J. Adams
January 11th, 1996

As I have been explaining, based upon some rare astrological events this month, we might be entering the Age of Aquarius- something that signifies the prophetic "End of the Age" in Christianity.

One of these events is that the planet Uranus is going to enter Aquarius, the zodiac sign it rules, for the first time in about 77 years. This will occur early tomorrow morning and will involve the Moon squaring (90-degree angle) a tight alignment of Uranus, Mars & Mercury (Neptune and the Sun will also be pretty closely aligned with these planets) over the next couple of days.

Since the stock market has been dropping sharply this week as we are going into this significant astrological event, there is reason to believe something dramatic is about to happen. If I'm right that the Kremlin is timing its key moves toward a war with the West according to astrology, then Moscow might be planning something big for the next couple of days.

The most recent news from Russia is that there is a new crisis concerning Chechnya. Hundreds of Chechen rebels supposedly marched into southern Russia a couple of days ago (around the time of a conjunction of Uranus and Mars- Mars being the planet of war) and took thousands of Russian civilians hostage similar to what happened last summer. The rebels reportedly released all but around 150 of their hostages and fled in buses to the Chechen border. Unfortunately, the bridge back into Chechnya was destroyed, apparently blown-up by Russian troops. At last report, the Russian army was encircling the Chechen rebels with helicopters, tanks and troops, and Moscow was calling upon the rebels to release their captives or else.

While nothing may come of this newest Chechen crisis, there is reason to believe it may prove far more significant than most people expect right now.

First off, events concerning Chechnya appear to be shaped according to astrology (see my article, "Kremlin Astrology"). When Russia invaded Chechnya in December of 1994, it did so as Jupiter was entering the sign of Sagitarrius and as a rare conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto was squared by Mars. Likewise, last June several hundred Chechen rebels crossed into southern Russia and took thousands of Russian civilians hostage just like has happened this week. This event occurred when an alignment of Jupiter, Venus & Mercury was squared by Mars- a similar astrological configuration as when Russia initially invaded Chechnya.

If, indeed, Kremlin leaders are shaping history according to astrology, then they likely have some sort of big plans related to the Chechen war. These plans likely involve a future, bogus military coup in Moscow (see my article, "A Zhirinovsky Coup?").

The whole situation concerning Chechnya makes very little sense. This country of a few million clearly poses no military challenge to Russia's three million man strong army. Yet, somehow we are supposed to believe a few thousand lightly-armed Chechen rebels have been able to upset Russian military planners time and time again. This is about as believable as the Delaware national guard successfully going up against the full might and fury of the U.S. army- except that the Delaware national guard is probably bettered armed than the Chechens.

In reality, the whole Chechen situation is some sort of Potemkin masquerade intended to stir nationalist sentiment in Russia and mislead the world. By engineering the Russian army's bungled operation in Chechnya, a pretext is created for the overthrow of Boris Yeltsin's supposed democratic government. As one mistake after another leads to more and more dead Russian soldiers and civilians, there is increasing pressure to restore order by replacing the seemingly incompetent civilian government in Moscow with military rule.

Thus, there is reason to believe that Russia's newest crisis concerning Chechnya might somehow be leading up to a military coup in Russia. If the Kremlin is using astrology to time its important moves toward a war with the West, then something disasterous concerning Chechnya could occur during the next few days as Uranus enters Aquarius. This might mean political upheaval and a military coup in Moscow is imminent. One should also keep an eye on the Balkans in this regard, since getting NATO to bomb the Serbs might be part of a pretext for staging a right-wing coup in Moscow (especially one timed according to astrology since major developments in the Yugoslav civil war tend to occur with significant astrological configurations- also note the August 1991 coup in Moscow and violent uprising in October of 1993 both occurred with significant astrological configurations). Clearly a new disaster concerning Chechnya along with Western military action against Russia's orthodox Serb brethren would constitute an ideal provocation for nationalist forces to overthrow Yeltsin's government and restore authoritarian rule in Moscow. (Notably, it is possible that the *disaster* concerning Chechnya will be because Yeltsin gives in to the rebels' demands to win the release of the Russian hostages. Such a weak-handed move might serve as an excuse for the military to take control of Russia in order to apply more *strong*-handed tactics in places like Chechnya.)