and the God of us all. This each has agreed to do to their own unique extent. I urge each of you to go into a deep and thoughtful self prayer to know what you are about. Do this in sincere love and I guarantee you will be filled with spiritual awareness and spiritual choices. I love each of you and I love the Father. Christ CHRIST LOVES REGARDLESS OF YOUR HUMAN EXPERIENCES October 20, 1992 Our Father has spoken of the choices that those on the Earth will make. I too say that I am with each of you. I love you regardless of the experiences you choose. Do not measure your ability to love by the physical pleasure or pain that you may have, or even the physical esctasy you may realize. No, measure your love from your heart and how you feel towards yourself and others as well, regardless of what others may or may not do. All that you need is within you. Learn to listen above all else. Trust in your true loving self. I love each of you and I love the Father. Christ