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Altered States of Consciousness (Information on things such as Near Death Experiences, Psi etc)
Area 51 Research Center (The latest news & conspiracy theories on the US Military's interest in this well known UFO associated area)
Dreamlink (Information about dreams etc)
Flying Saucer Review (Online version of the quarterly British magazine on UFOs)
Ghostwatcher (An attempt to catch ghosts on video and send them to the Net)
ISCNI (Institute for the Study of Contact with Non-Human Intelligence)
James Randi's Homepage (News & views from magician, James Randi)
Journal of Scientific Exploration (A collective of scientists who take the subject of paranormal seriously and investigate subjects.........)
Koestler Parapsychology Unit (Site based at Edinburgh university that concentrates on whether or not parapsychology is a genuine phenomena or not)
MUFON (Mutual UFO Network - welcomes reports of UFO sightings etc)
New Science Research Reports
News of the Wierd (Information about the weird, wonderful, paranormal etc)
Nexus Magazine ,other location
Pagan Dawn
Paranormal Belief Survey (Information on surveys related to belief in paranormal events)
Remote Viewing (Online look at the American government's use of psychics to "view" .....)
Schwa (Alien Security) (All the news on grays & their alien counterparts)
Skeptics Society
Strange Magazine
The Anomalist (Online version of a Fortean publication looking at nature's many mysteries/marvels in depth)
The Circle Makers (Crop circle mania)
The Fortean Times
Uri Geller's Psychic City (News and views from Uri Geller
Vodoun Information Pages (Facts about one of the most misrepresented religions in the world - voodoo)
World Wide Telepathy Mind Network (Matters to do with telepathy etc)
World Wide Times (UFO Archive)
World Wide Web Virtual Library: UFOs (A www view on UFOs etc)
Yahoo - Entertainment (Information on paranormal phenomena) 
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