Kremlin Astrology

By J. Adams
Updated: April 23rd, 1996

                        ***KREMLIN ASTROLOGY***

                    'Zodiac and the Cross of Nero;

               How Astrology Guides Gorbachev's Russia'

                              By J. Adams

                          December 15th, 1995

                       Updated: April 23rd, 1996

    Astrology  was originally developed in ancient Persia,  especially

by the Babylonians.  King  Zargon,  for  instance,  had  his  scholars

compile   a   seventy-two  volume  astronomical  treatise  called  the

"Illumination Of Bel (their god)",  in which the  prophecy  above  was

included.  Astrology  was  important  to  Babylonian Kings like Zargon

because it was used for making important policy  decisions  like  when

and where to wage wars.

    The  use  of astrology by powerful dictators to make key decisions

and time important moves did not stop with Babylonian Kings,  however.

It is now widely recognized that Adolph Hitler used astrology to guide

his  important  moves.  Hitler  shaped his political moves and foreign

policy decisions,  like the timing of military campaigns in waging the

second world war, according to the stars. (See, for instance, Wilhwelm

T.   Wulff's  'Zodiac  &  Swastika;   How  Astrology  Guided  Hitler's

Germany', 1973).

    Today the evil dictators and conquerors of  the  world  are  again

relying   on   astrology   to   guide   their   moves.   Specifically,

*Gorbachev's* Russia (I believe Gorbachev is still the leading  figure

behind  the  scenes  in  Moscow today),  Saddam Hussein's Iraq and the

other authoritarian powers of the East are likely using the  stars  to

guide  a  multi-year  plan  to militarily destroy the West and thereby

conquer the world.  Thus,  upon  close  examination,  one  finds  that

almost all of the key events in Russia,  Iraq,  the former-Yugoslavia,

Chechnya, so on and so forth, over the past decade have coincided with

significant,  relatively rare astrological configurations.  (Note that

the  leadership  of the "opposing" factions in places like the former-

Yugoslavia and Chechnya are former Communist elite.  Thus,  no  matter

how much the opposite may appear to be the case, they are still likely

receiving their orders from the Kremlin.  That the Kremlin may control

all  sides  of  "staged"  conflicts  in  places  like the Chechnya was

revealed by KGB defector Anatoliy  Golitsyn  in  his  book  'New  Lies

For Old'.)

So  that  the use of astrology by the Kremlin and authoritarian powers

of the East is clear,  please consider the following examples of where

key    events   coincided   with   significant,    rare   astrological


1.  *April 24th, 1986:  Total eclipse of the Moon conjunct Pluto.

      The following evening the Chernobyl disaster,  which was  likely

 no  accident  but  rather  a  sick experiment to garner knowledge for

 fighting a nuclear war, occurred in the Ukraine.

    Notably this configuration involved  the  planet  Pluto  which  is

 supposed   to  represent  explosive  events  and  nuclear  technology

 ("Pluto" is the root of the world "pluto"nium).

2.  *July 22nd, 1990:  Total solar eclipse.

    Marked when Iraq began massing forces on the Kuwaiti  border  just

 prior to the 1990 invasion.

3.  *August 2nd thru 7th, 1990:  Lunar eclipse squares Mars and Pluto.

    In  the  Market  Watch  section  of  the July 16th,  1990 issue of

 'Barron's',  there is an excerpt from  the  newsletter  of  financial

 astrologer Arch Crawford.  It reads in part:

   "...Aug.  6  (Lunar  Eclipse  squares Mars + Pluto).  Expect some

   major catastrophe on  that  last  one,  Aug.  2-7,  as  something

   explodes in a big way...  Astronomically similar to the Chernobyl


    On August 2nd,  Iraq invaded Kuwait precipitating the Persian Gulf


4.  *January 15th, 1991: Solar eclipse with rare 6-planet alignment in

                         Capricorn (note:  in astrology  the  Sun  and

                         Moon are considered planets).

    January 15th,  1991 was the U.N.  deadline for Iraq to pull-out of

 Kuwait  before  the  allied  attack a day later- the beginning of the

 Gulf War.

     According to  an  ancient  Babylonian  prophecy,  "when  all  the

 planets  meet  in Capricorn the world will be destroyed by fire".  In

 January of 1991,  there was a six-planet alignment in Capricorn,  and

 Venus,  Jupiter  and  Pluto were heavily aspected in Capricorn and in

 tension with each other.  Thus,  from the perspective of  someone  in

 Iraq  and the site of ancient Babylon,  their "world was destroyed by

 fire" exactly as forecast in this astrological  prophecy  (see  Moira

 Timms' 'Beyond Prophecies and Predictions', pp.206 & 209).

5. *June 26th, 1991: Lunar eclipse of lunar/solar eclipse pair.  Also,

                     Pluto  was  squared  (90-degree  angle)   by   an

                     alignment of Venus, Mars and Jupiter.

    Marked the beginning of the civil war in Yugoslavia.

6.  *August 19th, 1991:  Alignment of Sun,  Moon,  Mercury,  Venus and

                         Jupiter in the zodiac sign of Leo.

    A  failed coup attempt by communist hardliners is staged in Moscow

 which supposedly brings an end to  the  Communist  Party  and  Soviet


7.  *December 21st, 1991:  Lunar eclipse on the winter solstice.

    The Soviet flag comes down and the Russian flag is raised over the

 Kremlin as the Soviet Union is officially disbanded.

    A  few  days  after  this,  on  Christmas day (?!),  Soviet leader

 Mikhail Gorbachev resigned.

8.  *June 30th, 1992: Solar eclipse of lunar/solar eclipse pair.  This

                      eclipse  was  aligned  with  Venus,  Uranus  and

                      Neptune  and sextiled (60-degree angle) Mars and


    First  U.N.   forces  arrive  in  Sarajevo  as  Western   military

 intervention in the former-Yugoslavia begins.

9.  *October 4th, 1993:  Pluto conjunct Moon squares (90-degree angle)

                         Saturn and trines (120-degree  angle)  Venus,

                         Uranus and Neptune.

    Political chaos erupts in Moscow following Russian President Boris

 Yeltsin's disbanding of the former-Soviet parliament.

10.  *December 13th, 1993:  Alignment of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and

                            Mars in Sagitarrius.

    Communists and Nationalists win the elections for  a  new  Russian

 parliament.  Of  particular  surprise  is the success of the "Liberal

 Democratic  Party  (?!)  led  by  Hitler-like  nationalist   Vladimir


11. *January 12th, 1994:     Rare  seven-planet alignment in Capricorn

                             (five planets  and  the  sun  and  moon).

                             Tightest  alignment  of  seven planets in

                             300 years.

     U.S./Russia summit at which the superpowers sign an agreement  to

 no longer target each other with nuclear weapons.

    Alignment  also coincides with increased Serb shelling of Sarajevo

 and a NATO summit meeting at which the Western allies  agree  to  use

 force  in  the  former-Yugoslavia.  Within  a  month  the  first NATO

 ultimatum was issued for the withdrawal of Serb heavy  weaponry  from

 around a Sarajevan "safe-zone".

12.  *November 18th, 1994:  Lunar eclipse of solar/lunar eclipse pair.

                            Eclipse is aligned with Pluto and Jupiter,

                            squares  (90-degree angle) Mars and trines

                            (120-degree angle) Uranus and Neptune.

    Croatian Serb warplanes bomb the U.N.-protected Bihac  enclave  in

 violation of a NATO-enforced "no-fly zone".  NATO responds by bombing

 Serb positions. This is the first major use of military force against

 the  Serbs by NATO in the Balkan conflict  and  the  first  offensive

 military  action  ever  taken  by  NATO in the 45-year history of the


13. *December 11th, 1994: Mars squares conjunction of Pluto & Jupiter.

     Russia invades the breakaway republic of Chechnya.

14.  *April 29th, 1995:   Solar eclipse of lunar/solar  eclipse  pair.

                          Eclipse squares Neptune and Uranus.

    Croatian  Serb  warplanes bomb the U.N.-protected Bihac enclave in

 Bosnia in violation of a NATO enforced "no-fly zone" once again.  The

 Balkan war heats-up as a five-month cease-fire comes to an end.

 (Notably,  this  was  the first eclipse pair subsquent to the pair in

 November of 1994 which marked  the  only  other  time  Croatian  Serb

 warplanes bombed Bihac- both before and since.)

15.  *June 14th, 1995:  Mars squares alignment of Mercury,  Venus  and

                        and Jupiter.

    Similar to  configuration  on  December  11th,  1994  when  Russia

 invaded Chechnya.  This time,  a large group of Chechen rebels attack

 a town in southern Russia and take several hundred  patients  hostage

 at a hospital.  The incident ends violently with hundreds of Russians


16.  *July 12th, 1995:    Alignment of Sun,  Moon,  Neptune and Uranus

                          trines (120-degree angle) Mars and  sextiles

                          (60-degree angle) Saturn and Pluto.

    Russian  President Boris Yeltsin reportedly suffers a heart attack

 while Bosnian Serb  forces  overrun  the  U.N.-protected  enclave  of


17. *October 24th, 1995:   Mars and Pluto conjunct total solar eclipse.

    Russian President Boris Yetsin suffers a second heart attack since

 which he has still not recovered.

18.  *November 22nd, 1995:   7-planet alignment of Sun, Moon, Mercury,

                             Venus,   Mars,   Jupiter   and  Pluto  in


    Serbs do a total about-face  and  reach  a  peace  agreement  with

 Bosnian and Croatian representatives at peace talks in Dayton,  Ohio.

 Some 60,000 NATO troops start heading into the  former-Yugoslavia  to

 take over the peace-keeping mission from the United Nations.

19.  *December 21st/22nd, 1995:    Clustering of  all  planets  in  or

                                   near  Capricorn  around the time of

                                   the winter solstice.

    Communists and nationalists win Russian parliamentary elections.

20.  *January 15th,  1996:  Moon  squares  alignment  of  Earth,  Sun,

                            Mercury, Mars and Uranus.

    Russian  forces  storm Chechen rebels holding hostages in southern


21.  *February 26th,  1996:  Sun conjunct Mars T-squares Pluto and the

                             moon,   which   are  in  opposition  (180

                             degrees apart).

    Configuration is similar to the one that marked when Iraq  invaded

 Kuwait  in August of 1990.  Notably,  February 26th is also the fifth

 anniversary of Kuwait's liberation from Iraqi occupation and the  end

 of the Gulf War.

    Wave  of terrorist bombings against Israel occur starting February

 25th as the Arabs begin to unravel the  false  peace  that  has  been

 established in the Middle East.

22.  *April 3rd, 1996:  Total lunar eclipse conjunct Mars and squared

                        by Jupiter.

    North Korea pulls out of the Korean War Armistice and then carries

 out  a  series  of  provocative armed incursions in the Demilitarized

 Zone separating the two Koreas.