The four-mast bark "Passat"

Die Passat unter Vollzeug
The four-mast bark " trade wind " -
a shipping monument in the old Hanseatic city Luebeck

The trade wind belonged once to the fleet of the famous p-liners. She was built with Blohm and Voss in Hamburg as grain and saltpeter transporter. Their first journey began it Christmas eve 1911. It segelte from Hamburg around cape horn to Chile, nevertheless 18 nodes fast, so that it defied thereby even the arising steam ships.

Technical data:

Size: 3181 BRT / 2534 NRT Height of the masts over water: 56 m
Load-carrying capacity: 4223 t     Sail surface: 4600 square meter
Length 115 m Longest Rahe: 28 m
largest width: 14.30 m Weight of the takelage with sail: 170 t
Depth with full loading: 7 m Weight of the anchors: 2 x 3.5 t

In the year 1951 those was converted trade wind to a freight-basic school ship and received 1000 HP a strong engine. After a heavy storm, 1957 on the return journey of Montevideo, had to run in it with impact page in Lisbon. Since the sister ship Pamir had been neglectable with a heavy storm, those was deactivated trade wind.

The Hanseatic city Luebeck saved the ship 1959 before the Abwracken and gave it a fixed couch workstation to the Travemuendung and placed it under monument protection. Today the 56 meters are high masts a landmark Travemuendes.

Until 1966 those served trade wind of the Schleswig Schleswig-Holsteini naval school for the new generation formation. Today the office for sport of the Hanseatic city Luebeck administers the ship. Three meeting spaces, the captain salon (until 15 persons), the fair (until 40 persons), as well as the hatch (to 120 persons) and the 98 bunks are rented grades, associations and private organizers. All incomes benefit the preservation of the ship.

The Grosssegler is beautifully been in Luebeck Travemuende, because of the start of the port, on the page of the edge of bathing Priwall.

Partner for festivenesses is Mr. Gramkow (Tel. 0451/12 25202) within the area sport of the Hanseatic city Luebeck. With it you discuss please their desired date (with weddings still before inquiry with the register office) as well as the financial details. With the register office develop for a marriage ceremony at the trade wind the additional expense. Marriage ceremonies on the trade wind are executed basically Wednesday and thursday afternoon.

It insists also the possibility of executing your following wedding celebration unforgettably on the trade wind. Overnight accomodation in the cabs, even following, is possible.

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