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(inside unity, outside peace)

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Visit the Hanseatic city Luebeck, it are worthwhile yourselves!

Here you find some few, the many objects of interest


Visit the world cultural heritage, the Hanseatic city Luebeck, formerly queen of the Hanse. Leave yourselves charms of that to singular Flair of this charming city. Make a Bummel by the old part of town and discover you the close lanes, e.g. the Kolk, and the many sights of this city. The Buddenbrookhaus and the many courses with the beautiful backyards are particularly worth mentioning, are particularly beautifully the "Füchtingshof".

In addition, the well-being is not to come too briefly. Absolutely you should the "original Luebecker marzipan" and one should not it not believe, the famous Luebecker red wine, "Rotspon" learn which to know.

Likewise an attendance the historical sailor may do - restaurant

 "Lübecker Schiffergesellschaft"  

with a Luebeck Bummel, or visit you are not missing

"Brauberger"  of Luebeck tradition brewery or that

"Schabbelhaus" likewise a historical Gasttaette.

For detailed information you should look past times with "Lübecker Nachrichten" here get you all information, many books, picture tapes, folders etc. and naturally the newest message.

Are you interested in museums ? Luebeck offers here many possibilities, or informs you about the "Luebecker urban history".  

For friends of the doll theatre there is the famous 

"Luebecker puppet theatre" by Fritz Fey.

That is really worth seeing.  


You actually knew that oldest publishing- and printhouse

in Luebeck is located?


It is the publishing house  " Schmidt Roemhild " existed already, 

it since 1579.

You find the chronicle of this firm here !    

By the way, Luebeck is called also "city of the 7 towers"!
For quite hasty ones: Luebeck has even an airport !!

You want to visit Luebeck ? Here is a list with hotels in Luebeck !

If you already know Luebeck, or it now know learned, then you visit nevertheless also times some the other beautiful cities in "Schleswig- Holstein" , which becomes country between the seas, you to be astonished this landscape is as beautiful.

Worth mentioning there the  open air museum  Molfsee  with Kiel or 
the  Wildpark Eekholt   with Bad Segeberg !


In direct neighbourhod for the Hanseatic city Luebeck (in the east) is the beautyful  "Mecklenburg - Vorpommern" and the charming "Mecklenburgische Schweiz" .



    The country with its fascinating landschaftlichen beauty and a discover-worth history.
All the same whether one itself the old-venerable Hanseatic cities or whether one enjoys the attraction of the sea-rich inland.


Mecklenburg - Vorpommern is interesting for everyone.



I require much fun. 

Peter  from Luebeck

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