***ASTROLOGY OF A KREMLIN COUP?***

                               J. Adams

                           August 21st, 1996

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    Especially since Mikhail Gorbachev rose to power in Moscow  during

the  mid-1980's,  political events in Russia have been coinciding with

significant astrological events.  The  implication  of  this  is  that

history  is  being  intentionally  shaped  by  Russia's  ruling  elite

according to the stars as part of some sort of multi-year plan.  There

is reason to suspect that history is now being shaped toward a Kremlin

coup according to astrology.  (For a broader examination of how recent

history  has  been  shaped  according  to  astrology,  see my "Kremlin

Astrology" article at http://www.ucc.uconn.edu/~jpa94001/j33.html .)

    This week marks the fifth anniversary of the failed August coup in

1991 that supposedly brought  an  end  to  Soviet  Communism.  Between

August  19th  and  August 22nd,  1991,  a coup attempt by "hardliners"

against then Soviet Premiere Mikhail Gorbachev was staged  in  Moscow.

To the relief of the West, this coup apparently failed after which the

Communist Party supposedly voted itself out of power.

    With  this  fifth  anniversary  of  the failed August 1991 coup in

Moscow,  there are again rumblings of political turmoil in the Kremlin.

Specifically,  Boris Yeltsin's health is reportedly  failing  while  a

major  crisis  is  being orchestrated in the rebel Russian republic of

Chechnya.  In the same way that Yeltsin disappeared for "nose surgery"

when Russia first ordered Russian troops to  invade  Chechnya,  he  is

again  absent  as  Russian  troops  are  apparently  being  ordered to

violently retake the Chechen capital city of Grozny from rebel forces.

Supposedly due  to  the  lack  of  leadership  from  Yeltsin,  Russian

generals  in  Chechnya are seemingly out-of-control and are reportedly

issuing their own directives without,  or with forged,  approval  from

Russian   President  Boris  Yeltsin.   Consequently,   Russia's  newly

appointed  hardline  Security  Chief,  Alexander  Lebed,  is seemingly

making attempt to take control of the situation by going  to  Chechnya

to  arrange  a  ceasefire  and  bring  the Russian army to order.  The

implication of all this is that Yeltsin is no longer  able  to  govern

Russia and hardline forces, either Lebed or other elements of Russia's

military,  are  now  taking  over  power  in Moscow in response to the

newest Chechen crisis.

    As overviewed in my other articles,  what is being  witnessed  is,

for  all intents and purposes,  staged history.  In order to see this,

one does not have to look to recent history so much as to  the  stars.

As can be seen below, recent political crises in Russia and key events

in  the  Chechen  conflict  have  coincided  time  and time again with

significant astrological configurations:

1.  *August 19th, 1991:  Alignment of Sun,  Moon,  Mercury,  Venus and

                         Jupiter in the zodiac sign of Leo.

    A  failed coup attempt by communist hardliners is staged in Moscow

 which supposedly brings an end to  the  Communist  Party  and  Soviet


2.  *October 4th, 1993:  Pluto conjunct moon squares (90-degree angle)  

                  Saturn and trines (120-degree  angle)  Venus,

                         Uranus and Neptune.

    Political chaos erupts in Moscow following Russian President Boris

 Yeltsin's disbanding of the former-Soviet parliament.

3.  *December 13th,  1993:  Alignment of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and

                            Mars in Sagitarrius.

    Communists and Nationalists win the elections for  a  new  Russian

 parliament.  Of  particular  surprise  is the success of the "Liberal

 Democratic  Party  (?!)  led  by  Hitler-like  nationalist   Vladimir


4. *December 11th, 1994: Mars squares conjunction of Pluto & Jupiter.

     Russia invades the breakaway republic of Chechnya.

5.  *June 14th,  1995:   Mars squares alignment of Mercury,  Venus and


    Similar to  configuration  on  December  11th,  1994  when  Russia

 invaded Chechnya.  This time,  a large group of Chechen rebels attack

 a town in southern Russia and take a few thousand Russians hostage at

 a hospital. Hundreds are killed and the rebels eventually escaped.

6.  *July 12th,  1995:   Alignment of Sun,  Moon,  Neptune and  Uranus

                          trines  (120-degree angle) Mars and sextiles

                          (60-degree angle) Saturn and Pluto.

    Russian President Boris Yeltsin reportedly suffers a heart attack.

7.  *October 24th, 1995: Mars and Pluto conjunct total solar eclipse.

    Russian President Boris Yetsin suffers a second heart attack.

8.  *December  21st/22nd, 1995:    8-planet  alignment  of Sun,  Moon,

                                   Mercury,  Venus,   Mars,   Jupiter,

                                   Neptune  and Uranus in Capricorn on

                                   the winter solstice.

    Communists and nationalists reportedly win in the  election  of  a

 new  Russian  parliament.  The  political party associated with Boris

 Yeltsin's government  placed  a  weak  third  in  the  election  thus

 signalling the coming end to Western-style reform in Russia.

    During this summer,  key political events in Russia  and  military

events  in  Chechnya  have  again  been  coinciding  with  significant

astrological configurations.  As can be seen,  this  time  around  the

astrological events specifically imply a negative fate for the current

Russian leadership.

 *June 16th, 1996:  6-planet alignment of Sun, Moon,  Mercury,  Venus,

                              Mars and Pluto near summer solstice.

    Russian presidential elections  take  place  with  a  virtual  tie

 between the Communist candidate and Boris Yeltsin.  To insure victory

 in the run-off election,  Yeltsin appoints the third place candidate-

 the hardline, former Russian general,  Alexander Lebed- to be his new

 Security Chief.

 *June 30th, 1996: A full "bluemoon" is opposed by Jupiter, the planet

                         of leaders, and squared by Saturn, the planet

                         of fate.

    The  "fate"  of  the  Russian "leader",  Boris Yeltsin,  becomes a

 concern  as  the  Russian  president  disappears  from  public  view,

 supposedly  due  to  failing  health,  going into the run-off Russian

 presidential election he reportedly wins on July 3rd.

 *August 8th,  1996:  Mars,  the planet of war,  opposes  Jupiter  and

                         squares Saturn, the planets of leadership and

                         fate, respectively.

     Boris  Yeltsin's  fate  becomes  an even greater concern with his

 August 9th inauguration.  In his first public  appearance  since  the

 run-off  election,  the Russian President appears frail,  ill and his

 speech is slurred.

    Meanwhile,   just  prior  to  the  inauguration,   Chechen  rebels

 reportedly  storm  the  Chechen  capital of Grozny and retake it from

 occupying Russian military forces.

    The  developments  this  summer now appear to be coming to a head.

According to some reports,  Russian President Boris Yeltsin  is  in  a

heart   clinic   and  may  undergo  surgery  "in  the  coming  hours".

Meanwhile,  a deadline for midnight  tonight  (EST)  (I  think  it  is

midnight EST or it is at least close to then) has been set for Chechen

civilians to flee their capital city of Grozny before the Russian army

apparently  plans  a massive bombardment to annihilate occupying rebel

forces.   In  recent  hours,   Security  Chief  Alexander  Lebed   has

apparently brokered a ceasefire agreement with Chechen rebel  leaders

to  avert  the  "impending  madness"  Russian  army  commanders   have

threatened  to unleash.  Even so,  the latest news is a bombardment of

the city could take place in violation of Lebed's orders.  All in all,

going into August 22nd and the fifth anniversary of  the  end  of  the

August 1991 coup attempt in Moscow that almost resulted in the  return

to  power by Russian hardliners,  a new political crisis is developing

that could seemingly precipitate  another  coup  attempt  by  hardline


    Notably,  such a coup attempt may be slated for  tomorrow,  or  at

least  some sort of crisis may be planned for tomorrow,  given that at

midnight (EST), the same time as the ultimatum for Grozny,  there is a

significant astrological configuration involving Pluto,  the planet of

explosive transformation and nuclear energy.  Specifically,  Pluto and

the  Moon  will come into conjunction and square (90-degree angle) the

Sun (see astrolog chart below).  As explained  in  previous  articles,

such  "squares" are supposed to have a negative implication.  Notably,

at the current juncture,  Mars and Venus are in  conjunction  and  are

opposed by Jupiter which is squared by Saturn (as explained above, the

latter two planets symbolize the "fate of leaders").  All in all,  the

astrological configuration going into tomorrow,  which  is  the  fifth

anniversary  of  the  end of the August 1991 coup in Moscow,  seems to

symbolize an explosive transformation concerning the fate  of  Russian

leadership.  If  Kremlin's  ruling elite read the stars as such,  then

this may be the history they are about to stage.

                   Astrological chart for 22/08/1996


     ¦ Ven 13Can39  ¦              ¦              ¦              ¦

     ¦              ¦              ¦              ¦              ¦

     ¦              ¦              ¦              ¦              ¦

     ¦              ¦              ¦ Jun 23Ari36  ¦ Sat  6Ari26r ¦


     ¦ Mar 18Can08  ¦                             ¦              ¦

     ¦              ¦    Astrolog (4.10) chart    ¦              ¦

     ¦              ¦   Thu Aug 22 1996 12:00am   ¦              ¦

     ¦              ¦    -05:00   0:00W  0:00N    ¦              ¦

     <1>13Leo19-----¦    Placidus      Houses.    ¦-----13Aqu19<7>

     ¦ Sun 29Leo23  ¦   Julian Day = 2450317.71   ¦              ¦

     ¦              ¦                             ¦              ¦

     ¦              ¦                             ¦ Ura  1Aqu33r ¦

     ¦              ¦                             ¦ Nep 25Cap30r ¦


     ¦ Mer 26Vir42  ¦ Pal  4Sco45  ¦ Cer  6Sag15  ¦              ¦

     ¦ Ver  0Lib00  ¦ For 14Sco02  ¦ Plu  0Sag23  ¦              ¦

     ¦ Nod 10Lib02r ¦              ¦ Moo  0Sag06  ¦              ¦

     ¦ Chi 14Lib09  ¦              ¦ Ves 28Sco33  ¦ Jup  8Cap04r ¦


 *August 22nd, 1996: Pluto, the planet of explosive transformation and

                     nuclear energy is conjunct the Moon  and  squares

                     the  Sun.  Mars  and Venus are in conjunction and

                     are opposed by Jupiter, the planet of leadership,

                     which is squared by Saturn, the planet of fate.

    The  fifth  anniversary  of the end of the hardline coup in August

 1991 that supposedly brought an end to Soviet Communism.

    A deadline has been set for this date by Russian  army  commanders

 in  Chechnya  for  civilians  to  flee  Grozny before massive Russian

 military force will reportedly be  used  to  take  back  the  Chechen

 capital  from  rebels.  Meanwhile,  Yeltsin leaves Moscow amid rumors

 that he is at a heart clinic where a decision is  to  be  made  about

 surgery.  A  power struggle in the Kremlin is supposedly now underway

 involving Alexander Lebed who is in Chechnya seeking to  establish  a

 ceasefire before "madness" occurs.


            -Military Ultimatium Against Grozny Is Lifted-

GROZNY,  Russia  (Aug  21,  1996  10:41  p.m.  EDT) -- President Boris

Yeltsin's security chief declared Wednesday that he had won a reprieve

for the embattled people of Grozny, on the eve of a threatened all-out

military assault on the rebel capital.

Alexander Lebed,  shuttling between rebel and military bases late into

the night, dismissed as a "bad joke" the ultimatum issued by Yeltsin's

army  for  civilians  to evacuate Grozny by Thursday morning or face a

devastating aerial attack.

But it  remained  far  from  certain  whether  the  retired  general's

assertive  moves  -- and reports of an informal new truce agreed to by

separatist rebels -- would  prevent  the  attack  or  preclude  a  new

offensive in the near future.

The  Russian  military,  which unleashed a savage artillery assault on

the city Wednesday,  often seems to be following  its  own  orders  in

Chechnya, and has ignored past commands by Yeltsin not to bomb Grozny.

There  was  no word from the military on Lebed's announcement that the

bombing was off.

Past cease-fire deals have failed,  and the ailing  president  himself

has been silent on the 20-month-old war for weeks.

Putting  his own authority on the line,  Lebed flew to Chechnya in the

hours before the deadline and said after meeting with both sides  that

he was personally withdrawing the army ultimatum.

Meeting with separatist leaders, Lebed said that the rebels had agreed

to  an immediate cease-fire,  which he said would head off the attack,

BBC Television reported.

Lebed then headed back to the Russian military command to  ensure  the

relative  peace  would hold.  New talks were scheduled with the rebels

later Thursday.

"No such bombardments will happen," the ITAR-Tass news  agency  quoted

him as saying after talking with rebel chief Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev and

his  military  commander Aslan Maskhadov in Noviye Atagi village south

of Grozny.

"It's already clear to everyone, to my mind, that issuing an ultimatum

was a bad joke."

Maskhadov endorsed Lebed's mediation, according to ITAR-Tass.

Rebels were still determined to defeat Russia but "we're trying to all

we can to save face with one another,"  the  news  agency  quoted  the

rebel commander as saying.

The  military  attack  Wednesday threatened civilians trying to escape

the city.

Hundreds of shells from heavy artillery slammed into the city  center.

Salvos  from  multiple  rocket launchers,  bombs from jet fighters and

rockets from helicopter gunships combined for a ferocious  bombardment

that could be heard 20 miles away.

The  acting  commander  who  issued  the ultimatum Monday night,  Gen.

Konstantin Pulikovsky, on Wednesday turned Russia's Chechnya operation

back over to Lt. Gen. Vyacheslav Tikhomirov, who had been on vacation.

But Tikhomirov's failure to lift the ultimatum  stirred  panic,  anger

and worldwide calls for Moscow to call it off.  President Clinton sent

Yeltsin a letter asking that the assault be averted.

Pulikovsky was publicly reprimanded Wednesday by Defense Minister Igor

Rodionov and criticized by Lebed, whom Yeltsin put in charge of ending

the war against Chechen independence.

"It's possible to take the city, of course," Lebed said on his arrival

in Chechnya. "Even Berlin was taken. But we spent tens of thousands of

people's  lives,  tens  of  thousands of citizens and soldiers.  Do we

need that?"

Lebed,  who initiated new peace talks last week after separatists  had

overrun the city on Aug.  6,  has said air raids would only expand the


Anywhere from 50,000 to 200,000 civilians remained  in  Grozny,  which

had a prewar population of 400,000.

Yeltsin  has  remained  largely out of the picture for two months with

what  the  Kremlin  calls  fatigue  and  observers  say  is  likely  a

recurrence of heart problems. The Interfax news agency quoted a source

close  to the president as saying he planned to be back in the Kremlin

on Thursday after a brief  retreat  at  a  lake  resort  northwest  of


Hundreds  of Russian soldiers have been killed and at least 1,000 have

been wounded in the rebel assault on Grozny.  More than 30,000  people

have  been  killed since Moscow sent in troops in December 1994 to end

the southern republic's self-proclaimed independence.

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