Lübeck - the town of seven steeples

Lübeck is called the town of seven steeples, they all belong to churches and after having read this information it would be easy for you to differenciate the churches by their steeples.

The Dome and the Marienkirche both have two steeples, but the steeples of the Dome are connected with two iron struts. The tower of St. Petri is decorated with four small turrets, one in each edge and the tower of St. Jacobi has a ball in each edge. From a distance these balls might seem to be quite small, but in reality they are so big, that construction workers from our days found a table, chairs and parts of the breakfast construction workers from the past forgot there in the 18th century. Moreover St. Jacobi has the only tower with a clock. But, beware! The clock does only count the hours. At first sight this might cause some confusion.

Only the fifth church, St. Aegidien, is small and modest. The towers sign of recognition is that he has none. Perhaps this was the reason why an eagle-owl-couple decided to live and bring up their youngsters there - in the midst of the town.