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                        IMMINENT KOREAN WAR?

                Date:    Mon, 08 Apr 96 23:55:34 EDT

               Subject: Imminent Korean War? (updated)

                               J. Adams

                            April 8th, 1996

    Recent developments which imply extremists might soon take control

in  Moscow  are taking  place in a timely fashion for what might be an

imminent North Korean invasion of South Korea.  As pointed out  in  my

article  "A  Global  War?",  Moscow  is  likely planning to ignite the

Korean Peninsula at the start of world war three in  order  to  divert

U.S.  military forces into East Asia and tie-up the West's capacity to

deliver war materials elsewhere around the  world.  Such  a  strategic

diversion  will  leave  the  Middle/Near  East (Europe?) open to being

overrun by a Russian "Last Dash  to  the  South"  as  foreshadowed  in

Vladimir Zhirinovsky's supposed autobiography.

    There are strong indications North Korea  is  about  to  launch  a

surprise invasion of the South.  Late last year,  North Korea deployed

nearly a hundred warplanes  at  formerly  unused  air-bases  near  the

Korean  border.  Furthermore,  the North beefed-up its artillery along

the DMZ and increased combat readiness through  some  of  the  largest

military  exercises  since  the  Korean  War  ended  four decades ago.

Lastly,  several North Korean agents were captured or killed  crossing

into  the South suggesting that Pyongyang ordered deep-infiltration of

South Korea in preparation for an attack.

    Following the North's final military preparations for a  war  with

the South late last year, Pyongyang started making reassuring gestures

and  engaging  in peaceful diplomacy with Seoul in order to secure the

element of surprise for an eventual attack against  the  South.  North

Korea  quietly reached a critical nuclear agreement with the South and

also released South Korean fishermen that had previously been captured

in the North's waters. Lastly, the North has recently been calling for

negotiations to replace the Korean War Armistice with  a  full-fledged

peace treaty.

    While  making  peaceful overtures with the South,  Pyongyang  also

sought to minimize the  perceived  North  Korean  military  threat  by

feigning  weakness  and  internal  distress.  During  the past several

months,  North Korea has been making unprecedented requests  for  food

assistance  from  the  outside  world in response to a reported famine

caused by summer flooding last year (the problem is not so  much  with

the available supply as with distribution,  suggesting  stockpiling in

anticipation of war).  Likewise,  supposedly due to a shortage of  oil

and  food  supplies,  minimal North Korean military exercises occurred

over the winter.  Thus,  an image of a weak and distressed North Korea

has  been  projected  in recent months such that the South dangerously

underestimates North Korean military strength just prior to an attack.

    In order to give a cover for the approaching attack, Pyongyang has

increasingly projected signs  of  internal   turmoil   and   political

instability.  North Korea's "Dear Leader",  Kim Jong-Il,  is still yet

to formally assume power in the wake of Kim Il-Sung's July 1994 death.

In association with this,  recent rumors and signals  from  the  North

have  suggested that Kim Il-Sung is incapacitated and the North Korean

military has taken control of the country.  Such a  situation  creates

an ideal cover for launching an invasion.

    Since everything else is in place,  North Korea is now seeking  to

create  a  pretext  for an attack.  Last week,  North  Korea  scrapped

the  Armistice  that  ended  the  Korean war and has since carried out

three armed border intrusions  along  the  Demilitarized  Zone.  These

intrusions  are flagrant violations of the ceasefire agreement between

North and South Korea  and  are  highly  provocative.  There  are  two

possibilities.  Either  the North is seeking to provoke the South into

firing the first shots of a second Korean war,  or the  North  Koreans

are  seeking  to  desensitize  the  South  Korean  military  to border

incursions just prior to an actual surprise invasion.  Either  way,  a

new Korean war is imminent.

     On a final note,  one should keep in mind that the current crisis

on the Korean Peninsula started at the time of the total lunar eclipse

last week. Last Thursday, the time of the eclipse for Korea, Pyongyang

pulled-out of the Armistice that ended the Korean War.  Technically, a

new  war  started  at  that  point since the ceasefire agreement which

ended hostilities more than 40 years ago was effectively broken.  As I

pointed out in previous articles,  the  total  lunar eclipse last week

was conjunct Mars and squared (90-degree angle) by  Jupiter.  Such  an

astrological configuration portends a war  (Mars is the planet of war)

against  a  ruling  power  (Jupiter is the planet of rulers).  A North

Korean attack on South Korea,  which  is  directly  defended by 36,000

troops of the current ruling world power, the United States,  would be

an event consistent with such an eclipse.  As should be clear, this is

a significant corroboration of my "Kremlin Astrology"  hypothesis.  In

other words, North Korea may have intentionally  timed  scrapping  the

Armistice  and  setting-off a second Korean War with the lunar eclipse

last  week  under  orders  from  Moscow  since  the Kremlin is shaping

history according to astrology.