The Zhirinovsky Connection

Date:         Wed, 01 Mar 95 23:38:08 EST

Subject:      5.  The Zhirinovsky Connection (fwd)

                       ***The Zhirinovsky Connection***

                                 By J. Adams

         The following paper, entitled "The Zhirinovsky Connection",

                    was written in early December of 1993.

                  In it, the success of Zhirinovsky's party

            in the Russian parliamentary elections was predicted.


        A.  Prologue

        B.  The Political Connection

        C.  The Iraqi Connection

        D.  Moscow's Political Crisis in the Autumn of 1993

            & The Elimination of Alternative Right-Wing Parties

        E.  The Election of the New Russian Parliament

        F.  The General Strategy

        G.  References

        H.  New Important References

        I.  Article on Falsified Parliamentary Elections

        J.  Article on KGB Roots of Zhirinovsky and his Party


       "Developments  in  Russia  have  come  as  a great shock to Western

    Europe  and  to  the  West   in   general,   especially   the   25,000

    Sovietologists in the United States who were unable to predict this."

                      (Estonian President Lennart Meri)

     The results from the December 12th Russian parliamentary elections have

 stunned the world.  The misleadingly named Liberal Democratic Party, led by

 neofacist Vladimir Zhirinovsky, captured nearly a quarter of the vote,  the

 most  of  any party.  Russia's Choice,  the party that backs Boris Yeltsin,

 came in a distant second with 15 percent of the vote.

     The  success  of  militant  nationalist  Vladimir  Zhirinovsky  in  the

 election  surprised  just about everyone,  including the so-called experts.

 Consequently,   all  kinds  of  theories  have  emerged  to   explain   the

 "Zhirinovsky  phenomenon".  Some  say  his  success in the election was the

 consequence of a "protest vote" by  the  Russian  people  against  economic

 hardship.  Others  say  that  Zhirinovsky's flamboyant style and aggressive

 use of television led to his win.  These theories,  however,  don't  really

 cut  it;  they are irrational rationalizations.  The truth is that there is

 no way this seemingly insane politician,  calling for a new dictatorship in

 Russia,  the return of the Soviet empire, and a third world war, could have

 captured a quarter of the vote and come in a strong first  in  the  Russian

 parliamentary elections.

     How, then, does one explain the election results as reported by Russian

 authorities?  The answer  is  that  it's  a  lie-  part  of  a  large-scale

 political  deception.  In fact,  based upon the theory that Russia has been

 deceiving the world since Gorbachev's "New Thinking" was introduced in  the

 mid-1980's,  I  have been predicting Zhirinovsky's rise to power for almost

 two years now.

     So  that you may get a better idea of just what Vladimir Zhirinovsky is

 all about and what Russia is really up to, the following is a paper I wrote

 the week before  the  parliamentary  election.  In  it,  I  predicted  that

 Zhirinovsky  would  "astound  the  world through his party's success in the

 election of the new Russian parliament."

                       ***THE ZHIRINOVSKY CONNECTION***

                          -The Political Connection-

                    "I am the Almighty.  I am the Tyrant.

                    I will follow in Hitler's footsteps."

                            (Vladimir Zhirinovsky)

     To  those  familiar with my views concerning Russia,  the name Vladimir

 Zhirinovsky should ring a bell.  I have been tracking Zhirinovsky for  over

 a year now.  In my eyes,  he is a key part,  and possibly the weakest link,

 of a strategic deception Moscow has been feeding the world at  least  since

 Mikhail  Gorbachev  came  to power and introduced his "New Thinking" in the

 mid-1980's.  With the "Zhirinovsky Connection",  I hope to fully reveal the

 bogus  nature  of Zhirinovsky's political career and explain why,  in fact,

 the true powers-that-be in Russia,  i.e.,  those running the  military  and

 intelligence  services,  are orchestrating Zhirinovsky's rise to power as a

 parallel to Hitler's rise to power in order to achieve  critical  strategic


     Vladimir Zhirinovsky's political party,  the "Liberal Democratic Party"

 (LDP) is a bogus creation of  the  KGB  that  was  designed  to  serve  the

 purposes  of  the Central Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) under Gorbachev.

 First off, the deceptive nature of the LDP is evident in its name.  The LDP

 is a neofacist  party-  the  total  opposite  of  liberal  and  democratic.

 Secondly,  the  LDP  was  supposedly  the  first  non-communist party to be

 registered in the Soviet Union.  In fact, it was registered even before the

 legislation to register new  parties  had  been  passed  and  enacted.  The

 reason  this  was  possible  was  likely due to the fact that the communist

 government was responsible for the creation of the  LDP,  and  the  LDP  is

 therefore not a "non-communist party".

     That  this  is the case was revealed following the Russian presidential

 election and August coup in 1991.  In the wake of the coup,  there  was  an

 investigation   into   the   activities   of  Zhirinovsky  and  his  party.

 Investigators found  that,  "to  all  intents  and  purposes,  the  Liberal

 Democratic Party,  headed by Vladimir Zhirinovsky, does not exist".  Almost

 all of the 5000+ signatures Zhirinovsky had  to  collect  to  register  his

 party  in  the  Russian  presidential  election  were forged.  Furthermore,

 investigators found that,  contrary to what was supposed to  be  the  case,

 "there are no territory, province or district organizations of the LDP, and

 its membership does not exceed 500-600 people".  The investigators rendered

 the following conclusion:

          "The materials gathered by the commission make it possible to

       say  that the CPSU actively supported the LDP and financed it...

       When the LDP leader went on trips,  he was protected by units of

       the  OMON  special  police.  Links have been established between

       Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Vladimir Kryuchkov,  former head of the

       USSR  KGB.  ...when  Zhirinovsky  arrived in a city he met first

       with KGB personnel and made use of their  services.  This  makes

       it  possible  to  conclude....that the LDP is not an independent

       political party but 'a branch of the CPSU, as it were'."

     There  are clear indications that the LDP and Zhirinovsky are part of a

 large-scale  political  deception  that  includes  the   government   under

 Gorbachev  and  Yeltsin.  First  off,  one should note that there is little

 difference between the communist government of Gorbachev and the supposedly

 democratic  government  of  Yeltsin.  Virtually  all  of  today's  supposed

 "democrats"  and  "reformists" in the Russian government are ex-communists,

 including, of course, Boris Yeltsin.  As for the Zhirinovsky connection, in

 the  Russian  presidential  election  Zhirinovsky  surprised  everyone   by

 receiving  almost  seven  million  votes  and  coming in third out of seven

 candidates.  Given that, as was later revealed, he did not even have a true

 political party when he ran,  his success is even more surprising- in fact,

 it is literally unbelievable.  Given Zhirinovsky's neofacist platform,  and

 given that he had no party and,  in turn,  no base of support,  there is no

 way  he  could  have  received  millions  of votes and came in a surprising

 third.  The rather profound implication,  of course,  is that  the  Russian

 presidential election was fraudulent.

     Further  evidence  that  Zhirinovsky is part of a large-scale political

 deception  stems  from  the  government's  failure  to  check  his  illegal

 activities.  The  failure  of  the  Central  Electoral Commission to verify

 Zhirinovsky's authorization when he nominated himself as  a  candidate  for

 the  Russian  presidential  election  was  highly  suspect and went against

 standard  procedure.   Furthermore,   the  parliamentary  commission   that

 investigated  Zhirinovsky and the LDP recommended that "the activity of the

 LDP should come under the Russian president's  decree  on  terminating  the

 activity  of  the  CPSU  and  its  structures"  and therefore be disbanded.

 However,  no such action was ever taken by the Yeltsin administration.  (In

 fact,  in the wake of the recent political crisis in Moscow,  Zhirinovsky's

 party was the only right-wing party *not* disbanded by Yeltsin!)

                            -The Iraqi Connection-

     A major part of the Zhirinovsky connection  is  his  supposed  ties  to

 Saddam  Hussein's  Iraq.   Zhrininovsky's  first  diplomatic  trip  was  to

 Baghdad,  Iraq in November of  1992.  According  to  Zhirinovsky,  Iraq  is

 Russia's  "natural  ally"  because  Russia  has  "the same enemies of Iraq-

 America, Israel, and Turkey".  As Zhirinovsky sees it,  "America and Israel

 are  both  conducting  wars  against  Russia  and  Iraq",  and Iraq "is (a)

 faithful ally  who  will  never  betray  (Russia)".  During  his  visit  to

 Baghdad,  Zhirinovsky supposedly lectured to Saddam Hussein for nearly four

 hours on the need to unite against the "American-Israeli plot" to  dominate

 the world.

     To assist Saddam Hussein in its effort to resist American  "imperialist

 aggression",  Zhirinovsky  sent  a  delegation  of  militant LDP members to

 Baghdad in January of this year to engage in terrorist activities and  form

 a "protective circle" around Saddam Hussein in the event of further Western

 military  action  such  as  was  taken  earlier  that month.  Although this

 political stunt was suspicious  in  and  of  itself,  what  was  even  more

 suspicious was that:

          "Zhirinovsky didn't even consider it necessary to conceal the

       fact  that  he  is  sending  his  people to Baghdad to engage in

       terrorism.  Despite this,  they had no  problem  obtaining  exit

       documents,  and  before  embarking  on the plane,  they staged a

       performance in front of television cameras at the  international

       airport.  The Russian authorities, who have signed more than one

       international document on combating terrorism,  took no steps to

       stop the widely publicized trip,  which people had  known  about

       for  several days.  It's hard to imagine that the Americans,  if

       they were in a similar situation,  would allow militants who had

       declared  they  were going (for example) to the Baltic republics

       or Tajikistan to blow up the tanks and planes  of  the  'Russian

       occupiers' to fly out of Washington unhindered."

     If  Zhirinovsky sending militants to Baghdad was not suspicious enough,

 in September of this year (1993),  Baghdad secretly sent  its  intelligence

 chief  and  an  Iraqi  delegation  to  Moscow.  This  delegation  met  with

 officials in Russian intelligence and,  "as a gesture  of  goodwill  toward

 Russia's Security Ministry",  disclosed that Ruslan Khasbulatov, ex-Speaker

 of the now-disbanded Russian  parliament,  had  received  over  $7  million

 dollars  from  Iraq.  In association with this,  a spokesman for LDP stated

 that Zhirinovsky had never received any financial aid from Iraq  or  Ruslan


                        -The Recent Political Crisis-


             -The Elimination of Alternative Right-Wing Parties-

     The  recent  political  crisis and violence in Moscow is likely part of

 Zhirinovsky's  bogus  rise  to  power.   First  off,  there  were  numerous

 historical  parallels with events in Weimar Germany during Hitler's rise to

 power in the early 1930's.  Yeltsin's  disbanding  of  parliament,  burning

 down the parliamentary "White House",  and outlawing opposition parties was

 analogous to Hitler's disbanding of the German parliament,  the burning  of

 the  "Reichstag",  and  the imposition of Nazi rule by outlawing opposition


     Beyond historical parallels to make Zhirinovsky's rise  to  power  more

 believable,  the recent political crisis ended in the elimination of all of

 Russia's right-wing parties except the LDP.  Upon announcement of elections

 for a new parliament, Zhirinovsky was the first to register candidates.  As

 the French Press Agency reports,  his  party  is  now  in  an  advantageous

 position  because  the  LDP  is "the only far right party still left in the

 race after the crushing of a revolt  by  hardliners  opposed  to  President

 Boris  Yeltsin on October 3 and 4".  In other words,  the recent crisis has

 set the stage for Zhirinovsky's rise to  power  since  he  supposedly  will

 inherit  much  of the right-wing support that had previously been dispersed

 over  the  numerous,   now-outlawed  right-wing  political  factions   that

 comprised and supported the old parliament.

     In  association  with  the  defeat of alternative right-wing parties in

 parliament,  the  only  other  potential  nationalist  candidate  for  this

 weekend's  legislative  elections  was  blocked  from registering his party

 under highly  suspicious  circumstances.  Sergei  Baburin,  leader  of  the

 right-wing  Russian  People's  Union,  had  collected the necessary 100,000

 signatures for registering his party  when  "petitions  with  20,000  names

 (were)  stolen by uniformed armed men on the eve of the deadline".  Baburin

 subsequently failed to gather enough signatures to register and  his  party

 was disqualified.  Consequently: "With the elimination from the race of the

 Russian  People's  Union headed by hardliner Sergei Baburin,  Zhirinovsky's

 party has been granted a clear advantage in appealing  to  the  nationalist


                          -This Weekend's Election-

     As  it  stands  now,  the  stage has been set for Zhirinovsky's Liberal

 Democratic  Party  to  achieve  unprecedented  success  in  this  weekend's

 legislative   election.   In  the  same  way  he  did  surprisingly,   even

 unbelievably well,  in the Russian presidential  election,  Zhirinovsky  is

 about  to  astound the world through his party's success in the election of

 the new Russian parliament.  Already the hints are being circulated to  the

 West.  Starting  from  a mere 2% in the polls,  support for Zhirinovsky has

 supposedly climbed four-fold in  less  than  a  month  to  around  8%.  The

 Russian  press  has attributed these gains to the fact that Zhirinovsky has

 spent the most money on his campaign and had the most television  time.  Of

 course,  where  is  his  money  coming  from  and  why  is  he  receiving a

 disproportionate amount of television time?

                            -The General Strategy-

     If, indeed, the true powers-that-be in Russia are staging Zhirinovsky's

 rise to power,  then it is important to determine what their  strategy  is.

 In  a  general sense,  the strategy appears to involve waging a third world

 war while having it appear to be the fault of world capitalism rather  than

 communism.  According  to Marxist-Leninist doctrine,  if democracy fails to

 serve the purposes of capitalism, then democracy is overthrown and replaced

 with facism.  This is supposedly what happened in Weimar Germany and led to

 World  War  II.  By  staging  Russia's  transformation  into  a  capitalist

 democracy,  and  by having Russian society collapse into the same situation

 as Weimar Germany,  the stage has been set for a shift to  facism  and  the

 rise of a militant, Hitler-like dictator:  Vladimir Zhirinovsky.  Once this

 is done,  an all-out third world  war  can  be  launched  against  Russia's

 enemies-of-old:  Israel,  America,  and the Western allies.  After the dust

 settles,  the communists,  likely converted to orthodoxy,  can retake power

 and  claim  they  are  saving  the  world  from the evils of the capitalist

 system.  Thus, Russia's rulers will have successfully waged both a military

 and ideological war against the West.

                *          *          *          *          *


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              *The Following Two Articles Are In Full Below*

 "'The Russian Elections Were Falsified,' Magazine  Claims."  The  Telegraph

     Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS); 2/22/94.

 "Zhirinovsky Party  Has  KGB  Roots,  St.  Petersburg  Mayor  Claims."  The

     Associated Press; 1/12/94.

               *          *          *          *          *

                     The following article is from TASS:


               The Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS)

                          February 22, 1994, Tuesday

     MOSCOW - "The results of the December  12  parliamentary  elections  in

 Russia  were  falsified by conservative forces," first assistant editor-in-

 chief of the magazine "New Times" Chronid Lubarsky claims.  "It is not true

 that  the  reformers  had suffered a crushing defeat during the December 12

 elections.  It is not  true  that  Zhirinovsky  had  helped  to  adopt  the

 constitution."  "The  electors were grossly deceived," he adds.  Lubarsky's

 journalistic investigation is published in the latest issue of the weekly.

     "It is surprising that the  Russian  press  has  failed  to  sound  the

 alarm,"  the  author  writes  in  connection with the fact that the overall

 results of the elections  have  still  not  been  published,  although  the

 Central  Elections  Commission had promised to do it.  "Quite surprising is

 the fact that the results of the first democratic multi-party elections  to

 the  supreme  legislative body of our great country have been turned into a

 most guarded state secret," he notes.  "There is not a single figure in any

 of  the  official documents,  pertaining to the elections held according to

 party tickets.  Nobody knows  how  many  voters  cast  their  ballots,  for

 instance,  in  the  116th  (Murmansk)  constituency  for  Foreign  Minister

 Kozyrev,  who was campaigning for a seat in the State Duma,  and  how  many

 people  voted  against him.  It also remains to guess the scope of Vladimir

 Zhirinovsky's overwhelming victory in the 114th (Shchelkovo) constituency".

 The electoral rules make it incumbent on the Central  Elections  Commission

 to publish these figures "within ten days after they are received,  but not

 later  than  one  month  after  the  elections".   "The  Central  Elections

 Commission has not fulfilled its duty," the author stresses.

     "The elections and the vote-counting were organized in such a way as to

 create  ideal  opportunities  for  falsification,"  Lubarsky  writes.   The

 election commissions were flooded by a huge  number  of  protocols,  coming

 from   the   polling  stations.   For  instance,   the  District  Electoral

 Commissions received up to 35 thousand protocols,  which had to be  counted

 and  checked,  and  the  Central  Elections  Commission-- more than 90,000.

 Therefore,  the vote counting was  entrusted  to  "working  teams"  at  all

 levels.  The  latter  were set up by the administrations of the subjects of

 the Russian Federation,  which were not always in favour  of  the  reforms.

 The  members  of  the electoral commissions were simply "familiarized" with

 the results of this work.  The known results of the elections,  the  author

 believes,  "warrant  the  conclusion  that  falsifications  were  perfectly

 possible".  Moreover,  "an analysis of the available figures,  even if  not

 complete,  show  that  there  have  indeed  been  certain  falsifications".

 Lubarsky claims that Zhirinovsky's Liberal-Democratic  Party,  the  Russian

 Communist   Party   and   the   Agrarian   Party  had  benefited  from  the

 falsifications.  "It is symptomatic that no falsifications in favour of the

 'Russia's  Choice'  movement  and  other  reformists could be discovered so

 far".  The reasons for the falsifications,  the journalist  believes,  were

 not  identical,  although "a desire of the falsifiers to get anti-reformist

 deputies elected" was prevalent.

     Lubarsky touches in his article also on the December 12  referendum  on

 the  new  Russian constitution and the widespread opinion that the stand of

 Zhirinovsky and his supporters had allegedly contributed to  its  adoption.

 "There  is an absolutely clear-cut correlation between the sum total of the

 votes polled in this or that constituency by the Communists,  Agrarians and

 Zhirinovites   combined,   and   the  number  of  votes  cast  against  the

 constitution," he writes.  "In most cases it is not even a correlation, but

 an  almost  exact  coincidence".  The author corroborates his conclusion by

 several examples.  "The reformers owe nothing to Zhirinovsky,  and least of

 all  for the new constitution," he asserts.  "They will not have to pay any


                     (This article is for fair use only.)

                *          *          *          *          *

                    The following article is from the AP:


                          The Associated Press (AP)

                        January 12th, 1994, Wednesday

     MOSCOW  -  A top politician claims he has proof that extremist Vladimir

 Zhirinovsky is a former KGB officer whose party was created by  the  secret


     St.   Petersburg  Mayor  Anatoly  Sobchak  said  Zhirinovsky's  Liberal

 Democratic Party was set up in 1989  as  a  toothless  alternative  to  the

 Communist Party.  Zhirinovsky has denied any links to the KGB.

     President   Boris   Yeltsin  split  up  the  spy  agency  into  several

 intelligence and crime-fighting agencies.

     "I have trustworthy facts,  known to only a handful  of  people  today,

 concerning  the origin of Zhirinovsky's party," Sobchak said in Wednesday's

 edition of the weekly Literaturnaya Gazeta.

     Sobchak said former  Soviet  President  Mikhail  Gorbachev  decided  to

 establish  a  weak  opposition  party after the Communist party gave up its

 constitutional monopoly on power in 1989.

     "We must ourselves set up the first alternative party, making sure that

 it will be controllable," Sobchak quoted Gorbachev as  telling  the  ruling


     A  spokesman  for  Gorbachev  denied Sobchak's story.  "It's simply not

 true.  Neither Gorbachev  nor  the  Politburo  gave  such  an  order,"  the

 spokesman, Vladimir Polyakov, told the AP.

     According  to  Sobchak,  the  KGB was ordered to select the new party's


     "It was able to find in its active reserves a  man  with  the  rank  of

 captain,  whose  name  is  now  well  known,"  Sobchak  said,  referring to


     Sobchak said the KGB thought  up  the  "Liberal  Democratic"  name  for

 Zhirinovsky's organization,  which became the first non-communist political

 party in the Soviet Union.

     Sobchak didn't cite the  source  of  his  information  or  present  any

 documents  to  back  up  his story.  The former law professor and Gorbachev

 ally served in the Supreme Soviet legislature.

     Sobchak failed last month to win election to Russia's  new  parliament,

 which opened Tuesday.

     Zhirinovsky's  party  won  nearly a quarter of the vote in the Dec.  12

 parliamentary election,  appealing to the anger of Russians  over  economic

 disarray, rising crime and the loss of the Soviet empire.

                     (This article is for fair use only.)