J. Adams
January 13th, 1996
(Updated: January 25th, 1996)

As pointed out in my recent articles dubbed and yesterday the planet Uranus entered its zodiac sign of Aquarius for the first time in 77 years, next Monday the Moon is squaring (90 degrees) a tight alignment of Uranus, Mars and Mercury (Neptune and the Sun will also be closely aligned with these three planets) and next week the Sun, Moon, Earth and Uranus will perfectly align (Mercury, Mars & Neptune will also be aligned with these planets within a 15-degree arc). (UPDATE: The configuration on Monday, January 15th marked when Russian forces stormed Chechen rebels holding hostages, and the planetary alignment with the Ramadan new moon may be marking the Grand Supercycle peak in stock prices.) These astrological events are significant because they may be viewed as a signal of the beginning of the Age of Aquarius and the prophetic "End of the Age" in Christianity.

in stock prices and the evidence of both strongly suggest that we are facing a dramatic upset of collective expectations that will involve a right-wing coup in Moscow and an outbreak of global war in the near-future. More specifically, there is reason to expect that the current astrological configurations indicating the beginning of the Age of Aquarius portend political instability in Russia that might be connected to new problems with Chechnya possibly mixed in with renewed NATO military action against the Serbs in Bosnia (Iraq, North Korea?). One way or another this instability should eventually involve a military coup in Moscow as Boris Yeltsin's pro-West, reformist government is replaced by a . Subsequent to or in association with such a power reversal in Russia, will erupt as rogue powers backed by Moscow hardliners seemingly feel free to take on the West. As is overviewed in my latest , war should first erupt in places like the Balkans, Korea and the Persian Gulf as a precursor to Russia's "Last Dash to the South" (the title of supposed autobiography) and an all-out "jihad", or holy war, in the Middle East.

To understand why all of this is so, one should note how astroharmonic wave patterns in the stock market are signalling the likelihood of an imminent collective upset of historic proportions. Longwave patterns in stock prices have worked up to a critical over the last 200 years and now a is due. Since general movements in stock prices are caused by changing collective beliefs and expectations about our society's future, a Grand Supercycle peak and approaching crash implies that what most people expect right now is mistaken and something is about to happen to upset prevailing optimism in the West. Furthermore, since major turning points in the wave-like fluctuations of stock prices tend to occur with planetary alignments and other such , the high-point in collective expectations and stock prices reached above Dow 5000 around the time of a major seven-planet alignment in late-November of last year implies that a reversal in the stock market and mass mood should be happening right around now. (UPDATE: stock prices reached a higher high above Dow 5000 with the 7-planet alignment in late-January of this year. Thus, the crash might follow this newest high-point in collective expectations.)

So all of this is more clear, consider what happened with the peaks in stock prices at Dow 3000 and Dow 4000 in July of 1990 and , respectively. In mid-July of 1990, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) peaked at 3000 with a six-planet alignment and solar eclipse (specifically, the DJIA closed at 2999.75 on July 16th and 17th when the Earth, Sun, Jupiter and Saturn almost perfectly aligned and then reversed about five percent with a solar eclipse on the 22nd). Right at the time of the peak, Saddam Hussein started to threaten Kuwait and then on August 2nd, when Mars and Pluto squared an August 7th lunar eclipse, Iraq invaded Kuwait precipitating a dramatic upset of Wall Street's high expectations and a 20-percent drop in stock prices from the Dow 3000 mark into October of that year.

A similar pattern as this occurred in January of 1994 when the DJIA approached the psychologically significant 4000 mark for the first time in history. Following the tightest alignment of seven planets in 300 years on January 12th, 1994, the DJIA peaked at 3985 (the print high was 4002) and then sharply reversed course. The very same week the Dow 4000 mark was tested, the Federal reserve raised interest rates for the first time in years up to that point. Thus, collective expectations were upset and stock prices fell by about ten percent into the spring of that year.

At the current juncture the same sort of astroharmonic wave pattern in stock prices is again unfolding. With a seven-planet alignment last Thanksgiving, the DJIA broke above the psychologically important 5000 mark for the first time in history. Stock prices eventually reached a peak about four percent above the 5000 mark on December 13th of last year and now are starting to reverse (see ). This week the Dow fell around 120 points but managed to stay about a percent above the critical 5000 mark. (UPDATE: The DJIA stayed above 5000 after this decline and rose back to new all-time highs with the planetary alignment on January 20th/21st.)

If, indeed, the peak in the stock market above Dow 5000 following the planetary alignment last November (this January!) was the *Grand Supercycle* peak, then the reversal from the 5000 mark should involve a far greater upset of collective expectations than what was associated with the stock market drops that followed the planetary alignment peaks at Dow 3000 and Dow 4000 in 1990 and 1994, respectively.

So what sort of upset are we looking at?

This can be determined by reviewing the connection between significant astrological configurations in the past and key events in the Balkan conflict, Russia's conflict with Chechnya and Russian politics.

Below is a list of what took place around the time of important astrological configurations during the past several years:


1. *June 26th, 1991: Lunar eclipse of lunar/solar eclipse pair.  Also,

                     Pluto  was  squared  (90-degree  angle)   by   an

                     alignment of Venus, Mars and Jupiter.

    Marked the beginning of the civil war in Yugoslavia.

2.  *August 19th, 1991:  Alignment of Sun,  Moon,  Mercury,  Venus and

                         Jupiter in the zodiac sign of Leo.

    A  failed coup attempt by communist hardliners is staged in Moscow

 which supposedly brings an end to  the  Communist  Party  and  Soviet


3.  *June 30th, 1992: Solar eclipse of lunar/solar eclipse pair.  This

                      eclipse  was  aligned  with  Venus,  Uranus  and

                      Neptune  and sextiled (60-degree angle) Mars and


    First  U.N.   forces  arrive  in  Sarajevo  as  Western   military

 intervention in the former-Yugoslavia begins.

4.  *October 4th, 1993:  Pluto conjunct Moon squares (90-degree angle)

                         Saturn and trines (120-degree  angle)  Venus,

                         Uranus and Neptune.

    Political chaos erupts in Moscow following Russian President Boris

 Yeltsin's disbanding of the former-Soviet parliament.

5.   *December 13th, 1993:  Alignment of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and

                            Mars in Sagitarrius.

    Communists and Nationalists win the elections for  a  new  Russian

 parliament.  Of  particular  surprise  is the success of the "Liberal

 Democratic  Party  (?!)  led  by  Hitler-like  nationalist   Vladimir


6.   *January  12th,  1994:  Rare  seven-planet alignment in Capricorn

                             (five planets  and  the  sun  and  moon).

                             Tightest  alignment  of  seven planets in

                             300 years.

     U.S./Russia summit at which the superpowers sign an agreement  to

 no longer target each other with  nuclear  weapons.  High  collective

 expectations for world peace reflected in DJIA reaching near 4000.

    Alignment  also coincides with increased Serb shelling of Sarajevo

 and a NATO summit meeting at which the Western allies  agree  to  use

 force  in  the  former-Yugoslavia.  Within  a  month  the  first NATO

 ultimatum was issued for the withdrawal of Serb heavy  weaponry  from

 around a Sarajevan "safe-zone".

7.   *November 18th, 1994:  Lunar eclipse of solar/lunar eclipse pair.

                            Eclipse is aligned with Pluto and Jupiter,

                            squares  (90-degree angle) Mars and trines

                            (120-degree angle) Uranus and Neptune.

    Croatian Serb warplanes bomb the U.N.-protected Bihac  enclave  in

 violation of a NATO-enforced "no-fly zone".  NATO responds by bombing

 Serb positions. This is the first major use of military force against

 the  Serbs  by  NATO  in  the Balkan conflict and the first offensive

 military action ever taken by  NATO  in  the  45-year  history of the


8.  *December 11th, 1994: Mars squares conjunction of Pluto & Jupiter.

     Russia invades the breakaway republic of Chechnya.

9.   *April 29th,  1995:  Solar eclipse of lunar/solar  eclipse  pair.

                          Eclipse squares Neptune and Uranus.

    Croatian  Serb  warplanes bomb the U.N.-protected Bihac enclave in

 Bosnia in violation of a NATO enforced "no-fly zone" once again.  The

 Balkan war heats-up as a five-month cease-fire comes to an end.

 (Notably,  this  was  the first eclipse pair subsquent to the pair in

 November of 1994 which marked  the  only  other  time  Croatian  Serb

 warplanes bombed Bihac.)

10.  *June 14th, 1995:   Mars  squares  alignment  of  Mercury,  Venus

                         and Jupiter.

    Similar to  configuration  on  December  11th,  1994  when  Russia

 invaded Chechnya.  This time,  a large group of Chechen rebels attack

 a town in southern Russia and take a few  thousand  Russians  hostage

 at a hospital. Hundreds are killed and the rebels eventually escaped.

11.  *July  12th,  1995:  Alignment of Sun,  Moon,  Neptune and Uranus

                          trines (120-degree angle) Mars and  sextiles

                          (60-degree angle) Saturn and Pluto.

    Russian  President Boris Yeltsin reportedly suffers a heart attack

 while Bosnian Serb  forces  overrun  the  U.N.-protected  enclave  of


12. *October 24th, 1995:  Mars and Pluto conjunct total solar eclipse.

    Russian President Boris Yetsin suffers a second heart attack.

13. *November 22nd/23rd, 1995: planet alignment of Sun, Moon, Mercury,

                               Venus,  Mars,  Jupiter   and  Pluto  in


    Serbs do a total about-face  and  reach  a  peace  agreement  with

 Bosnian and Croatian representatives at peace talks in Dayton,  Ohio.

 Some 60,000 NATO troops start heading into the  former-Yugoslavia  to

 take over the peace-keeping mission from the United Nations.

    Collective optimism associated with reaching peace in the  Balkans

 is reflected by the DJIA breaking the 5000 mark for the first time in

 history the  day  the  agreement  is  initialed.  Notably, the formal

 signing  of  the  peace agreement on  December 14th,  1995  coincides

 with what may have been the final peak  in  stock  prices  just above

 the  Dow  5200 mark on December 13th.  This  represents  how  Western

 expectations  were  misled  to  all-time  heights  by the reaching of

 a false peace in the Balkans.  The fall in  stock  prices  from  this

 peak  should  likewise  reflect  the  upset  of  Western expectations

 associated with  an  unraveling  of  the  peace  agreement  and  NATO

 being drawn into the Balkan fray.

14.  *December  21st/22nd, 1995:   8-planet  alignment  of Sun,  Moon,

                                   Mercury,  Venus,   Mars,   Jupiter,

                                   Neptune  and Uranus in Capricorn on

                                   the winter solstice.

    Communists and nationalists reportedly win in the  election  of  a

 new Russian parliament.  The political party  associated  with  Boris

 Yeltsin's  government  placed  a  weak  third  in  the election  thus

 signalling an end to Western-style reform in Russia.


As can be seen, the list above likely highlights how the Kremlin is shaping four key current affairs according to astrology: the civil war in the former-Yugoslavia, Russia's conflict with Chechnya, the deteriorating physical and political health of Boris Yeltsin and the rising influence of nationalist and communist hardliners in Russian politics.

These four developments of recent history appear to have a common aim. They are key ingredients for staging a right-wing coup in Moscow and triggering world war three. The bungled military operation in Chechnya ordered by Boris Yeltsin and increasing Western military involvement against Russia's orthodox Serb brethren are sources of rising nationalist frustrations in Moscow. This is seemingly reflected by the growing political success of nationalist and hardline communist parties and candidates in Russia's parliamentary elections. Meanwhile, Boris Yeltsin's physical health is deteriorating in step with the waning political strength of his reformist, pro-Western government. All in all, the dozen or so historical events listed above that are timed according to astrology seem to be leading up to the death of Russian democracy (possibly along with Boris Yeltsin), the emergence of a nationalist authoritarian regime in Moscow and an outbreak of a war between East and West by way of a .

In conclusion, instead of the West's high expectations for world peace and prosperity being fulfilled by recent agreements reached between East and West and between warring parties like in the former-Yugoslavia, what may soon occur is a total upset of collective optimism in the form of global war. Just as stock prices climbed to historic heights above Dow 5000 when a peace agreement was reached among the warring parties in the former-Yugoslavia late last year, an unprecedented collapse in Western expectations and stock prices should occur as peace fails. Since the DJIA started to come down from its all-time high the week that communist and nationalist forces won Russia's parliamentary elections in mid-December of last year, the odds are that the Grand Supercycle crash and failure of peace will in some way begin with a power reversal in Moscow.

If, as the evidence indicates, the Kremlin is shaping history according to astrology, then a power reversal in Moscow and dramatic breakdown of peace may occur soon, since rare astrological configurations currently taking place are a signal of the "End of the Age" in Christianity. Given that the forces planning to stage a right-wing coup in Russia and unleash world war three are religious nationalists, it is reasonable to expect that they would make their main move with the "End of the Age" since this implies the "End of the World" prophesized in Christianity and Islam. (Remarkably, this means that man's self-destruction is coming as a self-fulfilled prophecy.)

On a final note, if it really does work out such that an anti-semitic Russian dictator like Vladimir Zhirinovsky is seemingly in power soon and a Ramadan jihad (holy war) is unleashed against Israel and the West, then the rest of the world may share my vision of a chemical SCUD attack on Israel five years later (see The Truth).