IBM's Global Projekt MEREGIO
(Smart Grid)

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Everyone has it but no one knows what it is or what it does- The Energy Box.
(To see who much Electricity you take)
We got it without caring about it, without understanding, without asking.
The Internet Electricity.
Not El-Internet which was stopped, for the Broad Band Company’s.Especially 3G, should go into bankruptcy.

The ENERGY BOX is a GPRS-Transmitter and the Frequency (Like Radar) is a mixture of GSM and 3G Internet.It also have a "Eshelon Meter" ,a PLC System of the Televent Company, to chance the Elektricity.
It is a Broad-Band and always turned on - not just for those Seconds that the Electric Company uses it.

The Box radiates us not only directly with 3G Radiation (a pulsating Frequency,very malicious and only for the Military), but the beams go also into the Electrical System and the whol House becomes a 3G pulsating high Frequency Field which is connected to internet and can obviously radiate many to Death (Leukemia).
The box does not transmit to the Electric Company but to Internet in which case the entire Electric System is transformed into a Communication System.

Why the Internet, why are such quietness and secretiveness built into the House, why replace the Electricity with a Communication System?

3G is already a efficient Military System and Telephony is only a Side Effect. The whole Problem with the Masts and Antennas radiating along with others was mostly a "disguise Manoeuvre" and the goal was to get this little Transmitter into our Houses.(The first “Internet Houses in the World”)

It does not help to reject the Box because your Neighbour has one and transmits Impulses to your House with the electrical System.

However we absolutely have the Right not to accept the Box because the “LAW” that the authorities use does not exist and absolutely not one about “Forced Radiation”.

The real Basis for one to change our electric System to a Communication System can only be put simply- “Totalitarian Control”.
Now Electricity is valid under another Law , the so called “Communication Law”.
This Law gives FRA ( Försvarets Radio Anstalt-Defence Radio Communications) ,one of the secret Spy-Systems in Sweden. the right to control and carry out spying activities. They can read Mails, listen to Telephones and control every kind of Communication, also “Internet-Electricity" and with this your House.The Sweden Regime also give precisly the FRA a new Supercomputer(Brain-Supercomputer).

Those who know something about Frequencies and Micro-Wave Techniques already surely know what one has for possibilities to Control. Through this, every Computer is connected to the new “Internet-Electricity”, so in principle all, absolutely all are in Danger Zone for Attacks by Internet.
Bank, Police, Hospitals anyone Company, absolutely everyone needs Electricity and there is neither Firewall nor Antivirus for Internet-Electricity.

Whatever server our “INTERNETHOUSE” has, lies also in Darkness. :=)

If one then uses modified ELF ( Extreme Low Frequency - A Artificial Brain Frequency) it is easy to get 3D Pictures of every Room and listen to every Conversation. Still more unpleasant is that one can easily send any Frequency at all trough Internet-Elen, also those that influence People’s Brain Frequencies.
( One Remote Control for all People?)

We are into the largest experiment concerning control of human brainwaves that the world has ever known,. Sweden and Finland have always been Field Experiment Countries for Micro-Waves and therefore it is only these Countries that got the System first.
If all goes well other Countries will follow later. Germany has already TV-Prog about the Project.The same in other Countrys.

We must absolutely reject the Energy Box and persuade Neighbours to join in. (One can return the Box).
We must very quickly give out Information concerning this new System so that it becomes Public and all the Lies are revealed. ( Newspapers; Internet; TV, etc.) Help out if you can, for it is acute and the first Experiment is already underway.
If we do not stop it now, then the whole World will get this System.

There is a direct Connection between this Box and the biggest HAARP System in the World "
LOIS in Southsweden" , Chemtrails, FRA, Echelon and how Sweden was “rented” to NATO so that one can test these new exotic Weapon Systems in Norrland (North of Sweden) without Control of the Swedish Military. Microwaves-,Sound-,Scalar-,Chemtrails-,Nano-, etc.

Sweden has actually become Military one of the most important Country in the World through “LOIS” ,Natos Weapons Tests and Geography etc..
(Chemtrails contained BARIUM and this make People seeing for the Radar)

The little Energy Box is now one part of Americas Patriotic Acts ( Otherwise know as the “Patriarcal Axe 1 & 2”) which obviously, automatically follows NATO-America to Sweden.
The total Control of House and People behaviour is only the Beginning.

Already 3G and the Energy Box are basically one part of the new Weapon System and obviously NATO plans to carry out more Experiments in the Swedish Population.
Some Weapons can only be tested “live” and on People. This Year is still only a small part of the “LOIS” test plan now underway. When this System is completed then Experiments on a large Scale will be done.LOIS covers Sweden and is connected to 3G, energy-boxes,the LOFAR-system in central Europe and ICECAT in north scandinavia.(LOFAR= is a HARRP System in the middle of Europe,from Holland to Germany.)

Try to understand what we have in the House and what responsibility we have to the World.
Who is going to stop the System if we don’t do it?
Seek Information, think for your self and ponder on what you find and don’t forget.
Help to stop the Box and Europes large scale Mind Control Experiment !



Box with  GPRS-Transmitter and PLC System

Box without Transmitter and only PLC System 
1. Now it is forbidden to examine the Box and the Companys don't talk about the PLC System anymore.
2.LOIS is ready now and some of the last Time Naturedisasters have direct Connection to this System.
3.IBM give the biggest Supercomputer in the World to LOIS for "free".(IBM alreade made the
Number-Programs for the German and Polish Concentrations Camp.)
4.Germany and Holland ar next to have this Box.
Ask me if you need more Information!!!

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