By J. Adams
Updated: January 11th, 1995

"Take heed, watch; for you do not know when the time will
come. It is like a man going on a journey, when he leaves home
and puts his servants in charge, each with his work, and
commands the doorkeeper to be on the watch. Watch therefore-
for you do not know when the master of the house will come, in
the evening, or at midnight, or at the cockcrow, or in the
morning- lest he come suddenly and find you asleep. And what I
say to you I say to all: Watch."

(Mark, chp.13; vs.33-37)

This article consists of the following twelve parts:

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In the articles I have been writing and placing on the internet for about a year, a warning for an approaching crash that will involve an outbreak of global war is outlined that appears to be highly relevant to the world's current situation.

First off, stock prices climbed dramatically during last year toward a *Grand Supercycle* peak that has been at least 200 years in the making. This peak may have been reached when the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) penetrated the psychologically important 5000 mark, The Dow Jones Transportation index broke the 2000 mark and the Nasdaq Composite index traded above 1000.

As we have approached this historic turning point over the past several years, the West has been gradually lured into a trap by Moscow using historical Russian allies and the United Nations. The stage is set such that America and its military allies, who have sought to take on the role of world policeman, could soon be drawn into conflicts with Russian allies-of-old like the Serbs, Iraq and North Korea. Meanwhile, the political situation in Moscow has become extremely fragile. The breakdown of Russian society, Boris Yeltsin's reported health problems, the Russian military's blunders in Chechnya and the supposed growing popular support for nationalist and communist political forces are setting the stage for a military coup in Moscow. Thus, one way or another, an unprecedented international crisis is likely to erupt soon that should involve a bogus right-wing coup in Moscow and an outbreak of global war.

So that you are fully aware of our current predicament, below is an overview of where the world stands today and where it is likely going tomorrow. Effectively, this is nothing but an updated version of the ideas presented in previous articles like "An Inefficient Market Hypothesis", "The Final Summit?", "Kremlin Astrology", "A Global War?", "The Balkan Trap" & "Dow 4200 & Saddam's Revenge?". While the general theme of what I'm anticipating remains the same, as new information becomes available, the details often change.

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In 1995 one of the largest rallies in the stock market this century occurred, and late last year the DJIA broke above the 5000 mark for the first time in history. Since that time the Dow has reached as high as the 5200 mark, but the stock market now appears to be faltering.

The recent all-time high in the DJIA above the 5000 mark reached in recent weeks is consistent with what a Grand Supercycle peak should look like as explained in "An Inefficient Market Hypothesis" and "The Final Summit?".

First off, there is a great deal of optimism on Wall Street that is characteristic of major tops in stock prices. Recent weekly Investor's Intelligence polls of advisory sentiment show the highest amount of optimism since the last major peak in stock prices. About half of investment advice is bullish (stock prices are expected to continue heading higher) whereas a third of investment advisors are now bearish (they expect lower prices).

Investors' high expectations have fed into probably the most overvalued stock market in history. Relative to fundamental measures of value like corporate earnings and dividends, stock prices are at an unprecedented extreme. Specifically, the average dividend yield on the DJIA, which falls as stock prices climb relative to earnings and dividends, is currently at its lowest level ever. Toward the end of last year, the dividend yield fell below 2.25 percent whereas a drop below 3 percent usually signals a major top in stock prices.

Another reason the Grand Supercycle peak might be close-at-hand is because the major stock averages are around "psychological barriers". Psychological barriers are round number levels in major market averages like thousand marks in the DJIA. Seven times since 1966, the DJIA made major tops at, just below or just above thousand marks which were followed by major price declines. For instance, between the mid- 1960's and early-1980's the DJIA climbed to the "Magic 1000" mark on at least five occassions after which stock prices reversed, falling by thirty percent on average. An example of this occurred in 1973 when the DJIA peaked some five percent above the 1000 mark, fell back, retested 1000 towards the end of October of that year and then plunged some forty percent because an Arab-Israeli war led to an oil-embargo and severe economic contraction. Another example of psychological barriers happened on July 16th and 17th of 1990 when the DJIA closed at 2999.75, reversed sharply and then fell some twenty percent in response to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and the outbreak of a crisis in the Persian Gulf. Thus, given the historical pattern, there is reason to believe that recent all-time highs in the DJIA above the 5000 mark, highs in the Dow Jones Transportation average above 2000 and record highs in the Nasdaq Composite index above the 1000 mark could soon be followed by a new international crisis and plunge in stock prices. (One should note that the Nasdaq Composite has become one of the most widely followed indexes in recent years since trading on the Nasdaq exchange is now *more* active then on the New York Stock Exchange.)

A third characteristic of recent all-time highs reached in the stock market which suggests an important top might be at hand is that the Dow Jones Transportation and Utility Averages (DJTA & DJUA) failed to confirm the closing peak above Dow 5200 on December 13th of last year. According to Dow Theory, "non-confirmations" are a key signal that a major turning point is close-at-hand in the direction of stock prices. Non-confirmations occur when the DJIA reaches an all-time high while other major indexes, like those for Transportation and Utility stocks, do not. When the DJIA reached a new record high above 5200 last December, the Transports did not close at an all-time high nor did the Utilities index. Thus, there have recently been non- confirmations, sometimes called technical divergences, that suggest a major stock market turning point could be close-at-hand.

Another important factor which suggests that we could be around the final top in stock prices is that recent highs in the Dow above the 5000 mark have come at the time of a rare planetary alignment. Planetary alignments almost always mark major turning points in the stock market. During the twentieth century, major planetary alignments occurred in February of 1962, October of 1974, October of 1982, August of 1987 and January of 1994. These dates coincided with five of the most important turning points in the stock market this century. Following a stock market peak in February of 1962, the Panic of '62 took place. In October of 1974 the momentum low was reached in the vicious '73-'74 bear market and since that time stock prices have climbed from the low reached. In October of 1982, following a critical low below 800 in August of that year, the DJIA exploded through the Magic 1000 barrier as the great bull market began that many believe continues to this day. In August of 1987 the Dow reached the peak after which the '87 stock market crash occurred. Lastly, January of 1994 marked when the DJIA reached the 4000 mark for the first time and then reversed into a year-long correction.

On a final note, if we saw a *final summit* in stock prices in mid-December of last year, then it occurred not too long after the last Russian/American summit in late-October. As pointed out in my article, "The Final Summit?", the last three major tops in stock prices over the past several years occurred around the time of summit meetings between the leaders of the U.S. and Russia. I believe this reflects how Western expectations are being intentionally misled to irrational heights by Moscow in order to open the way for an ultimate upset of expectations and Grand Supercycle crash, i.e., a surprise third world war.

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As emphasized in my articles, following the turning point in the Grand Supercycle, one should expect a tidal wave of bad news. Just as the turnaround at Dow 3000 in 1990 was followed by Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and the outbreak of the Persian Gulf crisis, a reversal from Dow 5000, Nasdaq 1000 and the 2000 mark in the Dow Jones Transportation average should likewise be followed by some sort of negative international developments. If, indeed, a Grand Supercycle peak has been reached, then an historically unprecedented crash should be looming that will likely involve an outbreak of global war.

The reason one should expect war to erupt in the wake of the Grand Supercycle peak is because the world has literally gone insane. As I explain in "The Global Bipolar Disorder", people's greed and fear gives rise to the irrational swings in collective mood between optimism and pessimism that are responsible for swings in stock prices like the Grand Supercycle. (This, after all, is why relative extremes of optimism and pessimism in investor sentiment and speculative activity signal major tops and bottoms in stock prices, respectively.) The Grand Supercycle peak we are now around involves an historically unprecedented extreme of greed, social mania and irrationally high expectations. In other words, the prevailing beliefs and expectations of modern society are about as misled as is possible right now. Thus, it is rational to expect the opposite of what most everyone else expects. Since the consensus view is that communism is dead, the Cold War is over and a New World Order of international peace and cooperation is at hand where there is virtually no risk of global nuclear war, it is rational to expect a new world disorder of resurgent totalitarianism and a global war of mass destruction.

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"War to the hilt between communism and capitalism is
inevitable. Today, of course, we are not strong enough to
attack. Our time will come in thirty or forty years. To win,
we shall need the element of surprise. The Western world will
need to be put to sleep. So we shall begin by launching the
most spectacular peace movement on record. There shall be
electrifying overtures and unheard of concessions. The
capitalist countries, stupid and decadent, will rejoice to
cooperate to their own destruction. They will leap at another
chance to be friends. As soon as their guard is down, we shall
smash them with our clenched fist."

(Dmitrii Z. Manuilskii)
(Lenin School of Political Warfare, Moscow, 1931)


One can understand why prevailing expectations are irrational and how a global war could soon erupt by critically examining the collapse of communism and breakup of the Russian empire over the last decade (see the articles posted on my web page: "A Global War?", "A Zhirinovsky Coup?", "The Zhirinovsky Connection", "The Balkan Trap", "The Persian Gulf Deception" & "Censored Editorials"). What becomes apparent is that Russia and the other military powers of the East have been consistently lying to the world for the purpose of military domination instead of telling the truth to bring about global peace.

With the introduction of Mikhail Gorbachev's "New Thinking" in the mid-1980's, the leaders of world communism implemented a long-run strategy to overtake world capitalism that involves the largest deception in human history (see: KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn's 'New Lies For Old' (1984) and/or 'Mesmerized by the Bear' (1987) edited by Raymond Sleeper). As Lenin suggested, by saying what the West wanted to hear and showing us what we wanted to see, America and its allies have been easily fooled into a vulnerable position that will allow Russia and the authoritarian powers of the East to overtake the world. Specifically, by getting rid of communism, breaking-up the Russian empire and befriending America and its allies, a false sense of security has been instilled in the West that makes it possible for Russia to successfully launch a surprise third world war and militarily dominate the world.

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In order to justify having Russia replace America as the leader of the world, Moscow is seeking to make the West appear responsible for causing world war three. This is being achieved in the following way.

First off, the Soviet empire was disbanded and communist societies were falsely converted into Western-style democracies with market economies. Next, economic and political disarray were orchestrated in the "post"-communist world. The reason this was done is because, according to Marxist-Leninist doctrine, if democracy fails to serve the purposes of capitalism, then democracy is overthrown and replaced with a facist dictatorship. This is supposedly what happened in Germany during the 1930's and led to the second world war. By transforming Russia into a capitalist democracy, and by having Russian society collapse into the same situation as Weimar Germany, the stage has been set for a shift to facism and the rise of a militant, Hitler- like dictator. Moscow can then wage an all-out third world war against the West and later attribute the world's destruction to the failings of Western-style society. This, in turn, will create a pretext for establishing a global Russian empire in the place of the capitalist system that was militarily destroyed.

The person we are likely being *mis*led to believe is the next Hitler is Russian ultranationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Zhirinovsky is supposedly a neofacist madman intent on establishing a new dictatorhip in Russia, restoring the Soviet empire and launching world war three. He gained the world's attention when his "Liberal Democratic Party" reportedly won Russia's parliamentary elections in December of 1993 (something I specifically predicted). The reality, however, is that Zhirinovsky is KGB, the 1993 elections were rigged and the political developments in Moscow are, for the most part, highly deceptive and designed to serve the purposes of Russia's communist government-of-old (see my articles, "A Zhirinovsky Coup?" & "The Zhirinovsky Connection").

In order to insure that the outbreak of world war three is blamed on the West, America and the Western allies are being lured into taking military action against Russian allies-of-old. With the collapse of communism, the U.S. has taken on the role of "world policeman". This has provided Moscow an opportunity to draw the U.S. and its military allies into a trap, particularly by using the United Nations.

Over the past few years, Moscow has underhandedly orchestrated international crises using Russian puppet states like Iraq, Serbia and North Korea. In response to these crises, i.e., Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, the civil war in Yugoslavia and the nuclear confrontation on the Korean Peninsula, the U.S. has sought to gain international support for applying sanctions and military pressure by acting in the context of the United Nations. Thus, since the U.S. has been seeking Russia's cooperation and approval in the Security Council to take action, Western reactions to the instigated crises have most likely been monitored and specifically tailored to suit Moscow's objectives.

The Kremlin's ultimate goal likely involves creating disunity between America and its allies while drawing the West into military conflicts with Russian allies-of-old. There is reason to believe Moscow is trying to show that the West is incapable of governing international affairs because the foreign policies of America and the Western powers are motivated by conflicting national interests and imperialistic ambitions. This might be done by provoking the West into taking military action against traditional Russian allies like the Serbs (NATO's bombing campaign against the Bosnian Serbs last fall is an example of this). Such Western military "provocations", in turn, can then be used as a pretext for world war three. After the dust settles and the Western powers are destroyed, Moscow can create a world government to replace the United Nations and the current "New World Order" that appeared to be recklessly run by Washington and the capitalist West.

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Over the past year or so, Moscow has been going out of its way to make it clear to the West that Boris Yeltsin is on his last political, if not literal, legs. With mysterious absences for prolongered periods of time as well as slurred speech and foolish outbursts at important diplomatic meetings, Russian President Boris Yeltsin has projected the image that he has a drinking problem and is suffering from ill-health. This image was made as clear as possible in July and again in October when Yeltsin reportedly suffered heart attacks.

While Russian President Boris Yeltsin has supposedly recuperated from his October heart attack, his political health is still deteriorating. Yeltsin's "reformist" government has been coming under increasing pressure in recent weeks. This was made most clear by the Russian parliamentary elections last December (1995) in which the communists supposedly received the largest proportion of the votes, Zhirinovsky's party came in second and the reform party associated with Yeltsin's government placed third. This reported outcome of the election, which is most likely false, is supposed to signal the end of Western-style reform in Russia.

Now the stage is set for a right-wing coup in Moscow and possibly the bogus rise to power of Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Given Yeltsin's supposed ill-health and blundering oversight of the war in Chechnya along with the military's reported hard feelings toward the communists for Afghanistan, Zhirinovsky and/or right-wing elements are seemingly in a position to take over the government should hardliners in the military attempt a coup. (This coup might involve recently retired General Lebed and Russia's 14th army since Yeltsin supposedly backed getting rid of Lebed and his army unit last year.)

The seeming reason that Russia's military would soon throw a coup is likely why the Chechen conflict has been intentionally bungled and why the West is being drawn into conflicts with Russian allies-of-old like the Serbs (see "A Zhirinovsky Coup?" and "The Balkan Trap"). With the political situation appearing about as fragile as could be in Moscow, a new Russian crisis concerning Chechnya is apparently being staged (*) while the West is on the verge of major conflicts with the Serbs, North Korea and Iraq. Supposedly due to the nationalist backlash in Moscow caused by the Chechen crisis and Western military action against former Russian allies, a right-wing coup can be staged and global war set-off.

* NOTE: The newest crisis concerning Chechnya involves a repeat of the hostage ordeal that occurred last June. In both cases, hundreds of Chechen rebels supposedly marched into southern Russia (?!) and took thousands of Russian civilians hostage at a hospital. This farcical tale is likely being retold at the current juncture as a pretext for the coming right-wing coup.

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The civil war in the former-Yugoslavia is a trap set by Moscow. As explained in my article, "The Balkan Trap", the West is most likely being drawn into a conflict with the Serbs, Russia's slavic brethren and orthodox christian ally-of-old, in order to trigger world war three.

Following years of unwavering aggression and brutality, late last year the Serbs had a seemingly total change of heart and reached a peace agreement with the Bosnians and Croats. In order to enforce this new agreement, some 60,000 NATO troops, including 20,000 U.S. troops, have been deployed into the Balkans to takeover what had been a United Nations' peace-keeping operation. Since this NATO mission involves placing forces in frontline buffer-zones between the warring sides as a deterrent to ceasefire violations, thousands of Western troops are now right in the middle of the Balkan fray.

Given how Serb leaders are former communist elite likely still receiving orders from Moscow, there is effectively no hope for true peace in Bosnia. The reality is that the Serbs reached a peace agreement late last year for the sole purpose of drawing NATO forces into the Balkans. Now that NATO is in charge of the "peace-keeping" operation and tens of thousands of Western troops are on the ground in Bosnia and Croatia, the Serbs (or Croats- the president of Croatia is a former communist general) can somehow stir-up the war again and provoke a fight with the Western alliance. One possibility is that the Bosnia Serbs will pick a fight with NATO over the plan to restore Bosnian government control over Serb-held parts of Sarajevo.

Regardless of how the Serbs provoke a fight with the alliance, one thing is for sure. Since NATO has replaced the United Nations as the peace-keeping force in the Balkans, the West will take the blame for whatever explosion is set-off by Moscow's proteges in the former- Yugoslavia. This, in turn, can later be used as an example of why Russia and the powers of East should govern world affairs rather than the Western powers.

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The latest developments which imply a bogus right-wing coup in Moscow is close-at-hand are taking place in a timely fashion for what might be an imminent North Korean invasion of South Korea. As pointed out in my article "A Global War?", Moscow is likely planning to ignite the Korean Peninsula at the start of world war three in order to divert U.S. military forces into East Asia and tie-up the West's capacity to deliver war materials elsewhere around the world. Such a strategic diversion will leave the Middle/Near East (Europe?) open to being overrun by a Russian "Last Dash to the South" as foreshadowed in Zhirinovsky's supposed autobiography.

There are strong indications North Korea is about to launch a surprise invasion of the South. Over the past couple of months, North Korea has deployed nearly a hundred warplanes at formerly unused air- bases near the Korean border. Furthermore, the North is beefing up its artillery along the DMZ and has increased combat readiness through the largest military exercises since the Korean War ended four decades ago. One should also note that over the past few months North Korean agents have been captured crossing into the South suggesting Pyongyang is ordering deep-penetration raids in an anticipation of an attack.

That an invasion is near is also indicated by the seemingly peaceful diplomacy of Pyongyang. A few weeks ago North Korea quietly reached a critical nuclear agreement with the South and recently Pyongyang released South Korean fishermen captured months before. These peaceful gestures have coincided with unprecedented requests for assistance from the outside world by North Korea such that Pyongyang is considered to be in no condition to launch an invasion. In other words, in recent weeks North Korea has been securing the element of surprise for an invasion.

In order to give a cover for the approaching attack, Pyongyang has been projecting the image of internal turmoil and political instability. North Korea's "Dear Leader", Kim Jong-Il, is still yet to formally assume power in the wake of Kim Il-Sung's July 1994 death. In association with this, rumors were recently circulated in the West that Kim Il-Sung is incapacitated and the North Korean military has taken control of the country. Such a situation creates an ideal cover for launching an invasion.

In order to create a pretext to invade South Korea, North Korea might stir a new confrontation with the West over its clandestine nuclear weapons program. This might be associated with some sort of bogus power struggle in Pyongyang. One possibility is that Pyongyang will suddenly reactivate its nuclear weapons program and start reprocessing spent fuel rods into bomb-grade plutonium. It might be reported that such an action is being taken by "hardliners" in North Korea seeking to rest control from Kim Il-Jong's seemingly weak regime. Since this month North Korea is supposed to place the spent fuel rods its had in temporary storage for over a year into long-run safe storage, it may make a move now to divert the fuel rods to building nuclear bombs. If Pyongyang makes such a move, then Western reaction will likely be swift and severe. Both economic sanctions or even South Korean military action could follow.

On a final note, if North Korea is planning to invade the South, then the next few days and weeks are the most likely time when they will move. During the winter, and January in particularly, the rice paddies and rivers are frozen over allowing North Korean tanks to cross into South Korea relatively unhindered. Thus, a North Korean invasion of South Korea may be extremely imminent.

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A bogus Zhirinovsky coup in Moscow and strategic diversion on the Korean Peninsula might simply be to set the stage for *Saddam's Revenge* (see my articles, "Dow 4200 & Saddam's Revenge?" & "Nasdaq 1000 & Saddam's Revenge?"). Last week the U.N. Security Council renewed economic sanctions against Iraq. These sanctions are likely to continue since, in his most recent report to the Security Council, Rolf Ekeus, the chief U.N. weapons inspector for Iraq, reported that Baghdad continues to mislead inspectors and is still not in full compliance with U.N. weapons resolutions. Given the continuing sanctions, the odds are that Saddam Hussein is eventually going to stop cooperating with the U.N., provoke a new fight with the U.S. and/or in some way seek revenge against the West for continuing "imperialist" mistreatment of Iraq.

That "Saddam's Revenge" is approaching seems clear given a threat Baghdad issued to the U.N. last summer. In a speech made to commemorate the 27th anniversary of the military coup that brought him to power, Saddam Hussein declared: "Iraq is not required to continue complying with the decisions of the U.N. Special Commission on disarming Iraq without it being linked to a lifting of the embargo."

Should Baghdad stop cooperating with the U.N., then some sort of U.S. military action against Iraq is likely to follow. Given the defections by high-level Iraqi officials to Jordan last August and the growing U.S.-backed opposition seeking to overthrow the Baghdad regime, any new Western military action against Iraq might be perceived as an attempt by Washington to do away with Saddam Hussein once and for all. Thus, Saddam will have a perfect excuse to seek a violent revenge against the West for "imperialist" aggression against Iraq. One way or another, this could lead to an unprecedented new crisis in the Middle East that probably will be associated with a bogus right-wing coup in Moscow- particularly one involving Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Saddam Hussein is supposed to be Vladimir Zhirinovsky's special ally. Zhirinovsky went to Baghdad and met with Saddam Hussein on February 26th of last year, the fourth anniversary of Kuwait's liberation from Iraqi occupation and the second anniversary of the World Trade Center bombing which has been linked to Iraq. During a three-hour conversation they discussed a proposal by Zhirinovsky to "create an anti-Western coalition between Russia, the Orthodox and Muslim world". Zhirinovsky told journalists after the meeting: "There is no confrontation between the North: Russia, and the South: the Arab and Muslim world".

The connection between Saddam Hussein and Russia's Zhirinovsky, who is supposed to be an anti-semitic extremist, likely means that Baghdad's revenge against the West and world "Zionism" will involve a new Arab/Israeli war.

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All in all, by luring the West into conflicts with Russian allies- of-old, Moscow creates a pretext for launching world war three. First off, the stage is set for a bogus right-wing coup in Moscow, possibly involving an untimely demise of Boris Yeltsin from ill-health or death. Meanwhile, due to a "nationalist backlash" stemming from Western military action against historical Russian allies like the Serbs, a pretext is created for launching world war three. With flashpoints like the Balkans, the Persian Gulf and the Korean Peninsula ignited, the stage will be set for Russia to wage a "Last Dash to the South", the title of Vladimir Zhirinovsky's supposed autobiography.

Zhirinovsky's "Last Dash to the South" apparently outlines military/strategic objectives Moscow is hoping to achieve. What is planned is a Russian military campaign to dominate an arc of territory to Russia's south stretching from the Balkans in the west all the way to East Asia. A major goal in this plan likely involves overrunning the Middle/Near East so that Moscow will have almost total control of the world's oil supply. Since the global economy is wholly dependent on oil, Russia will gain control of the world.

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Given the role of oil, the odds are that the Middle East will prove to be a primary target as Moscow's military campaign gets underway. In fact, Russia may be planning to use an Arab/Israeli conflict as some sort of trigger for global nuclear war.

In the epilogue of my 1992 paper, "The Persian Gulf Deception", I outlined how recent developments in the Middle East might be part of Moscow's strategy for global war: "In the context of a grand strategy by the East to deceive the West, the current Arab/Israeli peace talks should be considered a strategic deception. The purpose of such a deception would likely be two-fold: 1.) to set the stage for a 'surprise' Arab/Israeli war, and 2.) to insure world war three is blamed on the West rather than the East." In other words, the recent peace agreements signed by Israel and the P.L.O. as well as Israel and Jordan are likely false (this would also be the case with any future peace agreement reached between Israel and Syria).

With false peace in now place in the Middle East, the Arabs may provoke Israel and/or the U.S. into triggering war. One possibility I pointed out in 1992 is that: "As the Arabs pursue peace, they increasingly appear to be peace-oriented rather than belligerent. Meanwhile, Israel appears to be increasingly belligerent rather than peaceful because stepped-up terrorist attacks have provoked Israeli raids against terrorist factions in southern Lebanon. By linking a future war to Israeli action in Lebanon, the Arabs could significantly reverse any blame."

Another possibility I mentioned in my 1992 paper was that: "...war could be set-off in the Middle East in a way that appears to be the West's fault by having Saddam provoke a crisis with the West and then launch a kamikazee attack against Israel. Following an Iraqi chemical (and/or biotoxin) attack against the Jewish state- an action which would revive memories of Hitler's gassing of the Jews- Israeli retaliation will be both assured and severe. Israel's military response could, in turn, be used by the Arabs- particularly Syria- as a pretext for war that, due to the current peace efforts, would effectively be a surprise."

As I wrote in 1992: "All in all, by using Iraq, and possibly Lebanon, to spawn a primary crisis, the Arabs could launch an attack against Israel and have it appear to be the West's fault."

The likely goal of any Arab attack against Israel is to provoke "The Samson Option". The Samson Option is Israel's doctrine of nuclear retaliation against the Arabs and their allies, including Russia, in the event that Israel is hopelessly overrun. It is likely that Moscow intends to use such an Israeli nuclear response as an excuse for an all-out nuclear attack against the West. In this way Russia can launch its premeditated nuclear strike against the West and have it appear as "massive retaliation" instead of a first-strike. In other words, Moscow is willing to stomach an initial, small-scale Israeli nuclear attack in order to create a pretext for launching what will effectively be an all-out, preemptive strike against the West.

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All in all, the world might be on the verge of virtual self- destruction in the form of a third world war because people have been completely deceived. Mikhail Gorbachev, who I believe is literally the antichrist, has set the stage for a bogus right-wing coup in Moscow, possibly in association with a Balkan trap. Meanwhile, a second Korean war can be ignited as part of a strategic diversion to open the way for Russia's "Last Dash to the South": an onslaught against the Middle/Near East and Israel in particularly that may be started by a revenge attack against Western "Zionism" by Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. All this, in turn, will open the way for an all-out Russian nuclear attack against the West that may wrongly be attributed to an irrational, self-defensive act by a mad, antisemitic Russian dictator such as Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

After the dust settles, Gorbachev will undoubtedly reemerge to power in Moscow and claim he is saving the world from destruction by violent extremists like Zhirinovsky. In reality, however, this will be another one of his seductive lies. The truth is that Mikhail Gorbachev is a mad extremist responsible for deceiving and then destroying the world. While he hopes to rule over humanity with an *Orthodox* kingdom of god, in reality this antichrist only rules *inhumanity* and is seeking to establish a global dictatorship of man.

He can not succeed, however,
if humanity finds the courage to accept