Censored Editorials

By J. Adams

(Feel free to download these editorials for reading and distribution.)

No newspapers or news organizations have been willing to go public
with the following editorials or the general opinions expressed in them.

"War to the hilt between communism and capitalism is
inevitable. Today, of course, we are not strong enough to
attack. Our time will come in thirty or forty years. To win,
we shall need the element of surprise. The Western world will
need to be put to sleep. So we shall begin by launching the
most spectacular peace movement on record. There shall be
electrifying overtures and unheard of concessions. The
capitalist countries, stupid and decadent, will rejoice to
cooperate to their own destruction. They will leap at another
chance to be friends. As soon as their guard is down, we shall
smash them with our clenched fist."

(Dmitrii Z. Manuilskii)
(Lenin School of Political Warfare, Moscow, 1931)


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By J. Adams November 28th, 1995 USSR, 3rd World Countries & US WWW: http://www.primenet.com:80/~lion/j.html The following editorials were submitted to my local newspaper over the past three years, and the last three have been sent to almost every major newspaper in the country. None of them have ever been printed by my local newspaper or any other newspaper. The excuses given by my local paper for not printing these opeds were usually the same. First off, the editor would argue the given editorial is too long. Consequently, when submitting my work, I made sure to point to recent editorials and columns printed by the newspaper that were of approximately the same length or longer. I would always ask the editor why a double standard is applied when dealing with my writings. Another reason given by the newspaper for not printing these editorials was my request that they be printed in full and without unpermitted revisions. The reason I would request this is because my past letters-to-the-editor and editorials that were printed had, at times, had two-thirds of their content removed. I asserted that such revisions were virtual censorship and geared to manipulate the meaning of what I had written. Thus, I would not offer the editors of my local paper a free hand to edit my writings. The final reason given for not printing these editorials was made most clear by the current editorial page editor of my local newspaper who refused to print "The New World Disorder", my most recent oped, because of "problems with content". Specifically, she said that the views espoused were "libelous" to the Russian government. Also, I was told that the opinions I offered were not backed-up with "sufficient facts". I responded that my speculations about the malintentions of the Russian government were only my opinions and recanted that what I wrote was not much different than media speculation about the activities of the U.S. government and other governments around the world. Furthermore, I pointed out that, in order to constrain the length of my op-ed, which I was told was too long to begin with, I had to limit the amount of "facts" that could be presented. In order to refer readers to comprehensive supporting articles and factual material, I placed a reference to my worldwide web page at the end of the editorial. The editorial page editor replied that the commentary page would not be used to "advertise" my web page. All in all, because of effective censorship by my local newspaper as well as media organizations across the country, I have been rather unsuccessful in my efforts over the past several years to stir public awareness of the threat posed to freedom, democracy and Western society by the "former" Soviet Union. The editorial "discretion" of the American media is, in fact, a subjective bias that has been suppressing the truth at everyone's expense. Fortunately, by way of the internet, I have found an alternative means by which to tell the American people the truth. This, however, may prove to be a short- lived opportunity. ---------------------------------------------------------------------

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By J. Adams October 18th, 1995 USSR, 3rd World Countries & US WWW: http://www.primenet.com:80/~lion/j.html Given the 50th anniversary of the United Nations and the Nuremburg trials of Nazi war criminals, it is time for people to reflect on the history of this world and consider how we, in shaping the future, can take steps to insure that the mistakes of the past are not repeated. Little do most of you know just how important such a quest is at the current juncture. Today human rights and the rule of law, as well as our freedom and livelihood, are imperiled even more so than when Adolph Hitler was rallying the forces of hate and war during the 1930's. Few perceive this threat, because, for the most part, Western civilization is currently living a dangerous lie. In the mid-1980's, Mikhail Gorbachev came to power in the Soviet Union and started implementing seemingly pro-Western, peace-oriented policies based upon "New Thinking" by Kremlin leaders. What followed, to the delight of the West, was the fall of Communism, the breakup of the Soviet empire and an apparent end to the Cold War. Thus, today people take great comfort that a democratic "New World Order" of international peace and cooperation is at hand where there is little or no risk of a global war launched by the formerly unified authoritarian powers of the East. Unfortunately, all that the world has been led to believe over the past decade is literally too good to be true. Kremlin military leaders realized long ago that the most effective use of modern strategic weaponry, particularly nuclear missiles, requires the element of surprise. Furthermore, it was clear that launching an attack against the West would invite massive retaliation against the numerous military, political and economic targets spread throughout the Communist world. Thus, a large-scale, multi-year plan needed to be devised and implemented that would instill a false sense of security in the West while minimizing the vulnerability of world Communism. Low and behold, the Kremlin's "New Thinking" started to develop. The "New Thinking" of Russia's ruling elite, introduced by Mikhail Gorbachev in the mid-1980's, has been geared to mislead the West for the sake of launching a global war of mass destruction. After the dust settles, the Kremlin, which is the historic site of combined Church and State power in Russia, plans to replace Western secular society with a global "Orthodox" dictatorship. In order to justify a transfer of world leadership to the East, the West is being framed for triggering world war three by luring America and its military allies into a trap by way of the United Nations. Consistent with Leninist strategy, since the 1980's the West has been told what it wants to hear and shown what it wants to see. Bogus Western-style economic and political reforms were introduced in Russia similar to Lenin's "New Economic Policy" and *Glasnost* of the 1920's. Then, following a farcical coup attempt by "Communist hardliners" in August 1991, the Communist party supposedly voted itself out of power. Following the resignation of Mikhail Gorbachev on Christmas Day of 1991, the Soviet Union was disbanded and Yeltsin's "democratic" Russia was born. Thus, for the past few years there has been a seeming marriage of East and West, Russia and America, as the once adversarial superpowers apparently have overcome their ideological and geopolitical differences in the name of world peace and prosperity. The Cold War is now declared over as one peace and disarmament agreement after another has been signed and troops on both sides are returning to their respective homelands. Unfortunately, the honeymoon might soon end, for Russia's experiment with capitalism and democracy is reportedly failing. According to Marxist-Leninist doctrine, if democracy fails to serve the purposes of capitalism, then democracy is overthrown and replaced with a fascist dictatorship. This is supposedly what happened in Weimar Germany during the 1920's and 1930's and led to the rise of Adolph Hitler. Accordingly, in fact *according to plan*, in recent years Russia's economy has fallen apart, prices have spiralled out- of-control and neofascist forces have gained strength in Russian politics. This is highlighted by the *surprising* victory of Vladimir Zhirinovsky's "Liberal Democratic Party" in the December 1993 election of a new Russian parliament (something I specifically predicted beforehand, since I was relatively certain the elections would be rigged). The general strategy is, now that the West no longer fears an attack from the military powers of the East, a right-wing military coup can be staged in Moscow that will open the way for a surprise third world war. By drawing America and its military allies into conflicts with former Russian allies like the Serbs, Iraq and North Korea by way of the United Nations, a nationalist backlash is created in Moscow. This, in turn, creates a pretext for a bogus Zhirinovsky coup and massive military aggression against Israel, America and the Western powers. Such an onslaught today, after years of peace and cooperation, will catch the West by surprise. Furthermore, since Russia is now seen as a democratic friend, the U.S. will be hesitant about striking-back following a nuclear attack. Even if we do retaliate, the majority of the "former"-Communist world is currently safe since it has disintegrated and is no longer perceived as hostile territory. Thus, after the dust settles, Western society will be destroyed while the Communist world-of-old is left relatively unscathed- just as the Kremlin has planned. If my hypothesis is correct, then the outbreak of world war three will appear to stem from the use of Western military strength against the seemingly weakened powers of the East. Accordingly, the world will wrongly attribute the holocaust of mass destruction to blundering Western aggression rather than the premeditated pursuits of the East. Following the war, this perception may be used by Moscow to justify replacing the United Nations and current, U.S.-led New World Order with a Russian-led world government. Meanwhile, Mikhail Gorbachev, who in recent weeks has been outlining his own vision of a New World Order in the mass media, will undoubtedly return to power in Moscow. Since it will appear as if he is saving the world from self-destruction by neofascist extremists like Vladimir Zhirinovsky, his *second coming* will open the way for the establishment of global Orthodoxy and a false "kingdom of god". Remarkably, the ultimate crime against humanity I believe is unfolding is probably being committed according to astrology. It is well known that Adolph Hitler used astrology in timing his key moves and military campaigns during the second world war. Likewise, there is evidence that suggests the Kremlin is also using astrology to implement a deceptive, multi-year plan leading to the third world war. First off, Chernobyl, which was probably no accident but rather an experiment to prepare for fighting a nuclear war, occurred with a rare astrological configuration involving mars, pluto and a lunar eclipse. Likewise, Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990, which was likely carried-out by Saddam under Kremlin orders, occurred with the same type of configuration. Now we are facing a similar astrological configuration once again. On October 23rd/24th, the 50th anniversary of the opening of the United Nations, there is a total solar eclipse in Scorpio, the zodiac sign of death, that is conjunct Mars, the planet of war, and Pluto, the planet of nuclear energy ("pluto"nium). Thus, to an astrologer, the upcoming configuration represents the death of the unity of nations and nuclear war. One way or another, and probably sooner than later, this is what the Kremlin has in store for the world. For more information, please see my worldwide web page at the location (URL): http://www.primenet.com:80/~lion/j.html (Note that on October 26th, two days after the solar eclipse and when the moon aligned with Mars and Pluto, Russian President Boris Yeltsin reportedly suffered a heart attack precipitating political uncertainty and instability in Moscow. Eventually this may lead to a bogus right-wing coup in Moscow or some sort of related political crisis, possibly in association with the Russian parliamentary elections slated for mid-December of this year.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------

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By J. Adams February, 1993 USSR, 3rd World Countries & US WWW: http://www.primenet.com:80/~lion/j.html Soon after he came to power in the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev released a book entitled 'A Time For Peace'. With the emergence of Gorbachev and his supposedly peace-oriented ways, the West took great comfort that finally the militant East would no longer pose a threat and the Cold War could be brought to an end. Indeed, everything, right up to the breakup of Russia's so-called 'communist' empire, has taken place to lead us to believe 'it is peace for our time'. But really, is it a 'New World Order' and global peace which is at hand, or a new world disorder and global war. Increasingly popular opinion is calling for no appeasement in Bosnia. More and more Americans are urging Western military intervention in Yugoslavia to bring stability to the region. However, let it be clear that the West should have refrained from appeasement long ago, but not with Serbia- with Russia. There is reason to believe that what the West is walking into right now is a trap set by Moscow in which Yugoslavia and Iraq are the bait. The explosive ethnic conflict taking place today in what was once Yugoslavia is a product of blatant Serbian aggression. It turns out, however, that Serbia is being sponsored by its historical slavic ally- Russia. More specifically, even though there is a tight arms embargo on Yugoslavia, the Russians are continuing to underhandedly supply the Serbs with the weapons being used to overrun Bosnia. That Russia is doing this completely goes against Moscow's supposed devotion to resolving the crisis and preserving the New World Order of international cooperation, peace, and security. Furthermore, it raises serious questions about just what is going on in the Balkans. Russia's suspect activity with regard to Yugoslavia, however, shadows in comparison to its policy towards Iraq. For those who have not been watching (e.g., the Western media), Russia sent a senior diplomat to Baghdad for three days during the second week of February whose stated purpose was to "consolidate friendly ties with Iraq". This visit has significant implications. First off, it establishes growing open Russian support for Saddam Hussein. Secondly, just as with arming Serbia, building ties with Iraq is profoundly inconsistent with Moscow's supposed devotion to international peace and security. Russia's handshake with Saddam in February should come as no surprise to those who have kept a critical eye on Moscow and Baghdad since the Gulf Crisis broke out in the summer of 1990. There has been strong indications that Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and the subsequent Gulf War were part of a large-scale deception being engineered by Russia. Iraq and Russia had been close allies for some thirty years going into the invasion, and it thus makes sense that Moscow has been behind Saddam Hussein's seemingly irrational actions from day one. The strong alliance that developed between Moscow and Baghdad during the 1970's and 1980's can be directly attributed to the personal efforts of Saddam Hussein. Saddam played a principal role in forging an Iraqi 'Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation' with Russia in 1972, and when Saddam took over power in 1979, he signed an agreement on military cooperation and strategic consultation with then Soviet Defense Minister Ustinov. During the 1980's the Soviets helped Saddam consolidate his power and built Iraq into a regional military superpower. Given the deep and dependent relationship he formed with Moscow, it is clear Saddam would have never pulled-off a stunt as reckless as invading Kuwait and challenging the West without the Kremlin's approval. The reality, however, is that Saddam's invasion of Kuwait was not only approved by Russia, it was planned and carried out under the orders and supervision of Moscow. During the six months prior to the invasion, Soviet arms deliveries to Iraq accelerated to twice the rate of the 1980's when Iraq was in an all-out war with Iran. Two weeks before the invasion, the Soviets launched a military reconnaisance satellite over the Gulf and sent one of their top generals to Iraq along with a small expert staff. This general and his delegation, along with the 8,000 Soviet personnel that were already in Iraq, provided direct 'Quality Edge' military assistance to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Soviet assistance in planning and executing the invasion was made clear by the surprising similarity of the operation to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. In the aftermath of the invasion, Moscow did everything it took to open the way for a Western-led attack against Saddam Hussein's forces but continued to underhandedly support its Iraqi ally. Even though it clearly went against Soviet strategic interests, Moscow, for the first time in post-war history, cooperated with the West in the United Nations so that a U.S.-led military coalition could launch a war to free Kuwait from Iraqi occupation. Meanwhile, the Soviets continued to send arms to Iraq in violation of an international embargo, they fed Iraq intelligence on Western forces building up in the Gulf, and Soviet personnel helped the Iraqis jam eavesdropping by Western aircraft. With the Gulf War, Moscow continued to work behind the scenes with Iraq. The Soviets continued to underhandedly ship arms to Iraq and, as the National Defense Council Foundation later reported, Soviet personnel were "all over the place" on the battlefield. Russian language military communiques were persistently heard on Iraqi radio networks; Soviet technicians "continued to tune radars, fix tanks and planes and advise (Iraqi) combat units down to the battalion level"; and the Soviets supplied targeting information to Iraq and had their personnel "help the Iraqis fire SCUD missiles at Israel and Saudi Arabia". The reason that Moscow has been deceptively making peace with one hand and war with the other in the Persian Gulf and the Balkans should be clear. Throughout Russian history, strategic deception and military aggression has been the central way by which the Kremlin has expanded its control. This approach served Russia well in dominating virtually the entire East of this world, and so it should come as no surprise that such a strategy is now being used to conquer the world. If the West intervenes in Yugoslavia and/or renews hostilities against Iraq, you can bet that Russia will suddenly do a total about- face. As Western military action is taken, a militant neofascist dictator can be brought to power in Russia by throwing some sort of bogus coup like in August 1991. This dictator- and I'll even tell you his name: Vladimir Zhirinovsky- can then be used to launch a third world war against Israel, America, and the Western allies, just as had been planned from the beginning by Gorbachev. Because it will appear to stem from Western military intervention in Yugoslavia and Iraq, the supposed power shift in Russia and seemingly consequent world war will be blamed on the 'imperialist' actions of the West rather than the premeditated efforts of the guilty East. After the dust settles, Gorbachev can reemerge to power claiming that 'he' has come to save the world from self-destruction. Russian orthodoxy can be established in the place of communism and a global dictatorship of man- Gorbachev's false 'kingdom of god'- will be achieved. It seems as with Europe during the late-1930's, the world today has been easily deceived. Just as Hitler made peace before war in accordance with his 'Big Lie' dictum, Russia has befriended America and its allies over the last several years in accordance with deceptive long-run strategic planning. Like with Neville Chamberlain, we should have never appeased our enemy's lies by signing 'paper' treaties and overlooking the gross inconsistencies in the words and actions of our foe which have invariably pointed toward an underlying intention to make war rather than peace. If you want to be set free, no longer falsely believe it is 'peace for our time' as Chamberlain foolishly proclaimed in 1938. Find the courage to accept the truth. It is a time for war... * * * * * REFERENCES Barkho, Leon. "Russian envoy arrives in Baghdad". 'Reuters Library Report': 2/8/93. Bodansky, Yossef. "Moscow's careful juggling act in the Persian Gulf". 'Defense and Foreign Affairs' Strategic Policy': 12/90; p18. 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By J. Adams March, 1993 USSR, 3rd World Countries & US WWW: http://www.primenet.com:80/~lion/j.html Peace in today's world is well represented by the modern peace symbol: a satanic symbol in which the Christian Cross is inverted and broken. This signifies how peace in the modern age is false- an antichristian lie. In the context of the current political crisis in Russia, many people believe that we should stand behind Boris Yeltsin at all costs. This, they would say, is the price of peace. In the eyes of most Americans, Yeltsin is a hero of Russian democracy who the U.S. and its allies must stand by lest the communist 'hardliners' return to power and renew the expensive Cold War. This point-of-view, however, is symptomatic of a popular delusion afflicting the world with regard to the true pursuits of Russia and its leaders. Until the truth of this situation is accepted, humanity will remain enslaved by lies. Democracy in Russia has never existed. For those who have bought the idea that Boris Yeltsin is the first democratically elected leader of Russia in the country's 1000-year history, you better think again. The Russian presidential election in June of 1991- a point at which Soviet communism was still visibly intact- was fraudulent. If you find this difficult to believe, I strongly suggest you examine the political life of Vladimir Zhirinovsky- the upcoming neofascist dictator of Russia. Vladimir Zhirinovsky is an important but weak link in a strategic deception Russia has been feeding the West since Gorbachev's 'New Thinking' was introduced in the mid-1980's. He supposedly received nearly seven million votes and came in third out of a field of seven candidates in the Russian presidential election. Given the neofascist platform of his misleadingly called 'Liberal Democratic Party', Zhirinovsky's success in the election came as a complete surprise. What came as an even greater surprise, however, were results from investigations of Zhirinovsky's political registration and the August coup in 1991. In December of 1991, investigators revealed that, "...to all intents and purposes, the Liberal Democratic Party, headed by Vladimir Zhirinovsky, does not exist". Of course, if Zhirinovsky had no party and, in turn, no base of support, how is it that he received millions of votes and came in a surprising third in the race for the Russian presidency? Clearly the election results were impossible. The implication should be obvious: the supposedly democratic election for the first Russian president, won by Boris Yeltsin, was a fraud. Just two months after Yeltsin became president of Russia, he apparently saved his country and democratic reforms from a coup attempt by communist hardliners. Unfortunately, like the Russian presidential election, the August coup of 1991 was also fraudulent- a Potemkin masquerade intended for Western audiences. During the first half of 1991, the Soviets carefully set the stage for the bogus August putsch. Six months prior to the actual coup, the KGB and Soviet army rehearsed their upcoming act under the guise of a countercoup. During the summer of 1991, numerous rumors and warnings were circulated in the West that a coup was imminent, and in June hardliners reportedly failed at a constitutional-coup attempt. As tension grew, Gorbachev strangely ignored all the warning signs of an approaching putsch by hardliners and refused to take precautionary measures. Then, on the weekend just before the controversial signing of a new union treaty that would undermine the Kremlin's central authority, Gorbachev made the seemingly reckless decision to go on vacation to his dacha in the Crimea. Low and behold, on Monday- the weekday Lenin stressed never to throw a coup- hardline communist conspirators acted (literally). From beginning to end, the August putsch was a nonsensical tale. The KGB, Soviet military, and hardline conspirators behind the coup attempt failed to follow almost every rule of Soviet-designed coups. To begin with, reliable troops weren't prepositioned at key facilities, and communication and transportation links with the outside world were left unsevered. Even worse, the organizers of the coup failed to have the main opposition leader, Boris Yeltsin, detained or isolated- an unbelievable oversight. As Yeltsin took refuge at the parliamentary 'White House' and began rallying opposition, no one cut the phonelines. Furthermore, the media, which the putchists had taken control of, was somehow allowed to broadcast Yeltsin's appeals for resistance and international support. Amazingly, throughout the whole affair Gorbachev's remaining allies and the Russian KGB that backed Yeltsin were organizing opposition from Kremlin offices literally down the hall from where the coup plotters and the Soviet KGB were headquartered. The reason that political events in Russia during the summer of 1991 were so utterly nonsensical is because they were just that: nonsense. Both the Russian presidential election and the August coup were staged as part of a large-scale political deception designed to serve the power-maximizing interests of Russia's ruling elite. Yeltsin's democratic victory that summer at the Russian White House under the red-white-and-blue Russian flag was a lie that the West was easily seduced by. However, a democratic transformation of Russia remains about as likely as a communist revolution in America. Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and all the supposed reformers in Moscow to this day are 'ex-communists' and 'hardliners' who pursue but one thing: authoritarian power. Today the underlying goal of Gorbachev's New Thinking is about to be realized. The stage is being set for a neofascist dictator to take power in today's 'Weimar Russia'. That dictator, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, is already revealing the true pursuit of Russia: to wage an all-out third world war against Israel, America, and the Western allies. Unfortunately, because the West has accepted the false peace and friendship Russia and her Arab allies have offered over the past several years, the East will militarily prevail. Not only have we been duped into dropping our guard, our enemy has effectively disappeared. Should 'democratic' Russia launch a surprise nuclear blow in the midst of seeming internal chaos and a violent international crisis, we will be greatly hesitant about retaliating during the crucial minutes before being destroyed. And even if we do decide to strike back, we will only target well-defended Mother Russia; the rest of the communist world has been secured through disintegration. After the dust settles, Gorbachev will undoubtedly 'return' to power in Moscow. Instead of realizing how he destroyed the world, people will falsely believe that he has 'saved' the world from militant extremists. Russian orthodoxy can be established in the place of communism, and a global dictatorship of man, Gorbachev's false 'kingdom of god', will be achieved. * * * * * REFERENCES "Accusations by the White House". 'Current Digest of the Soviet Press': 1/29/92; p23. Church, George. "Postmortem; anatomy of a coup". 'Time': 9/2/91; p32. Daily, Brian (ed). 'Soviet Strategic Deception'. Hoover Institution Press; Stanford, CA: 1987. Douglas, Joseph. 'Soviet Strategy for Nuclear War'. Hoover Institution Press; Stanford, CA: 1979. Epstein, Edward Jay. 'Deception: The Invisible War Between the KGB and the CIA'. Simon & Schuster; New York, NY: 1989. Fireman, Ken. "Ultranationalism is a growing force in Russia". 'The Houston Chronicle': 1/3/93; pA18. Golitsyn, Anatoliy. 'New Lies For Old: The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation'. 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By J. Adams October, 1993 USSR, 3rd World Countries & US WWW: http://www.primenet.com:80/~lion/j.html Recently a violent political struggle took place in Moscow that appears to have ended with a final defeat of conservative Russian 'hardliners' and the victory of liberal democracy. Likewise, the forces of militarism and anti-Westernism appear to have been overcome by the forces of pacifism and East/West friendship. The problem with this situation, however, is that it is an illusion- an illusion that is about to be utterly upset by reality. Earlier this year I wrote two editorials that dealt with the political situation in Russia, the war in Yugoslavia, and the ongoing troubles in the Persian Gulf. Unfortunately, these editorials have never been printed by a newspaper they were submitted to, i.e., they have been effectively censored. The general idea of my editorials was reflected by their titles: "The Price of False Peace" and "A Time For War". In a nutshell, I spelled out why I believe the modern world has accepted a total lie. Since Mikhail Gorbachev came to power in the Soviet Union in 1985 and released a book entitled 'A Time For Peace', everything has taken place to lead us to believe in "peace for our time". Yet, world peace today is likely no different than "peace for our time" as proclaimed by Neville Chamberlain in 1938 after signing the Munich Accord with Hitler. I believe that now, like then, the West has foolishly accepted a false peace that serves the strategic interests of those pursuing our destruction. The recent political battle in Moscow is an example of Russia's deceptive strategy. We have just witnessed a violent political showdown between Russia's liberal reformers and hardline conservatives in which Boris Yeltsin, the supposed champion of democracy, has effectively thrown a coup. On September 21st, Yeltsin revoked the Soviet-era constitution and disbanded parliament. In reaction to this, hardline lawmakers, led by vice-president (?!) Alexander Rutskoi, barricaded themselves in the Russian parliament building, the so-called "White House", and prepared for armed resistance. Yeltsin gave the lawmakers until October 4th to clear- out or face "serious consequences". Then, on the eve of one of the most dangerous political confrontations in Russian history, Yeltsin haphazardly took-off to his summer house for the day. Right-wing and pro-communist protesters seized the opportunity. They overtook surprisingly weak police lines around the parliament and, under orders from hardline leaders, began a violent uprising in Moscow. Because no major forceful response was prepared or at least promptly ordered by government and police authorities, the city quickly dissolved into bloodshed and mayhem. When Yeltsin returned to Moscow, a state of emergency was declared and the Russian military was called upon to restore order by force. The protesters were pushed back to the White House where they would make their last stand. The next day, October 4th, Yeltsin ordered the army to storm the parliament; the hardliners were forced to surrender. As they were taken away under armed guard, the White House, where Russian freedom and democracy was supposedly victorious against the August coup of 1991, symbolically burned in the background. Now, with Yeltsin's political opponents in jail and parliament burned, democracy in Moscow is seemingly defeated. Through what was tantamount to a coup, Yeltsin has effectively become sole ruler of Russia. The key point here is that recent events in Russia have been intentionally orchestrated as an historical parallel to events in Weimar Germany some sixty years ago. The last leader to revoke a constitution, disband parliament, burn the "Reichstag", and take control of a fledgling democracy was Adolph Hitler. The reason such an analogous situation has been engineered is because the "true" hardliners, which includes Boris Yeltsin, Mikhail Gorbachev, and the rest of communism's rulers-of-old, are creating the excuse to stage a violent reversal in power from liberal reform to right-wing extremism. More specifically, the stage has been set for a bogus coup in which a neofascist dictator, namely Vladimir Zhirinovsky, is brought to power. A power reversal is being planned in Moscow in order to open the way for a surprise third world war. Since the West backed Yeltsin's drive to undo democracy, crush nationalist opponents, and conquer Russia's "soul", Russian hardliners now have a pretense for launching an all-out war against the "Zionist" powers of Israel, America, and the Western allies. War may be initially provoked in and around the Middle East- the Balkans (Yugoslavia), the Persian Gulf (Iraq), the Causasus, etc.- but this is only to set the stage for an onslaught against the Zionist homeland: Israel. Since Israel will undoubtedly resort to nuclear force against her Russian-backed Arab foes and possibly Russia as well, Moscow will have the excuse it needs for "massive retaliation", i.e., an all-out nuclear attack against America and its military counterparts. Our leaders will subsequently be hardput to retaliate since Russia was so recently a democratic friend. With all said and done, through long-run strategic planning, large-scale deception, and massive military aggression, the East will have conquered the world. First off, military dominance will have been achieved because the West was lulled into a false sense of security, duped into dropping its guard, and left without a visible enemy so that a successful surprise attack could be launched. Secondly, popular dominance will have been achieved because world war three was staged such that it appeared to be the West's fault. The resultant hatred for the West will feed into popular support for the East. Should the future confirm my beliefs and expectations, then it's important people realize why. As I see it, newspapers refuse to print my editorials because the truth is literally blasphemy in a world dominated by lies. Over the past 1000 years the rise of Western civilization has coincided with the rise of an opposing worldview to Christianity. This opposing worldview, what I've dubbed the secular paradigm, is the historical antithesis of Christianity. According to it, ours is a godless universe that started with a "Big Bang" and is flowing towards ever greater disorder and meaninglessness. This contradicts the idea that, since the moment of Creation, God has carried out purposeful work to create ever greater organization and meaning. According to the secular paradigm, life results from a process of elimination that involves "random mutation" and "natural selection". Contrariwise, Christians believe that life comes from purposeful, orderly creation and divine selection. With regard to society, the secular worldview holds that, with the guidance of some imaginal "invisible hand", selfishness and competition give rise to "general equilibrium". This contradicts the Christian view that unselfish cooperation and the grace of God bring forth social harmony. All in all, the now dominant secular worldview is the antithesis of Christianity. The problem, however, is that if Christ's worldview was realistic and true, then the opposing secular worldview is false- it is a popular delusion. As reflected by the cycles of history, the reality is that man as a species suffers from general mental and emotional "disequilibrium" and poses a danger to himself and his environment. Because of people's greed, hatred, arrogance, and fear, the contemporary world is caught up in a bipolar disorder that is leading us toward self-destruction. As the seventh seal opens and "The Crash" occurs, the popular expectations of this secular age will be totally upset while the opposing expectations embodied in biblical prophecy are fulfilled. This will reveal the truthfulness of religion and falsify the modern secular delusion. If mankind finds the courage to accept the truth and learns to love, then individual and social harmony, real peace, and the true "Kingdom of God" will be achieved. If not, then this world will meet a tragic End. * * * * * REFERENCES Gevorkyan, Natalya & Alexander Zhilin. "A President's trap? A trap for the President?" 'Moscow News': 10/15/93. Goldberg, Carey. "'October Events' mysteries: Russians still have doubts." 'Los Angeles Times': 11/9/93; pA1. "Parliament swallowed the President's bait." (Supposedly written by a top secret KGB official whose expertise is fomenting uprisings and coups in third world countries- i.e., the article is disinformation from a disinformation source.) 'Moscow News': 10/15/93. NOTE: The two Moscow News articles cited above are disinformation intended to make sense of the nonsense that occurred during the October uprising by attributing the staged crisis to Boris Yeltsin and Russia's supposed liberal reformers. In reality, the whole affair was orchestrated to set the stage for the December parliamentary elections in which right-wing extremists and pro- communists, who were seemingly victimized by the October events, achieved surprising success. Most important was the victory of Vladimir Zhirinovsky's "Liberal Democratic Party" (?!) in the election of the new Russian parliament. Zhirinovsky was given political power in December of 1993 to open the way for a future military coup (see "The Zhirinovsky Connection") which, in turn, will open the way for a third world war against the West- a point reiterated time and time again in my editorials.