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Bill Gates and 666---Is Bill Gates a Satanist ?

Is the Internet Satan's tool to destroy mankind?Is Bill Gates Satan's reincarnation?
Read on...Since we're all using MICROSOFT products here, I thought I'd just let you know these facts...Do you know that Bill Gates' REAL name is WILLIAN HENRY GATES III? His oficial REAL name NOW is BILL GATES III.
What's so eerie about this name?
Okay, if you take all letters in BILL GATES III and then convertit in ASCII code (American standart code for information interchange) and then ADD up all the numbers... you will get 666, which is the number of the BEAST !!! SICK!!! Coincidence? Nope. Take WINDOWS 95 and do de same procedure and youwill get 666 too !!! And the same goes for MS-DOS 6.31 !!!
Sick rite?
B 66
I 73
L 76
L 76
G 71
A 65
T 84
E 69
S 83
+ 3
M S - D O S 6.21
77+83+45+68+79+83+32+54+46+50+49 = 666
W I N D O W S 95
87+73+78+68+79+87+83+57+53+1 = 666
OKAY, that's the firt part, now for the second part.For those of you fellas who still have the OLD excel 95 (not office 97)then try this out:
1 Open a new file.
2 Scroll down until you see row 95.
3 Click on the row 95 button, this highlights the whole row.
4 Press tab, to move to the second column.
5 Now, move your mouse and click on help, then about Microsoft excel.
6 Press ctrl-alt-shift and click on the tech support button
A WINDOW WILL APPEAR, TITLE: THE HALL OF TORTURED SOULS this is really eerie, okay... it has a doom style format and you can walk all around the hall... and on the sides of the walls are the names of the tortured souls...
NOW WALK UP THE STAIRS AND THEN COME BACK DOWN, FACE THE BLANK WALK AND THEN TYPE IN THE EXCELKFA this will open the blank wall to reveal another secret passage, walk throug the passage and DO NOT FALL OFF, when you get to the end, you will see something really, really eerie... At this point of time, countless witnesses all over the world have verified this point... it's really an eye opener. It could be a joke by MS programmers or is it? Wouldn't be surprise if Bill Gates was "The Antichrist",afterall it was already foretold in the BIble that someone powerful would rise up and lead the world to destruction. And Bill Gates definitely have that kind of power in his hands. More than 80% of the world's computers run on
WINDOWS and DOS (incuding those at Pentagon!) if all his products have some kind of small program embedded (like this Hall of Tortured Souls) that can give him control, setting off nuclear arsenals,creating havoc in security systems, financial systems all over the world,etc....... all from his headquarters isn't a far off reality! Just using Internet Explorer may just allow him to map out what you have on your computer bit by bit each time you log on. Perhaps the end times are near and this is just a tip of the iceberg!?
"He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free or slave,
to receive a mark on his forehead. So, that no one could buy or sell
unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of
his name. This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight let him calculate
the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is
666."......Revelation 13:16-18
Something for you thik about. An eerie E-Mail for everybody to think about... The Bible, in the Book of Revelation says that without the sign of the beast one would not be able to buy, sell, do business, transations,etc........and........ My question to you Know is this. Is Internet now a necessity in doing business? The Internet also bears the sign...... Note that the Internet is also comminly knownas the WORLD WIDE WEB or WWW...
One ther way to write W is V/ (VI), so....
6 6 6
This gives me something to ponder upon. Isn't everything going toward the Internet? (i.e., buing / selling goods, business transations) Isn't Microsoft always on the move to have a monopoly when it comes tosoftware tecnology? And now the Internet? Revelation also says that the mark of the beast will be carried on one's hand and one's forehead... If the Internet would indeed be the sign of the beast aren't we all starting to carry it on our hands and foreheads??? Screens (forehead), and make use of the mouse (hand)??? Are things finally falling into place or are we just letting our imagination run??? Remember, the devil came to cheat steal and to destroy. So be VIGILANT
Some might think ask, "How did Bill Gates get so powerful?" Coincidence? Or just the eginning of mankind's ultimate and total enslavement??? "To agree or not agree with WWW or the Beast", is not the question. What if the WWW is the 666? Or the Bill Gates be the Beast?
What will you do??? Cancel subscription to the Internet? Resign from Microsoft? Set out a campaign against Bill Gates in the Internet? Shut down all Windows95 forever? It will not do you any good. Think about all this and pray, pray really hard, or else. Never stop believing.
Here's one from Peter Jacobson:
Well if you add up the Hex numbers in the name MICROSOFT CORPORATION (including 3 spaces between the words instead of just 1) guess what you get - 666. If you would like to try it use your Windows calculator - set to Scientific View - Hex on instead of Dec. and add these values:
M - 4D
I - 49
C - 43
R - 52
O - 4F
S - 53
O - 4F
F - 46
T - 54
(sp) - 20 \
(sp) - 20 > Don't forget he's Bill Gates the 3rd.
(sp) - 20 /
C - 43
O - 4F
R - 52
P - 50
O - 4F
R - 52
A - 41
T - 54
I - 49
O - 4F
N - 4E

Is Bill Gates a Satanist!
The names of his software says so...
What's in a name...
A lot according to the religious leader named Sollog.
Sollog pointed out in his writings (a total of NINE BOOKS) these amazing FACTS about BILLY GATES!
In Hebrew, the WORD WINDOWS is mentioned only eight times in the BIBLE. It's NUMBER in a Strong's concordance is 699 or 666 in a hidden manner!
Did you know THE WORD or BIBLE mentions WINDOWS directly next to A GATES!
Isaiah 54:12
I will make thy WINDOWS of A GATES, and thy GATES of carbuncles (FIRE or BURNING)
The ONE and only time CARBUNCLES is used in the BIBLE is in this phrase where GOD warns the PROPHET ISAIAH that WINDOWS will connect to A GATES and THE GATES will be of FIRE! Look up the word with the number 688 in a Strong's concordance, it's 'eqdach. It's only used ONCE! To describe THE GATES of FIRE next to WINDOWS in the verse above!
Is it a coincidence that in the STRONG'S concordance THE NUMBER used for THE HEBREW WORD for WINDOWS is 699? This number which was assigned to WINDOWS was made over 100 years ago. Billy GATES purposely picked that NAME to show he is a worshiper of SATAN says Sollog! The NUMBER of THE BEAST is 666! So Billy Gates picked WINDOWS with the number of 699 to show who he worships! He knew HIS NAME was next to WINDOWS!
Such practice is common in Corporate America where secret satanic societies run corporations that are trying to destroy the Earth!
Such secret satanic societies abound within IVY LEAGUE schools. BUSH and CLINTON belonged to such groups. Ask BUSH about THE SKULL AND CROSSBONES club he belonged to at Princeton!
These satanic cults select a chosen few of the brightest from the best schools and then initiate them into the DARK WAYS of Satan! The top students from the top schools are the targets of these satanic cults! They know a select few will eventually become powerful leaders in Politics, Business and such! Yes, there is a satanic elect that run and control the US. You don't have to have many at THE TOP of THE US to control the masses.
Look at the sick types that RUN the US. Clinton an ADULTERER, a Rhodes scholar from an IVY school! The sick perverted heads of the entertainment and news industries are almost all from the top of IVY schools, they have a satanic agenda that pollutes and destroys the minds of the youth, by producing UNGODLY entertainment for the children to consume! Look at what happened in this country in ONE GENERATION. It WENT TO HELL! Because the satanists control the government, the media and most of corporate America!
Ever hear of THE GOLDEN DAWN, Skull and Crossbones or the Priory of Sion? They are just a few of the cults that have SATANIC beliefs, cults that target the FUTURE leaders of THE US on IVY campuses!
In the other instances where WINDOWS appears in THE WORD, it is connected to GODS punishment. Such as in Genesis where THE WINDOWS of heaven are opened and closed to start and stop THE FLOOD used to PUNISH MAN!
Sollog says Billy Gates is a satanist that is trying to control the world through the hidden EVIL within his Software.
He says the names of his programs are chosen to HIDE the EVIL of his intentions.
Did you know Billy Gates didn't even develop the first generation of DOS, that gave him the foundation of his EVIL EMPIRE!
Did you know that DOS besides meaning Disk Operating System, is also an acronym for Device Of Satan!
Ask the person who really developed it.
He gave the rights of DOS to the BILLY GOAT the GATE KEEPER at THE GATES of HELL. With a condition that it wouldn't be given to IBM.
He was hired by IBM to steal DOS from the developer!
The developer then sued THE BILLY GOAT years later and won a sum of money as a reward to shut up!
Microsoft is an EVIL EMPIRE built upon a foundation of deceit!
Now remember, DOS is an acronym of Device Of Satan or DEMON Of SATAN.
DOS is also SOD backwards.
As in SODomy. A act of perversion of SATAN!
THE BILLY GOAT chose WORD as the NAME of his WORD processor.
The TOP SELLING processor for PC's.
THE WORD is THE SPIRIT or THE BIBLE to believers in GOD!
THE BILLY GOAT used THE WORD to make much GOLD for his EVIL EMPIRE!
The number 666 is mentioned in the OLD TESTAMENT twice. Both times it is the amount of GOLD given in a tribute in THE TRUE WORD!
Windows 3.1, was the devious NAME used by THE BILLY GOAT to capture the power of THE TRINITY. For in the TRINITY 3 is 1.Yes, THE BILLY GOAT claimed the power of THE WORD and then THE POWER OF THE TRINITY in his satanic naming of his programs!
Windows is started with THE WORD WIN.For THE BILLY GOAT is out to WIN the WORLD for SATAN! WINDOWS is TWO HIDDEN WORDS. WIN and DOWS.
WIN is what THE BILLY GOAT is out to accomplish. WORLD DOMINATION!
DOWS comes from the word DOWSE or DOWSER. It is the ACT of Divination. Or THE ROD of Divination. WINDOWS 3.1, if you change the 3 to it's mirror reflection, it's the E. Now do you see WIN DOWSE ONE! THE BILLY GOAT is out to WIN THE ROD (dowse) of ONE! So HE COULD then RULE the WORLD in the name of SATAN! Have you not see THE BOOKS put out by Microsoft. This is a title of ONE of them, THE BIBLE of WINDOWS! Yes, THE BILLY GOAT openly MOCKS THE WORD or THE BIBLE! Now THE BILLY GOAT has chosen A CODE NAME for WINDOWS 98. It's MEMPHIS. The ONE and ONLY time it is mentioned in THE WORD is HOSEA 9.6. MEMPHIS SHALL BURY THEM!
THE BILLY GOAT is OUT TO BURY MAN! Remember, this is WHERE the WORD WARNED of WINDOWS and A GATE! Isaiah 54:12
I will make thy WINDOWS of AGATES... and thy GATES of FIRE! Yes, THE WORD put WINDOWS next to A GATES in THE WORD to show who Billy GATES worships THE FIRE!
THE BILLY GOAT is THE KEEPER of THE GATES of HELL... Remember, the word in Hebrew for WINDOWS has a NUMBER in a concordance. It is NUMBER 699 in Strong's. Do thee SEE the BEAST in that NUMBER... 699 or 666....
A little HIDDEN but there for THE CHOSEN to see... Beware of THE BILLY GOAT the KEEPER of THE GATES of THE  HELL FIRE! His WINDOWS is a DEVICE OF SATAN!
P.S. Sollog who wrote the original piece about this connection to Billy Gates in ONE of his books, has a few WEB SITES I have linked to below. He is the revealer of this connection to EVIL and BILLY GATES! I've merely passed his WORD onto thee!
He's authored NINE books about what THE WORD really means. His works are truly EYE OPENERS for the veiled!
Sollog is known very well on the internet for GUARANTEEING THE FUTURE!
He has appeared on many nationwide radio shows!
You should see his site about TOMORROWS NEWS TODAY!
He revealed a complex code that the bible is written in two years ago.
The best selling book THE BIBLE CODE is an elementary version of what Sollog has explained about THE WORD in his works!
Oh, Sollog says to sell any stock you have in Microsoft.
That EVIL company is about TO CRASH! 

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The EG is down.Now we have EU.(????!!!!!)