The Balkan Trap

Date:         Thu, 02 Mar 95 01:08:27 EST

Subject:      9.  The Balkan Trap (fwd)

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                            ***The Balkan Trap***

                                 By J. Adams

                               February,  1994

        "If we presume the coming transformation of the Communist  Party

     into  the  Russian  Orthodox  Party  of the Soviet Union,  we would

     obtain  truly  the  ideal  state,   one  which  would  fulfill  the

     historical  destiny of the Russian people.  It is a question of the

     Orthodoxization of the entire world."

                              (Gennadii Shimanov)

        "The messianic significance of Russia in relation to the West is

     beyond  doubt.  Slavophilism  alone  can  still  save the West from

     parliamentarism, unbelief, and dynamite."

                               (Aleksei Kireev)

                     (Quotes taken from opening page of)

        (Alexander Yanov's 'The Russian Challenge and the Year 2000'.)

                *          *          *          *          *

     As  the  West  prepares to take military action against the Serbs,  the

 world holds its breath wondering what will  happen  next.  For  anyone  who

 knows  the  truth,   however,   the  future  is  clear.   Western  military

 intervention in the Balkans is being intentionally provoked by the Russian-

 backed Serbs in order to trigger world war three.

     The general strategy is to provoke the West into taking military action

 against Russia's slavic brethren  in  order  to  create  a  pretext  for  a

 Zhirinovsky coup and massive Russian military aggression against the West.

     Notably,  Zhirinovsky  visited  Serbia  the  week  prior to the current

 crisis and declared that he would  consider  any  action  by  NATO  against

 Serbia  an  act  of  war  against  Russia.  More specifically,  Zhirinovsky

 proclaimed:  "if a single bomb falls on Serbia we  will  consider  that  an

 attack  on  Russia".  Last year I wrote an editorial,  entitled "A Time For

 War", in which I warned that Russia is setting a trap so that, when Western

 military action is taken against the Serbs,  "a militant neofacist dictator

 can  be brought to power in Russia....That dictator- and I'll even tell you

 his name:  Vladimir Zhirinovsky- can then be used to launch a  third  world

 war  against Israel,  America,  and the Western allies...".  Unfortunately,

 everyone appears to be ignoring the meaning of my editorials as well as the

 implications of "The Zhirinovsky Connection".

     The reason I was able to anticipate the crisis the world  is  currently

 being drawn into a year ago is because I believe the world has been totally

 deceived.  As  I see it,  ever since Mikhail Gorbachev came to power in the

 mid-1980's and introduced his "New Thinking", Russia has been living by its

 old thinking in a new and far more dangerous form.  One way to explain  the

 unbelievable reversal in Russia's behavior over the past decade most likely

 stems  from  the  "Russian  Idea".  In  his books,  'The Russian New Right'

 (1978), and 'The Russian Challenge and the Year 2000' (1987), Sovietologist

 Alexander Yanov describes an ideological  transformation  that  was  taking

 place  at the top of the Soviet power structure during the 1970's and early

 1980's.  This transformation stemmed  from  Russia's  historical  messianic

 complex.  According  to  the  "New Right",  Russia's mission is to save the

 world from the evils of liberalism and democracy by waging  an  apocalyptic

 war  against  the  West  so  that  a  global  orthodox  dictatorship can be

 established.  Before doing this, however, communism needed to be overthrown

 and the Soviet empire disbanded so  that  Russia  could  get  back  to  its

 "spiritual roots".

     As I see it,  when Gorbachev rose to power in 1985,  the program of the

 Russian Right (Slavophiles),  not the  Left  (Westernizers),  began  to  be

 implemented.  Gorbachev's "New Thinking",  based upon the Russian Idea, was

 a long-term plan to bring about exactly what we  see  today:  communism  is

 overthrown,  the  Soviet empire disbanded,  and,  now that the West is most

 vulnerable, Russia is about to have Zhirinovsky launch world war three.

     After the dust  settles  and  the  West  is  defeated,  Gorbachev  will

 undoubtedly  reemerge  to power and claim he is saving the world from self-

 destruction.  A global orthodox dictatorship will then be formed by  a  man

 who is a liar and murderer from the beginning.

     The  crucial  point here is that what we are witnessing is a total lie.

 Gorbachev extended Lenin's strategy to defeat the West from "tell them what

 they want to hear" to "show them what they want to see".  History has  been

 shaped  over  the  past  decade  to  fit what Westerners *want* to believe:

 instead  of  of  communism  and  dictatorship,  there's  been  freedom  and

 democracy;  instead  of  an  arms  race  and  Cold  War,  there's been arms

 reductions and world peace.  Unfortunately,  it has all been literally  too

 good  to be true.  As KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn correctly anticipated,

 we have simply been told 'New Lies for Old' (1984),  while "the fundamental

 nature  and  the  objectives  of the reformed adversary,  i.e.,  the Soviet

 Union,  have not changed (quote from a letter written to 20/20  in  1992)".

 Because the world has foolishly accepted the lies of "The Old Enemy", it is

 about  to  receive the opposite of what is expected:  a third world war and

 global dictatorship.

     As it stands the West is being provoked into throwing the first punches

 of world war three.  While Zhirinovsky's rise to power and the outbreak  of

 global war will appear to stem from,  at the least, Western military action

 against Russia's historical Serbian ally,  let it be  clear  that  this  is

 deceptive.   Countries   like   Serbia  are  Russian  puppet  states,   and

 Zhirinovsky is KGB.  Regardless of what people may *want* to  believe,  the

 West is being framed for triggering world war three, and Zhirinovsky is the

 scapegoat for what is truly *Gorbachev's* ultimate crime against humanity.

                *          *          *           *          *

          A provocative example that the Russian Right is behind the

       transformation taking place in Russia is the following articles:

     Medvedev,  A.  "Orthodox Church instead of  the  communist  party".

     'Moscow News': 1/24/94; p6.

     "Moscow Churches will be restored". 'Moscow News': 1/24/94; p14.

              The following recent articles are very noteworthy:

     Kaplan,  Fred.  "Russian church,  shedding shady  past,  seeks  new

     role". 'Boston Globe': 9/27/94; p1.

     Stanley, Alessandra. "From Repression to Respect, Russian Church in

     Comeback". 'New York Times': 10/3/94; pA1.


        One of the most suspicious features of the move to  restore  the

     Russian  Orthodox  Church  in  recent  years  is the renovation and

     rebuilding of churches.  Even  though  the  Russian  government  is

     supposedly  broke  (recently  it  was reported that electricity had

     been shut-off to the command & control center of Russia's strategic

     nuclear weapons because the military has failed to pay its  utility

     bills),  it  has  been  able  to  come  up with money for a massive

     campaign to restore and rebuild Russian Orthodox Churches.  In  the

     Moscow  area  alone  the  number of churches has surged from 130 to

     600.  Clearly this indicates that the transformation to an Orthodox

     state is well underway.