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The Church of Tantra maintains a site filled with essays on tantra, karezza, and the like -- including some of my articles. Please note that although i gladly gave permnission for the reprinting of the articles (with nice html work and graphics, i might add), i am not a member of this church.

The Virtual Temple of Kali is an online site for worship of Shakti in her Black aspect as Divine Mother of the Universe, Sri Sri Ma Kali Dakshineswari, "available to all without distinction of religion, caste, creed, color, or sex." I am not a member of this church.

The Hindu Tantrik Home Page is a site devoted to Hindu tantra yoga. Here you will find yantra, mantra, tantra and other material relating to the tantrik tradition; texts on the siddhas and yogis of the Natha sampradaya including Gorakhnath, Matsyendranath and Dattatreya; much about kundalini, nadis, chakras; images of tantric kula devas (gods) and devis (goddesses) including Kali, Tripura, Shiva, Ganesha, Cchinnamasta, Durga and Tara; puja and practices; meditation and dharanas; the inner meaning of kaulachara, vamachara and svecchacharya; bibliographies and glossaries, and links to other sites. I am not a member of this religion.

Yoni is a site devoted to the feminine principle, with essays, symbolism, and poetic thoughts. I wish there were a linked site devoted to the lingam. Perhaps someone will create it.



Swami Muktananda presents a clear case history of how "tantra yoga" can become a front for sexual abuse. In the late 1970s my tantra lover David Haenke and i travelled 2,000 miles to meet Muktananda because David had been impressed by his writings. In the end, we decided that the Swami was too much of a grinning egotist to be credible and we did not become his followers -- but reading these articles taught me how little we knew then about what was *really* going on behind the scenes at his ashram! Although Muktananda is dead now, there are today many "teachers" of tantra whose major purpose is to sexually prey upon the young. I urge anyone interested in tantra or sacred sex of any kind to be careful. Programs that train couples in tantra techniques are inherently safer than those in which the student is required to become a "disciple" and take "lessons" from the "master." Here are a few web sites about Muktananda:
Open Letter about Siddha Yoga, part one
Open Letter about Siddha Yoga, part two
Open Letter of Resignation From Swami Abhayananda to Muktananda
Four hard-copy sources and three archived AOL posts backing above allegations and more

The E-Sensuals Teachers List is the most complete listing of tantra teachers i have found. There are brief descriptions of each teacher's credentials and techniques; those who have web sites and/or e-mail addresses are linked via this page, for the rest, snail-mail adresses and telephone numbers are given.

The Church of Tantra Events Calendar is a place where people post notices of upcoming tantra and sex-healing courses, workshops, and lectures in diverse locations; check frequently for announcements of classes near you.

The Sunrise Center is a an organization in northern California that offers courses on the techniques of tantra yoga. This is where my friend and i took the highly recommended courses described in my articles Venus Takes a Refresher Course and

Tantra: the Path of Ecstasy is a northern California-based center that offers courses in sexual tantra techniques, plus hynotherapy and massage. I have never taken courses here and have no experience with their work.

SkyDancing UK is a British school offering tantric sexual training. They maintain a site containing general information on tantra yoga and sacred sexuality, plus information on their workshops. I have never taken courses here and have no experience with their work.

The Absolute Spiritual Movement was founded by Gregorian Bivolaru in Bucharest, Romania; its web site is maintained by a Boston based center offering yoga and meditation programs. The site contains articles on Tantrism, Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, etc., plus a catalogue of U.S. and international teachers. I have never taken courses here and have no experience with their work



The E-Sensuals Catalogue markets a good list of modern books and videos about Hindu-influenced tantra yoga and other sacred sex practices and techniques.

Secret Garden Publishing markets the books and videos of Kenneth Ray Stubbs, author of "Tantric Massage, "Sensual Ceremony," and "Sacred Orgasms."

The Church of Tantra Gift Shop sells a full line of modern tantra books and periodicals, plus aphrodisiacs, videos, and other sex-related items.



alt.magick.tantra is a low-traffic usenet group devoted to discussions of sex magic, tantra yoga, karezza, and the like.

alt.fan.kali.astarte.inanna is a low-traffic usenet group devoted to discussions of the goddesses named and others of their ilk; errant Shiva worshippers such as myself have been known to post there too.