***SADDAM'S REVENGE?***

                               J. Adams

                            May 23rd, 1996

                      -The Grand Supercycle Peak-

    On April 3rd of this year,  the DJIA reached an  all-time  closing

just below 5700 with a total lunar eclipse.  This lunar eclipse was on

the  full  moon  that  marked  the  beginning  of the Jewish Passover.

Importantly,  the eclipse closing high in the DJIA occurred just after

a  Spring  Equinox  new  moon  intraday  record  high  in the Dow that

coincided with a syzygy- or three-planet alignment- of  Mercury,  Mars

and  Saturn  in  Pisces.  Since Saturn and Pisces together signify the

fate of the Jewish people and Mars is the planet of  war,  a  heavenly

portent  of  a  war  against  the  Jews,  and  Israel in particularly,

occurred.  What is more, between the Spring Equinox new moon/planetary

alignment and the Passover lunar eclipse,  the Great  Comet  Hyakutake

appeared  in  the night's sky,  passing by the Big Dipper- the sign of

the Great Bear that represents Russia.  Thus,  when  the  DJIA  peaked

just over a month ago, heavenly signs occurred that suggest the coming

destruction  of  Israel and associated rise of Russia,  most likely at

the West's expense.

    The reason that stock prices peaked,  in fact reached  an  Elliott

Wave  Grand  Supercyle peak,  just prior to an outbreak of war against

Israel and the West should be clear.  The greed and arrogance  of  the

West  is  the source of its own undoing.  The Grand Supercycle peak in

stock  prices  reached  over  the  past  several  months represents an

ultimate  irrational  high  of  Western  self-confidence  and   future

expectations.  This  collective  confidence and optimism is irrational

because it is based upon a dangerous lie.

                        -The Global Deception-

    Particularly during the past decade,  man has become utterly self-

deceived.  The  seeming  fall  of  world communism and collapse of the

Soviet Union was a staged deception.  Why do you  think  the  nuclear-

armed communist East,  hellbent on destroying the West and taking over

the world,  would suddenly decide to convert to Western capitalism and

give  up  its  pursuit  of world domination at our expense just as the

"Window of Vulnerability" was opening up?  Why would the Arab  powers,

wholly devoted to the destruction of the Jewish State and increasingly

armed-to-the-teeth,  suddenly do a total flip-flop and seek  peace?  I

do  not  believe  this is because man transformed into a peace-loving,

reasonable creature over the past several years.  To the contrary,  it

is  because some men love war while other men love money;  hence,  the

basis  for  mutually disadvantageous false agreements to bring about a

third world war and global self-destruction.  The military  powers  of

the East, seeking war, have offered the West a false peace in order to

instill  a  false sense of security and secure the element of surprise

to launch a successful  attack.  The  economic  powers  of  the  West,

seeking  money,  have  accepted  this  false  peace  out of desire for

material security and new markets to  exploit.  Thus,  the  forces  of

greed  and  fear  have  come  together  in the name of creating global

harmony and peace when, in reality,  they are leading the world toward

utter disharmony and a self-destructive holocaust of mass destruction.

                     -The Persian Gulf Deception-

    The  shape  the  coming  war will take is revealed by the lies the

West has been told.  One of the  most  obvious  parts  of  the  East's

deception  involves  Saddam  Hussein's  Iraq.  Why do you think Saddam

invaded Kuwait and picked a fight with the West just over  five  years

ago?  At  the  time  the  West  was  looking for any excuse to curtail

Iraq's growing military strength and  pursuit  of  "The  Bomb",  since

Western   oil-interests   and   Israel's  security  were  increasingly

endangered.  Yet,  this is precisely what Saddam provided to the West.

By invading Kuwait and threatening Saudi Arabia,  Iraq gave the West a

perfect excuse to wage a major war that would counter Saddam's growing

military strength and the threat he posed to Israel and  the  oil-rich

Persian Gulf region.

    Since everything apparently went so well with the Gulf War,  i.e.,

Iraq was quickly and decisively defeated and the  world's  oil  supply

was  resecured,  the  West  never  considered  the possibility that an

ulterior motive might have been  behind  Saddam's  seemingly  reckless

invasion  of Kuwait and world confrontation.  Yet,  an ulterior motive

there  likely  was:   to  make  Iraq  a  symbolic  victim  of  Western

imperialism and world "Zionism" in order give Saddam justification for

triggering a jihad, or holy war, against Israel and the West.

                          -Saddam's Revenge-

    With Iraq's violent defeat by the West in the Gulf War, continuing

U.S.-enforced  economic  sanctions  against  Baghdad  and  covert U.S.

efforts to oust Saddam Hussein from power,  Saddam's Iraq increasingly

appears to be a victim of relentless Western imperialism in  the  oil-

rich  Arab  world.  In other words,  Saddam has provoked the West into

taking  actions  against  his  country  that  fit  his  conspiratorial

worldview  of  Western  "Zionist"  oppression  of  Iraq and other Arab

countries.  In this way,  Saddam is creating an excuse to seek revenge

against the U.S.  and Western powers for the ongoing unfair  treatment

of Iraq and the Arab world in general.  Since,  if  my  hypothesis  is

correct, "Saddam's Revenge" will ultimately lead to the destruction of

Israel  and  the  West,  the Iraqi dictatot will end up looking like a

great  Arab  hero  who  confronted  the  West,   stomached  tremendous

imperialist oppression  and  eventually  struck  back  such  that  his

Zionist oppressors were ultimately destroyed.  After the dust settles,

Saddam  can  proclaim  that  Allah is on his side and force the Moslem

world to submit to his divine rule.

    How is it that "Saddam's Revenge" will result in  the  destruction

of  Israel  and the West?  After all,  as a military,  economic and/or

political power,  Saddam's Iraq appears to be about  as  isolated  and

weak as could be.  That, however, is the trick of it.

    As  Sun-Tzu  explains  in  the  "Art  Of War",  'if strong,  feign

weakness';  'if unified,  project division'.  Thus,  Saddam's Iraq and

Iraq's allies-of-old,  i.e., the other Arab military powers along with

the "former" and ongoing communist military powers of the  East,  have

gone out of their way to project the image of division and weakness in

the East.  Yet,  overall, Saddam and the authoritarian military powers

of the East are still sitting on  the  largest  military-machine  ever

known  to  man.  The Beast simply is not dead,  regardless of what the

East wants us to believe and what the West wants to believe .

    The question now is:  In what way is Saddam going to seek revenge,

and  how  will  this  be  associated  with  the rise of Russia and the

destruction of Israel and the West?  I believe  the  answer  has  been

revealed to me.

                           -The Revelation-

    Back during the Gulf War,  in February of 1991, I was engaged in a

written  correspondence  with  Robert  Prechter,   the  "Elliott  Wave

Theorist",  about  what  might  eventually  cause the Grand Supercycle

crash and bear  market  were  both  anticipating  at  that  time.  One

evening I was watching television when suddenly a special report aired

of  a  chemical SCUD attack against Israel.  Surprised that Saddam had

launched such a provocative attack,  I contacted friends to  let  them

know what happened. As I returned to the television to catch more news

on  the attack,  I found nothing was being reported.  When I awoke the

next day,  there was nothing in the newspapers.  All said and done,  I

discovered that no such report had aired at the time I saw it.

    Immediately after this odd experience, I mentioned to Mr. Prechter

in a letter I was writing to him what I had seen.  I speculated that I

might had  had  a  psychic  vision  of  what  would  cause  the  Grand

Supercycle collapse in the stock market we were expecting.  Clearly an

Iraqi chemical attack on Israel and a subsequent outbreak of some sort

of  new  Arab/Israeli  war would greatly upset investors' expectations

and precipitate a large-scale decline in stock prices.

    Right after sending this letter to Mr.  Prechter,  I  had  another

experience  that  apparently  revealed the full danger we were facing.

Upon reading a Bible prophecy to a friend that  I  believe  depicts  a

future nuclear war (the Seventh Seal prophecy in the eighth chapter of

the  Book  of  Revelation),  my  friend  and I heard an air-raid siren

followed by the bellowed percussion of a nuclear explosion.  Coming so

soon after my vision of a special report of a chemical SCUD attack  on

Israel,  I  concluded their must be a connection- the Grand Supercycle

crash would involve an all-out war in the Middle East  that  would  be

followed by an all-out global war involving a nuclear holocaust.

    From  that  moment  on,  my  search began for what would lead to a

Grand Supercycle crash in Western expectations  via  a  nuclear  third

world war.  Thus, I discovered how the world has been utterly deceived

by  Saddam  Hussein and the authoritarian military powers of the East.

Western expectations are  being  intentionally  misled  to  irrational

heights  in order to open the way for an ultimate upset in the form of

a surprise third world war.

                     -The Zhirinovsky Connection-

    How  exactly  is  it  that an Iraqi chemical attack against Israel

will be associated with  an  eventual  global  nuclear  war?  Well,  I

believe  I  later  discovered  the  answer  to  that question with the

"Zhirinovsky Connection".

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky is supposedly Saddam Hussein's special  ally.

In February of last year, for instance, Zhirinovsky reportedly went to

Baghdad and met with Saddam  Hussein  on  February  26th,  the  fourth

anniversary  of  Kuwait's  liberation  from  Iraqi  occupation and the

second anniversary of the World Trade Center bombing  which  has  been

linked  to  Iraq.  During  a  three-hour conversation they discussed a

proposal by Zhirinovsky to create an  anti-Western  coalition  between

Russia,  the  Orthodox and Muslim world.  Zhirinovsky told journalists

after the meeting:  "There is  no  confrontation  between  the  North:

Russia,  and  the  South:  the  Arab  and  Muslim world".  Zhirinovsky

concluded his three-day visit to Baghdad by signing a draft accord  to

boost ties between Russia and Iraq.

    The  odds  are  that  this  suspicious  connection  between Saddam

Hussein and Vladimir Zhirinovsky will be key to upcoming  events  that

will upset  Wall  Street's  expectations  and  precipitate  the  Grand

Supercycle crash.  More specifically, there is reason to believe a new

military confrontation between Iraq and the West is imminent that will

be  associated  with  Vladimir  Zhirinovsky's  bogus  rise to power in

Russia and an outbreak of global war.

                         -A New Confrontation-

    I believe that sooner or later, Saddam is going to start provoking

the U.S.,  supposedly  in  response  to the unremitting pressure being

placed on Iraq.  On July 17th of last year (the fifth  anniversary  of

when  the  DJIA  peaked  at 2999.75 just before Iraq invaded Kuwait in

1990),  Saddam Hussein addressed his nation to  commemorate  the  27th

anniversary  of  the  military coup that brought him to power.  In the

context of his speech,  Saddam declared:  "Iraq  is  not  required  to

continue  complying with the decisions of the U.N.  Special Commission

on disarming Iraq without it being linked to a lifting of the embargo.

Soon after this,  Iraq issued  the  following  ultimatum:  "The (U.N.)

Special  Commission  should  end all its work by the end of August and

should then report that to the Security Council to lift the sanctions.

If they don't give us our rights, we will stop cooperating with them."

    One way Iraq might stop cooperating is by taking  military  action

in  the  protected zones in the North and South of Iraq.  Saddam could

launch a military offensive against the U.N.-protected Kurdish enclave

in the northern Iraq and/or move Iraqi forces below the 32nd parallel.

Since Washington has allowed Turkey  to  launch  large-scale  military

assaults  against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq,  any U.S.  military

intervention to block Iraqi aggression in the  U.N.-protected  enclave

will  constitute  a  clear double-standard.  Thus,  Saddam can seek to

demonstrate how his country is a victim  of  Western  imperialism  and

hypocrisy  by  attacking the Kurdish north and thereby provoking U.N.-

ordered retaliation by U.S. forces.

    As for southern  Iraq,  Washington  claims  the  Security  Council

resolution  passed  during  a crisis in October of 1994 authorizes the

use of military force against Iraqi forces which  move  south  of  the

32nd parallel.  Russia,  however, insists otherwise.  Thus, Saddam can

provoke a confrontation between Russia and the  U.S.  by  moving  some

forces into the southern zone and challenging Washington.

    One way or another, and sooner than later, one should expect a new

confrontation  between  Saddam and the West.  This confrontation might

involve an Iraqi military assault against the U.N.-protected areas  in

northern  and/or southern Iraq which,  in turn,  will provoke new U.S.


                      -A Bogus Overthrow Attempt-

    If  there  is  some sort of new military confrontation between the

U.S.  and Iraq,  the odds are it will be associated with some sort  of

staged overthrow attempt against Saddam Hussein.

    In the August of 1995, two members of Saddam's ruling inner circle

reportedly defected to Jordan  and  then  sought  to  join  opposition

forces  seeking to overthrow Saddam.  Then,  in February of this year,

these two defectors supposedly decided to return  to  Iraqi  and  seek

Saddam's forgiveness.  After returning to Bagdhad, it was reported the

two were shot dead and, consequently, a good deal of unrest emerged in

the Iraqi high command.

    Since the tale of the defection and return of  these  high-ranking

Iraqi officers is an absurd farce,  it is clear that Saddam is harping

on covert Western support of Iraqi opposition groups seeking  to  oust

Saddam's regime.  Since the main leaders of this opposition are likely

chronies  of Saddam who falsely defected- such as the "former" head of

Iraq's military intelligence who reportedly defected  in  December  of

1994-  the  odds  are  the  Iraqi  dictator  is closely monitoring and

effectively controlling the forces seeking his overthrow.

    By  staging  some  sort of bogus coup attempt in Baghdad while the

U.S.  renews military action against Iraq,  Saddam can make it  appear

that  Washington  is  seeking  to  do  away with him once and for all.

Thus,  the ideal pretext is created for Saddam Hussein  to  take  some

sort  of last-ditch,  kamikazee military revenge against his "Zionist"


                 -Saddam's Revenge & The 40th Missile-

    I  believe  Saddam's  revenge  will  involve  precisely  what I've

already foreseen:  a chemical/biotoxin  SCUD  missile  attack  against

Israel.  That  Saddam  is planning such an attack would explain why he

threatened to make fire eat up half of Israel  several  months  before

ordering Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990.  Furthermore,  in a speech

made on last year's anniversary of the start of the Gulf  War,  Saddam

proclaimed: "The Arab countries should be asking themselves, 'Who will

fire  the 40th missile against Israel?'".  Given that Iraq launched 39

SCUD missiles at Israel during the  Gulf  War,  this  clearly  implies

Baghdad is anticipating a new SCUD attack against the Jewish homeland.

          -Zhirinovsky & Russia's Last Dash to the South-

    Clearly, if Saddam launches a chemical SCUD attack against Israel,

an  action  that will revive memories of Hitler's gassing of the Jews,

Western retaliation against Baghdad  will  be  swift  and  severe.  In

fact,  some  think  this  could result in Israeli nuclear retaliation.

What is certain is that the West will  seek  to  finally  get  rid  of

Saddam's Iraq for such a ruthless crime against humanity.

    Once  the  U.S.  is drawn into military intervention against Iraq,

possibly at the same time that NATO is drawn into a  war  against  the

Serbs,  a pretext will be created for Vladimir Zhirinovsky to suddenly

rise to power in Russia either by way of a military  coup  or  through

the  Russian  presidential  election slated for June 16th.  (Actually,

such a coup could occur  before  or  after  the  West  is  drawn  into

conflicts  in  the Balkans,  the Persian Gulf and/or possibly Korea as

well;  see  my  Global War Articles.)  Western military action against

historical Russian allies like Iraq and the Serbs will supposedly stir

a  nationalist backlash in Moscow that brings about a coup or election

in which Zhirinovsky supposedly will take control of Russia.  This, in

turn,  will open the way for Russia's "Last  Dash  to  the  South";  a

military  campaign  to  dominate an arc of territory to Russia's south

stretching from the Balkans to East Asia.  A major objective  of  this

campaign  is  to overrun the Middle/Near East and thereby rest control

of the world's oil supply.

    Russia's last dash to the south will probably be  linked  to  some

sort  of  new  Arab/Israeli  war.  I  believe such a war is planned in

order to provoke  the "Samson  Option",  Israel's  policy  of  nuclear

retaliation  against  the  Arab  powers  and  Russia  should Israel be

hopelessly overrun.  Israel's first use of nuclear weapons will create

an ideal pretext for an all-out Russian  nuclear  attack  against  the

West  which,  after the dust settles,  Moscow will excuse as an act of


       -Breaking The Seventh Seal & The Grand Supercycle Crash-

    Clearly, if Saddam's revenge takes the shape I expect and leads to

the nuclear destruction of the West,  then Wall Street's current  high

expectations,  reflected in the DJIA trading well above 5000,  will be

utterly upset.  This  upset  of  prevailing,  misled  expectations  is

effectively  an  ultimate  crash,  i.e.,  the  Grand Supercycle crash.

Saddam's revenge and a  future  nuclear  war  will,  however,  fulfill

religious expectations as embodied in Biblical prophecy.  Indeed, as I

explain in my article "The Truth",  a global  nuclear  war  is  highly

consistent  with  the Seventh Seal prophecy from the eighth chapter in

the Bible's Book of Revelation.  As  explained  above,  about  a  week

after  I  saw that mysterious special report of a chemical SCUD attack

on Israel in February of 1991,  a friend and I heard an air-raid siren

and  nuclear  explosion  upon reading the Seventh Seal prophecy aloud.

Thus,  in my mind there is little doubt that  religious  prophecy  has

everything to do with a future nuclear war.

    As apocalyptic tradition holds,  after the Seventh Seal is broken,

the truth behind Christianity is revealed.  The question  thus  arises

as  to  how  a nuclear war entails the revelation of truth.  I think I

might have an answer.  As explained above, my potentially supernatural

experiences in February of 1991 led me to critically reexamine  events

in the Persian Gulf up to that time.  Based upon this  examination,  I

figured out how Iraq,  Moscow and the military powers of the East have

been creating an  historically unprecedented,  global-scale  deception

in  order  to launch a nuclear surprise attack against the West.   The

explanatory  theory  and  supporting evidence behind this view is what

the majority of my articles are about.  Thus,  one  way  the truth is,

in effect,  revealed by a future nuclear war is by  corroborating  the

idea that the  whole  world has  been  utterly  deceived  by  Baghdad,

Moscow and the powers of the East.  In other words,  upon the surprise

attack, prevailing expectations will be utterly upset because everyone

believed a  total  lie.  Therefore,  at least in a relative sense, the

truth is revealed.


                          Scotland on Sunday

                            April  28, 1996

                    "CLINTON MOVES TO OUST SADDAM"

                           By Jamie Dettmer

     The Us President Has Given The Go Ahead For Secret Operations

              In Iraq To Support Possible Coup Attempts.

    PRESIDENT Clinton has  given  the  go-ahead  for  US  intelligence

agencies  and 'black operations' units to assist Iraqi exile groups in

coup efforts aimed at toppling Saddam Hussein.

    According  to  congressional  and  intelligence  sources,  Clinton

decided  late last year to adopt a far more muscular policy toward the

Iraqi dictator. His decision was prompted by administration fears that

Saddam, despite being weakened by defections from his inner circle and

a crippling UN trade embargo,  still possesses the potential to  wreck

the  troubled  Middle  East  peace  process  and with it an ability to

embarrass the White House in the run-up to the autumn elections.

    Details of what covert operations Clinton has agreed are difficult

to secure. Sources on Capitol Hill and in the administration adamantly

declined to detail exactly what Clinton has endorsed and few were even

prepared  to  acknowledge  the  president  had  signed  a  top  secret

'finding' authorising covert US aid to Saddam's rivals.

    "We do not comment on presidential findings - it is illegal for us

to do so," a National Security Council spokesman told SoS.

    Even  so,  US  foreign  policy,  military and intelligence sources

confirmed the president had given the green light for cloak-and-dagger

American support of coups in Iraq and they said Clinton  had  approved

in  the  last  six  months  an  intelligence budget submission to fund

clandestine action in the Middle East pariah state.

    "What to do about Iraq was approved by the president  after  going

through the appropriate review process," said a senior  administration

official.  And  Middle  Eastern  sources believe there are clear signs

that a US-engineered destabilisation strategy is already  playing  out

on the ground.  They point to a recent wave of car bombings in Baghdad

and other Iraqi cities undertaken by the exiled and  violent  National

Accord  Party,  whose  senior members,  most of whom are former Saddam

cronies, claim CIA backing.

    How far advanced US-supported plans are for the toppling of Saddam

is not clear. A Washington-based Western diplomat told SoS: "There has

been more American activity on the Iraqi front in the last six  months

than  before  but  I must say I would be surprised to wake up tomorrow

morning and read there had been a US-organised coup."

    US intelligence sources say contingency plans have been  drawn  up

detailing  rapid  response  options  for  the  protection  of Western-

friendly neighbouring countries,  such  as  Jordan  and  Kuwait,  from

possible  retaliation by Saddam.  Some of those contingency plans have

already been implemented.

    According to a congressional intelligence source,  the  deployment

last  month  of 34 US warplanes to Jordan and their continued presence

there had little to do with the enforcement of the Western-imposed no-

fly zone over southern Iraq - the official Washington reason  for  the

planes  being  in the kingdom - and everything to do with ensuring the

US has the military punch available to defend at short  notice  Jordan

and  King  Hussein,  who  has started to talk openly about 'change' in

Iraq.  It is the first time King Hussein has permitted US warplanes to

use Jordanian territory to patrol the skies of Iraq.

    None  of  the  chairmen  of  the  armed  services or international

relations committees in the House or Senate have been briefed  on  the

change  in  the administration's Iraq policy.  But the chairmen of the

select intelligence committees have recently received classified White

House briefings on Iraq.  Senate majority leader Bob  Dole  and  House

speaker  Newt  Gingrich  have received what aides described as "highly

sensitive" Iraq briefings.

    Clinton's decision to increase pressure on  Iraq's  strongman  has

not  met  with  the  approval of all his foreign policy advisers,  say

administration sources. The state department is said to be critical of

the covert operations and doubtful that any of the dozens of bickering

Iraqi exiled opposition groups are up to the task of ousting the well-

protected  Saddam.   Fears  have  also  been  expressed   within   the

administration that a successful US-backed coup would lead to Saddam's

death  and  therefore  fall foul of past presidential executive orders

banning American-supported assassinations of foreign leaders.

    "US involvement in a successful Iraqi  coup  could  be  viewed  as

tantamount to  the  president  having  ordered  the  assassination  of

Hussein.  We  must avoid that at all costs," said one senior official.

Another adviser who supports the tougher stance disagreed, saying: "We

have not ordered a hit on  Saddam  Hussein;  what  we  have  told  our

friends is that we will assist in whatever ways are possible."

    Some  intelligence  sources  are  clearly  delighted  with the new

strategy.  "Clinton is doing what George Bush would not and could  not

do,"  says a high-ranking intelligence officer.  "If he is successful,

he'll be called a hero.  And if he's not,  he'll still  be  out  ahead

because he would have acted like John Wayne."

    But administration supporters of the policy and Iraqi exiles eager

for tougher US action dismiss the suggestion that Clinton is trying to

mount an "October surprise." "It (the presidential finding) stems from

a  concern  for  an  orderly transition in Iraq should there be such a

thing," a senior US official said.

    The source suggested  Washington  was  being  pushed  to  be  more

proactive in bringing about the downfall of the Iraqi dictator because

of  external factors.  Turkish anxiety over Iran's expanding influence

on the UN-protected Kurds of northern Iraq  contributed  to  Clinton's

decision to increase pressure.

    Robert  Deutsch,  the State Department's top expert on the Persian

Gulf,  and Stephen Grummon,  director of Near Eastern affairs  in  the

national  security  council,  flew  to Turkey on April 17 en route for

northern Iraq.  They were tasked to try to find ways  of  halting  the

disintegration  of the Kurdish regional government and to persuade the

fractious Iraqi Kurdish leaders Massoud Barzani and Jalal Talabani  to

stop  fighting  each other.  They were also ordered to come up with an

assessment of how  widespread  Iranian  influence  on  the  Kurds  had

become.  According  to sources in the Iraqi National Congress,  Iran's

Ministry of Intelligence and Security has set up half a dozen outposts

in Iraqi Kurdistan.

    Last month, Abu Amneh Al-Khadami, a self-styled Accord bomb-maker,

claimed in a 90-minute video he released to Iraqi  opposition  leaders

in  Europe  and  the  Middle  East that the CIA had been financing the

planting of car bombs and small explosive devices in Baghdad and other

cities.  Other Iraqi opponents of Saddam Hussein confirmed the  Accord

was sponsored by the CIA. The agency declined to comment on Accord and

would neither confirm nor deny any links with the group.

    The  CIA's  sponsoring  of  Accord,  which is led by Iyad Mohammed

Alawi and Adnan Mohammedal-Muri,  a former Iraqi brigadier,  has drawn

criticism  from  members  of the Iraqi National Congress,  an umbrella

organisation of several  anti-Saddam  groups,  who  claim  the  agency

should never have centred its covert designs on the group in the first



                         Reuters World Service

                            April 28, 1996

               "Yeltsin sends message to Iraq's Saddam"

   Iraqi  leader  Saddam  Hussein  has received a message from Russian

President Boris Yeltsin on prospects for  developing  bilateral  ties,

state-run newspapers reported on Sunday.

   They  said  a letter was handed to Saddam by Kirsan Ilyumzhinov who

is president of Russia's ethnic republic of Kalmykia and also the head

of the International Chess Federation (FIDE).

   "Mr Ilyumzhinov conveyed  to  his  excellency  (Saddam)  a  written

message from Russian President Boris Yeltsin pertaining  to  bilateral

relations  between the two friendly countries and horizons of boosting

them in various fields," the papers said.

   They  gave  no  further  details.  Iraq  is  under  stringent  U.N.

sanctions imposed after its invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

   Local newspapers said on Wednesday that Ilymuzhinov held talks with

Saddam  on  holding  his  organisation's  world  chess championship in


   But on Friday FIDE bowed to international pressure and switched the

venue to Elista, capital of Ilyumzhinov's republic Kalmykia.


                         Reuters World Service

                            April 22, 1996

                 "Saddam slams Israel's Lebanon blitz"

   Iraqi President Saddam Hussein on Monday lambasted  Israel's  raids

on  Lebanon  and said the 12-day bombardment was a display of weakness

rather than strength.

   "This (the attack) is  not  an  expression  of  capability  but  an

expression  of  defeat,"  Saddam  said  in  remarks carried by Baghdad


   Saddam's criticism of the Jewish state was included  in  a  lengthy

speech  the  papers  said  he  gave  to  a  group of Arab thinkers who

gathered in Baghdad on the fifth anniversary of the 1991 Gulf War.

   During the war Iraq fired scores of Scud missiles against Israel.

   "It (Israel) is carrying out its abominable  action  without  cover

and whatever excuse it gives it cannot be but flimsy," Saddam said.

   As Israel's air,  land and sea bombardment of south Lebanon -- with

the stated aim of stopping rocket attacks on north Israel by Hizbollah

guerrillas -- neared the end of its second week there appeared  to  be

no signs of an immediate diplomatic solution to halt hostilities.

   Saddam  said  there  was  no way for Israel to escape blame for the

attack.  He also said those who made peace with the  Jewish  state  or

called for peace were at fault.

   Saddam  said  Israel resorted to peace "in order to invade the Arab

nation with (its) culture,  economy and technology" after it failed to

occupy Arab countries with its army.

   Iraq  has  criticised  Arab  countires  that  have peace deals with


   Theoretically Iraq and Israel are still  in  a  state  of  war  and

Baghdad   has   repeatedly  snubbed  Israeli  overtures  for  a  peace