***THE CRASH & THE COUP***

                               J. Adams

                           August 20th, 1996

                              -The Crash-

    "Stocks are now at what looks like a permanently high plateau."

            -uttered by economist Irving Fischer a few days

              before the October 1929 stock market crash.

    According  to  the worldview embodied in modern economic "theory",

greed (i.e.,  wealth-,  profit- and utility-maximization)  is  guiding

Western  society  toward  collective harmony and maximum happiness for

all ("general  equilibrium"  and  "Pareto  optimality").  In  reality,

however,  greed  has led society into a state of severe disequilibrium

and, consequently, a collapse of unprecedented proportions lies ahead.

    Society's current disequilibrium can be  understood  by  examining

the  repeating  cycles  of  history evident in time-series of economic

data like stock prices.  According  to  long-wave  patterns  in  stock

prices,  economic  activity  and  historical trends,  we are currently

passing a Grand Supercycle  turning  point  that  marks  the  peak  of

Western  civilization.  The  approaching  downturn  implied  by  these

cyclical patterns suggests that the collapse of  Western  civilization

will  follow  the  top.  (For an overview of long-wave patterns in the

stock market, general economy and world history.

    The  rise  to the final "Elliott Wave" top of Western civilization

is discerned by examining long-run,  semi-logarithmic charts of  major

stock  price  indices  like the S&P 500.  In such charts,  there is an

obvious five-wave  pattern  (up-down-up-down-up)  that  has  developed

between  parallel channel lines since the 1932 Great Depression low in

the stock market and U.S.  economy.  The first upleg occurred  between

1932  and  1937;  then  a correction occurred into 1942.  Next,  stock

prices climbed to a major peak at Dow 1000  in  1966,  after  which  a

correction into the year 1982 took place.  Finally,  a last fifth wave

to a Grand Supercycle double-top in  January  and  May  of  this  year

occurred.  The rising five-wave pattern is bounded in a long-run chart

of  the S&P 500 by a lower trendline that runs through the major stock

market lows on April 28th, 1942, October 3rd,  1974,  and August 12th,

1982,  and  an upper trendline that runs through the major stock peaks

on December 12, 1961, February 9th, 1966, February 12th,  1996 and May

23rd, 1996 (see" ).

    Now  that  the  rising  five-wave  pattern appears to be complete,

stock prices  should  suffer  the  largest  percentage  drop  in  U.S.

history.  Specifically,  Robert Prechter, the "Elliott Wave Theorist",

is looking for a 99%+ drop in the DJIA to 400 from recent highs  above

5700 (that's 400, not 4000).

    The   question  thus  arises  as  to  what  could  cause  such  an

unprecedented collapse in  stock  prices.  Since  rising  and  falling

stock  prices  reflect  rising  and  falling  collective expectations,

clearly such a collapse implies that a  massive  upset  of  prevailing

expectations  is  going to occur.  In particularly,  some sort of huge

negative surprise should be "rationally expected".  This,  I  believe,

is where Russia comes into play.

                              -The Coup-

      "  would  never  come  into their heads (the masses) to

    fabricate colossal untruths and they would  not  believe  that

    others  could  have  the  impudence  to  distort  the truth so


                 (Adolph Hitler- The "Big Lie" Dictum)

    Much  like  Western economic theorists,  Russia's ruling elite has

been busy lying to the world for  decades.  The  ultimate  outcome  of

these   lies  will  be  a  nuclear  third  world  war  that  will  end

civilization as we know it.

    Russia's lies are extraordinarily  large  in  scale.  Effectively,

Moscow  has learned to shape history in a deceptive manner in order or

to maximize the perceived interests of the Russian state.

    In  recent  years,   Moscow's  deceptive  strategy  has   entailed

generating  the  "false"  collapse  of  Soviet  Communism  in order to

instill a false sense of security in the West and open the way  for  a

surprise third world war.  Now that the West least expects it,  Russia

can launch an all-out military offensive that will rapidly destroy the

Western military powers.  Thus,  Russia will become the dominant world

power in the place of America and the Western allies.

    A critical, specific step Russia will take in order to unleash the

apocalyptic war being planned is a right-wing military coup in Moscow.

This coup could occur as early as this week.

    This  week  marks the fifth anniversary of the August coup in 1991

that supposedly marked the end of  Soviet  Communism.  Between  August

19th  and  August 22nd,  1991,  a coup attempt by "hardliners" against

then Soviet Premiere  Mikhail  Gorbachev  was  staged  in  Moscow.  As

overviewed  in  my editorial,  "The Price of False Peace" (see below),

this coup attempt was bogus and part of the ongoing deception  of  the

West  geared  to  prepare  the  way  for  a  nuclear  third  world war

(likewise,  other political chaos in Moscow,  like occurred in October

of 1993,  was likely staged and deceptive- see "Judgment For Our Time"


    With the current fifth anniversary of the  bogus  August  coup  in

1991,  there  are  indications  that  Moscow is again about to stage a

bogus hardline coup, but this time it will seemingly succeed.

    While I have for some years expected a right-wing coup  in  Moscow

that would involve Vladimir Zhirinovsky's bogus rise to power,  it now

appears that a military coup by Alexander Lebed is being planned  (see

my   "Moscow  Coup  Alert"  below).   With  the  Russian  presidential

elections this summer,  Alexander  Lebed,  a  retired,  hardline  army

general,  won  his  way  into the powerful position of Boris Yeltsin's

security chief.  Next,  Boris Yeltsin reportedly gave Lebed widespread

powers that effectively would allow him to take control of the country

in the event of a national crisis.

    Now  a  national  crisis  is  being  orchestrated  that will allow

Alexander Lebed to take over Russia.  Since Boris Yeltsin  made  Lebed

his  security  chief,  Moscow  has  been  projecting  the  image  that

Yeltsin's health is failing and he is unable  to  govern  the  nation.

Furthermore,  the Chechen conflict, which is likely a staged deception

(see  article,  "Chechen  Intervention  &  Moscow's  True  Intention",

below),  has  been intensified into a crisis situation.  Specifically,

Chechen rebels reportedly retook Grozny, Chechnya's capital city, from

Russian forces earlier this month and greatly humiliated  the  Russian

army.  Consequently,  Russian  army  commanders  are seemingly out-of-

control and are threatening a massive military onslaught to take  back

Grozny.  Indeed,  civilians  are being warned to leave Grozny before a

massive attack scheduled to begin on August 22nd,  the anniversary  of

the  end  of  the  1991  hardline  coup  in  Moscow and the date of an

astrological configuration that implies an "explosive  transformation"

(see my article on "Kremlin Astrology" below).

    In  response to the growing crisis,  Alexander Lebed is reportedly

heading to Chechnya to "stop the impending madness".  Meanwhile, Boris

Yeltsin is rumored to have entered a heart clinic for  possible  heart

surgery.  Recent  wire reports suggest that some sort of Kremlin power

struggle between Lebed and Yeltsin is underway over how to handle  the

Chechen  crisis.   Given  that  Yeltsin  is  supposedly  on  his  last

political as well as literal legs,  clearly the stage is set for Lebed

to  win such a power struggle.  Thus,  a right-wing coup in Moscow and

unprecedented upset of Western expectations may be imminent.



             "There is something very suspicious going on.

             Why have they thrown  away the rule book?..."

       "Either the Russian army really does have a catastrophic

    morale problem or this operation was somehow designed to fail."

                    (a Western military specialist)

    What is important to  keep  in  mind  is  that  Russia's  military

blunders in Chechnya and the associated political turmoil in Moscow is

being  intentionally  engineered.  This  becomes readily apparent when

one realizes the seeming mistakes of Boris  Yeltsin  and  the  Russian

army  are,  in  fact,  perfectly suited for an ulterior motive,  i.e.,

staging a right-wing military coup in Moscow.

    So  that  you  understand  how  current  events  in  Chechnya  are

effectively  staged  and  part of Moscow's ongoing deceptive pursuits,

read the following excerpt from a recent Reuter's article.

                 Reuters World Service January 5, 1995

           "Experts baffled by Russian blunders in Chechnya"

                          By David Ljunggren

   Neither Russian nor Western defence experts can find any reasonable

explanation for military blunders in Chechnya which they  say  suggest

the high command has forgotten everything it ever learned about modern


   And  as  Moscow's troops bog down ever deeper into the ruins of the

Chechen capital Grozny,  some commentators are starting  to  speculate

whether  there  might  be  a  more sinister side to the Kremlin's ill-

starred Chechnya campaign.

   "There is something very suspicious going on.  Why have they thrown

away the rule book?" a Western military specialist said.

   "Either the Russian army really does  have  a  catastrophic  morale

problem or this operation was somehow designed to fail."

   Vyacheslav   Kostikov,   spokesman  for  President  Boris  Yeltsin,

dismisses talks of military  incompetence.  But  conspiracy  theorists

speaking  of  plots  and  subterfuge  find  a receptive audience among

naturally suspicious Russians.

   Otto Latsis,  a commentator for Izvestia newspaper,  said the  once

mighty military-industrial complex -- resentful about the reduction of

its role since the start of democratic reforms -- would welcome either

victory or defeat in Chechnya.

   Victory  would  mean  the start of complicated manouevring to boost

anti-democratic forces and mount what would  effectively  be  a  coup,

leaving Yeltsin in place as a figurehead.

   "A  defeat  of  the  Russian armed forces would make it possible to

remove Yeltsin from power not later than the presidential elections in

1996 and therefore they  would  have  carried  out  the  coup  without

Yeltsin," Latsis wrote on Thursday.

   But  military  experts  have  not  had  the  slightest  trouble  in

identifying a series of gross errors by Russian  commanders,  not  the

least  of  which  was  sending in second-rate tanks with inexperienced

crews into an enemy-held city without infantry.

   The tanks seen in Grozny so far  have  mainly  been  standard  T-72

models rather than more modern T-80s,  which are equipped with special

"reactive armour" to protect against the anti- tank  rockets  used  by

Chechen defenders.

   "It  does  sometimes  make  you  gasp.  How  can they possibly have

forgotten  everything  from  the  text  books   they've   studied   so

assiduously?" said a Western military attache.

   But Kostikov said Russian soldiers knew what they were doing.  "The

Russian army is one of the most powerful  in  the  world.  If  it  had

wanted  to  take  Grozny  by  storm  it  would  have done so," he told

independent NTV television on Wednesday.

   Western military experts said  they  did  not  necessarily  believe

Moscow's commanders were under instructions to blatantly undermine the

campaign,  either  for  political  ends or to press for a larger armed

forces budget.

   "There has been a  tremendous  cock-up,  but  I  don't  think  it's

conspiratorial.  They  have  not had the money to do the training they

need.  If you don't train,  you are not terribly coordinated when  you

hit the field," said another attache.

   "It's  getting to the stage where nearly no one,  based on any past

precedent or experience,  understands what the  Russians  are  doing,"

said the first military attache."

   "But one thing which comes out is that whatever mistakes there are,

the Russians will continue to make them."

   He said the problems in Chechnya were all the more surprising given

the first few difficult months after Soviet troops invaded Afghanistan

in  1979,  when  rebels  dealt  Moscow's  inexperienced  soldiers some

painful blows.

   "The Afghan experience is such an ingrained  part  of  the  system.

Many  of  today's commanders are Afghan veterans.  Although the troops

then were not involved in urban fighting,  they were  certainly  doing

the approach work," the attache said.

   The rumour mill, meanwhile, is still working at top speed.


                          *MOSCOW COUP ALERT*

                               J. Adams

                            July 16th, 1996

    As anticipated in my recent "Crash Alerts", the stock market is in

the  midst  of a steep freefall,  dropping more than 150 points today.

Notably,  the DJIA fell below the key Elliott  Wave  Supercycle  upper

trendline  today.  This  is  a telltale sign that the Grand Supercycle

bear market has begun.  The question now is what  negative  historical

events  are  going  to  begin  taking  place  to  reinforce  the  new,

unprecedented downtrend in mass mood.

    In my "Global War Articles" I outline a potential  scenario  world

history  might  follow  in  order  to  fit  the  huge upset of Western

expectations that is implied by the coming Grand  Supercycle  collapse

in stock prices.  This scenario highlights the likelihood of some sort

of  right-wing coup in Russia that will be associated with an outbreak

of world war three.  The probability of such a coup in  the  near,  if

not immediate, future appears high.

    Just  as  the  stock market has started to rollover,  reports have

emerged that Russian President Boris Yeltsin,  who was just reelected,

might  be  gravely  ill.  Today Vice President Al Gore had a scheduled

meeting with Yeltsin abruptly cancelled supposedly because the Russian

President needed some rest.  Since Russian authorities  clearly  could

have   sufficiently  planned  ahead  based  upon  Yeltsin's  condition

(whatever it supposedly might be) to avoid such an embarassing  scene,

the  implication of Moscow's newest move is that Yeltsin's second term

as President of Russia might not last very long.

             Who, then, is about to take power in Russia?

    While my long-run  suspicion  has  been  that  the  seemingly  mad

ultranationalist,  Vladimir Zhirinovsky, would be brought to power via

some sort of bogus military coup, it now looks as if the hardliner who

will  take  control  is  Alexander  Lebed.  Lebed,  a  former  Russian

General,  has  long  made  clear  he is hardly a democrat and would be

happy to  restore  "order"  in  Russian  society  through  iron-fisted

tactics.  Even though Alexander Lebed clearly is undemocratic,  if not

antidemocratic,  in character,  Yeltsin recently made him his security

chief  a  nd  last week signed a decree that gives Lebed comprehensive

authority over the Russian military,  police and intelligence  bureaus

in  the event of an emergency.  The supposed reason Yeltsin gave Lebed

such power was to attract the nationalist vote and win  the  July  3rd

run-off presidential election.  In reality,  however,  the move was to

set the stage for a Moscow coup in the near-future.

     It is likely no coincidence that the current situation in  Russia

is  eerily  similar  to  what occurred in "Weimar" Germany when Hitler

took power.  As I have explained before, according to Marxist-Leninist

doctrine,  when democracy fails to serve the purposes  of  capitalism,

then  democracy  is  supposedly overthrown and replaced with a fascist

dictatorship.  Thus,  communist Russia has been transformed  over  the

past  decade  into  "Weimar"  capitalist Russia by "reformers" who are

almost all former communists.  Now Yeltsin has become  a  debilitated,

weak-handed  president while an ambitious hardliner,  Alexander Lebed,

has been placed in a powerful position in a new coalition  government.

The current political situation in Russia is, of course, a parallel to

1933  when Hitler was made Chancellor of Germany in a coalition German

government  run  by  an  ailing,  weak-handed  president.   From  that

powerful position,  Hitler eventually took control of Germany and then

unleashed the second world war.  This time around,  the stage is being

set  for  a  Hitler-like figure to gain control of "Weimar" Russia and

unleash a third world war.

    As explained in my 1994 editorial, "The Balkan Trap",  a potential

trigger  for  a coup in Moscow may be NATO military action against the

Serbs.  Over the past year, tens of thousands of NATO troops have been

sent into the former-Yugoslavia,  what was  once  a  communist  puppet

state,  in  order  to quell the civil war that had been underway there

since 1991.  Now with NATO in the middle of  the  Balkan  fray,  high-

level  calls are going out for the overthrow and arrest of the Bosnian

Serbs' populist political and military leaders  Radovan  Karazdic  and

Ratko  Mladic  for crimes against humanity.  The Serbs have threatened

to retaliate against NATO if any  attempt  is  made  to  detain  their

leaders.  Thus,  there  is  movement  toward  a  violent confrontation

between the Western  Allies  and  the  Russian-backed  Serbs.  Such  a

confrontation  along  with  the  political fragility in Moscow clearly

could be used for staging a hardline coup in Russia and the rise of  a

nationalist   Russian   dictator  like  Alexander  Lebed  or  Vladimir


    All in all,  now that the Grand Supercycle peak  in  stock  prices

appears to have been passed and "The Crash" is beginning, world events

are  moving  in  the  direction I have long been warning people about.

The simple fact is that the faith and confidence people have placed in

themselves,  the world and money- something signified  by  the  record

heights  recently  reached  in  stock  prices-  is  grossly misplaced.

Indeed,  the world has bought into a great big lie once again,  and so

the  cycle  of  history  and  human error is repeating- something best

reflected by what is going on in Moscow at present.

                            Financial Times

                      September 6, 1994, Tuesday

                   "General awaits call of destiny:

     Gen Alexander Lebed is a man who makes the Kremlin nervous."

                         By Chrystia Freeland

    In  a  Russia  which  is  desperately  short  of  heroes,  General

Alexander  Lebed's  popularity  is on the rise.  Commander of the 14th

army in the Trans Dnestr enclave,  the tall,  broad-shouldered,  blue-

eyed  officer  appeals  to  Russians looking for an alternative to the

discredited  communist  bosses  of  their  past  and  the   uncertain,

sometimes blundering democratic leaders of the present.

    At Gen Lebed's headquarters in Tiraspol,  the impoverished capital

city of the Trans Dnestr Republic which broke away from Moldova  three

years  ago,  hero-worship is strong.  As they sweep invisible dust off

army cannot find enough superlatives to describe their 'comrade Arnold

Schwarzenegger', 'a second Suvorov,  a second Kutuzov' (two of Tsarist

Russia's greatest military leaders), 'in all ways a remarkable man'.

    The  past  few  weeks have demonstrated that Gen Lebed's writ runs

beyond Tiraspol.  The Kremlin has  felt  uneasy  about  Russia's  most

popular  officer  since  this  spring,  when  Gen Lebed told a Russian

newspaper that his country needed a man  like  Pinochet,  the  Chilean

military  dictator,  and  described  the  Russian president,  Mr Boris

Yeltsin,  as 'a minus'.  However,  when Russia's top brass - which  is

losing  its grip over regional commanders throughout the former Soviet

Union - took on the outspoken general in August, trying three times to

oust him,  Gen Lebed won.  Adoring Russians  responded  last  week  by

electing  Gen  Lebed  to  the  'Olympus'  of Russia's 100 most popular

politicians,  a list compiled monthly by the pollsters at Nezavisimaya

Gazeta, one of Moscow's top daily newspapers.

    Ranked  as  the nation's 13th most popular leader,  Gen Lebed drew

more support  than  better  known  hard-liners  such  as  Mr  Vladimir

Zhirinovsky,  the  neo-fascist  politician,  and  out-scored  Mr Yegor

Gaidar, the standard bearer of market reforms.

    But while,  in the public eye,  Gen Lebed appears  to  be  rapidly

growing  into  a  leader  of  national  stature,  he is careful not to

express open political ambitions.

    'In these times of troubles,  I cannot rule out anything,' is  Gen

Lebed's  careful  answer to the question of whether he will one day be

the leader of all Russia. 'But I will do anything my country requires.

I have served my country in foreign wars and civil wars.  Whatever  my

country needs, I am not afraid to do.'

    On  the  topic of what it is that his country needs,  Gen Lebed is

more forthcoming. 'What's wrong with a military dictator?' the general

asks,  recrossing long legs clad in  camouflage  fatigues  which  look

freshly  pressed  even  late  in  the evening and enormous black boots

gleaming with polish.  'In all of its history,  Russia  has  prospered

under  the  strictest control.  Consider Ivan the Terrible,  Peter the

Great, Catherine the Great or Stalin.'

    Gen Lebed's critique of Russian democracy is  delivered  with  the

calm  assurance  of  a battle-tested officer and the smooth charm of a

gentleman.  'What our country  is  trying  to  do  now  is  completely

impossible,' Gen Lebed explains, offering imported Danish biscuits and

rising  to  prepare  coffee.  His  intense  gaze  helps to explain his

soldiers' slavish devotion, but does not detract from the toughness of

his message. 'Our leaders have said, 'for centuries our state has been

totalitarian but starting this minute we will be a democratic  state'.

This is just not possible. After all, we are still Soviet people.'

    Gen  Lebed  is  also  convinced - and many sophisticated political

observers would say he is right - that the  democratic  order  Russian

leaders  have  struggled  to  build  at such great cost is a matter of

absolute indifference to most  Russians:  'Most  Russians  don't  care

whether they are ruled by fascists,  or communists or even Martians as

long as they are able to buy six kinds of sausage in  the  stores  and

lots of cheap vodka.'

    Although  Gen  Lebed shares some of the hard-liners' preoccupation

with Russia's lost power - he speaks sadly of Russia,  with 'our proud

history',  now  reduced  to  blindly  following recipes 'dreamed up in

Arkansas' - he is no neo-imperialist.

    He says he refused an offer to become the minister of  defence  in

the  Central  Asian  republic of Tajikistan because 'why should I help

one group of Tajiks kill another?'

    This  sober  realisation  that  Russia's   greatness   cannot   be

recaptured  through force of arms in foreign countries is only one way

in which Gen Lebed differs from Russia's civilian hard-liners, whom he

dismisses as 'dangerous populist fanatics'.

    As a decorated Afghan veteran he embodies a military order leaders

like Mr Zhirinovsky can only describe and as a central figure  in  the

defeat  of  the  1991  hard-line  coup,  democratic politicians cannot

accuse Gen Lebed of undue sympathy for the old, vanquished regime.

    But, for all his insistence that order and discipline are the keys

to Russia's renewal and his coy disavowal of any overt political role,

Gen Lebed has a rather idiosyncratic notion of the  command  structure

to which he is subordinate.

    'I  have  never  served  Tsars,  or Commissars or Presidents,' Gen

Lebed says.  'They are mortal men and they come and go.  I serve  only

the Russian state, and the Russian people, which are eternal.'


                          *KREMLIN ASTROLOGY*

    One can see how the historical events leading to a right-wing coup

in  Moscow  and third world war are staged by reviewing the connection

between significant astrological configurations in the  past  and  key

events  in  the  Balkan conflict,  Russia's conflict with Chechnya and

Russian politics.

    Below is a list of what took place around the  time  of  important

astrological configurations during the past several years:

1. *June 26th, 1991: Lunar eclipse of lunar/solar eclipse pair.  Also,

                     Pluto   was   squared  (90-degree  angle)  by  an

                     alignment of Venus, Mars and Jupiter.

    Marked the beginning of the civil war in Yugoslavia.

2.  *August 19th, 1991:  Alignment of Sun,  Moon,  Mercury,  Venus and

                         Jupiter in the zodiac sign of Leo.

    A  failed coup attempt by communist hardliners is staged in Moscow

 which supposedly brings an end to  the  Communist  Party  and  Soviet


3.  *June 30th, 1992: Solar eclipse of lunar/solar eclipse pair.  This

                      eclipse  was  aligned  with  Venus,  Uranus  and

                      Neptune  and sextiled (60-degree angle) Mars and


    First  U.N.   forces  arrive  in  Sarajevo  as  Western   military

 intervention in the former-Yugoslavia begins.

4.  *October 4th, 1993:  Pluto conjunct moon squares (90-degree angle)  

                  Saturn and trines (120-degree  angle)  Venus,

                         Uranus and Neptune.

    Political chaos erupts in Moscow following Russian President Boris

 Yeltsin's disbanding of the former-Soviet parliament.

5.  *December 13th,  1993:  Alignment of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and

                            Mars in Sagitarrius.

    Communists and Nationalists win the elections for  a  new  Russian

 parliament.  Of  particular  surprise  is the success of the "Liberal

 Democratic  Party  (?!)  led  by  Hitler-like  nationalist   Vladimir


6. *January 12th, 1994: Rare seven-planet alignment in Capricorn (five

                             planets and the sun and  moon).  Tightest

                             alignment of seven planets in 300 years.

     U.S./Russia  summit at which the superpowers sign an agreement to

 no longer target each other with  nuclear  weapons.  High  collective

 expectations for world peace reflected in DJIA reaching near 4000.

    Alignment  also coincides with increased Serb shelling of Sarajevo

 and a NATO summit meeting at which the Western allies  agree  to  use

 force  in  the  former-Yugoslavia.  Within  a  month  the  first NATO

 ultimatum was issued for the withdrawal of Serb heavy  weaponry  from

 around a Sarajevan "safe-zone".

7.  *November 18th,  1994:  Lunar eclipse of solar/lunar eclipse pair.

                            Eclipse is aligned with Pluto and Jupiter,

                            squares (90-degree angle) Mars and  trines

                            (120-degree angle) Uranus and Neptune.

    Croatian  Serb  warplanes bomb the U.N.-protected Bihac enclave in

 violation of a NATO-enforced "no-fly zone".  NATO responds by bombing

 Serb positions. This is the first major use of military force against

 the Serbs by NATO in the Balkan  conflict  and  the  first  offensive

 military  action  ever  taken  by  NATO in the 45-year history of the


8. *December 11th, 1994: Mars squares conjunction of Pluto & Jupiter.

     Russia invades the breakaway republic of Chechnya.

9.  *April 29th,  1995:  Solar eclipse of  lunar/solar  eclipse  pair.

                         Eclipse squares Neptune and Uranus.

    Croatian Serb warplanes bomb the U.N.-protected Bihac  enclave  in

 Bosnia in violation of a NATO enforced "no-fly zone" once again.  The

 Balkan war heats-up as a five-month cease-fire comes to an end.

 (Notably,  this  was  the first eclipse pair subsquent to the pair in

 November of 1994 which marked  the  only  other  time  Croatian  Serb

 warplanes bombed Bihac.)

10.  *June 14th,  1995:  Mars squares alignment of Mercury,  Venus and


    Similar to  configuration  on  December  11th,  1994  when  Russia

 invaded Chechnya.  This time,  a large group of Chechen rebels attack

 a town in southern Russia and take a few thousand Russians hostage at

 a hospital. Hundreds are killed and the rebels eventually escaped.

11.  *July 12th,  1995:  Alignment of Sun,  Moon,  Neptune and  Uranus

                          trines  (120-degree angle) Mars and sextiles

                          (60-degree angle) Saturn and Pluto.

    Russian President Boris Yeltsin reportedly suffers a heart  attack

 while  Bosnian  Serb  forces  overrun  the  U.N.-protected enclave of


12. *October 24th, 1995: Mars and Pluto conjunct total solar eclipse.

    Russian President Boris Yetsin suffers a second heart attack.

13. *November 22nd/23rd, 1995: planet alignment of Sun, Moon, Mercury,

                               Venus,  Mars,   Jupiter  and  Pluto  in


    Serbs  do  a  total  about-face  and  reach a peace agreement with

 Bosnian and Croatian representatives at peace talks in Dayton,  Ohio.

 Some  60,000  NATO troops start heading into the former-Yugoslavia to

 take over the peace-keeping mission from the United Nations.

    Collective optimism associated with reaching peace in the  Balkans

 is reflected by the DJIA breaking the 5000 mark for the first time in

 history  the  day  the  agreement is initialed.  Notably,  the formal

 signing of the peace agreement on December 14th,  1995 coincides with

 what  may have been the final peak in stock prices just above the Dow

 5200 mark on December 13th.  This represents how Western expectations

 were misled to all-time heights by the reaching of a false  peace  in

 the Balkans.  The fall in stock prices from this peak should likewise

 reflect   the  upset  of  Western  expectations  associated  with  an

 unraveling of the peace agreement  and  NATO  being  drawn  into  the

 Balkan fray.

14.  *December  21st/22nd,  1995:  8-planet  alignment  of Sun,  Moon,

                                   Mercury,  Venus,   Mars,   Jupiter,

                                   Neptune  and Uranus in Capricorn on

                                   the winter solstice.

    Communists and nationalists reportedly win in the  election  of  a

 new  Russian  parliament.  The  political party associated with Boris

 Yeltsin's government  placed  a  weak  third  in  the  election  thus

 signalling the coming end to Western-style reform in Russia.

15. *June 16th, 1996: 6-planet alignment of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus,

                              Mars and Pluto near summer solstice.

    Russian  presidential  elections take place in which the hardline,

 former Russian general, Alexander Lebed, won a substantial portion of

 the vote and was subsequently made Boris Yeltsin's security chief.

16.  *June 30th,  1996:  A full "bluemoon" is opposed by Jupiter,  the

                         planet of leaders, and squared by Saturn, the

                         planet of fate.

    Boris  Yeltsin  disappears  from  public  view,  supposedly due to

 failing health,  going into the run-off Russian presidential election

 he reportedly wins on July 3rd.

17.  *August 8th,  1996:  Mars, the planet of war, opposes Jupiter and

                         squares Saturn,  the planets of  leaders  and

                         fate, respectively.

    A  minimized  Russian  presidential  inauguration  occurs in which

 Boris Yeltsin makes his first public  appearance  since  the  run-off

 Russian  presidential  election.  Yeltsin  appears frail and weak and

 his speech is slurred.

    Meanwhile,  Chechen rebels reportedly storm the Chechen capital of

 Grozny and retake it from occupying Russian military forces.

18.  *August 22nd, 1996: Pluto, the planet of explosive transformation

                         and nuclear energy is conjunct the  Moon  and

                         squares the Sun.

    The  fifth  anniversary  of the end of the hardline coup in August

 1991 that supposedly brought an end to Soviet Communism.

    A deadline has been set for this date by Russian  army  commanders

 in  Chechnya  for  civilians  to  flee  Grozny before massive Russian

 military force will reportedly be  used  to  take  back  the  Chechen

 capital  from  rebels.  Meanwhile,  Yeltsin leaves Moscow amid rumors

 that he is at a heart clinic where a decision is  to  be  made  about

 surgery.  A  power struggle in the Kremlin is supposedly now underway

 involving Alexander Lebed who has left for  Chechnya  to  settle  the

 emerging crisis there before "madness" occurs.

    As  can be seen,  the list above likely highlights how the Kremlin

is shaping four key current affairs according to astrology:  the civil

war  in  the former-Yugoslavia,  Russia's conflict with Chechnya,  the

deteriorating physical and political health of Boris Yeltsin  and  the

rising  influence  of  nationalist and communist hardliners in Russian


    These four developments of recent history appear to have a  common

aim.  They are key ingredients for staging a right-wing coup in Moscow

and  triggering  world  war  three.  The bungled military operation in

Chechnya ordered by Boris  Yeltsin  and  increasing  Western  military

involvement  against  Russia's  orthodox  Serb brethren are sources of

rising nationalist frustrations in Moscow. This is seemingly reflected

by the growing political success of nationalist and hardline communist

parties and candidates  in  Russia's  parliamentary  and  presidential

elections.    Meanwhile,    Boris   Yeltsin's   physical   health   is

deteriorating in step  with  the  waning  political  strength  of  his

reformist,  pro-Western  government.  All  in  all,  the  dozen  or so

historical events listed above that are timed according  to  astrology

seem  to  be  leading  up  to the death of Russian democracy (possibly

along  with  Boris  Yeltsin),   the   emergence   of   a   nationalist

authoritarian  regime  in Moscow and an outbreak of a war between East

and West, possibly by way of a Balkan trap.


                    ***THE PRICE OF FALSE PEACE***

                              By J. Adams

                              March, 1993

   Peace in today's world is well  represented  by  the  modern  peace

 symbol: a satanic symbol in which the Christian Cross is inverted and

 broken.  This  signifies  how  peace  in  the modern age is false- an

 antichristian lie.

     In the context of the current political crisis  in  Russia,  many

 people  believe  that  we  should  stand  behind Boris Yeltsin at all

 costs.  This, they would say,  is the price of peace.  In the eyes of

 most  Americans,  Yeltsin is a hero of Russian democracy who the U.S.

 and its allies must stand by lest the communist  'hardliners'  return

 to  power  and  renew  the  expensive  Cold War.  This point-of-view,

 however,  is symptomatic of a popular delusion afflicting  the  world

 with  regard  to  the true pursuits of Russia and its leaders.  Until

 the truth  of  this  situation  is  accepted,  humanity  will  remain

 enslaved by lies.

     Democracy in Russia has never existed.  For those who have bought

 the  idea  that  Boris  Yeltsin  is  the first democratically elected

 leader of Russia in the country's 1000-year history, you better think

 again.  The Russian presidential election in June of 1991- a point at

 which Soviet communism was still visibly intact- was  fraudulent.  If

 you  find  this difficult to believe,  I strongly suggest you examine

 the political life of Vladimir Zhirinovsky- the  upcoming  neofascist

 dictator of Russia.

     Vladimir Zhirinovsky is an important but weak link in a strategic

 deception  Russia  has  been  feeding the West since Gorbachev's 'New

 Thinking' was introduced in the mid-1980's.  He  supposedly  received

 nearly  seven million votes and came in third out of a field of seven

 candidates  in  the  Russian   presidential   election.   Given   the

 neofascist  platform  of  his misleadingly called 'Liberal Democratic

 Party',  Zhirinovsky's success in the election  came  as  a  complete

 surprise.  What  came  as  an  even greater surprise,  however,  were

 results from investigations of Zhirinovsky's  political  registration

 and  the  August  coup  in 1991.  In December of 1991,  investigators

 revealed  that,   "  all  intents  and  purposes,   the  Liberal

 Democratic  Party,  headed by Vladimir Zhirinovsky,  does not exist".

 Of course,  if Zhirinovsky had no party and,  in  turn,  no  base  of

 support,  how  is it that he received millions of votes and came in a

 surprising third in the race for the Russian presidency?  Clearly the

 election results were impossible.  The implication should be obvious:

 the supposedly democratic election for the first  Russian  president,

 won by Boris Yeltsin, was a fraud.

     Just  two  months  after  Yeltsin became president of Russia,  he

 apparently saved his country  and  democratic  reforms  from  a  coup

 attempt  by  communist  hardliners.  Unfortunately,  like the Russian

 presidential election, the August coup of 1991 was also fraudulent- a

 Potemkin masquerade intended for Western audiences.

     During the first half of 1991,  the  Soviets  carefully  set  the

 stage  for  the  bogus August putsch.  Six months prior to the actual

 coup,  the KGB and Soviet army rehearsed their upcoming act under the

 guise  of a countercoup.  During the summer of 1991,  numerous rumors

 and warnings were circulated in the West that a  coup  was  imminent,

 and  in  June  hardliners  reportedly failed at a constitutional-coup

 attempt.  As  tension  grew,  Gorbachev  strangely  ignored  all  the

 warning  signs  of an approaching putsch by hardliners and refused to

 take precautionary measures.  Then,  on the weekend just  before  the

 controversial  signing of a new union treaty that would undermine the

 Kremlin's central authority,  Gorbachev made the  seemingly  reckless

 decision  to  go  on  vacation  to  his dacha in the Crimea.  Low and

 behold,  on Monday- the weekday Lenin stressed never to throw a coup-

 hardline communist conspirators acted (literally).

     From beginning to end,  the August putsch was a nonsensical tale.

 The KGB,  Soviet military,  and hardline conspirators behind the coup

 attempt  failed to follow almost every rule of Soviet-designed coups.

 To  begin  with,   reliable  troops  weren't  prepositioned  at   key

 facilities,  and  communication  and  transportation  links  with the

 outside world were left unsevered.  Even worse, the organizers of the

 coup failed to  have  the  main  opposition  leader,  Boris  Yeltsin,

 detained  or  isolated-  an  unbelievable oversight.  As Yeltsin took

 refuge  at  the  parliamentary  'White  House'  and  began   rallying

 opposition, no one cut the phonelines.  Furthermore, the media, which

 the putchists had taken control of,  was somehow allowed to broadcast

 Yeltsin's  appeals  for   resistance   and   international   support.

 Amazingly,  throughout  the whole affair Gorbachev's remaining allies

 and the Russian KGB that backed Yeltsin  were  organizing  opposition

 from  Kremlin  offices  literally  down  the hall from where the coup

 plotters and the Soviet KGB were headquartered.

     The reason that political events in Russia during the  summer  of

 1991  were  so  utterly  nonsensical  is because they were just that:

 nonsense.  Both the Russian presidential election and the August coup

 were staged as part of a large-scale political deception designed  to

 serve  the  power-maximizing  interests  of  Russia's  ruling  elite.

 Yeltsin's democratic victory that summer at the Russian  White  House

 under the red-white-and-blue Russian flag was a lie that the West was

 easily  seduced  by.  However,  a democratic transformation of Russia

 remains about  as  likely  as  a  communist  revolution  in  America.

 Gorbachev,  Yeltsin, and all the supposed reformers in Moscow to this

 day are 'ex-communists' and 'hardliners' who pursue  but  one  thing:

 authoritarian power.

     Today the underlying goal of Gorbachev's New Thinking is about to

 be  realized.  The  stage  is  being set for a neofascist dictator to

 take power  in  today's  'Weimar  Russia'.  That  dictator,  Vladimir

 Zhirinovsky, is already revealing the true pursuit of Russia: to wage

 an all-out third world war against Israel,  America,  and the Western

 allies.  Unfortunately, because the West has accepted the false peace

 and friendship Russia and her Arab allies have offered over the  past

 several  years,  the  East will militarily prevail.  Not only have we

 been duped  into  dropping  our  guard,  our  enemy  has  effectively

 disappeared.  Should  'democratic'  Russia  launch a surprise nuclear

 blow  in  the  midst  of  seeming  internal  chaos  and   a   violent

 international  crisis,  we will be greatly hesitant about retaliating

 during the crucial minutes before being destroyed.  And even if we do

 decide to strike back,  we  will  only  target  well-defended  Mother

 Russia;  the  rest  of  the  communist world has been secured through


     After the dust settles,  Gorbachev will undoubtedly  'return'  to

 power  in  Moscow.  Instead  of realizing how he destroyed the world,

 people will falsely believe  that  he  has  'saved'  the  world  from

 militant  extremists.  Russian  orthodoxy  can  be established in the

 place of communism,  and a global dictatorship  of  man,  Gorbachev's

 false 'kingdom of god', will be achieved.


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                      ***JUDGMENT FOR OUR TIME***

                              By J. Adams

                             October, 1993

     Recently  a  violent political struggle took place in Moscow that

 appears to have ended with a final  defeat  of  conservative  Russian

 'hardliners'  and  the  victory of liberal democracy.  Likewise,  the

 forces of militarism and anti-Westernism appear to have been overcome

 by the forces of pacifism and East/West friendship.  The problem with

 this situation, however,  is that it is an illusion- an illusion that

 is about to be utterly upset by reality.

     Earlier  this  year  I  wrote  two editorials that dealt with the

 political situation in Russia, the war in Yugoslavia, and the ongoing

 troubles in the Persian Gulf.  Unfortunately,  these editorials  have

 never been printed by a newspaper they were submitted to,  i.e., they

 have been effectively censored.

     The general idea of my editorials was reflected by their  titles:

 "The  Price  of False Peace" and "A Time For War".  In a nutshell,  I

 spelled out why I believe the modern world has accepted a total  lie.

 Since Mikhail Gorbachev came to power in the Soviet Union in 1985 and

 released  a  book  entitled 'A Time For Peace',  everything has taken

 place to lead us to believe in  "peace  for  our  time".  Yet,  world

 peace  today  is  likely  no  different  than "peace for our time" as

 proclaimed by Neville Chamberlain in 1938 after  signing  the  Munich

 Accord  with  Hitler.  I  believe that now,  like then,  the West has

 foolishly accepted a false peace that serves the strategic  interests

 of those pursuing our destruction.

     The  recent  political battle in Moscow is an example of Russia's

 deceptive strategy.  We  have  just  witnessed  a  violent  political

 showdown    between   Russia's   liberal   reformers   and   hardline

 conservatives in  which  Boris  Yeltsin,  the  supposed  champion  of

 democracy, has effectively thrown a coup.  On September 21st, Yeltsin

 revoked  the  Soviet-era  constitution  and disbanded parliament.  In

 reaction to this,  hardline lawmakers,  led  by  vice-president  (?!)

 Alexander  Rutskoi,  barricaded  themselves in the Russian parliament

 building,  the  so-called  "White  House",  and  prepared  for  armed

 resistance.  Yeltsin  gave  the lawmakers until October 4th to clear-

 out or face "serious consequences".  Then,  on the eve of one of  the

 most  dangerous political confrontations in Russian history,  Yeltsin

 haphazardly took-off to his summer house for the day.  Right-wing and

 pro-communist  protesters  seized  the  opportunity.   They  overtook

 surprisingly  weak  police  lines  around  the parliament and,  under

 orders from hardline leaders,  began a violent  uprising  in  Moscow.

 Because  no major forceful response was prepared or at least promptly

 ordered by  government  and  police  authorities,  the  city  quickly

 dissolved into bloodshed and mayhem.

     When  Yeltsin  returned  to  Moscow,  a  state  of  emergency was

 declared and the Russian military was called upon to restore order by

 force.  The protesters were pushed back to the White House where they

 would make their last stand.  The  next  day,  October  4th,  Yeltsin

 ordered the army to storm the parliament;  the hardliners were forced

 to surrender.  As they were taken away under armed guard,  the  White

 House,  where Russian freedom and democracy was supposedly victorious

 against  the  August  coup  of  1991,   symbolically  burned  in  the

 background.  Now,  with  Yeltsin's  political  opponents  in jail and

 parliament  burned,   democracy  in  Moscow  is  seemingly  defeated.

 Through what was tantamount to a coup, Yeltsin has effectively become

 sole ruler of Russia.

     The  key  point  here  is  that recent events in Russia have been

 intentionally orchestrated as an historical  parallel  to  events  in

 Weimar  Germany  some  sixty  years ago.  The last leader to revoke a

 constitution,  disband parliament,  burn the  "Reichstag",  and  take

 control  of a fledgling democracy was Adolph Hitler.  The reason such

 an analogous situation has been  engineered  is  because  the  "true"

 hardliners,  which includes Boris Yeltsin, Mikhail Gorbachev, and the

 rest of communism's rulers-of-old, are creating the excuse to stage a

 violent  reversal  in  power  from  liberal  reform   to   right-wing

 extremism.  More  specifically,  the  stage  has been set for a bogus

 coup in which a neofascist dictator, namely Vladimir Zhirinovsky,  is

 brought to power.

     A  power reversal is being planned in Moscow in order to open the

 way for a surprise third world war.  Since the West backed  Yeltsin's

 drive  to  undo democracy,  crush nationalist opponents,  and conquer

 Russia's "soul", Russian hardliners now have a pretense for launching

 an all-out war against the "Zionist" powers of Israel,  America,  and

 the  Western allies.  War may be initially provoked in and around the

 Middle East- the Balkans (Yugoslavia),  the Persian Gulf (Iraq),  the

 Causasus,  etc.-  but  this is only to set the stage for an onslaught

 against the Zionist homeland:  Israel.  Since Israel will undoubtedly

 resort  to  nuclear  force  against  her Russian-backed Arab foes and

 possibly Russia as well,  Moscow will have the excuse  it  needs  for

 "massive  retaliation",  i.e.,  an  all-out  nuclear  attack  against

 America and its military counterparts.  Our leaders will subsequently

 be hardput to retaliate since Russia was  so  recently  a  democratic


     With  all  said  and  done,  through long-run strategic planning,

 large-scale deception, and massive military aggression, the East will

 have conquered the world.  First off,  military dominance  will  have

 been  achieved  because  the  West  was  lulled into a false sense of

 security,  duped into dropping its guard,  and left without a visible

 enemy  so  that  a  successful  surprise  attack  could  be launched.

 Secondly, popular dominance will have been achieved because world war

 three was staged such that it appeared to be the  West's  fault.  The

 resultant  hatred for the West will feed into popular support for the


     Should the future confirm my beliefs and expectations,  then it's

 important  people  realize  why.  As  I see it,  newspapers refuse to

 print my editorials because the truth is  literally  blasphemy  in  a

 world  dominated  by  lies.  Over  the  past  1000  years the rise of

 Western civilization has coincided  with  the  rise  of  an  opposing

 worldview to Christianity.  This opposing worldview, what I've dubbed

 the  secular paradigm,  is the historical antithesis of Christianity.

 According to it,  ours is a godless universe that started with a "Big

 Bang"   and   is   flowing   towards   ever   greater   disorder  and

 meaninglessness.  This contradicts the idea that, since the moment of

 Creation,  God has carried out purposeful work to create ever greater

 organization  and  meaning.  According to the secular paradigm,  life

 results from a process of elimination that involves "random mutation"

 and "natural selection".  Contrariwise,  Christians believe that life

 comes  from purposeful,  orderly creation and divine selection.  With

 regard to  society,  the  secular  worldview  holds  that,  with  the

 guidance   of   some  imaginal  "invisible  hand",   selfishness  and

 competition give rise to "general equilibrium".  This contradicts the

 Christian view that unselfish cooperation and the grace of God  bring

 forth social harmony.  All in all, the now dominant secular worldview

 is the antithesis of Christianity.

     The problem, however, is that if Christ's worldview was realistic

 and  true,  then  the  opposing  secular  worldview is false- it is a

 popular delusion.  As reflected by the cycles of history, the reality

 is that man as a species suffers from general  mental  and  emotional

 "disequilibrium"  and  poses a danger to himself and his environment.

 Because  of  people's  greed,  hatred,  arrogance,   and  fear,   the

 contemporary world is caught up in a bipolar disorder that is leading

 us  toward  self-destruction.  As  the  seventh  seal  opens and "The

 Crash" occurs,  the popular expectations of this secular age will  be

 totally  upset  while  the opposing expectations embodied in biblical

 prophecy  are  fulfilled.   This  will  reveal  the  truthfulness  of

 religion  and  falsify the modern secular delusion.  If mankind finds

 the courage to accept the truth and learns to love,  then  individual

 and social harmony, real peace, and the true "Kingdom of God" will be

 achieved.  If not, then this world will meet a tragic End.


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     and  coups  in  third  world  countries-  i.e.,  the  article  is

     disinformation  from  a  disinformation  source.)  'Moscow News':


 NOTE:  The two Moscow News articles cited  above  are  disinformation

     intended  to  make sense of the nonsense that occurred during the

     October uprising  by  attributing  the  staged  crisis  to  Boris

     Yeltsin and Russia's supposed liberal reformers.  In reality, the

     whole  affair  was orchestrated to set the stage for the December

     parliamentary elections in which right-wing extremists  and  pro-

     communists,  who were seemingly victimized by the October events,

     achieved surprising success.  Most important was the  victory  of

     Vladimir  Zhirinovsky's  "Liberal  Democratic  Party" (?!) in the

     election of the new Russian  parliament.  Zhirinovsky  was  given

     political  power in December of 1993 to open the way for a future

     military coup (see "The Zhirinovsky Connection") which,  in turn,

     will open the way for a third world war against the West- a point

     reiterated time and time again in my editorials.