A Zhirinovsky Coup?

Date:         Wed, 01 Mar 95 23:23:38 EST

Subject:      4.  A Zhirinovsky Coup? (fwd)

                          ***A ZHIRINOVSKY COUP?***

                                 By J. Adams

                                January, 1995

                   "I am the almighty.  I am the tyrant.

                    I will follow in Hitler's footsteps."

                           (Vladimir Zhirinovsky)

                                 -The Crash-

    As I have  been  recently  warning,  based  upon  a  form  of  long-wave

analysis,  an historically unprecedented "crash" is looming (contact Elliott

Wave International at 1-800-336-1618 for more information).  In  seeking  to

discern what could be the source of this crash and,  in turn, dramatic upset

of popular expectations,  I experienced some supernatural hints that led  me

to  conclude  Russia  is  planning  a  surprise attack against the West.  As

spelled out in my November article, 'A Global War?',  I believe this war may

begin  with a bogus Zhirinovsky coup in Moscow.  Recent developments suggest

that such a coup might now be imminent.

                        -The Zhirinovsky Connection-

    I  have  been tracking Vladimir Zhirinovsky for well over two years now.

In a paper I wrote in early December  of  1993,  entitled  'The  Zhirinovsky

Connection',   I   specifically  predicted  his  party  would  win  Russia's

parliamentary elections since I expected the elections to  be  rigged  ('The

Zhirinovsky  Connection'  and two related articles are being sent along with

this paper).  According to the Zhirinovsky connection, Moscow is planning to

throw a bogus Zhirinovsky coup in order to open  the  way  for  launching  a

third world war against the West.

                -Chechnya & The Coming Russian Military Coup-

                 "There is great danger of a military coup."

                               (Yegor Gaidar)

                       (former Russian prime minister)

    Russian military intevention in  the  breakaway  republic  of  Chechnya,

which  began on December 11th of last year,  is likely opening the way for a

Zhirinovsky coup in the near future.  As I wrote in a December 23rd article,

entitled 'Chechnya and Russia's Last Dash to the South':  "The seeming chaos

in  Chechnya  is  being  matched  with  chaos  in the political and military

leadership in Moscow in order to open the way  for  an  eventual  Zhrinovsky


    All the classic signs have emerged to indicate  the  current  crisis  in

Chechnya  is  part  of  Russia's  deceptive  pursuits.  By  orchestrating  a

significant military and geopolitical bungle on the part of president  Boris

Yeltsin,  a  pretext  is  being  created for Russian hardliners to overthrow

Yeltsin's government  and  establish  a  military  dictatorship.  Given  the

Zhirinovsky connection, it is clear that Yeltsin will eventually be replaced

by Vladimir Zhirinovsky,  thus opening the way for the global war Moscow has

been planning probably for decades.

                  -Parallels with the August Coup in 1991-

                         "A dictatorship is coming."

                            (Eduard Shevardnadze)

                  (Soviet Foreign Minister under Gorbachev)

               (comment from a high-profile retirement speech)

              (several months prior to the August coup in 1991)

    Moscow has  been  setting  the  stage  for  the  collapse  of  Yeltsin's

government over the past several months in a manner similar to what preceded

the August 1991 coup in the Soviet Union and, in turn, the demise of Mikhail

Gorbachev's  government.   In  early  1991,  Gorbachev  ordered  a  military

crackdown in response  to  a  declaration  of  independence  by  the  Baltic

Republics,   thereby   upsetting   his   reformist   allies.   His  apparent

unwillingness to use sufficient  force  to  crush  the  Baltic  independence

movements  and  prevent  a  breakup  of  the  Soviet Union then led to anger

amongst his allies on the right.  Finally,  just as Gorbachev was  about  to

sign  a  new union agreement that would reduce the Kremlin's central control

over the Soviet republics,  the hardline circle that had become  Gorbachev's

center of support turned against him and threw the August '91 failed coup.

    Likewise,  in recent months Yeltsin's support on the left and right  has

been  rapidly  dissolving.  During the autumn,  seemingly reckless policy on

the part of Russia's Central Bank triggered a collapse in the value  of  the

Russian  ruble.  This,  in  turn,  was  used  as  a pretext for a shakeup of

Yeltsin's government that eventually led to the dismissal or resignation  of

the  main  liberal  reformers in his Cabinet.  Following this break with his

liberal allies, Yeltsin surrounded himself with a small circle of hardliners

in the context of his secretive Security  Council.  Thus  came  his  fateful

decision  to  take  military  action  to  regain  the  breakaway republic of

Chechnya.  Since this operation has gone awry in a  manner  similar  to  the

failed  crackdown Gorbachev ordered in the Baltics in 1991,  Yeltsin has now

seemingly lost the support of his remaining conservative allies.  The  stage

has been set for but another coup attempt by hardliners in Russia's military

and intelligence establishment.

              -Chechen Intervention & Moscow's True Intention-

               "There is something very suspicious going on.

                 Why have they thrown  away the rule book?..."

    "Either the Russian army really does have a catastrophic morale problem

              or this operation was somehow designed to fail."

                       (a Western military specialist)

    What is important to keep in mind is that Russia's military blunders  in

Chechnya   and   the   associated  political  turmoil  in  Moscow  is  being

intentionally engineered.  This becomes readily apparent when  one  realizes

the  seeming  mistakes  of Boris Yeltsin and the Russian army are,  in fact,

perfectly suited for an ulterior motive, i.e., staging a Zhirinovsky coup.

    So that you understand how current events in  Chechnya  are  effectively

staged  and part of Moscow's ongoing deceptive pursuits,  read the following

excerpt from a recent Reuter's article.


                            Reuters World Service

                     January 5, 1995, Thursday, BC cycle

              "Experts Baffled by Russian Blunders in Chechnya"

                             By David Ljunggren

   Neither Russian nor Western  defence  experts  can  find  any  reasonable

explanation  for  military  blunders  in Chechnya which they say suggest the

high command has forgotten everything it ever learned about modern warfare.

   And as Moscow's troops bog down ever deeper into the ruins of the Chechen

capital Grozny,  some commentators are starting to speculate  whether  there

might  be  a  more  sinister  side  to  the  Kremlin's  ill-starred Chechnya


   "There  is something very suspicious going on.  Why have they thrown away

the rule book?"

   "Either  the  Russian army really does have a catastrophic morale problem

or this  operation  was  somehow  designed  to  fail,"  a  Western  military

specialist said.

   Vyacheslav Kostikov,  spokesman for President  Boris  Yeltsin,  dismisses

talk  of military incompetence.  But conspiracy theorists' speaking of plots

and  subterfuge  find  a  receptive  audience  among  naturally   suspicious


   Otto Latsis,  a commentator for Izvestia newspaper,  said the once mighty

military-industrial  complex  --  resentful  about the reduction of its role

since the start of democratic reforms -- would  welcome  either  victory  or

defeat in Chechnya.

   Victory  would  mean  the start of complicated manouevring to boost anti-

democratic forces and mount  what  wo